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Title: Trancemaster 3oo7 reviewed on 05/24/03
Label: 2003 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 302 4116-2
TRANCEMASTER 3oo7 Every single offering from TRANCEMASTER series since it's starting point in 1992 is truly a catch for all of you who cherish club-oriented TRANCE/TECHNO sound. This is for the advanced clubbers. Not only for listeners but also it is simply a great tool for DJS. Volume 3oo7 delivers 22 tunes in 2 CDs. All in extended and hard to get versions. I have to congratulate SLOBODAN PETROVIC (PULSEDRIVER) who has chosen and mastered all presented tunes. His choices were excellent and I am sure you will be stunned and thrilled by the featured music. Right from the very beginning of first CD you are getting exposed into magnificent electronica. The CD starts with "Drum Beats" by E-CRAIG. Don't get fooled by the title. It is not DRUM&BEAT style as it might indicate, but rather dynamic TECHNO fare with galloping synths and strings that just utilizes these motivs. The climate starts changing with follow-up "Don't Think It" by LANGE feat. LEAH with great vocal and angelic strings. I am sure you are familiar with this beautifully crafted VOCAL TRANCE that plants itself in your brain as the driving synths takes flight. Sizziling! "Revolution" by BK brought together some HARD TECHNO beats with heavenly big room TRANCE sound topped with looping male vocals repeating the title of the song. "The Silent You" by UNMARK is a wonderful transcendental trip into electronic sound. It goes fast and it slows down, it goes up and it goes down, it goes dramatic and it goes soft. It simply plays with your mind. A wonderful TRANCE fare to die for. Perfect clubbing fare to dance to. Another example of perfect club TRANCE is "Fly With Me" by CLIMAX 69 (check also their remix of "Time To Fly" by LYALA on second CD). When I listened to this tune, I was frozen. I felt every single nerve of my body being tingled. Hypnotic sound with synthesizers intensified while the track progresses. Some part of this tune sound like "Ligaya". This is truly cutting edge club marvel. The second CD is also full of great TRANCE experience. It starts with "The Legacy" by SALTWATER in Alphazone Mix. Dark, moody and electronic fare with hypnotic TRANCE bassline and blue-eyed angelic vocal. More mesmerizing, epic TRANCE sound is also delivered in "Set U Free" by PHAZE or in "Elevation" by DARREN TATE. Taken together, this volume is very rewarding. With so many incredibly infectious, floor-packing productions you cannot go wrong with purchasing it. To give you some idea, I prepared sampler with 14 tunes taken from both CDs in the mix. Enjoy the music and run to get it, or you might be sorry that you have missed it.

CD 1
01. E-CRAIG - Drum Beats (E-Craig Hard Dub Mix) (1)
02. LANGE feat. LEAH - Don't Think It (Feel It) (1) (Cosmicman Remix)
03. CONDOR - Velvet Dreams (Velvet Mix)
04. BK - Revolution (Extended Mix) (3)
05. UNMARK - The Silent You (The Mystery Mix) (6)
06. UNKNOWM SOURCE - Nadjanema (5)
07. CLIMAX 69 - Fly With Me (NYC Remix) (4)
09. YORK - The Awakening (Class 1 Cut)
10. REDWING - My Heart Is Calling
11. THREE DRIVES - Air Traffic
CD 2
01. SALTWATER - The Legacy (Alphazone Mix) (7)
02. NATURAL BORN GROOVERS - Universal Love (Green Court Remix) (8)
03. AYLA pres. YEL - Sun Is Coming Out (Intrance Mix)
04. PALE X - Hibernation (10)
05. PHAZE - Set U Free (9)
06. THE MATRIX - Protect The Innocent (Cream Team Remix) (11)
07. YOJI BIOMEHANIKA - A Theme From Bangingglobe (System F Remix) (12)
08. DARREN TATE - Elevation (13)
09. SERAQUE - Eternity
10. LYALA - Time To Fly (Climax 69 Remix) (14)
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Title: DJ TIËSTO - Nyana reviewed on 05/11/03
Label: 2003 Nettwerk America (US) /Black Hole Recordings (Holland)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 0 6700 30314 2 4
TIESTO - Nyana I am very happy to see that quality European DANCE music is finally getting domestic releases. There are many US labels signing European acts for their offerings. Among them is NETTWERK AMERICA with offices both in US and CANADA. Thanks to them we have brand new album/compilation from Numero Uno DJ, highly regarded worldwide: DJ TIËSTO entitled "Nyana". I would like to thank NRGME, friend of mine and often visitor of our CHATBOARD for the tip. Many of you who are into TRANCE sound know DJ TIËSTO very well, if the name does not ring a bell, you haven't be around too long. DJ TIËSTO is not only a DJ but composer, producer and very sought after remixer. What we have here is a LIVE TURNTABLE session split into two CDs that are thematically quite different. This is very dramatic release. The music is breathtaking and selection is simply outstanding. Dominated by club-sound fares will transport you into magic world of electronic sound in it shades of grey. This is not just TRANCE/TECHNO release, but rather majestic combination of sound play and touch of your soul, your feelings. This what DJ TIËSTO and the music he produces simply stand for. Cleverly set right from the very beginning it develops dramatically. The first CD subtitled: OUTDOOR, gives you the loud sound and the feel to dance outdoors. It starts with "Love Is A Stronger Than Pride" tune bt M. MAYER. Very TECHNO/HOUSE oriented instrumental fare. This is what you would like to dance to on the beach when it's dark and the only light is the one you are getting from the moon. This is actually true form several tracks played downstream. You have combination of psychodelic concerto of synths that seem to be out of order and pretty random, yet they finally coming together to deliver TRANCE-state of mind you will fall into. There are also some TRIBAL elements (like in "Acapulco" by THE AMBUSH) adding a special touch to the music. A wonderful combination and thundering outcome. The first CD features also some very own DJ TIËSTO tunes. Brand new fare: "Nyana" represents a new TRANCE sound direction. This instrumental track raises like Phoenix from ashes. Killer synths with thundering music line. Synth work in this one is simply tantalizing! "Obsession" by TIËSTO and JUNIKE XL, is rather UNDERGROUND, psychodelic TECHNO-HOUSE. We also have several remixes by him in "Tears From The Moon" by CONJURE ONE feat. SINÉAD O'CONNOR or "Venus (Meant To Be Your Lover)" by DJ COR FIJNEMAN feat. JAN JOHNSTON. For hard core TRANCE fans, treats include breath taking "Let The Light Shine In" by DARREN TATE vs. JONO GRANT, a bit U-96 like with computerized male vocals and out of this world stunning synths "Electronic Malfunction" by DJ TON T.B. The first CD should blow your mind. The second CD subtitled: INDOOR brings more club-oriented sound. It is not short of quality, the sound though is a bit different and less progressive if you will. It starts slowly with "Destiny Sunrise" by CATCHER and speeds up while tune progresses. This is a perfect ambient beginning to a club journey you will be encountering throughout. Very laidback with some angelic vocals floating around. Many great tunes in the second CD. Let me focus your attention on few of them. "Nothing" by HOLDEN & THOMPSON is incredibly DREAM-like ambient club fare filled by timeless strings and synths topped with haunting female vocals to die for. This is truly a soaring production. You will love the climate and sound of this track. "Forever Waiting" by MR. SAM vs. FRED BAKER present As One is an interesting fusion of electronic music with HOUSE beat. DREAM-oriented sound is delivered also in "Requiem For A Dream" by LEAMA. Another example when the awe-inspiring blue-eye female vocals meets thundering sound tampered by irresisitible synths. A wonderful experience indeed. Taken together this offering is a must. It will serve you well, not as simply DANCE compilation, but rather intelligently composed sound experience you might have hard time to forget and want to encounter many times. I prepare 10 tunes aound sampler that unfortunately does not do the justice, but might give you a vague idea. Enjoy the sampler and get this compilation available in virtually every music store in the US. Show your support to what the quality of dance music stands for!

For more information about TIËSTO please visit his site at:

CD 1 - Outdoor
01. M.MAYER - Love Is Stronger Than Pride
02. TOM MANGAN - Chutney (Size 9 Reinterpretation)
03. THE AMBUSH - Acapulco
04. TIËSTO vs. JUNKIE XL - Obsession (Frank Biazzi Remix)
06. DARREN TATE vs. JONO GRANT - Let The Light Shine In (1)
07. MIDWAY - Inca
08. TIËSTO - Nyana (2)
09. DJ COR FIJNEMAN feat. JAN JOHNSTON - Venus (Meant To Be Your Lover)(Tiësto Remix) (3)
10. CONJURE ONE feat. SINÉAD O'CONNOR - Tears From The Moon (Tiësto In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
11. DJ TON T.B. - Electronic Malfunction (4)
12. THE GIFT - Love Angel
13. SOLAR FACTOR - Urban Shakedown (Original Mix) (6)
14. GTR - Mistral (5)
CD 2 - Indoor
01. CATCHER - Destiny Sunrise
02. FILTERHEADZ PRESENT ORANGE 3 - In Your Eyes (Blue Mix)
03. ANDAIN - Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
04. SOLARSTONE vs. SIROCCO - Destination
05. YOUNG PARISIANS - U Write The Rules (Solarstone Remix)
06. HOLDEN & THOMPSON - Nothing (93 Returning Mix) (7)
07. MR. SAM vs. FRED BAKER PRESENT AS ONE - Forever Waiting (8)
08. MOTORCYCLE - As The Rush Comes (Exclusive Demo Mix)
09. THE ROC PROJECT feat. TINA ARENA - Never (Tiësto Remix vs.Filterheadz Remix) (9)
10. SMART SYSTEM - Morgentau (Spring Mix)
11. LEAMA - Requiem For A Dream (Leama's Dream Mix) (10)
12. P.O.S. - Remember (Summer Sun)
13. SOLID GLOBE - North Pole
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this offering

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Title: NRG MAKEOVERS 4 reviewed on 05/11/03
Label: 2003 Klone Records (England)
Style: EuroTrance/EuroEnergy
Index #: CDKOPY 147

NRG Makeovers - vol. 4Here it is! Yet another brilliant releases from KLONE RECORDS - "NRG MAKEOVERS 4". Folks from KLONE once again turned to S.A.I.F.A.M. crew for some hot DANCE sound this Italian label is famous of. As the title of the series indicates you are getting truly makeovers of some famous POP and ... ROCK tunes. Be prepared, be VERY prepared for some shocking yet stunning interpretations. The first CD delivers remakes done predominantly in very popular these days EUROTRANCE. Let me be clear though. It's not exactly LASGO, SYLVER kinda sound, but rather NRG influenced by TRANCE sound with lotsa vocals (both female and male). On this first CD you will find an incredible remake of very famous CLIFF RICHARD's ballad "Some People" by LAWRENCE. Factory Team added a lot of energy to it and topped with dazzling synthesizers. Truly a fantastic combination of uplifting TRANCE strings with NRG base. with rollecoaster of apogees and perigees. There are more surprises in store. BEAT BOX with help of Mauro Farina and Paolo Nobile transformed all time LOUIS ARMSTRONG's classic "What A Wonderful World" into epic NRG/TRANCE wonder. If you missed WILDSIDE's original tunes, you can wipe your tears with their take on "I Know There's Something Going On". You also should look into LEI-MOTIV's "To Deserve You". A majestic DANCE tune with both male and female vocals embedded into fierceless and delightful soaring synths. Incredible. How about checking on BON JOVI's "Always" interpretation by AXEL FORCE? Beautifully done, pure NRG blaster topped with maddening and pounding synths. Ready for more classics? How about HERNANDEZ's "Born To Be Alive" in VOYAGE 2000 interpretation? Here it is. Speedy and uplifting. I am not sure how far can you go to change the original, but trust me S.A.I.F.A.M. are everything but short of the idea how to do it. Simple Incredible! The first CD ends with "Sorrow Town" by PINK PANTHER in it's EUROTRANCE mix. The second CD takes on rather traditional NRG sound. 9 tunes has been transformed and transformed they really are. PINK's "Just Like A Pill" has been taken to the "lift room" by NO DESTINY. Same treatment received ROBBIE WILLIAMS' "Feel". This time the "surgery" was performed by ONE NATION. Did the patient survive? It's your call. You might wonder are all these covers better than the originals? I would say they are different and definatley up-to-date. It's really you, who can make a call. There are more than just "face lifts" if you will. Be prepared for dramatic changes in such hits as "All The Things She Said" originally by highly acclaimed Russian female duo TATU transformed by another girls team: GIRLZZ. There are many more great tunes to dance to. An excellent set from people of KLONE Records. Please check sound sampler with 10 tunes taken from both CDs. Support KLONE and get this one directly from them! For now enjoy the sound!

For more information about this and another releases please visit
Klone Records home page.

CD 1
01. WILDSIDE - I Know There's Something Going On (Factory Eurotrance Mix) (2)
02. LAWRENCE - Some People (Factory Eurotrance Mix) (4)
03. BEAT BOX - What A Wonderful World (Factory Team Version)
04. BAKERSTREET - Let's Make Love (Factory Team Mix) (1)
05. LEIT-MOTIV - To Deserve You (Eurotrance Mix) (3)
06. AXEL FORCE - Always (Eurotrance Mix) (5)
07. BLUE DREAM - Searchin' For A Golden Eye
08. VOYAGE 2000 - Born To Be Alive
09. PINK PANTHER - Sorrow Town (6)

CD 2
01. NO DESTINY - Just Like A Pill
02. ONE NATION - Feel
03. LEIT-MOTIV - Unbreak My Heart (Factory Team Mix)
04. ORLANDO - Heat Of The Moment
05. DJ OCTOPUS - Just The Way You Are (Club Mix)
06. MC BOY - I Love America
07. GIRLZZ - All The Things She Said
08. IAN LEX - I Believe In You
09. WIENNA - Fire On The Moon
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: DJ NETWORX - Vol. 17 reviewed on 05/04/03
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media /Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 511 264 2
DJ NETWORX - Vol. 17 Another two brand new releases from German label TUNNEL RECORDS represented here in the US by TUNNEL AMERICA. As always, TUNNEL releases are exposing you to dramatic TECHNO sound brought directly from the club. "DJ NETWORX - Vol. 17" mixed by DJ DEAN contains 40 tunes in both CDs and if you are into TECHNO you will appreciate the choices of tunes for this fine offering. The first CD starts with DJ DEAN's own "Protect Your Ears" in Extended powerful and turbo charged version. This tune sets the tone for the entire CD. Prepare yourself for killer synths, progressive journey into sound. New from KLUBBINGMAN "Highway To The Sky" is an uplifting production combining elements of TECHNO and TRANCE into one muscular fare. Definately to be part of your collection. For more TECHNO/ACID sound listen to sexually explicit "Suck my ..." by DICKHEADZ. Throbbing bassline. Kinda dark, with scintillating string stabs to kick you into dance floor. First CD features other tunes in similar style like "Attenzione" by FLASHDRIVE in PROGREESIVE mood delivered by BROOKLYN BOUNCE Remix. KAI TRACID's "4 Just 1 Day" has been ACIDified in Derb Mix. This is kinda style that brings amok to the dance floor and you are in the middle of it. Some serious TECHNO/HOUSE is delivered by DJ DEAN's very own remix of "Hardhouse Generation" by HARDHEADZ. While there is not that many TRANCE tunes in this offering you still will get some exposure to this style. For instance "Burnin'" by GLOBAL CEE is a pounding, heart stopping fare with irresistible feeling in it. The famous Kennedy's speech in Berlin is brought to life again in "Witchcraft" by SKYDIVER. Intoxicating and mind stimulating synths with Kennedy's speech delives shivering fare topped with dramatic climax. The second CD is really much more into INDUSTRIAL TECHNO with all the kick-bass and drums all over the place. Less pleasant to listen to it, but definately will kick you to the club atmosphere. The trend of "reaching for the past" in making new fares touched this offering as well. TUNEBOY DEMOILITION in "Dance Pollution" used 2 UNLIMITED theme of "Let The Beat Control Your Body". There more examples of this. Taken together a solid release from this series you can purchase from TUNNEL AMERICA as I provided you with the link. For now please listen to a sound sampler I made from 15 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the sound and get this compilation to support the dance music!

For more information on TUNNEL releases please visit:

CD 1
01. DJ DEAN - Protect Your Ears (Extended Mix)
02. DJ DIGRESS - The Frequency (DJ Dean Remix)
03. KLUBBINGMAN - Highway To The Sky (Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T Remix)
04. DICKHEADZ - Suck My…! (ab 16 Mix) (1)
05. DO DEE IAV - Dissin You 200% (2)
06. FLASHRIDER - Attenzione! (Brooklyn Bounce Remix)
07. FUTURE BREEZE - Heaven Above (Kird P. vs. Future Breeze Club Remix) (3)
08. ARMANI & GHOST - Airport (Essential DJ Team Mix)
09. KAI TRACID - 4 Just 1 Day (derb Remix)
10. MASTER & SERVANT - Dreaming (4)
11. HARDHEADZ - Hardhouse Generation (DJ Dean Remix)
12. HEADSTORM - Voices
13. GLOBAL CEE - Burnin' (5)
14. SKYDIVER - Witchcraft (Club Mix) (6)
15. DJ SLIDEOUT - Reflection (Lacargo Remix)
16. ACCUFACE - Loocking On Target (7)
18. OKTANE - Freedom (Hard Club Mix) (9)
19. ESS EFF - Question (Sandra Flyn Mix)
20. BARBAREZ feat. MIKE ROSSI - Hamburg Rulez (Hamburg Sud Mix)
CD 2
01. TECHNOBOY - Hardrive (Lesson 1)
02. BLUTONIUM BOY - Make It Loud (10)
03. PSYCHO HARDSTYLERS - The Game (Original Mix)
04. DJ SHOKO - Rock'n (The Beat)
05. TUNEBOY DEMOLITION - Dance Pollution (Original Mix) (11)
06. SKAM - Do You Like This? (Original Skam Mix) (12)
07. TNT - First Match (Technoboy Remix)
08. K-TRAXX - Hardventure (Technoboy Remix)
09. CENOGINERZ - You lIke Bass ( Remix) (13)
10. WEICHEI - The Fly (DJ Sequenza Mix)
11. ASYS - From Past To Phuture
12. PAYO & ZANY - Here We Go
13. ZX - Scream (Remix)
14. BRISBY & LINGLES - Going To… (Groovemike Remix)
15. LeBRISC - I've Got (The Power) (14)
16. DERB - Underground
17. HARD Z BASS - 1.2.3. Hardstyle (Ext.Vers.)
18. MAX B. GRANT - Tekknopumpin' (Original Mix)
19. DJ SEQUENZA - Accept No Limits (Sequenza Mix) (15)
20. DJ PHILLIPE ROCHARD - Pump Up The Volume (DJ 4 Tune Remix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 24 reviewed on 05/04/03
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media / Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 511 034 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 24 Yet another releases from TUNNEL RECORDS. Most recent release (Vol. 24) from their popular series of "Tunnel Trance Force". This one also is mixed by DJ DEAN. While the presented above "DJ NETWORX - vol. 17" focused more into TECHNO/PROGRESSIVE sound this one went much further in type of dance music featured. So expect also some cool TRANCE tunes topped with energy and quality present in first CD thematically named "DEEP BLUE MIX", and more ACID side in SILVER ACID MIX. The first CD start in HARD TECHNO side with the Rocco Remix of "God Is A Girl" by GROOVE COVERAGE. This is far different from the original version yet great synthesizers riding under looped and chopped female vocals bits and TRANCE-tinged production are all here. You will recognize many tunes in this CD like MARC et CLAUDE "Loving You 2003", "The 2nd Dimension" by DJ SHOG, "The Wave" by COSMIC GATE or "Answer The Question" by SVENSON & GIELEN to name the few. Many great tunes are here indeed. "Amigos Forever" by ALEX C. feat. YASMIN K. sports big synths and massive, mesmerizing, floor-packing melody line with Yasmin vocal invading the electronic teritory. Marvel itself! Very similar in climate but a little bit more FRAGMA-like is "Broken Heart" by SMB PROJECT. It is glorious VOCAL TRANCE with passionate vocals, joyous synth patterns and lotsa action. "Destination" by DK & L is one of those tunes that should get stuck in mind for a while. It is turbo charged TRANCE with some BREAK-BEAT elements in combination that is hard to imagine, but the outcome is simply superb. Topped with ENERGY beat and floating synths, this one is really a passionate production of a high quality. The second CD right from the beginning puts you in ACID world with DJ WAG's "2nd Step". This tune actually mix ACID with majestic and uplifting big room TRANCE. Good names are here such DJ SESSION ONE, JAMX & DELEON, SILVER LIQUID, AYLA and many more. Be prepared for good amount of club oriented hard driven TECHNO and TRANCE . Very good mix indeed for club-goers. Taken together an outstanding issue and great mixes. For the sound sampler I have chosen 16 tunes taken from both CDs. As usually the original mixing was not retained! Enjoy the sound and get this compilation to support the dance music since it still available from the link below.

For more information on TUNNEL releases please visit:

CD 1 - Deep Blue Mix
01. GROOVE COVERAGE - God Is A Girl (Rocco Mix) (1)
02. DJ DEAN - Protect Your Ears (DJ Dean "Ballanation" Mix)
03. JORDAN & BAKER - Explode (Epic Ext.Mix)
04. KAI TRACID - 4 Just 1 Day (Energy Mix) (2)
05. COSMIC GATE - The Wave (New Club Mix) (3)
06 . KENY TAKITO - All Systems Go (Original Mix)
07. 2 DJs & ONE - I Engineer (DJ Neo Mix)
08. MARK et CLAUDE - Loving You 2003 (Marc et Claude vs. Paul Hutsch Remix)
09. SVENSON & GIELEN - Answer The Question (Cosmic Gate Remix) (4)
10. TALLA 2 XLC - Can You Feel The Silence (Club Mix)
11. DJ SHOG - The 2nd Dimension (Dave 202 & Phil Green Remix)
12. ALEX C. feat. YASMIN K. - Amigos Forever (Greencourt Mix) (5)
13. SMB PROJECT - Broken Heart (NYC Mix) (6)
14. ACCUFACE - Outerspace Energy (7)
15. DK & L - Destination (8)
16. VINCENT VEGA - I Want You
17. NOÉMI - When Angels Kiss (Noémi Mix)
CD 2 - Silver Acid Mix
01. DJ WAG - 2nd Step (Man On The Moon)(Yakooza Reworx)
02. DJ SESSION ONE - Dreams In My Fantasy 2003 (Blutonium Boy Hardstyle Mix) (9)
03. JAMX & DE LEON - Mind Made Up (Original Mix) (10)
04. ANDY B.JONES - In Motion (Arrowhead Remix)
05. DRUNKEN DJs - M-Dear Mama (Club Mix)
06. SAVON - Behind The Sun
07. DJ NEIL - Go Ahead (Club Mix) (11)
08. MASSIVE BEATS - Dark Base (12)
09. PHOBIA - Under Pressure (13)
10. M-TRONIXX - Oops Up (2DJ's& One-Remix)
11. GOLLUM vs. YANNY - U Can Touch This (Nothern Force Mix)
12. JB BASS & NXP - Lost Angelland (14)
13. M & R PROJECT - Believe In God (Rico Bass Mix)
14. MIKE MILLER - Porn Nation
15. SILVER LIQUID - Space (Trance Mix)
16. DJ FAIT - Fly (15)
17. DJ's IN THE MOOD feat. DJ DAZE - Breth In Breth out…!
18. CLIMAX 69 - First Contact (Climax 69 Mix) (16)
19. AYLA - Sun Is Coming Out (Blyant & Tusch Remix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Dream Dance vol. 27 reviewed on 04/20/03
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media / Dance Division (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 511045 2
Dream Dance volume 27 - Double CD Compilation Next installement from the DREAM DANCE series is out. Volume 27 features 41 tunes and is very commercial set. The series lost it's spirit long time ago, however it is still a good buy for all of you who search from well advertised and promoted tunes from TRANCE/TECHNO genre. As such this volume serves its purpose. No shocking new tunes on this one, especially if you are following the scene. First CD starts with KAI TRACID's "4 Just 1 Day" in Club Version followed by quite known by now tunes as "Can You Feel The Silence" by TALLA2XLC (yet another remake of the classic on the market. This one from legendary DEPECHE MODE), "Pray" by LASGO, and many other tunes by such artists and groups as SNAP! ("Rhythm Is A Dancer -2003" featuring RAP, and i mean RAP/HIP-HOP-wise. Basically, this tune was vandalized by entertaining this option, but some of you might find it cute. Oh well... no comment!), KATE RYAN, MARK 'OH ,MASTER BLASTER ("Hypnotic Tango" became their mega hit with combination of EURO, HOUSE, ITALO, TECHNO etc... Truly a novel DANCE sound) new AYLA's tune "Sun Is Coming Out" (YEL delivered first rate female vocal to this big room VOCAL TRANCE tune) and many others. New from KLUBBINGMAN is here as well. "Highway To The Sky" lacks originality, but it is melodic VOCAL TRANCE influenced by EURO-sound if you will and you should like it as a nice dance tune. Do you remember "Kernkraft 400" by ZOMBIE NATION? If you like that kinda TECHNO-ACID sound, you should like featured on CD 1 "The Frequency" by DJ DISGRESS. I was kinda amused by the fact that "Connected" by AYU has been featured on CD 2 of this compilation. AYU (AYUMI HAMASAKI) represents very unique Japanese TRANCE sound. AYU is already well recognized but you might not be familiar with her work. Featured track was composed by her and ... FERRY CORSTEN. It is sang in Japanese, so you might have no clue what is all about, but trust me, the sound is great! Second CD features also other know tunes by ARMIN VAN BUUREN, 4 CLUBBERS, GOURYELLA and several others. If you collect this series, you should get this one. If you are looking for club-oriented TECHNO/TRANCE you probably can skip it. Enjoy the sound sampler from this compilation featuring 13 tunes taken from both CDs!

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CD 1
01. KAI TRACID - 4 Just 1 Day (Video Cut)
02. TALLA 2XLC - Can You Feel The Silence (Radio Version)
03. LASGO - Pray (Radio Edit)
04. STARSPLASH - Travel Time (Radio Edit) (1)
05. SNAP! - Rhythm Is A dancer 2003 (Video Version)
06. DJ DEAN - Protect Your Ears (Video Version)
07. MARCO V - Simulated (Radio Edit)
08. AYLA presents YEL - Sun Is Coming Out (Intrance Single Mix) (2)
09. KATE RYAN - Désenchantée (Club Version) (3)
10. MARK'OH - When The Children Cry (Radio Cut)
11. NOVASPACE - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Radio Edit)
12. KLUBBINGMAN - Highway To The Sky (Single Cut)
13. MASTER BLASTER - Hypnotic Tango (Radio Mix)
14. THE GRIM REAPER - The Roof Is On Fire (Shockwave Edit) (4)
15. DJ DIGRESS - The Frequency (DJ Dean Radio Edit)
16. GLOBAL BASS PLAYERS - Human Behaviour (Single Cut)
17. KENNY TAKITO - All Systems Go (Radio Mix) (5)
18. JORDAN & BAKER - Explode (Marc van Linden Video Cut)
19. PROJECT MEDUSA vs. EXOR - Moonshine (Vocal Radio Edit)
20. FURIOUS - In Choir (6)
DOLPHIN's MIND - Spring Love

CD 2
01. ARMIN VAN BUUREN feat. RAY WILSON - Yet Another Day (Original Radio Edit)
02. 4 CLUBBERS - Someday (Zap Radio Cut)
03. AYU - Connected (Radio Edit) (7)
04. KEEMO - The Down (Video Mix) (8)
05. JURGEN VRIES - The Theme (Radio Edit)
06. ALEX C. feat. YASMIN K. - Amigos Forever (Radio Mix)
07. PUNK CITY - Mission (El Loco Remix-Edit)
08. VEIT - Sky (Original Radio Edit)
09. NOISE LTD. - The Highest Evolution (Radio Edit)
10. FLAWLESS - Shining (9)
11. DR. R & DR. K - Doctors In Space (10)
12. TILLMANN UHRMACHER - Friends (Contact Club Mix)
13. BBE - Hollywood (Radio Edit) (13)
14. UNKNOWN SOURCE - Nadjanema (11)
15. DJ NICE - Deeper Love (Original I.C.O.N. Mix) (12)
16. GOUYERLLA - Ligaya (Ferry Corsten Remix-Edit)
17. PURE PRESSURE - Wouldn't It Be Good (Revil O. Short Mix)
18. BEN DIX & JIMINY CRICKET - Guitar Star
19. BARRAREZ feat. MIKE ROSSI - Hamburg Rulez (Radio Mix)
20. JAMX & DE LEON - Mind Made Up (Radio Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: TECHNICS - DJ Set - Volume 8 reviewed on 04/20/03
Label: 2003 Warner Special Marketing (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 5050466-4318-2-0
TECHNICS - DJ  Set Volume 8 For a long time I have not reviewed any releases from this TECHNICS DJ SET Warner Music's TECHNO/TRANCE series. If you are not familiar with let me just give you a short overview. This series contains two CD and each of them is a DJ SET by known DJ. These are turntable sets (hence the name TECHNICS, since their turntable are the DJ standarts as legendary SL120-MK 2 model) Just released volume eighyt features sets by DJ SHOG (first CD) and legendary TECHNO icon TALLA2XLC (second CD). I might be partial in review of this offering, because I always like the DJ sets. I know you will not have full tracks, however they are good sets for all of you who like to have a party or just listen to a flawless dance music (not to mention to dance to it). In my opinion this compilation is far superior to one I reviewed above. There are some tunes that are featured in both compilations, however the tracks and choices of the mixes makes this offering very engaging. It is quite commercial as "DREAM DANCE 27" but I found it more of quality though. So let's take a look at the sets. DJ SHOG's set starts with fast rolling "Sunset" by LOLO. It is goegreous TRANCE fare truly an epic masterpiece with simultaneously aggressive and hypnotic synths that will poison your mind. As a matter of fact such feeling you will be encountering throughout the set. Some highlights are "Sunspot" by AIRWAVE vs. RISING STAR (mind blowing, big room TRANCE with layered synth lines that soar and swoop). , "Terminal" by JSTEN (another TRANCE marvel. Very uplifting, irresistibly infectious synths and haunting female vocals on this one), "Love Me The Way I Am" by TURTLEMAN feat. LEE (powerful synth lines and the kind of bottom-line intensity that keeps the TRANCE-oriented dancefloors packed). The second CD is mixed by TALLA2XLC. While he is truly TECHNO guru you will find in his set both TECHNO and TRANCE-oriented tunes but maybe rather on the DARK side. Right from the "Beginning" TALLA2XLC is giving us a sample of what kind of experience we are into. Good examples of TECHNO sound are such tunes as "Velvet Dreams" by CONDOR in which dark beats parallel with haunting synths, 2003 edition of PUSH's anthem "Universal Nation". ACID-TECHNO sound is represented by JAY WALKER's "Initiate". If you are into psychodelic side of TECHNO you should check "Ira" by DARIUSH. Taken together, a wonderful set but more suitable to TECHNO/HOUSE-oriented scene. Entire offering is very good indded and you should check it out. I prepared the sound sampler with 12 tunes taken from both CD and the original mix was not retained since I focused on music. Enjoy the sound and buy this product to support the artists and labels. Enjoy!

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CD 1 - mixed by DJ SHOG
01. DJ SET TEAM - Technics DJ Set Intro
02. LOLO - Sunset (1)
03. AIRWAVE vs. RISING STAR - Sunspot (2)
04. SYSTEM F. - Solstice
05. JS TEN - Terminal (3)
06. DARREN TATE vs. MIKE KOGLIN - Now Is The Time (4)
07. EUPHONIC - Sahara
08. TURTLEMAN feat. LEE - Love Me The Way I Am (5)
09. NATURAL BORN GROOVES - Universal Love (Green Court Remix)
10. PROJECT MEDUSA vs. EXOR - Moonshine (Megara vs. DJ Lee Dub Remix)
11. RALPH FRIDGE - Man On Mars
12. REMOTE - The Spirit
13. 4CLUBBERS - Someday
14. RAY KNOX - Sign Of Love
15. ADRIMA - Rainbowland (Follow Me)(DJ SHOG Remix)
16. DAVE202 & PHIL GREEN - Legends (6)
17. KAI TRACID - 4 Just 1 Day
18. COSMIC GATE - Human Beings (7)
19. TEMPEST - Sounds Of Life
20. DJ DIGRESS - The Frequency
CD 2 - mixed by TALLA2XLC
01. 2XLC - The Beginning
02. TGAF - Revolution
03. JAMX & DE LEON - Mind Made Up (Rank 1 Remix) (8)
04. CONDOR - Velvet Dreams (9)
05. GTR - Mistral
06. JAS VAN HOUTEN - Heavens Gate
07. ROLAND KLEIN - Skydiver (10)
08. JAY WALKER - Initiate
09. DARIUSH - Ira
10. SONOROUS - Profonic
11. TALLA 2XLC - Can You Feel The Silence
12. I-CHING - The Forgotten Dream
13. RONALD VAN GELDEREN - Proceed (11)
14. PUSH - Universal Nation 2003 (12)
15. DIGITAL TENSION - A Dream Within A Dream
16. TRANCE CONNECTION - Angel (Talla UK Club Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: EUROHEAVEN 5 reviewed on 04/07/03
Label: 2003 Klone Records (England)
Style: EuroTrance/EuroEnergy
Index #: CDKOPY 145

EUROHEAVEN 5New releases from KLONE RECORDS are here. New installement of "EUROHEAVEN " in volume 5 once again follow the concept characteristic for entire series. Basically 18 first-class NRG anthems covered by brilliant folks from S.A.I.F.A.M. an Italian labels that delivered many classic ITALO, DISCO and NRG tunes. The first CD sports mostly EURO-TRANCE sound if you will. You will find there some top-notch "remakes" of many recent and classic hits. The great examples are "Who Wants To Live Forever" originally recorded by QUEEN and now revamped to a new dimension by NAUSICA. You will ove flow of this tune. Dramatically produced into big room TRANCE with NRG built in and female vocals to send chills into your spine. Beautiful indeed. COLDPLAY's smash hit "In My Place" now got treatment from SAIFAM very own and well produced AXEL FORCE. Strong, masculine vocals and a piano-and-string based production give this fare an irresistible flavor. Another marvel worth to mention is fully "transposed" by EAST END into TECHNO/TRANCE SOFT CELL's classic "Tainted Love". Party cult favorite is even more pounding, heart-stopping combo with both TRANCE and NRG with some historic SYNTH-POP sound. Lovely. Of course I gotta mention DJ SPACE. We got his remake of NEW ORDER's classic "Blue Monday". Oh my! Truly another rousing dance cover sure to delight legions of BLUE MONDAY fans. Masterful remake with strong muscular vocal, lots of soaring synths and melody. Hot! The first CD also contain a remake of relatively new tune "Will I" originally by IAN VAN DAHL, now treated by B & B PROJECT. Surprisingly close to original though. I would expect something new. Oh well. The second CD is no shorter on attractive titles and productions. Featured tunes are "revamped" more into classic EURO-NRG sound compared with the first CD. Among nine tunes you will find some classic NRG/POP that turned to uplifting dance picks. For instance S.H.E. gave some power to SHAKIRA's recent hit "Underneath Your Clothes". ROXY MUSIC's classic "More Than This" received circuit oriented "face change". Done in GIGI D'AGOSTINO style, this sleaze track evolved into soaring sound! Glorious pounding stomper! Excellent new take on PRINCE/SINEAD O'CONNOR's "Nothing Compares 2 U" is delivered by ASYA. Taken together a brilliant compilation. I don't need to tell you, that almost all featured titles are not available from anywhere else. It's your chance to own such a wonderful set with SAIFAM production. Thanks to wonderful people of KLONE Records that keep getting them to us at very affordable price! In the sound sampler I feature 10 tunes taken from both CDs. Support KLONE and get this one directly from them! For now enjoy the sound!

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CD 1
01. NAUSICA - Who Wants To Live Forever (Japan Mix) (1)
02. AXEL FORCE - In My Place (Extended Dance Mix) (2)
03. SAINT ETIEN - Flying Like An Angel (Factory Team Mix) (3)
04. DJ OCTOPUS - Love Is In The Air (Alternative Mix)
05. B & B PROJECT - Will I
06. EAST END - Tainted Love (Dance Mix)
07. MAGDALEINE - I'm Alive (Dance Version)
08. DJ SPACE'C - Blue Monday (Factory Team Mix) (4)
09. RAFFA - Physical (Dance Remix) (5)

CD 2
01. S.H.E. - Underneath Your Clothes (6)
02. INTERFACE - State Of The Nation
03. PINK PANTHER - Show Me (Factory Team Classic Mix)
04. JIMMY GOMMA - More Than This
05. ASYA - Nothing Compares 2 U (Dance Akasaka Mix)
06. TRANCEMISSION - The Riddle
07. DJ HUSH - Your Loving Girl (Heaven Mix)
08. THOMAS - Pop Music (Dance Version)
09. TK - Bette Davis Eyes
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: SEX, SWORDS & SANDALS 2 reviewed on 04/07/03
Label: 2003 Klone Records (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKOPY 144

SEX SWORDS & SANDALS 2The second set of "SEX, SWORDS & SANDALS" from KLONE RECORDS follows the same format as the successful first edition providing the rare opportunity to discover some hidden HIGH ENERGY gems. This is triple CD set in price of double CD compilation with full length versions of classic KLONE cuts delivered in two CDs while the third CD features party-ready mix of 16 tunes done by THE PANIKBROTHERS. This is a wonderful set especially if you are into curcuit NRG sound. Productions by such icons of UK NRG scene as IAN ANTHONY STEPHENS, JOHN SPRINGATE or GARY MARTINS are here for your enjoyment. Of course your favorite KLONE artists are here as well. For all of you who do cherish MADONNA work should interest contributions done by PRIMA ("Into The Groove" and "You'll See"). Stellar and solid NRG sound with dynamic, and pumped up feeling. Truly invigorating tunes. DEZIRE contributed "Holding Out For A Hero" done in a rousing EURO/NRG style. Cutting-edge NRG lovers will be turning to this tune over and over again. A Hurricane for an epic and dramatic climax! One of my KLONE's favorite project CHEKMATE delivers GEORGE MICHAEL's "I'm Your Man". Two divas: ANGIE BROWN and NORMA LEWIS provided powerful and bright vocals on "The Greatest Love Of All" and "Someone That I Used To Love" respectively. SAM WALKER gave a sample of his talent in powerhouse "I Was Made For Dancing". If you never had a chance to listen to "Angel Of Mine" by my favorite PRINCESS PARAGON, no sweat! The second CD features Illusive Mix. This is what I call piece of DANCE art. Cutting-edge sound and marvellous production by one and only IAN ANTHONY STEPHENS. I mentioned the third CD. Hi-octane mix "The Roman Empire Strikes Back" with 16 favs will knock your socks off. Sound sampler from this offering features 8 tunes taken from first two CDs. Once again I would ask you to support KLONE's effort to deliver quality DANCE production at affordable price. So get this one directly from them! For now enjoy the sound!

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CD 1
01. PRIMA - Into The Groove (Illusive Mix) (1)
02. PM FACTOR - Substitute (Let's Swop Shirts Mix)
03. DEZIRE - Holding Out For A Hero (Wonder Woman Mix) (2)
04. SUNS OF SHIVA feat. ANGIE GOLD - This Wheel's On Fire
05. PARADOX - 1999 (Saint's Club Mix)
06. CHEKMATE - I'm Your Man (Butterkup Mix)
07. SAM WALKER - I Was Made For Dancing (Made In Miami Mix) (3)
08. MEN OF STEEL - Hot Stuff (Hard Hat Mix)
09. SUSHI - Dance Yourself Dizzy (4)
10. BOYS OF A NEW AGE feat. KATRINA B - The Man Who Sold The World (The Zigi Zig Haa Mix)

CD 2
01. PRINCESS PARAGON - Angel Of Mine (Illusive Mix) (5)
02. FLESH feat. ANGIE BROWN - The Greates Love Of All
03. GLAMMA - We Are Family
04. JADE - Hooked On A Feeling (Dancing Baby Mix)
05. PRIMA - You'll See (Polo Mix)
06. ATLANTA - Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? (Rawhide Mix)
07. MISS B feat. MAXINE BARRIE - I Who Have Nothing (Shirley Not Mix)
08. NORMA LEWIS - Someone That I Used To Love (Strongroom Mix)
09. BOYS OF A NEW AGE feat. KATRINA B - The Whole Of The Moon (The Watergirls Mix)
10. ULTIMA - Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

01. PRIMA - Into The Groove
02. ULTIMA - Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
03. MEN OF STEEL - Hot Stuff
04. MISS B feat. MAXINE BARRIE - I Who Have Nothing
05. SAM WALKER - I Was Made For Dancing
06. BOYS OF A NEW AGE - The Man Who Sold The World
07. CHEKMATE - I'm Your Man
08. PRINCESS PARAGON - Angel Of Mine
09. NORMA LEWIS - Someone That I Used To Love
10. BOYS OF A NEW AGE - The Whole Of The Moon
11. PARADOX - 1999
12. ATLANTA - Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?
13. PRIMA - You'll See
14. FLESH feat. ANGIE BROWN - The Greatest Love Of All
15. SUNS OF SHIVA - This Wheel's On Fire
16. DEZIRE - Holding Out For A Hero

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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