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Title: Trancemaster 3009 reviewed on 11/16/03
Label: 2003 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Big Room Trance
Index #: 302 4119-2
TRANCEMASTER 3oo9 Just few weeks after last review, I am able to present you next outstanding release: "Trancemaster 3009" from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS. No doubt about the content! Truly cutting-edge, club-oriented big room TRANCE sound for even most demanding tastes around. Series has established itself as reliable source of club tunes for demanding DJs and advanced clubbers. This offering features 21 tunes on both CDs. Keep in mind that most of the tracks are presented in full club versions, that is why their number is limited. First CD starts with fierce "Another World" by DJ SHOG. Shockingly powerful VOCAL TRANCE with gorgeous melody highlighted by cascading piano section, female vocals and powerful hooks. "The Anthem 2003" of SENSATION (by RANK 1) is here as well. I did present video clip to this one in our VIDEO SECTION. RANK1 keeps making truly majestic TRANCE. This fare surely is clear example of it. Beautifully crafted melodic line borrowed from classic XIX century theme with orchestrated sections give this composition a bold statement. Dazzling synthesizers built into a TRANCE drama send shivers through your fragile body! Follow up "Mental Theme" by ACE's DELIGHT continues that trend with scintillating strings flying over a solid production. DJ QUICKSILVER presents "Clubfiles One (Equinoxe IV)". This is actually his "interpretation" of very successful NEW AGE tune from 1978 by French composer JEAN MICHEL JARRE. Entrancing interpretation rich of spirituality, mesmerizing synths and hypnotic beats. JARRE's music has a special place in my heart and I love what DJ QUICKSILVER did to this tune. It still has JARRE's feel but it added what the synth technology is capable of today. A Wonderful combination of music and mental relaxing experience. "Journey Of Live" by PUSH is yet another example of electronica madness. PUSH works the magic on the more alternative side if you will. It's dark experience with some contemporary spin. This one got panache and excitement to spare. If you really into big room VOCAL TRANCE with more underground feel, you should check "Out There" by MASTERS & NICKSON. JUSTINE SUISSA provides necessary vocal part of this terrific arrays of electronic sound. The second CD is equally massive. It starts with "Aragon" by DJ DANJO & ROB STYLES serving as introduction for this disk and prelude to "Precious" by ARMIN VAN BUUREN track that appears on brand new ARMIN's controversial album "76" that I might review in near future. If you like his work, you will love this composition. "I Love You" by Y.O.M.C. is epitome of majestic big room TRANCE. It has everything what TRANCE is all about. Sizziling synths that go up and down, slow and fast. The club TRANCE experience you can dream of. There is some female support as well, but it's not a VOCAL TRANCE tune. The female vocal rather serves as instrumental ingredient. Interesting twist of child female and male adult conversation starts "Ultraviolett" by TRANSMOTION. It almost sounds like intro for the mystic movie. Track itself combines some HOUSE experience with electronica pandemonium enriched by "rainy" piano sections and orchestration throughout. While this tune is rather hard to dance the next one: "Destination Paradise" by NEBULUS is taking you off the letargy instantenously. Taken together featured 21 tunes will take you to a great journey to world of synths and beautiful electronic music. I have prepared the mix with 12 tunes taken from bith CDs. Enjoy this ultimate club TRANCE sound!

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CD 1
01. DJ SHOG - Another World (Extended Mix)
02. SENSATION - The Anthem 2003 (Original Mix) (1)
03. ACE'S DELIGHT - Mental Theme (Ace Da Brain Hell On Earth Mix) (2)
04. Y.O.M.C. - Deftig (Past,Present,Future)
05. DJ QUICKSILVER - Clubfiles One (Equinoxe IV)(Club Mix) (3)
06. PUSH - Journey Of Live (Original Mix) (4)
07. MASTERS & NICKSON feat. JUSTINE SUISSA - Out There (5th Dimension) (5)
08. YVES DERUYTER & M.WOODS pres. FREQUENCE - Frequence (Main Mix) (6)
09. YVES DERUYTER - Spiritual Feeling (Dolphins Mix)
10. PAUL VAN DYK - Connected (Motomix 05)
CD 2
01. DJ DANJO & ROB STYLES - Aragon (Intro Mix)
02. ARMIN VAN BUUREN - Precious (7)
03. Y.O.M.C. - I Love You (8)
04. TRANSMOTION - Ultraviolett
05. NEBULUS - Destination Paradise (9)
06. AIRWAVE - When Things Go Wrong (Original Mix)
07. DAVE JOY pres. SCHATTENMANN - Amplifyer (2Players Remix) (12)
08. SEDUCTION feat. VALERIE - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Club Mix) (10)
09. ERNESTO vs. BASTIAN - A Few Seconds After Trancefer (11)
10. EMMANUEL - Mars
11. M.I.K.E. - Turn Out The Lights
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Title: The Cream Of Female Vocal Trance - Volume 2 reviewed on 11/16/03
Label: 2003 ZYX / DANCE STREET (Germany)
Style: Nrg / Trance
Index #: HN 73055-2
THE CREAM OF FEMALE VOCAL-TRANCE I haven't review for a long while releases from truly prolific German label ZYX that has been on the market for decades relasing many dance compilations and albums. To fill the gap, I am presenting today one of their latest compilations: "The Cream Of Female Vocal-Trance - Volume 2". I decided to review it, because featured music represent good dance experience overall. In spite of the title many of songs featured in here are not exactly what we classically define as VOCAL TRANCE. Rather, there are many EURODANCE fares influenced by TRANCE and enriched by female vocals everywhere. Folks who like EURO sound will find this release as a surprising discovery, while true TRANCE fans will probably not be that amazed. was always devoted to EURO sound, and that's why this compilation is being presented here. Many of featured tunes have been around for a while. First CD has many of them such "Mr. Vein Recall" by CULTURE BEAT, "She Moves" by KARAJA, "Look @ Me Now" by JESSY and other by such projects as SYLVER, IIO, ALEX C or KATE RYAN to name a few. However, there are tunes that I haven't present before. For instance "Playa De Ibiza" by JEAN MOIREE on the edge of PROGRESSIVE TRANCE has some cool energy in it, enhanced by Spanish female vocals. Russian duo TATU's "All The Things She Said" has been TRANCE treated by DJ SPUTNIK. Yet another example where NRG meets TRANCE and it's VOCAL derivative. Speaking of VOCAL TRANCE, you should listen to "Fade Away" by LAYER 1 feat. ELANI representing quite unique UK TRANCE scene. Another example of rather loose interpretation of VOCAL TRANCE is fully NRG-ized "There's Someone Watching" by Danish project SAPHIRE. This was the theme song for 2003 Danish edition of Big Brother VIP Show - written and produced by DJ ENCORE with vocal provided by Linnéa Handberg. In same line is next tune "Time After Time" from yet another Danish project: MORGAN feat. CHRISTINE. If you are looking for some more remakes of classic EURODANCE in TRANCE style. Don't look any further! "In My Dreams 2003" originally by DARKNESS gets now re-treatment by (nomen omen) BRIGHTNESS. The second CD delivers equally melodic content. It contains one of my favorite dance tunes on this double CD compilation: "Free Your Mind" by TRONIC PALACE. As cheesy as it gets, it delivers grest melodic line full of NRG enhanced by obligatory synth work. Too bad this tune lasts only 2:22 minutes. Actually, most of the titles are in their short edit versions, that's why you have all together 40 tunes. I think, if you will find some of featured tunes interesting, you better be prepared to do some digging for longer versions. I would be very intrigued to hear full blown version of this fare. Taken together, this is not exactly what you could call "ambitious" release, but definately great party compilation to bring you up-to-speed for what the cheesy dance is all about. I have prepared the mix featuring 14 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the sound and get this compilation. You will be rewarded by cool dance experience!

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CD 1
01. CULTURE BEAT - Mr. Vain Recall (Radio Edit)
02. JESSY - Look @ Me Now
03. KARAJA - She Moves (Radio Edit)
04. ALEX C. feat. YASMIN K. - Angel Of Darkness (Video Mix)
05. JEAN MOIREE - Playa De Ibiza (Pace & Arvid Edit)
06. AGO - Tell Me Where You Are (O.S.I.R.I.S. vs. Boostar Radio Edit) (1)
07. DJ SPUTNIK - All The Things She Said (Radio Version)
08. 666 - Insanity (Flashback Edit)
09. MASTERGATE - Destiny (Radio Edit)
10. KATE RYAN - Libertine (Radio Edit)
11. SYLVER - Why Worry (Radio Edit)
12. LAYER T feat. ELANI - Fade Away (Original Mix)
13. BREEEZZE - Ready For Love (Trance Radio Mix) (2)
14. IIO - At The End (Original Radio Edit)
15. TRINITY - Everytime We Touch (Video Version)
16. AZURA - Run With Me
17. SAPHIRE - There's Someone Watching (Radio Edit) (3)
18. MORGAN feat. CHRISTINE - Time After Time (Radio Mix) (4)
19. BRIGHTNESS - In My Dreams 2003 (5)
20. AKIRA YAMAMOTO - I Cry (Balearic Radio Edit) (6)
CD 2
01. PROJECT B - Project B Anthem
02. TRONIC PALACE - Free Your Mind (7)
03. CIRQUE - You & Me (Dabruck & Klein Edit)
04. CJ STONE - Don't Look Back
05. ANGELVOICE feat. MALAIKA - Remember (Radio Mix) (10)
06. BLUSH - In & Out (Radio Edit)
07. CETROIT - Mind Yourself (Radio Edit)
08. CLAIM TO FAME - There Is A Light (Single Cut) (8)
09. GROOVE-STATE - More Than Love
10. HEADSTORM - Skydivers (Radio Mix) (9)
11. PURESTAR - The Music's Got Me (Radio Edit)
12. ROCK RYDERS - Don't You Know? (Full On Vocal Radio Mix)
13. STATUS D - Better Place (Trance Mix)
14. 2 EIVISSA - Fire In The Sky (Radio Mix) (11)
15. ACEPROJECT - Forever In Trance (Second Single Mix) (12)
16. VENITH - Be Together (Venitha Edit) (13)
17. DJ FIX - I Believe In You
18. CINZIA - You & I (Radio Version)
19. MARC VAN LINDEN pres. MADAGASCAR - This Way (Marc Van Linden Radio Mix) (14)
20. ÖRTZ - Secret Garden (Original Version)
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Title: BLANK & JONES - The Mix - Volume 2 reviewed on 11/03/03
Label: 2003 GANG GO MUSIC / WEA Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 5050466-7492-2-2
BLANK & JONES - The Mix Volume 2 (Double CD Compilation) About year ago in September I have presented volume 1 of BLANK & JONES' - "The Mix". A double CD compilation featuring two DJ sets. Here is the volume 2 with 19 titles on the first CD and 16 on the second one. After listening volume 1 I was truly waiting for the next set and I was not dissapointed. BLANK & JONES delivered yet another stunning sets with great music selection. Tracks are now longer than in volume 1 and mixes give you truly club experience. First CD starts with incredibly mystic Introduction. Haunting female vocals dominates in this gothic prolog rich with sound of nature. Very slow beginning, very majestic great entry. It is abruptly interrupted by BLANK & JONES remix of "Walking On Fire" by EVOLUTION. It does have though continuation of rather intense female vocals. Not exactly a galloping tune, but it has power and lush climate. Several very interesting tunes. I would like to draw your attention to project FLOYD. First CD features their own "4 Ever" and their remix of "Timeless" by RON VAN DEN BEUKEN. I simply love their big room TRANCE style. Of course I also got to mension Italian best TRANCE project to date NU-NRG. Here we have their super charged and incredibly intense "Connective". style! The first CD is closing by 3000 version of ANNE CLARK's "Sleeper In Metropolis". Second CD is strong as well. It starts rather on the light side with uplifting "As The Rush Comes" by MOTORCYCLE. Actually entire second CD is into lighter side of TRANCE, with strong IBIZA feel. I can assure you are into treat. BLANK & JONES not only introduced tunes by others but in fact have their stamps all over both CDs. You will have the opportunity to listen to their own tunes such "Summer Sun", "A Night To Remember", "Unknown Pleasure" and "Flaming June" as well as several remixes they have donse for this double CD signature mix. I have prepared sound sampler including 13 tunes taken from both CDs. The original mix was not retained, so you only should focus on music. Both guys have done an excellent mixing job, so you have TRANCE party ready compilations right here. Enjoy the music, and buy this product to support artists.

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CD 1
01. BLANK & JONES - The Mix 2 Intro
02. EVOLUTION - Walking On Fire (Blank & Jones Remix)
03. BLANK & JONES - Summer Sun (Original Mix) (1)
04. SYSTEM F - Spaceman (Matti Laamanen Remix) (2)
05. RMB vs. BLANK & JONES - ReReality (Blank & Jones Remix)
06. PULSER - Cloudwalking (Astral Remix)
07. AALTO - Rush (Original Mix) (3)
08. WELLENRAUSCH - On The Run (TMT Mix) (4)
09. THE MYSTERY - Feel 4 You (Dub Mix) (5)
10. A FORCE - Spectral Spike (Original Mix)
11. DUDERSTADT - Sunrise (Original Mix)
12. THE DISCO BROTHERS - First Contact (Regeneration Remix)
13. FLOYD - 4 Ever (Original Mix)
14. EMPIRICAL LABS - Turtle Beach (Original Mix)
15. NU NRG - Connective (Original Mix) (6)
16. BLANK & JONES - A Night To Remember (Brutus & Nero Remix)
17. RON van den BEUKEN - Timeless (Floyd Remix)
18. ANNE CLARK - Sleeper In Metropolis 3000 (Brutus & Nero Remix)
19. BLANK & JONES feat. ROBERT SMITH - A Forest (Snippet)
CD 2
01. MOTORCYCLE - As The Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
02. BLANK & JONES with CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN - Unknown Treasure (Mr. Sam Remix) (7)
03. HOLDEN & THOMPSON - Nothing (Hiver & Hammer Remix)
04. CULTIVATE - Broken Pieces (Dale Askew Remix) (8)
05. LIQUID LOVE meets ERNESTO vs. BASTIAN - Being Single (Liquid Love Remix) (9)
06. RAPID EYE - Stealing Beauty (R.E. Mix)
07. CHICANE - Love On The Run (Blank & Jones Remix) (10)
08. RUSCH & MURRAY - Epic (Above & Beyond Remix)
09. GOLDENSCAN - Of Our Times (Original Mix) (11)
10. BLANK & JONES with ELLES - Flaming June (B & J's Reconstruction Mix)
11. TERRY BONES vs. FRED BAKER pres. WATER PLANET - Return To Innocence (Mr. Sam Remix) (12)
12. COR FIJNEMAN feat. JAN JOHNSTON - Venus (Meant To Be My Lover) (Tiesto Remix)
13. PROJECT MEDUSA vs. EXOR - Eclipse (Soho Mix)
14. INSIGMA - Avalon (Midway Remix)
15. MR. SAM vs. TIM COLTRANE pres. THE TRIBUTE - One More Day (Mr. Sam vs. Fred Baker Remix)
16. WOLFSHEIM - Wundervoll (Blank & Jones Remix) (13)
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Title: FERRY CORSTEN - Mixed Live reviewed on 11/03/03
Label: 2003 Moonshine Music (US)
Style: Trance / Techno House
Index #: MM 80206-2

Ultimate NRG I have never had a chance to present you mixed live series from US-based MOONSHINE MUSIC. There were several of them with appearances of TALL PAUL, CARL COX to name few. In the end of July the company released mixed live set by world acclaimed DJ - FERRY CORSTEN. I don't need to introduce this top TRANCE DJ and producer. Few months ago I presented his LIVE mix in Washington, now you will listen to his performance in prime LA club - Spundae. This offerings consists of CD and bonus DVD. CD features his 16 song mix. DVD features 5.1 Surround Sound mix of the set as well as a new, exclusive documentary on Ferry and the recording of the show. Also on the DVD is the full, uncut version of the "Punk" music video and a slide-show of pictures taken inside of Spundae during the show. Mixed Live is the only compilation series to be recorded live at the club in surround sound - just the DJ and the crowd captured in a moment. FERRY mixed presented tracks with both CD-R and vinyls using Technics turntables and two Pioneer CDJ1000 CD players. So how about the music. It is TRANCE, it is EPIC and musically stimulating. FERRY presented some of his own production such as "Indigo" and "Punk" (you gotta see how people went bizark when FERRY played this tune). The first fare on this mix "Nothing" by HOLDEN & THOMPSON is true epitome of TRANCE. This is beautifully dark synth driven tune with mystic female vocals submerging into infinite listening pleasure. "Beechbreeze" by SVENSON & GIELEN is here as well. The queen of TRANCE - JAN JOHNSON delivers solid performance in this wonderful tune. There are more blasting tunes from this genre. "Purple Haze" by MESH delivers cleverly turned music lines combining big room TRANCE with after hour feel. "Metropolis" by OLIVER LIEB pres. SMOKED aimed right at the mainstream American dancefloor with guaranteed HOUSE appeal too. Taken together good club release. Both CD and DVD will get you some quality listening and watching experience. I prepared sound sampler with 8 tunes. Original mix by FERRY was not retained. Great buy for all of CORSTEN's worldwide fans. Please support this outstanding DJ and producer by buying this release.

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01. HOLDEN & THOMPSON - Nothing (93 Returning Mix) (1)
02. KYAU vs. ALBERT - Velvet Morning (Mirco de Govia Remix) (2)
03. MESH - Purple Haze (3)
04. SOLID GLOBE - North Pole (Nickelson & Maurice Night Remix)
05. SVENSON & GIELEN feat. JAN JOHNSTON - Beachbreeze (Remember The Summer)
06. ROBERT GITELMAN - Things 2 Say (4)
07. MATTI LAAMANEN - Flakes (5)
08. AFTERBURN - Summer Sun (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)
09. RAPID EYE - Stealing Beauty (Ronald van Gelderen Mix) (6)
10. FERRY CORSTEN - Indigo
12. MASSIF - Understatement
13. MARCO V - c:\del*mp3
14. OLIVIER LIEB pres. SMOKED - Metropolis (Metro US Mix) (7)
15. CARL COX & CHRISTIAN SMITH - Dirty Bass (Trevor Rockcliffe Mix)
16. CONDOR - Velvet Dreams (Skylight Mix) (8)

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Title: ULTIMATE NRG reviewed on 10/21/03
Label: 2003 Klone Records (England)
Style: Hi Energy / Nrg-Trance / Pop
Index #: CDKOPY 150

Ultimate NRG In neverending quest, restless UK-label KLONE RECORDS brings you new CD filled with 11 Hi-NRG tunes from infamous Italian label SAIFAM. It is properly titled "ULTIMATE NRG". This new offering delivers once again covers of classics done in updated NRG sound heavily influenced by TRANCE. Interestingly many of featured tracks are only available to be licensed from SAIFAM. This Italian label did not release them on their own. It's true for the first tracks in this CD: "Bring Me To Life" by PINK PANTHER in exquisite Factory Team Mix. Ear-grabbing melody, true winner if you like RADIORAMA trancey-sound. It's NRG, it's VOCAL, it's TRANCEY. Phenomenal production by Factory Team manages to combine elements of classic EURODANCE and male rap with female TRANCE vocals. Another example of cutting-edge NRG/TRANCE production is "Beautiful" by ANGELICA. You probably remember her from great tunes she performed alone or with DJ SPEEDO, DJ SPACE'C and HEARTCLUB. "Beautiful" is a wonderful groovy floorpacker. "She Has A Way" by THOMAS is BOBBY ORLANDO's revisited tune. It is simply a knock-out production that receives a pumping treatment. Bright, lively jumper that makes the most out of this classic. Catchy female chorus in the background, and majestic energy tone throughout. What's an incredible tune! This track was also not previously released. Let's move on! Yet another classic "Boys Of Summer" that has been recently around thanks to DJ SAMMY, got NRG makeover by HANNA. Next is INTERFACE. I really liked this project that was previously released on SAIFAM sub-label URBAN ZOO. I am not necessary thrilled with featured here their remake of DURAN DURAN classic "Wild Boys". This one does however has it's own flavor. Let's not the name of the mix: Factory Trance Mix fool you. I would never consider this fare TRANCE. It features some interesting electronica, but calling the mix TRANCE is simply overkill. You have more tunes that received "the new look". Some are quite current like "Time To Wonder" recently brought back by DJs@ WORK and now here is presented by ROBIN in EUROTRANCE edition. Among other hits are "Hot Stuff" revisited by DJ MIKO or "Don't Leave Me This Way" by 3 BOYS. If you missed more energetic sound, here is your chance to listen to one. I consider this set yet another successful release from KLONE. For now enjoy the sound sampler featuring 7 tracks taken from this offering. Please support KLONE and buy this release directly from them!

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Klone Records home page.

01. PINK PANTHER - Bring Me To Life (Factory Team Mix) (1)
02. ANGELICA - Beautiful
03. THOMAS - She Has A Way (2)
04. HANNA - Boys Of Summer (3)
05. INTERFACE - Wild Boys (Factory Trance Mix) (4)
06. B & B PROJECT - Underneath It All
07. ROBIN - Time To Wonder (EuroTrance Mix)
08. IN.DEEP - American Life (Factory Team Remix)
09. 3 BOYS - Don't Leave Me This Way (Dance Mix) (6)
10. DJ MIKO - Hot Stuff (Factory Team Edit) (5)
11. SUNSET BOULEVARD - Light My Fire (Percussion Remix) (7)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound

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Title: Techno Marathon Vol. 7 - The Ultimate Megamix reviewed on 10/19/03
Label: 2003 Dance Network / More Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT 10136-2
Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix - Volume 7 It has been practically almost a year since the last volume of "TECHNO MARATHON" was released. Well... we finally have vol. 7 subtitled "Reloaded". You might recall that previous mixes were done by legendary SWG TEAM of DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33. There was is no indication if they were behind this release as well since no credit was given to them. At the first glance I did't believe they authored it, but they actually did it. Featured music is good, the mix itself was done well, but it lacked that special touch both guys from SWG TEAM usually have. I missed some cool hooks, transitions, jingles etc. Maybe, they were not allowed to use them, I don't know. So, how about the music? This double CD compilation offers two mixes with 34 tracks per each CD. The first CD starts as HARD TECHNO with "Dreams In My Fantasy 2003" by DJ SESSION ONE. This sound will lead the style of this CD. You will be exposed also to some TRIBAL elements (like in "Revolution" by DJ LOVING LOOP), some TRANCE strings (like in "Pump" by MIKE MILLER), intoxicating club-oriented loops and bells (like in "The Sound Of Monks" by MONKS). For some cutting-edge HARD CLUB style, you should check DJ SHOKO's "Are You Ready" and "The Power" . The second CD is yet another party grabber. Music is uplifting, accessible to all, with a special nod to TECHNO mavens and TRANCE floors. Good club experience. Granted. Tracks are short (it's an art to fit 34 tunes on one CD), yet the music flaws, so you don't feel sudden changes. This is indeed great experience for all of you who are into electronica. With 68 tunes you are getting good mix that introduces you to the sound. It's a good review of club style, so you always can find singles or other compilations featuring extended mixes, based on the track listing from this offering. Taken together it's a great party compilation to create some electronic pandemonium. In sound sampler I am featuring 11 tunes taken from both CD. No cuts were made, and original mixing was retained.

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CD 1
01. DJ SESSION ONE - Dreams In My Fantasy 2003
02. DJ LOVING LOOP - Revolution
03. ESPUMA - Reality
04. MIKE MILLER - Pump
05. MONKS - The Sound Of The Monks
06. RAY CLARKE - Electronic Part 2
07. ACCUFACE - The Change
08. DJ SHOKO - Are You Ready
09. DJ SHOKO - The Power
11. J.F.S. - Heawen's Gate
12. GLOBAL CEE - Burning
13. KAN COLD - Do You Know It?
14. BUSH - Testflight (1)
15. DJ PASSION - Hobb's End (2)
16. DJ TOM-X - Nightmare (3)
17. TECHNOMACHINE - This Is Trance (4)
18. E-STATIC - Bigger And Tougher (5)
19. VIRTUAL ZONE - Liquid Drums
20. TORUL W - Like A Bitch
23. ROLAND KLEIN - Skydiver
24. S @ D - Dinero
25. SAVON - Way To Heaven
26. DJ JO - Progressive
27. DR. MÖHRLE & ALIBEE - Rhytm Is Our Passion
29. SASCHA DE VRIES - Who Wants To Live Forever
30. CELTIC DREAMER feat. DOROTHY - Bonny Portmore
31. BOSA SYSTEM - Raw Bass
32. SPACE PLANET - Diamond Star
33. CHRIS MENZI pres. WAVETRAXX - Das Boot 2003
34. NON ERIC vs. ESCALATION - El Diabolo 2003
CD 2
01. HYPNOTEA feat. TOM TAYLOR - Those DJ's
02. BLUTONIUM BOY - Make It Loud
03. CENOGINERZ- You Like The Bass
04. DJ SESSION ONE - Can You Hear Me ?
05. PALE - X - Hiber Nation
06. TONY TRAN - Enjoy
07. GROOVELIKERS - Now (Listen… Bass!)
08. JAYS ON E - The Ultimate Party (Radio Mix)
09. SMIRK - I Like The Girls (Main Mix)
10. THOMAS TROUBLE - Go Burn A Fatty ASS
11. PAVO & ZANY - Here We Go
12. NEXUS - Venom
13. LE BRISC - I've Got (The Power)
14. UNKNOWN SOURCE - Nadjanema
15. DARRIN TATE vs. MIKE KOGLIN - Now Is The Time
16. SASCHA MÜLLER - Turbulance
17. DECAY - Didn't Know
18. SIRROW - Pullover
19. DJ DARKZONE - Da Name Of My DJ
20. VECTOR 7 MEETS BLAIR BITCH - Natural Thing
21. SCENE CRASCHING vs. SHANTI - 4 Ever Young
22. MIC & DJ VISSER - Inferno
23. BLAIR BITCH - Mauvais Souvenirs
24. NO SEVEN - Reaching The Sky
25. TINITUS - Direct Disco 2003
26. HEADSTORM - Down On the Streets (6)
27. DAVE 202 & PHIL GREEN - Legends (7)
28. DE - PROGRESSION - Celebrate Life (8)
29. SEARCH 7 - The Sun (9)
30. SOULCATCH - Asia (10)
31. LOST ANGELS - Storm Of Trance (11)
32. ANDRE MARC F. - Jam Da Nightclub
34. SASCHA MÜLLER - Atomic Mac
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Title: Trance Megamix Vol. 3 reviewed on 10/19/03
Label: 2003 Dance Network / More Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT 10140-2
Trance Megamix - Volume 3 If you didn't have enough of mixes, here is another one. "TRANCE MEGAMIX - vol. 03" was also released by More Music / ZYX and also was mixed by SWG TEAM, however again no credit was given. If one would compare both mixes, I have to admit I like this one betterm but again I am just very subjective. This double CD set containing 77 tunes is yet another party stomper. As the name indicates it's main theme is TRANCE sound. Actually it is quite similar to the above presented set. You are exposed to variety of electronica styles that have common denominating factor of energized beat. You will not get bored with. You will find here big name in TRANCE scene such as divas of VOCAL TRANCE: SYLVER and KATE RYAN. From big names you have tracks by PULSEDRIVER, MARIO LOPEZ, TORY KAY, 4 STRINGS, GROOVE COVERAGE to name the few. While most of the title won't be a discovery, the set has value of giving you great coctail of dazzling synth lines and main elements of TRANCE such angelic, blue-eyed female vocals in many featured fares that float overhead. Some tracks go to more TECHNO teritory, but they are scarce. There are also some upbeat NRG composition such as "Happy Love" by TWILIGHT feat. CARINA or "Everytime We Touch" by LACARA. Of course in time of "remakes" you have them here as well like "Don't Break My Heart" by FRAGRANCE (an elite ITALO-DISCO track from DEN HARROW transformed to full blown VOCAL TRANCE marvel), "Wind Of Change 2003" by ILLUSION, and overkilled "Rhythm Is a Dancer 2003" by SNAP! naming just few. No matter what, you gonna have a great time with this set. A perfect buy for you car audio equipment (don't race too fast though). I am sure you will enjoy it, so to spice your appetite listen to a sound sampler featuring 12 tunes taken from both CD. No cuts from original length of titles were made, mixing was retained wherever it was possible. Please support the community DANCE by purchasing this excellent product.

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CD 1
01. SYLVER - Livin' My Life
02. MARIO LOPEZ - Where Are You
03. MISS PEPPERMINT - The Beat Is Rocking (Damage Control Radio Edit)
04. TWILIGHT feat. CARINA - Happy Love
05. MARKUS F. - Gates Of Eden (Instrumental Club Mix)
06. LACARA - Everytime We Touch
07. DJ SPUTNIK - All The Things She Said
08. PULSEDRIVER - Galaxy
09. SUNSTORM - Fable
10. FOGGY - Your Eyes (Mainstream Mix)
11. DJ STEVE L - All By Myself
12. ALEX B. meets JOHN P. - Together
13. RMS PROJECT - Fly Away (Remix)
14. FRAGRANCE - Don't Break My Heart
15. ILLUSION - Wind Of Change 2003
16. SAVON - Way To Heaven
17. JORDAN & BAKER - Explode
18. KATE RYAN - Désenchanteé
19. ROYAL MELODY - Blinded By The Light (Mario Lopez Club Mix)
20. SHAUN BAKER & MARC VAN LINDEN - Sex On The Streets (1)
21. FINAL FANTASY - The Moon Is Shining (2)
22. GROOVELIKERS - Now (Listen…Bass!)(Junkfood Junkies Radio Cut)
23. TORY KAY - Don't Stop The Party (3)
24. MARC ET CLAUDE - It's All For Love (Eric Vee Radio Edit)
25. BANDITOZZ - Melodia (4)
26. MARC MARIS vs. RAMONE - So Blue (5)
27. SNAP! - Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003
28. VOODOO & SERANO - Overload
29. JEZPER SÖDERLIND - Angel (Original Mix)
30. 2 TOGETHER - Loveline 2002 (DJ Piccolo Mix)
31. 4 STRINGS - Let It Rain
32. TOM WILSON - Techno Cat 3002
33. BAD BOYZ DJ TEAM - For Your love (Party People)
34. DÜSE - Nacking (Düse meets Acrylite Remix)
35. DJ RODD-Y-LER - Feel (Club Mix)
36. BENNY BENASSI - Satisfaction
37. LITTLE WITCHES - Late 2 Nite
38. IIO - At The End
CD 2
02. BLUTONIUM BOY - Hardstyle Instructor
05. MANGO MANIACS - Shake It
06. JO SANDAS - Lost Happiness (Floor Divisions Remix)
07. DJ MX5 - Keep You In Mind
08. NEXT EXIT - Rise Of Nations (Club Mix)
10. DJ MERLIN & NXP - Deep In My Mind (Barbarez Remix)
11. SCOTTY - Magic Melody
12. DJ JOJO vs. M-TRACKER - Funki Melodi
13. SASCHA MÜLLER - Turbulance (Sascha Müller Techno Mix)
14. DJ PACECORD - Love Is An Ocean
15. ATOMIC GROOVE - It's Hot (6)
16. DAVE 202 & PHIL GREEN - Legends (Hijackers Remix) (7)
17. RIOT 303 vs. OBSERVER - Summer Of ' 94 (8)
18. OBSERVER vs. DJ SPACECASE - Rock This Place (9)
19. STEVE CYPRESS - Let The Bass Kick (Clubmix) (10)
20. BOBBY V. - V Energy (Espuma Phuture Club Mix) (11)
21. BUDAPEST pres. C-BASE - In The Beginning (Fuck Me, I'm Famous Mix) (12)
22. OFF CAST PROJECT - Get Ready For This
23. DR. MÖHRLE & ALIBEE feat. AURA DJ TEAM - Rhythm Is Our Passion
24. BRENNAN & HEART - Disappearance
25. WALT & FELIZ - Expansion
26. COSMIC CULTURE - Our Future (Donkey Doo Club Mix)
27. HEADSTORM - Down On The Streets
28. TRACKHACKERS - Oops Up! (Barbarez Remix)
29. ARMANI & GHOST - Airport (Original Mix)
30. G-SPOTT - N-R-G
31. HYPNOTEA feat. TOM TAYLOR - Those DJ's
32. JACOB & MENDEZ - Moondust (Airbase Remake)
33. PIERRE PULSAR - U & I (Radio Version)
34. MILES & SMILES - Overdream (Radio Mix)
35. NATURAL BORN GROVES - Universal Love
36. NO SEVEN - Reaching The Sky
37. CLUBBSTARS - Let The Bass Kick 2003 (KK.Project Radio Mix)
38. 2PLAYERS - Pitch & Shela
39. UNKNOWN SOURCE - Nadjanema (Original Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 26 reviewed on 10/07/03
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media / Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 513 314 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 26 Courtesy of TUNNEL AMERICA I am proud to unveil two most recent releases by their parent German label: TUNNEL RECORDS. The first to showcase is the newest volume (26) of very popular and well regarded "Tunnel Trance Force" series. Traditionally, mix was prepared by resident TUNNEL DJ DEAN who have chosen for this 2 CD set and mixed to perfection 36 electrifying TRANCE/TECHNO tunes. Also, another tradition characteristic for this series is presence of thematically different Cds. First CD entitled "GREEN GRASS MIX", and the second one entitled "YELLOW DUST MIX". Usually the distinction is quite obvious. However, in this particular volume there are no firm borderlines. Well... actually first CD tends to be more prolific big room TRANCE oriented while the second one goes more TECHNO wild yet TRANCE sound is there as well. On the side note, the music featured tends to fall into mainstream TECHNO/TRANCE. So, if you prefer more UNDERGROUND sound, this offering might not fill your expectation. For everybody else who do not mind going mainstream, this is a wonderful buy. What makes it even better is the fact that you are presented with many cool remixes of tunes that you might know either from other compilations, German radio or clubs. First CD starts on DRUM'N'BASS side filled with some industrial noise in "Bassdusche" by ZIGGY X. Since BEAM vs. CYRUS remixed that title, it has some TRANCE oriented leads and even female vocals. Staying with TECHNO/TRANCE sound you will encounter some hard beats in "Nobody Listens To Techno" by BASE ATTACK. Kinda cool, with vocal hooks, bassline and of course breakdowns. All these elements are brought together to make your floor go frenzy. 4 CLUBBERS with their new tune "Why Don't You Dance With Me?" is here as well. Of course if you follow the TECHNO scene for a decade you will recognize that this is remake of FUTURE BREEZE tune back from 96. On a personal note, I am recently fond of music and mixes done by MEGARA vs DJ LEE, so I was pleased to see the Club Mix of their riveting, big room TRANCE marvel "Hold Your Hands Up High". Clearly a winner with soaring synths to drive your mind nuts. For VOCAL TRANCE mavens I have "Without You" by JORDAN & BAKER. Very SVENSON & GIELEN-alike if you will. I am sure you will like it. For more NRG-driven TRANCE sound go for "The Secrets" by ANGEL BEATS. This is a solid tune with infectious synths spreading all over a bouncy bassline. Love it! The second CD offers equally exciting ride. It starts with "Summerwave" by A.J.P. It is TECHNO infected with TRANCE topped by borrowed from Russian folkmusic bassline. Intriguing, isn't it? The mix continues with DJ KRID KID's own "Pumping Bass" on more PROGRESSIVE sidem filled with huge sweeping synths and pulsating basslines. Pay attention to other fares by JUNKFOOD JUNKIES, HEADSTORM or TIM MASON to name the few. ACES DELIGHT wraps the whole package with invigorating and dramatic "Menthal Theme". This is dark, galloping instrumantal tune breathtakingly beautiful. Perfect finish. I have prepared sound sampler featuring 18 tunes taken from both CDs for your enjoyment! Original mixing was not retained! Please get this compilation directly from TUNNEL AMERICA showing your support for the music and this website. For now enjoy the sound.

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CD 1 - Green Grass Mix
01. ZIGGY X - Bassdusche (Can You Feel It?) (Beam vs. Cyrus Mix) (1)
02. COSMIC GATE - Human Beings (Extended Mix)
03. NATURE ONE INC. - Alive & Kickin' (Essential DJ Team Remix)
04. DJ KADOZER - Mainstream Monster (Monster Mix)
05. SVEN-R-G vs. BASS-T - The Sign (Special D. Mix)
06. BASE ATTACK - Nobody Listens To Techno (Flashrider Mix) (2)
07. MARTILLO VAGO - Por Qué No (Plazmatek Club Mix)
08. 4 CLUBBERS - Why Don't You Dance With Me? (Club Mix) (3)
09. T90@THE DOME - Taste Of Summer (DJ Dean Remix) (4)
10. JORDAN & BAKER - Millions (Seikos E2 Mix)
11. TITUS - Der Weg Ins Licht 2003 (Original Edit) (5)
12. MEGARA vs. DJ LEE - Hold Your Hands Up High (Club Mix) (6)
13. ICQ - Without You (Club Mix) (7)
14. VINCENT VEGA vs. CLINT JONES - Fly Away (TTF Mix) (8)
15. ANGEL BEATS - The Secret (9)
16. NEXUS - Venom (Original Mix)
17. ACCUFACE - Anything Is Possible (10)
18. DJ MERLIN & NXP - Siren (11)
CD 2 - Yellow Dust Mix
01. A.J.P. - Summerwave (12)
02. DJ KRID KID - Pumping Bass (13)
03. SILVER LIQUID - The Future!
04. DJ BALLOON - R U Ready 4 This? (Dickheads Remix)
05. JUNKFOOD JUNKIES - Way Of Life (Hardbass Mix) (14)
06. GOLLUM & YANNY - Delirio Mind
07. PARAGOD - E.F.F.E.C.T.
08. THOMAS RUBIN - Cold Night
09. DJ TEAM GROUNDZERO - Back To The 80's - 2003 (Players Tekno Remix)
10. HEADSTORM - Storm In Your Head (Club Mix) (15)
11. CK & MIKUMA - Planet Rock
12. PRESTIGE - Unstable System (Club Mix) (16)
13. DJ RE-ACTION - One
14. TIM MASON - Don't Laught 2003 (Transfuse Hard Trancin' Club Mix) (17)
15. JUSHI - Requiem (Vectrex Mix)
16. DJ LUKA - From The Past Into The Future (Extended Club Mix)
17. FRANK HELMEDACH - Judgement (Sandra Flyn & Frank Helmedach Club Mix)
18. ACES DELIGHT - Mental Theme (18)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: BASS CORE reviewed on 10/07/03
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media /Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Hard Techno / Trance
Index #: 512 583 2
BASS CORE Compilation Here is yet another brand new release from TUNNEL RECORDS. Please welcome DJ KRID-KID with his debut as a leading remixer of TUNNEL's release. Of Course DJ KRID-KID has been part of TUNNEL RECORDS for a long time with many of his own music. Here we have finally an opportunity to listen to his mixing techniques and enjoy selection of the music. If you are into UNDERGROUND and more BASS'N'DRUMS oriented sound, you are right at home. Most of the tunes featured on both CDs deliver pumping sound. If you are collecting releases from TUNNEL RECORDS, you will see that some tunes overlap between various offerings, but since it is a mix, it shouldn't bother you. The only thing that might "bother" you or actually excite you is music. Right from the very first track on the first CD: "Whoz In da House" by SAM PUNK pres. SOUNDIX, you are being exposed to vibrating, heavy basslines and relentless electronica. This is heavy staff, so you have been warned! This track moves forward like a tank. No stopping, no slowing down, just one continuous pumping bass experience with chunky beats. It flawlessly is mixed with next HARD TECHNO fare "Hardstyle Nation" by BLUTONIUM BOY vs DJ NEO. This distressing sound continuing with tunes by TUNEBOY from Italy, DJ ZANY, TECHNOBOY and others. Basically entire first CD represents HARD TECHNO style, however different "shades" of this style makes it an interesting experience. The second CD continues with this direction, however some hybrids are now allowed. The starting tune "Let's Strike It Up" by ACCUFACE is a good example. Starts as HARD TECHNO but introduces some PROGRESSIVE feel into it that along with scatchy male vocals is kinda hot. Another example of "hybrid" mix (thanks to BARBAREZ) where HARD STYLE meets mindblowing fazer-like synth effects is represented by "Ooups Up" by TRACKHACKERS. DJ KRID-KID also featured his own fare "Pumping Bass". This is yet another TECHNO/PROGRESSIVE experiment. While the mix progresses there are more TRANCEY synths featured. Good example of this "shift in style" is "Phase The Face" by MASTER & SERVANT. This is familiar tune for me since the female vocals seems to be taken from KAI TRACID's "Destiny Path" (at least scattered lyrics are). Very similar in style is "Back to the 90's" by GROUNDZERO DJ TEAM feat. DJ DAZE. The name exactly gives what this fare is all about. The sound is really taken from 90's TECHNO. After all it is true for many current releases. Taken together exciting set. As usually to give you an idea, the sound sampler is provided. It features 18 tunes taken from both CDs (original mix was not retained). Enjoy the sound and get this compilation to support quality dance music!

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CD 1
01. SAM PUNK pres. SOUNDIX - Whoz Da Houze (Sam Punk's Main Club Mix) (1)
02. BLUTONIUM BOY vs. DJ NEO - Hardstyle Nation (Blutonium Boy Hardstyle Mix) (2)
03. DA BOOTLEGGERS - As Cold As Ice
04. TUNEBOY - Housenation (Da Kicker Strikes Again)
05. DJ ZANY - In my Mind (3)
06. TECHNOBOY - Hardrive (Lesson 1)
07. AIRTRIBE - Sunflower (Gary D's Hardstyle Mix) (4)
08. GARY D. - B.A.S.S. Kick Down (Daywalker Mix) (5)
09. DJ SHOKO - Kick Some Ass
10. SKAM - Do You Like This? (Original Skam Mix) (6)
11. CHRIS CHRUSHER - The Bazz Kickz
12. SIOUX - Phô (Essential DJ Team Remix)
13. DJ SPOKE - Infinity (DJ Spoke vs. Vespa 63 Remix)
14. E-STATIC - Bigger & Tougher (7)
15. JB BASS & NXP - Ride Headz (Hard Bass)
16. PHUTURE PUNKZ - Fiction
17. PSYCHO HARDSTYLERS - The Game (Original)

CD 2
01. ACCUFACE - Let's Strike It Up
02. BALLANATION - Tunnel Hymn (Hard Club Mix)
03. TRACKHACKERS - Ooups Up (Barbarez Mix) (8)
04. UPLIFTING INC. - DJ Nation (Mike Nero Mix)
05. DJ KRID KID - Pumping Bass
06. MASTER AND SERVANT - Phase The Face (9)
07. GROUNDZERO DJ TEAM feat. DJ DAZE - Back To The 90's (Bass Connection) (10)
08. BUSH - Testflight (Part Two) (11)
09. DJ TOM X - Nightmare (Bush Remix)
10. SILVER CITY - Give It All (Mike Nero Mix) (12)
11. M+R PROJECT - Believe In God (Rico Bass Remix)
12. DJ SLIDE OUT - Don't Stop Me Now (La Cargo Remix) (13)
13. FIREFREAKZ - How You Like That? (14)
14. ULTRA PHAZE - A New World (Brainkiller Remix) (15)
15. DER VERFALL vs. ALEX BUTCHER - Der Verfall 2003 (DJ Digress Remix) (18)
16. NO SEVEN - Reaching The Sky (16)
17. SOLAR GATE vs. DJ LIÖRDY - Total Revelation (17)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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