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Title: Trancemaster 3oo8 reviewed on 09/21/03
Label: 2003 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Big Room Trance
Index #: 302 4117-2
TRANCEMASTER 3oo8 What an incredible treat we are getting from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS with their newest offering from TRANCEMASTER series. If you are into big room majestic TRANCE sound you are about to explode. This one will blow your mind. Guaranteed! When I got this double CD compilation, I already felt the chills of excitement. The feeling that is always with me when I check each and every release from this series. "Trancemaster 3008" is one of the best TRANCE compilations that are on the market right now and one of the best in this series. 22 full length tunes on both CDs bring you the sound that touches every sense of your body, delivers riveting layers of synth work and electrifying electronica at it's best. It was a real pleasure for me to prepare the sound sampler from this release in which I have put 12 tunes from both CDs. Quite long sampler lasting almost 16 minutes, but I wanted to give you as much sample possible to understand what kind of experience you are getting. Among highlights of the first CD are "Moondust" by JACOB & MENDEZ (brilliant majestic TRANCE production with beautifully done bottom and textured to pefection melodic line), "Storm Of Trance" by LOST ANGELS (it starts rather generic, but blooms into magnificent TRANCE club stormer), "Mind Yourself" by CETROIT (an OPERA TRANCE with rich, killer synths that are driving this fare to higher heights. Glorious throughout.), "Nebuchan" by FRANK T.R.A.X. (yet another glorious club TRANCE fare. The beginning of the tune does not give you even slight idea what you will be experiencing, but while it progresses, it unveils the true face) or "Oriental Express" by STARSHINE (starts as TECHNO/TRANCE fare in IBIZA style, but not for long time. It grows into soaring marvel with dark, galloping synths). The second CD is equally loaded with pounding TRANCE to die for. Fans of OPERA TRANCE style will be pleased with ROLLERBALL's "Albinoni" tune featuring computerized and TRANCEsized interpretation of one of the most famous work of XVII-XVIII century Italian composer TOMASO ALBINONI: "Adaggio D-moll". I love the original, and I am pretty stunned with this fast-paced "remake". "Angel" by JEZPER SÖDERLUND starts with TRIBAL intro featuring lotsa drums and outgrows into majestic TRANCE. The orchestration is breathtaking with music floating highs and lows on synth boat. Listen to it with close eyes and your imgaination will go wild. Dance to it, and get wild as well. Truly a beauty of it's own. Among other marvels are "Bonny Portmore" by CELTIC DREAMER feat. DOROTHY, "Everyone Tears" by DI CARLO and of course the starting second CD "Trancemaster Theme Requiem #1" by JUSHI. Taken together you are getting not only a solid package but an unltimate big room TRANCE sound you could only dream of. All 22 tunes are plain great. This is the ultimate CD for DJs playing TRANCE in clubs. Just taking this double set CD would keep your dance floor in havoc for solid two hours. If you are planning of buying ONE TRANCE CD this year, this is just it! For now enjoy the music and rush to get this CD, or you will be sorry you have missed it.

CD 1
01. PAUL VAN DYK feat. HEMSTOCK & JENNINGS - Nothing But You (PVD Club Mix)
02. JACOB & MENDEZ - Moondust (Airbase Remake) (7)
03. SVENSON & GIELEN feat. JAN JOHNSTON - Beachbreeze (Green Court Remix) (8)
04. MYSTERY - Free 4 You (Dub Mix)
05. CETROIT - Mind Yourself (Tukan Remix) (10)
06. OZONE - Ionize
07. LOST ANGELS - Storm Of Trance (Backslash & Porcell Mix) (9)
08. STARSHINE - Oriental Express (12)
09. FRANK T.R.A.X. - Nebuchan (O.R.G.A.N. Mix) (11)
10. FREELOADER - Pure Devotion (Tukan's F&W Remix)
11. VAN NUYS - Wonderful World
CD 2
01. JUSHI - Trancemaster Theme Requiem # 1 (Vectrex Remix) (4)
02. JEZPER SÖDERLUND - Angel (Original Mix) (2)
03. ROLLERBALL - Albinoni (Super8 Mix) (1)
04. ALPHAZONE - Rockin' (Original Club Mix)
05. SAMUEL JASON - On The Ground (Original Club Mix)
06. SIGNUM - Push Through
07. DI CARLO - Everyones Tears (5)
08. KAN COLD - Requiem
09. CELTIC DREAMER feat. DOROTHY - Bonny Portmore (Original Extended Mix) (3)
10. MUSICK - Musick (6)
11. ACCUFACE - Let Jag
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: World Of Trance 18 reviewed on 09/21/03
Label: 2002 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 302 4113-2

World Of Trance 18 I was so impressed with the latest issue from TRANCEMASTER that I have decided to look into other series from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS called WORLD OF TRANCE. The current volume 18 is actually quite old (released back in 2002), but it didn't preclude me from checking it out. Both series cater to club big room TRANCE sound, however WORLD OF TRANCE is released less frequently (I hope volume 19 will be out soon). You probably already heard several tunes featured on this double CD compilation, however, what you are getting here are some hot club-oriented mixes that are/were not available on other compilations. The first CD starts with exquisite COSMIC GATE Mix of "God Music" by DU MONDE. This one is a cool club-oriented fare with killer synth line hook, dark male vocals and mood creator. Among some interesting tunes that found their spot on the first CD is "Lost In Dream" by MATANKA a Johan Gielen project. This tune is featured in two versions (on first CD as PUSH Transcendental Remix, and on the second CD as DJ Tandu Remix). PUSH delivered truly epic mix with electrifying synth lines and dark rumbling basslines. This beauty moves through mood change being subtile at the very beginning than blooming into aggressive, full blown TRANCE marvel. Among other great TRANCE tunes on the first CD are "Sightless" by FREEJACK, "7th Day" by MR. PHILLIPS (you simply cannot afford to miss presented here CJ STONE meets VOODOO & SERANO Less Vocal Mix. This mix combines rather synth-driven style of CJ STONE, with more progressive side represented by VOODOO and SERANO. An awesome combination), "Godd" by MARCO V etc. As you see many Dutch/Belgian projects featured here warrant good TRANCE-experience. The second CD continues with the TRANCE adventure. The first track is well known "Lethal Industry" by DJ TIËSTO that received additional treatment by CJ STONE. I really like CJ STONE mixes, because they are adding the big room and excitement feel. The original tune was excellent itself, but I find this particular mix much more interesting. Next comes another known tune "Fly Away" by DJ C7 in Extended, club-friendly version. "Summer Sound System" by NATURE ONE INC starts a bit at psychodelic route but it picks the right pace and atmosphere when it progresses. There are many other great tunes such as "I Won't Let You Down" by SUNFACTOR feat. EILEEN (futured on may other comps such as Tunnel Trance Force or Future Trance) or "Catalyst" by DJ CYGLAS (this one is a speedy TRANCE with more ACID side of it at least in part of the track) to name just few. Taken together a good offering, not as strong as reviewed above TRANCEMASTER 3oo8, but maybe I am just spoiled too much. I still love it though. For now enjoy the sound from this unmixed CD with sampler featuring 11 tunes taken from both CDs.

CD 1
01. DU MONDE - God Music (Cosmic Gate Mix) (1)
02. CLUBCRASHER - Seven Days And One Week (Herby F. Mix)
03. KENNY TAKITO - Moskito (Megara vs. DJ Lee Mix)
04. DJ BART - The Message (Adrima Remix)
05. MATANKA - Lost In A Dream (Push Transcendental Remix) (2)
06. WAVESCOPE - The Spirit (Wavetraxx Remix)
07. DJ ENERGY - Official Street Parade Hymne 2002 - Peace (To The World) (Redwing Club Mix) (3)
08. FREEJACK - Sightless (4)
09. MR. PHILLIPS - 7th Day (DJ Stone Meets Voodoo & Serano Less Vocal Mix)
10. MARCO V - Godd
11. MICROBOTS - Polar
12. JENS LISSAT - White Horse (Jens Lissat UK Remix)
CD 2
01. DJ TIËSTO - Lethal Industry (CJ Stone Meets MR. Phillips Remix) (5)
02. DJ C7 - Fly Away (Extended Version) (6)
03. MATANKA - Lost In A Dream (DJ Tandu Remix)
04. NATURE ONE INC. - Summer Sound System (7)
05. GEORGE ACOSTA - The Reaper (Club Mix) (8)
06. TRANCECORE PROJECT - Jump (Extended Mix)
07. SUNFACTOR feat. EILEEN - I Won't Let You Down (Topmodelz Remix) (9)
08. REDWING - Place To Be (Sunrise Mix)
09. DJ CYGLAS - Catalyst (Universal Dream Mix) (10)
10. DJ CALVIN - Stop The Violence
11. PLASTIC BOY - Dahab (11)
12. LOADED BANANAS - Extraterrestial Encounters (Dong Beatz Mix)
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Title: IN TRANCE WE TRUST 008 - DJ Ton T.B. -reviewed on 09/18/03
Label: 2003 In Trance We Trust / Black Hole Recording (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: ITWT 008CD
IN TRANCE WE TRUST 008 - DJ TON T.B. Another late review, but I have received this next installement of IN TRANCE WE TRUST series just couple of days ago. I did review several of previous mixes released under this umbrella by such Dutch Djs as DJ COR FIJNEMAN, MISJA HELSLOOT. Every volume features TRANCE-oriented DJ Set. Reviewed today volume 8 released back in January 2003 features mix done by DJ TON T.B. I haven't featured that much ouf of him under this name, but I am sure if you are TRANCE and TECHNO connoisseur, you should know him based on his THREE DRIVES project and some mega tunes such as "Greece 2000", "Sunset On Ibiza" or "Air Traffic" to name the few. Just in September DJ TON T.B. released his brand new single "Electronic Mulfunction". Presented volume 8 is a good addition to the series with great selection of music and smooth mixing technique. TRANCE have many faces and the term is abused. Almost anything that's have goos electronica and angelic synths is being called TRANCE these days. Presented set features 15 tunes that are also loosly classified as TRANCE. I said loosely, because you are exposed to various moods, various strings, various feels, but all of them have one common thing. It's a club sound. The mix starts with "009" by CIRCULATION. Solid club production with pulsating beat and throbbing synths. Perfect beginning for the set. This club experience continues right on with follow ups such as "Traffic" by JOKER JAM, "Atlantic Breeze" by FLOOR DIVISIONS and so on. None of TRANCE here represents what I called MAJESTIC, BIG ROOM, but rather intoxicitating club AFTEr HOURS, IBIZA-style. Take a journey to DJ TON T.B. set through the sound sampler featuring 8 tunes taken from this offering. Please keep in mind that the original mixing was not retained.

For more info about DJ TON T.B. visit his page at

02. JOKER JAM - Traffic (1)
03. FLOOR DIVISIONS - Atlantic Breeze (2)
04. CODA - Under Control (San Project Remix)
06. THREE DRIVES - Air Traffic
07. JAS VAN HOUTEN - Heavens Gate (DJ Dano & Rob Styles Remix) (3)
08. TILLMANN UHRMACHER - Friends (Vampires On Mars Remix) (4)
09. DJ TON T.B. - Silent Witness
10. MIDTONE - Pearl (Darren Christian Remix) (5)
11. TANGLED UNIVERSE - Next Victim (6)
12. TYROME - Bad Magic
13. DJ COR FIJNEMAN Feat. JAN JOHNSTON - Venus (Meant To Be Your Lover)(Tiësto Remix)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: DJ NETWORX - Vol. 18 reviewed on 09/13/03
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media / Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 512 582 2
DJ NETWRX - Vol. 18 Everytime when I get music released on TUNNEL RECORDS I am having a blast. In last few years DJ DEAN, a resident Tunnel Club DJ is giving us an epitome of club sound unveiling trends and climates that are present in German TECHNO scene. Newest volume 18, from "DJ NETWORX" is no different. DJ DEAN's selection of the music featured in this double CD compilation is storming, pounding and exciting. You will encounter electronica marvels that blur the lines between TECHNO, HOUSE, TRANCE and also hits more PROGRESSIVE/ACID side. The first CD starts with beauty on it's own: "Sex On The Streets" by SHAUN BAKER & MARC VAN LINDEN. It's galloping TRANCE with floaty male vocals. It combines the beat, the hooks, the bassline all together to one single screaming for more floor stomper. The temperature is rising with more tunes following. Scintillating Extended Mix of "Human Beings" by COSMIC GATE delivers geared to high-powered big room pounder. Next tunes are shifting the mood into dark side of TECHNO with lotsa of driving basslines and drums. Good examples are "Daytona Beach" by STARSPLASH, or tunes by DJ SCOT PROJECT, DJ MERLIN & NXP, DJ's DEAN partner in crime: DJ SHOKO, DJ R. FISHBONE (his "Exploring" in Blutonium Boy Hardstyle Mix delivers killer synth line hooks and mysterious, deep sounding male vocals), WAVELINER vs. ROB MAYTH, LARS PALMAS and others. This first CD is still more into TRANCE-side though. For example "Dj Nation" by UPLIFTING INC. brings together quite haunting TRANCE styled synths and layered over electryfing bassline with blue-eye female vocals. Seems that the TECHNO/TRANCE combo dominates this compilation or at least it does in the first CD. The second CD shifts more into HARD TECHNO style if you will. No rest is allowed. True signature here are slamming bass drum beats, throbbing bassline, sweeping synths and propulsive and in some cases terryfing rhythms. It's psychodelic, it's infectious, it's pandemonic. This darkside CD starts with "Ti Ta TNT" by TNT, a dark production with rubbery bassline and psychodelic feel. As I said you will have more of this punchy style on second CD with follow up tunes by such projects as: DJ COONE, DA BOOTLEGERS, SMURREF, DJ ZEMTEC and many others . That truly futuristic sound will continue to the last tune on this CD. Taken together, yet another great trip to more underground-oriented TECHNO/TRANCE sound at it's best! In sound sampler I present 14 tunes taken from both CDs to give you an idea of what to expect! Enjoy the sound. Get this compilation directly from TUNNEL AMERICA and support this trend of dance music here in the US. For now enjoy the sound.

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CD 1
01. SHAUN BAKER & MARC VAN LINDEN - Sex On The Streets (Classsic Mix) (1)
02. COSMIC GATE - Human Beings (Extended Mix) (2)
03. STARSPLASH - Daytona Beach
04. DJ SCOT PROJECT - S (Outer Space)
05. LOVESTERN GALAKTIKA PROJECT - Superstar (Jan Wayne Remix) (3)
06. BALLA NATION - Tunnel Hymn
07. UPLIFTING INC. - DJ Nation (Mike Nero Mix) (4)
08. DJ MERLIN & NXP - Deep In My Mind (Barbarez Remix) (5)
09. WALT & FELIZ - Expansion (Original Mix)
10. DJ SHOKO - 1,2,3,4
11. DJ R. FISHBONE - Exploring (Blutonium Boy Hardstyle Mix)
12. WAVELINER vs. ROB MAYTH - Harder Than Ever
13. LARS PALMAS - In Da House (Jendrik de Ruvo Remix)
14. BARBAREZ - Blast It Fast!!! (6)
15. FIREFREAKZ - How You Like That?
16. GROUNDZERO DJ TEAM feat. DJ DAZE - Back To The 90's (Kevin Alone @ Groundzero Remix)
17. ACCUFACE - Re - bugged (On The Offense) (7)
18. JFS - Let The Men In
19. SOLAR GATE vs. DJ LLÖRDY - Total Revelation (Arrow Head Mix)
20. DIGIMIND - Scream (Extended Mix)
CD 2
01. TNT - Ti Ta TNT (Technoboy's Conga Mix)
02. DJ COONE - The Name Of My DJ (Original Mix)
03. DA BOOTLEGGERS - As Cold As Ice (8)
04. LARS TINDY - Watch Ya Bass Bins (9)
05. SMURREF - Sonic Storm
06. CITIZEN - Taunus (Ford Mix)
07. DEEPACK - Zero Crossing
08. HARDSIDE - Survive (Pincky Remix)
09. TECHNOBOY - Tales From A Vinyl (Chapter One)
10. DJ ZEMTEC - Bring Me Ur Silence (The Beholder & Max Enforcer Remix) (10)
11. BLUTONIUM BOY - Hardstyle Instructor (Blutonium Boy Hardstyle Mix) (11)
12. ZERO VISION - Overdrive
13. RUFF - Furious Angel (Track One)
14. SPEEDWAVE - Hear The Drummer Get Wicked (Original Mix)
16. ULTRA TECH - Bel-e-ve
17. D-TRAX - Earcrash (Easy Kickmix)
18. HARD NATION - Humanoid (Gary D. Hardbass Com Mix) (12)
19. BUSH - Testflight (Part One) (13)
20. JB BASS & NXP - Passion (14)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: HARDCLUB reviewed on 09/13/03
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media / Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 513 376 2
HARDCLUB Yet another offering from TUNNEL RECORDS courtesy of represented here in the US TUNNEL AMERICA. DJ DEAN is relentless in pursuing the higher state of TRANCE showcases. As the title of this release says: HARDCLUB, that is exactly what it stands for. True club oriented HARD TECHNO and HARD TRANCE for club mavens. Be prepared for humulidating doses of bouncing basslines, heavy drums, tough progressive rumblings, futuristic percussive beats. Your sanity is at stake. Truly an awesome compilation for all of you who do want combo of mainstream and underground sound in prolific mix by DJ DEAN. 40 tunes for your entertainment are sported in this set. The first CD on the TRANCE side starts with "Star" by PLAZMATEK. Cutting-edge TECHNO/TRANCE hybrid here with stuttered basslines and female vocals that add a majestic touch to this club perk. Equally exciting is "Por qué no" by MARTILLO VAGO with haunting TRANCE feel filled by drifting synths and male speaking Spanish. This Spanish touch is an interesting twist to overall already anthemic production. Recently, some classic EURO are being revamped into more aggressive electronica experience. Such treatment received chart smash hit "Mr. Vain" by CULTURE BEAT in "recall" version. If you never heard the original, you probably will like that production, if you did, you will consider this one as rather distorted tune that was simply vandalized. Neverthless, it is still a winning trip for clubbers. The trip through TRANCE world continues with so many good tunes, that it is almost impossible to single them out. I personally liked such fares as "Way To Heaven" by SAVON (an incredible blend of pulsating synths over a bouncy basslines, with underlined textured female vocals), "Feel 4 You" by THE MYSTERY (you will encounter dreamy and lush sounding, filled with perpetuating synths fireworks and solid melody line) or "On The Beach" by TRANCE ANGELS (hypnotic and intense synth action with energy level at strong steady pace) to name few. The second CD flips to darker side of electronica with more pronounced beats and heavy use of bass. It starts with PROGRESSIVE BROOKLYN BOUNCE remix of "Promiseland" by HYPETRAXX. As you can expect from BB lotsa of throbbing bass drum kicks in here. They bleed into the next tune in line "Hardstyle & Trance" by WAVELINER. Ultimate hard-hitting TECHNO/TRANCE crossover. "Go Go Go" by JULIAN DJ & DAVIDE SONAR is an intense production electronica with ACID-styled basslines and electryfying waves of pulsating synths. Next comes "Tunnel Hymn" by BALLANATION. It is pure energy TRANCE/TECHNO fare with pumped up tempo. Definately a pick for the anthemic TRANCE big rooms. There are much, much more on this CD. So be prepared to the long lasting journey into mind-blowing music. All 40 tunes featured on both CDs as I said are mixed by DJ DEAN. His mixes are good but sporting crossfader as the major DJ tool. Some more sophisticated loops and some jingles thrown here and there might give the mix more excitement. I am presenting sound sampler with 14 tunes taken from both CDs. Original mixing was not retained! Please order this compilation directly from TUNNEL AMERICA. For now enjoy the music and get ready for a great sound experience

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CD 1
01. PLAZMATEK - Star (Club Mix) (1)
02. MARTILLO VAGO - Por Qué No (2)
03. CULTURE BEAT - Mr. Vain Recall
04. NATURE ONE INC. - Alive & Kickin' (Essential DJ Team Remix)
05. NEXUS - Venom (Original Mix)
06. SAVON - Way To Heaven (Mike Nero Mix) (3)
07. DR. MÖHRLE & ALIBEE feat. AURA DJ TEAM - Rhythm Is Our Passion (Alibee Remix)
08. UNIQUE feat. ROBIN BECK - First Time
09. CLUBBERS IN THE PLACE - Alle Hände!!! (Club Mix)
10. THE MYSTERY - Feel 4 You (Dave 202 & Phil Green Remix) (4)
11. DUMONDE - Human
12. ANGEL BEATS - The Secret
13. TRANCE ANGEL - On The Beach (Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix) (5)
14. OLE VAN DANSK - Shining Star (Sven-R-G & Bass-T Mix)
15. RIOT 303 vs. OBSERVER - Alive & Kickin'
16. MARC JEROME - Rock It!
17. DJ RODD Y LER - Feel (Original Mix)
18. FUTURE MIND - Drum & Bass (Original Club Mix)
19. HARDFACE MEETS KID PLAZTIC - Is Anybody Out There?
20. JB BASS & NXP - Skycruiser
CD 2
01. HYPETRAXX - The Promiseland (Brooklyn Bounce Remix)
02. WAVELINER - Hardstyle & Trance (Club Mix) (6)
03. JULIAN DJ & DAVIDE SONAR - Go Go Go (Original Mix)
04. BALLANATION - Tunnel Hymn (Hard Club Mix)
05. GIGI "MTN" MONTANINI - Magau (Land Of Peace)(Destroyer Mix) (7)
06. DJ ZANY - Rock The Beatz (Club Mix)
07. DJ SHOKO - Attack (8)
08. SOUTHSTYLERS - Pounding Sense (Zany vs. Walt Remix) (9)
09. HIBEATZ - Clap Your Hands (Original Edit) (10)
10. MAX SAVIETTO - Alone (Sa Vee Oh Remix) (11)
11. BRENNAN & HEART - Disappearance (Original Mix)
12. PHUTURE PUNKZ - Fiction
13. DRUGFACE - Cunt Master (DJ The Crow Mix) (12)
14. E-STATIC - Bigger And Tougher (H.A.Z.A.R.D. Mix)
15. CHRIS CHRUSHER - The Bazz Kickz
16. NIGHTFLOW - Take Your Chance (Original Mix)
18. FIREFREAKZ - Save The Planet (13)
19. JOHN BRISBY meets MOMHEADS - Hop 'N' Pop 2003 (Catalyst Remix)
20. UNIX - Another Day (Extended Mix) (14)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Chicago's Most Wanted Dance Party reviewed on 08/26/03
Label: 2003 Renegade Records / Madacy Label Group (Canada / US)
Style: Dance
Index #: MLG2 3344
Chicago's Most Wanted Dance Party I recently received this compilation from California-based media company: KLEW MEDIA. Their ambition is to become a leading full service media company integrating marketing initiatives and new media development. Among their targets is DANCE scene. No wonder why they became partners with several emerging services and labels including Renegade Records distributed by Canada-based Madacy Label group. Presented today "Chicago's Most Wanted Dancy Party" is a unique non-stop DANCE music mega-mix created by three top Chicago-based: TO KOOL CHRIS, MARKSKI and BOBBY D. Presented CD features for the first time all three of these highly saught after DJs you can listen B96 Radio Station that reaches Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. Each of them prepared their own mixes lasting approximately 24 minutes each. An ultimate DANCE party right in comfort of your very own home. I am sure most of you should already be familiar with titles featured in this offering. They are not new but they are truly hits. The point will be not to introduce you to a new stuff but rather to give you a cool selection of dance music in different genres in compact disc for you car or party. Take a pick. There is EURO, there is TECHNO, HOUSE and TRANCE. Truly every single genre is featured in ultimate mix. If you like quality party mixes this one is for you. Check it out. I am presenting you mix with 12 tunes (4 per each DJ set). I retained the original mixing, however I did shorten the length of tunes in each mix. Check it out. I believe you can buy this CD in quality retail music stores in US and Canada.

For more information please visit:

01. TO KOOL CHRIS - Intro
02. E - Drunkenmunky
03. THE MOON - Shake It
04. N TRANCE - Forever
05. 4 STRINGS - Diving
06. NIGHTWATCHERS - Insomnia
07. OBSCURA - Out Of Grace
08. ATB - You're Not Alone
09. ESSENTIAL DJ TEAM - Ong-Diggi-Dong
10. TO KOOL CHRIS - Zombie Nation/1 (1)
11. NOVA SPACE - Time After Time (2)
12. VOODOO & SERANO - Overload (3)
13. SINEAD O'CONNER - Troy (4)

MARKSKI Playlist:
14. MARKSKI - Intro
15. MAD HOUSE - Holiday
16. MARC MARIS vs. RAMONE - In Love
17. 4 STRINGS - Take Me Away
18. LANGE - Drifting Away (5)
19. MADELYN - Beautiful Child (6)
20. SALS 8 - Downtown (7)
21. MARC AUREL - Running (8)
22. FUTURE BREEZE - Temple Of Your Dreams
23. NOEMI - In My Dreams
24. ERAZOR - Sleepwalkers Dream
25. TO KOOL CHRIS - Zombie Nation/2

BOBBY D Playlist:
26. BOBBY D - Intro
27. DRIFTWOOD - Freeloader
28. PULSEDRIVER - Time (9)
29. PUBLIC DOMAIN - Let Me Clear My Throat (10)
30. NEJA - Back 4 The Morning (11)
31. KLUBBHEADS - Let The Party Begin (12)
32. TO KOOL CHRIS - Zombie Nation/3
33. SCOTTY - Don't Stop The Party
34. PULSEDRIVER - Cambodia
35. MARC ET CLAUDE - Tremble
36. N TRANCE - Set You Free
37. JOHN VAN DOUGEN - Fly Away (Vocal Edit)
38. BLIZZARD BROTHERS - Thunderstruck
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Title: MANIECZKI - Ekwador KlubPlay Audioreviewed on 8/26/03
Label: 2003 Hit'N'Hot (Poland)
Style: Techno/House
Index #: 0526065
MANIECZKI - Ekwador Klub Several German labels are associated with club scene. There are many examples such as KONTOR Records (with Kontor Club) or TUNNEL Records (with Tunnel Club). Today let me present you a release from Polish mega DANCE label emerging as Polish-forefront record company Hit'N'Hot under the wings of BMG. In presented DJ-mixed compilation "MANIECZKI - Ekwador Klub". Ekwador Klub established in 1998 is located in remote area of Poland in city Manieczki, yet this venue gains a lot of attention and became a leading TECHNO club in that country. DJ sets were presented there by such luminaries of TECHNO such as WESTBAM, DR MOTTE, MARIO LOPEZ, KOSMONOVA, 4 CLUBBERS, DJs@WORK to name the few. So, presented compilation is a tribute to TECHNO sound played in Ekwador with 15 tunes mixed by DJ KRIS. Seems that DJs in Poland not just play the music but they are very interactive with the dance floor. CD features a lot of "interruptions" by DJ KRIS who tries to heat things up: screams, jingles etc. Music itself is very good and I am sure that fans of club TECHNO sound will have a good time to listen to this CD (not to mention doing some serious dancing). Among 15 tunes are mostly European tunes however there is a Polish POP-HOUSE fare featured as the first one in the mix: "Hold Me Tonight" by DJ ANY. This one truly reminds DANCE NATION in terms of sound with textured melody line, infectious male vocal and happy synths. If you like club oriented HOUSE you have plenty of this style in fares like "Make Luv" by MASTER FREAKZ, Italian BENNY BENASSI's "Satisfaction" (electronic pandemonium of sexually aroused female vocal and some bored to death male vocals both compiled into pounding stomper). You wanna more "hardcore" innuendos? Sure. Hit "Orgasm" by DJ MATYS. This is kinda interesting mash of uplifting TECHNO with some bouncing basslines and mind-blowing TRANCE synths. Very hot indeed! This TRANCE climate bleeds to next fare "Only One" by THE JUDGE. One will appreciate huge pulsating synths, soaring basslines and electrifying male vocals in this killer club offering. Among more knowns offerings are presented by DRUNKEYMONKEY, DJ BOOZYWOOZY or KLUBBHEADS. Otherwise most of remaining tunes are rather less known, yet definately worth of checking them out. CD closes dramatic big room "Go" by DJ PRINCE + JUSTINE K. So taken together it's an interesting club release for all of you who got tired of mainstream sound and want to get an access to something more club-oriented. Enjoy the sound sampler featuring 8 tunes taken from this compilation. The original mix is not retained. Buy this CD to from the link provided below. They have it exclusively here in the US.

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01. DJ ANY - Hold Me Tonight (1)
02. MASTER FREAKZ - Make Luu/Let Yourself Go
03. KID Q - This Feeling (DJ Icon Remix) (2)
04. BENNY BENASSI - Satisfaction (3)
05. DJ MATYS - Orgasm (4)
06. THE JUDGE - Only One (5)
07. PERAN - Good Time (6)
08. DRUNKENMUNKY - The Grabbing Hands
09. MR PHILLIPS - 7th Day
10. DJ BOOZYWOOZY - I Wanna Fly
11. KLUBBHEADS - Somebody Skreem
12. CLUBBAHOLIC - Rhythm + Sound (7)
13. DARK MONKS - Insane
14. CK + SUPREME DREAM TEAM - Dreamer (8)
15. DJ PRINCE - Go
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: FERRY CORSTEN - World Tour - WASHINGTON MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyondreviewed on 7/30/03
Label: 2003 Purple Eye Entertainment BV / Tsunami (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: CCD1518
FERRY CORSTEN - World Tour - Washington I am late with the review of this compilation, but I had really hard time to do the sound sampler because of the copy-protection this CD has. I was committed to present you this release, because it is a stunning TRANCE trip at it's best. FERRY CORSTEN after staying in mainstream of electronic sound for last 13 years remains one of the top DJs and producers of this style. "World Tour - Washington" is his second compilation from this series featuring his worldwide appearance. This one presents his Washington, DC DJ set. Truly mind blowing experience that touches every single nerve of your body, stimulates you imagination and puts your mind into spiritual bliss. A wonderful trip to big room TRANCE. This is the club experience you hardly can forget. You gotta try this CD playing loud on good audio-system. The effect is truly unforgettable. The set features 15 tunes along with SYSTEM F (FERRY's pet project) own "Spaceman". This fare sports intoxicating synths that shine throughout the tune over a stomping bottom built on diabolic strings and angelic female vocal incorporating mystery and drama to the fare. A wonderful listening experience. FERRY's set is truly loaded with uplifting [mostly instrumental] TRANCE sound and unforgettable experience. "I am Alone" by SUN DECADE features pumping beat and galloping synths topped with intoxicating hooks. "Sweetest Dreams" by CORDEROY in CORSTEN mix delivers massive big room, turbo charged fare with DREAM feel represented by piano section beautifully incorporated into synth's fireworks. "Free Your Mind" by SAPPHIRCUT is massive crossover between OPERA TRANCE and hypnotic TECHNO with beautiful female vocals delivering angelic touch to this beauty. All remaining fares are delivering equally potent sound with hard-charging synths throughout slamming instrumentation. You will love the set. I prepared sound sampler featuring 9 titles from this offering (the original Ferry's mix was not retained). Enjoy the sound and buy this CD to support music creators.

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01. ALTITUDE - Marrakech
02. THREE DRIVES - Air Traffic
03. SONOROUS - Protonic
04. P.O.S. - Amnesiac
05. SUN DECADE - I Am Alone (Micro De Govia Mix) (1)
06. CORDEROY - Sweetest Dream (Ferry Corsten Mix) (2)
07. FIRE & ICE feat. EDVIKA - Close To Me (DJ Fire's Sunset Mix)
08. SAPPHIRECUT - Free Your Mind (Sapphirecut's Epic Mix)
09. QED - Hardly A Day (Filterheadz Remix) (3)
10. SIGNUM - 3rd Dimension (4)
11. RONAL van GELDEREN - Proceed (5)
12. SYSTEM F - Spaceman (6)
13. PUSH vs. GLOBE - Tranceformation (7)
14. G.T.R. - Mistral (9)
15. MATTI LAAMANEN - Flakes (8)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: MAD ABOUT THE BOY - 10 reviewed on 07/30/03
Label: 2003 Klone Records (England)
Style: Hi Energy / Nrg-Trance / Pop
Index #: CDKOPY 148

MAD ABOUT THE BOY - Volume 10 Next release from a very popular series MAD ABOUT THE BOY at it's volume 10 is out. This milestone volume brings a winning composition of best of contemporary KLONE releases with some "exclusives" just for this set. If you are following this NRG set you are into some surprises. Folks from KLONE decided to give some "fresh up-to-date" EUROTRANCE style treatment to several otherwise contemporary NRG tunes. Some of these tunes are original some of them are remakes, all remarkably well produced and ready to please dance floor. This "updated sound" dominates on first CD. High octane marvel is delivered by KLONE leading female vocalist JO FRANCES in her "Brass In Pocket". This is NRG fused with some interesting TRANCE-alike strings. This CD features also other artists such MASSIVE EGO vs. MISS DUSTY "O", very popular KELLY, SLEAZESISTERS and newcomers PRIMERO. Second CD flips into more POPish sound with interesting interpretation of some classic fares. U2 huge "With Or Without You" got a wonderful interpretation by KINKY McGINTY or "Baker Street" by LEIF BENJAMIN sporting galloping beat and updated melody line. Among exclusive for this release tracks are "Naked In The Rain" by PRIMERO, "Boys" by DYNAMIX, "I Hear You Knocking" by DUSTY 'O', "Loving Arms" by KELLY and "Hold Me Now" by MANTRONIX. Taken together if you like the NRG sound so characteristic for this series, you will love this release. The music is party ready, and I've already tried it with great success. You will dance to it, but you also can listen to it. Yet another successful set from KLONE. The sound sampler contains the mix of 8 tracks taken from both CDs. Support KLONE and get this one directly from them! For now enjoy the sound!

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CD 1
01. MASSIVE EGO v MISS DUSTY 'O' - My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To The Doctor)(3rd Degree Burns 12" Mix) (3)
02. PRIMERO - Naked In The Rain (1)
03. JO FRANCES - Brass In Pocket (DJ Rubicon's Hard Trance Mix) (2)
04. KELLY WILDE - We've Got Tonight (Moz Morris Liquid Club Mix)
05. TRACEY ARBON - Make Your Own Kind Of Music (Beautiful Thing Mix)
06. SLEAZESISTERS DJs PETER MARTINE & PORL YOUNG feat. CIE - You're The Best Thing (That Ever Happened To Me) (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix) (4)
07. KAREN NOBLE - In The Middle Of Nowhere (Panikbrothers Mix)
08. DEZIRE - Dynamix 12"
09. DUSTY 'O' - I Hear You Knocking (Bootleg Bitch Extended Mix)

CD 2
01. JO FRANCES - Beautiful (Boyz With Toyz Mix)
02. KELLY WILDE - Loving Arms (Moz Morris Club Mix)
03. KINKY McGINTY - With Or Without You
04. LEIF BENJAMIN - Baker Street (Euroclub Mix)
05. MANTRONIX - Hold Me Now
06. TERESA MARIE - Dancing In The City (Ross Alexander's Euromix)
07. DIVA DUETZ feat. KELLY MARIE and TINA CHARLES - To Sir With Love (Fur 'n' Fluff 12" Mix)
08. SUPERNOVA - Your Song (Club Mix)
09. GUYS 'n' DOLLS - There's A Whole Lot Of Loving (Dynamix Club Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 25 reviewed on 07/21/03
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media / Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 512 303 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 25 Let me present you two releases from German label TUNNEL RECORDS courtesy of represented here in the US TUNNEL AMERICA. Let me start with new volume (25) of their well crafted and popular series: "Tunnel Trance Force". No surprises. This volume delivers 36 tunes of high TRANCE quality chosen and mixed by resident TUNNEL DJ DEAN. As usually this double CD set is divided thematically. with the first CD entitled "PURPLE POWER MIX", and the second one entitled "YELLOW PARTY MIX". Expect pumping electronic music. DJ DEAN usually prefers playing HARD/PROGRESSIVE sound over other styles. No wonder why many mixes chosen for the first CD has that feel. For instance first track: AXEL KONRAD's Mix of "The End" by GROOVE COVERAGE is very dark, speedy and filled with bass and pumping beats almost on the edge of PROGRESSIVE HOUSE. Drums are heavily used as well. While mostly HARD TRANCE dominates the first CD you can find there also some mystical TRANCE tunes like a massive "Trancenight Anthem 03" by TRANCENIGHT ,"Question" by ESS-EFF or "New Life" by DJ QUICKSILVER to give you just few examples. Among cutting-edge HARD TRANCE tunes are MEGARA vs. DJ LEE Remix of PULSEDRIVER's own "Galaxy". Incredibly sexy where pulsating synths, mesemerizing synthesizers and female vocal join forces for a wickedly hypnotic ride. Speaking of hypnotic ride, equally exciting is "Protect The Innocent" by THE MATRIX. This pounding fare provides a driving force for your dance floor. Following is "Metro" by ULTRA SPIN. Yet another TRANCE slammer with it's evil, layered synths gives an intense cushion for a pounding bottom. Second CD brings us even closer to pulsating club dance floor with many brilliant electronics now more powerful than ever. This set starts with DJ DEAN's own remix of "Ready For This?" by SPITFIRE. Begins as pounding DRUM'N'BASS fare with galloping beats swirling later into magnificent HARD TRANCE experience with a female vocals twist. Next comes LUCA ANTOLINI courtesy of S.A.I.F.A.M. (yes! This Italian label famous of extraordinary NRG sound is now into electronica). If you like UNDERGROUND club sound this CD will definately fit you. With tunes by WAVELINER, BOBBY V. ANGEL BEATS, RAY CLARKE, ACCUFACE and others you will not go wrong. An ultimate club experience if you will. In sound sampler you will find 16 tunes taken from both CDs. Original mixing was not retained! Enjoy the sound and get this compilation directly from TUNNEL AMERICA showing your support for the music and this website (YES! I am getting promo copies, so if you want to hear more previews in the future better buy the album, so they will keep supoorting Thanks an enjoy the music.

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CD 1 - Purple Power Mix
01. GROOVE COVERAGE - The End (Axel Konrad Mix)
02. PULSEDRIVER - Galaxy (Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix) (1)
03. VODOO & SERANO - Overload (Instrumental Mix) (2)
04. ANGEL ONE - Hold Me Tonight (DJ Pontos Remix)
05. CANARIAS - Endless Summer (Club Mix)
06. TRACKHACKER - Oops Up! (Barbarez Remix)
07. TRANCENIGHT - TranceNight Anthem 03 (Dave 202 & Phil Green) (3)
08. HYPER TRANCE TEAM - Hyper Trance Hymn
09. YOJI BIOMEHANIKA - Theme From Banginglobe (Original Mix) (4)
10. TREESH - Brighter Day (Flashrider Remix)
11. DJ FREDERIK - I Have A Dream (Sven-R-G & Bass T Mix)
12. ESS-EFF - Question (Sandra Flyn Mix) (5)
13. DJ FRANKIE JONES - Sawfish (Club Mix)
14. DJ QUICKSILVER - New Life (Mystery Remix) (6)
15. THE MATRIX - Protect The Innocent (DJ Spoke vs. Vespa 63 Remix)
16. ULTRA SPIN - Metro (The Matrix Remix)
17. CLINT JONES - Peace & Love (7)
18. L.A. PROJECT - Words Of Passion (L.A.Remix) (8)
CD 2 - Yellow Party Mix
01. SPITFIRE - Ready For This?(DJ Dean Remix)
02. LUCA ANTOLINI DJ - Life's A Mistery (Hard Trance Club Mix)
03. WAVELINER - Lizginka (Neo Remix) (9)
04. BOBBY V. - Energy (Espuma Phuture Club Mix) (10)
05. DOMINATORS - Jump (Extended Version)
06. MOONTRAP - I Feel Free (DJ Mind X Mix) (11)
07. DJ SHOKO vs. GROUNDZERO - Back To The Beatboxx (Live @ The Front 2003 Mix)
08. TINITUS - Direct Disco 2003 (Steve L. Remix)
09. ANGEL BEATS - Trancemission (12)
10. DJ JO - Progressive (Original Mix)
11. MASSIVE BEATZ - Use A Funny…!
12. NIGHTSLIDERS - Energy (13)
13. COSMOSONIC - In My Mind (Master And Servant Remix)
14. RAY CLARKE - Electronic Part 2 (Main Mix)
15. NO SEVEN - Reaching The Sky (15)
16. ACCUFACE - Is There Life On Mars? (14)
17, TRINITY - Das Boot 2003 (Extended Club Mix)
18. DJ MERLIN & NXP - Deep In My Mind (Barbarez Remix) (16)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: HYPERTRANCE 01 reviewed on 07/21/03
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media /Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Hard Trance
Index #: 511 963 2
HYPERTRANCE 01 Now time for the brand new series from TUNNEL RECORDS. As HARD TRANCE and more PROGRESSIVE sound is exploding in European clubs, this new offering is especially dedicated to all of you who wants to get into club atmosphere. I am late with the review (the CD was released back in May), but it is worth to introduce it to you. The track listing was picked up by DJ DEAN as well, but contrary to other major series from TUNNEL RECORDS this set features UNMIXED tunes. It should be especially handy for DJs who are looking for full length or extended hard to get versions. Both CDs have their own intros and outros. You should be familiar by now with many featured tunes, but let me remind you that the beauty of the tunes are club or remixed versions that you might have hard time to find anywhere else. So first CD features mega club hits like sexually explicit "Suck my ..." by DICKHEADZ, "The Frequency" by DJ DIGRESS (this one remixed by DJ DEAN himself is a kicker landing on PROGRESSIVE/DRUM'N'BASS teritory) and once again DJ DEAN's own "Protect Your Ears", however in quite unique remix. This is hypnotic and very industralized TECHNO version with lotsa strings and tantalizing electronica experiences. Very, very different from the original version. If you are into electronica driven sound you are into a treat. There are much more hardstyle electronica in tha house. "Hold Me Tonight" by ANGEL_ONE was turned by HENNES & COLD into powerfully passionate and mesmerizing dark kicker. Seven minutes of electronic experience that will drive any dancefloor wild. Club Mix of "Down On The Streets" by HEADSTORM is also an example of superb club tune that is dipping red hot TECHNO into TRANCE-land hard style. Second CD goes deeper in UNDERGROUND scene with "Back To The BeatBox" by DJ SHOKO vs. GROUNDZERO. This sound is definately for serious clubbers that do appreciate psychotic beats and pandemonium of noise. The bass kicker such "Hard Bass Extreme" by THE BEHOLDER & BALASTIC or "Bring Me Ur Silence" by DJ ZEMTEC are perfect fit for PROGRESSIVE/INDUSTRIAL club scene. Taken together you gonna have fun! I am providing you with sound sampler featuring fragment of 10 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the sound and get this compilation to support quality club music!

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CD 1
02. DICKHEADZ - Suck My …! (ab 16 Mix)
03. DJ DIGRESS - The Frequency (DJ Dean Remix)
04. DJ DEAN - Protect Your Ears (Marc Acadipane Meetmedrunk@thefront Remix) (1)
05. SPITFIRE - Ready For This? (DJ Dean Remix) (2)
06. ANGEL_ONE - Hold Me Tonight (Hennes & Cold Mix) (3)
07. MB STYLE - Our Time (Rocco Mix)
08. HEADSTORM - Down On The Streets (Club Mix) (4)
09. CANARIAS - Endless Summer (Club Mix)
10. DJ TOM-X - Nightmare (Club Mix) (5)
11. DJ T-ROB vs. MANIAC PSYCHOS - Airwalker
12. COSMOSONIC - …in my mind (Original Club Mix)
13. LaCARGO - Rebase (Original Mix)
CD 2
02. DJ SHOKO vs. GROUNDZERO - Back To The Beatbox
03. THE BEHOLDER & BALASTIC - Hard Bass Extreme (Original Mix)
04. DJ ZEMTEC - Bring Me Ur Silence (The Beholder & Max Enforcer Remix) (6)
05. HARDSIDE - Survive (Pincky Remix) (7)
06. DJ ZANY - In My Mind (Club Mix)
07. HARDFACE MEETS KID PLAZTIC - Fun & Excitement (8)
08. JB BASS & NXP - Hard Bass Injection
09. VOID - Dark Side Of The Moon (Derb Mix)
10. ASYLUM - Warm Up (Original Mix) (9)
11. ÜBERDRUCK BOYS - Bloody Slut (Überdruck Mix)
12. DJ HUNTER - Fat Beat (10)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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