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Title: Italo Boot Mix 2003 reviewed on 02/25/04
Label: 2003 Dance Street / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Disco /Trance
Index #: DST 73004-2
ITALO BOOT MIX 2003 These days, dance music became so predicitible that it is simply scary. While some artists are trying to compose new stuff, other choose the easy pathway to get results. The formula is quite simple. Grab the old tune, remake it, and hit is ready to be played. This formula works very well, because 80's and 90's stuff didn't have that much of synths that predominates on dance floor nowadays. ITALO DANCE is geting "vandalized" these days as well. After all Italy is the country that brings so much to art and music. Not everything considered ITALO-DISCO was made in Italy, but this "label" remains a valid one for decades now. I am not sure, how many of you are familiar with very popular series from ZYX released back in late 80's and early 90's called "Italo Dance" change later to "Italo Disco". These were vinyls featuring full length tracks. At the same time the series called "Italo Boot" was created. It usually featured mixes taken from several volumes from eaither "Italo Disco" or "Italo Dance". Quite similar formula has been resurrected in "Italo Boot Mix 2003". This is double CD. First CD features 18 tunes all mixed by SCOTTY and FULL GAINER. The second CD features single versions of the very same titles. Among 18 titles we have truly classic ITALO tunes revamped to TRANCE/DANCE monsters. You will find here "Happy Children" by P. LION (the most famous from this Italian artist) in revamped, uptempoed version, with retained original vocals. Among other truly classic tunes are "Vamos A La Playa" by FULL GARNIER (originally by RIGHEIRA) that after receiving face lift became a TECHNO adventure, "Back In The USSR" by BEATBONE feat. original vocal of EDDY HUNTINGTON. SAVAGE's classic "Don't Cry Tonight" has been "controllably damaged" by SCOTTY. Job actually quite interesting. The original was at around 100 BPM, while SCOTTY pushed it into 140 BPM teritory and enriched it with scintillating string stabs. I am particularly fond of ICE MC's "Think About The Way" operated on by MARCO DEJONGE. This ZANETTI's tune was always my favorite and I actually like the "updated" sound that added some swirly strings and galloping synths. I also would like to point an interesting French tune "Ouragan" by KELLY G. The French language is being extensively featured these days (the best example is an Italian project IN GRID). In this track it works also extremely well. Full blown EURO with kick-ass female vocals perfectly suited to this rousing fare with giddym galloping synths and a bright, deceptively uplifting melody. Yummy! Taken together, fans of ITALO-DANCE are being served with some pounding, heart-stopping EURO. It is you who will decide what to prefer: new face of ITALO-DISCO/DANCE or classic sound. In any case great DANCE experience all together. When making sound sampler I took 8 tunes from the second CD. If you want party experience, just pop the first MIXED CD and you are ready to roll. Enjoy it!

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CD 1 - Nonstop - Megamix by Scotty & Full Gainer
01. INTRO - Intro
02. LION PROJECT - Happy Children
03. FULL GAINER - Vamos A La Playa
05. SCOTTY - Don’t Cry Tonight
06. RYAN PARIS - Dolce Vita
07. MASTER BLASTER - Hypnotic Tango
08. DJ MELODY - I Like Chopin
09. WHIGFIELD - Saturday Night
10. ROMAZZ feat. KEN LASZLO - Tonight
11. MAX HIM Lady Fantasy
12. BAD BOYZ DJ TEAM - For Your Love
13. KEN LASZLO - Hey Hey Guy
14. MARCO DEJONGE feat. ICE MC - Think About The Way
16. KELLY G. - Ouragan (Irresistable)
17. ICEHOUSE - Lay Your Hands On Me
18. LINDA CLIFFORD - Going Back To My Roots
CD 2 - The Original Single Versions
01. LION PROJECT - Happy Children 2002
02. FULL GAINER - Vamos A La Playa (3)
03. BEATBONE feat. EDDY HUNTINGTON - Back In The USSR (2003) (4)
04. SCOTTY - Don't Cry Tonight
05. RYAN PARIS - Dolce Vita (5)
06. MASTER BLASTER - Hypnotic Tango
07. DJ MELODY - I Like Chopin (6)
08. WHIGFIELD - Saturday Night
09. ROMAZZ feat. KEN LASZLO - Tonight (7)
10. MAX HIM - Lady Fantasy
11. BAD BOYZ DJ TEAM - For Your Love
12. KEN LASZLO - Hey Hey Guy (8)
13. MARCO DEJONGE feat. ICE MC - Think About The Way 2002 (Villa + Gant Radio Mix) (1)
14. KLUBBHOPPERS - Rain (2)
15. KELLY G. - Ouragan (Irresistable)
16. ICEHOUSE - Lay Your Hands On Me
17. LINDA CLIFFORD - Going Back To My Roots
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Title: Italo Fresh Hits 2004 reviewed on 02/25/04
Label: 2004 ZYX (Germany)
Style: Disco /Trance
Index #: ZYX 81598-2
ITALO FRESH HITS 2004 ITALO-DANCE story continues with this double CD release from ZYX as the reviewed above "Italo Boot Mix 2003". "Italo Fresh Hits 2004" does not really focused on remakes of old classic ITALO tunes (well, several of them are still here) but rather gives you a feeling what is new in Italian dance scene. This double CD contains 40 tunes (20 per each CD). Among 20 fares on first CD are some interesting remakes. FLEXY takes over BANDOLERO's TEAM "Paris Latino". I still like the original. Presented version is actually weaker. From FARINA/CRIVELLENTE vault comes updated version of ALAN's BARRY's "Come On". It doesn't have too much left from the original version, so it could easily be mistaken as brand new production. It is still HI-NRG but invaded by TECHNO/RAP sound. It is hard for me to judge this one, because I actually know very well the original. Other remakes on first CD include "Tonight 2003" version of KEN LASZLO together with ROMAZZ and "reloaded" true classic from MIKE MAREEN "Love Spy". New ITALO DANCE are represented by AGO, IN-GRID, 2 EIVISSA, BENASSI BROS etc. Actually quite good overview. For instance "Tell Me Where You Are" by AGO is example of current Italian VOCAL TRANCE, "Hyperfolk" by THE SOUNDLOVERS borrowed sound from French/Italo folk theme with some Russian elements. Also French influence is present in "Un Deux Trois" by FLO in Grid Radio Mix. "Fire In The Sky" by 2 EIVISSA sports superb, classy EURO sound. Italian TECHNO-HOUSE is represented by "It's Time To Dance" by RONNIE PLAY. Second CD is done in very similar fashion with combination of remakes and some new stuff. It starts with remake of OLDFIELD's tune "Taurus" by GIGI D'AGOSTINO. Truly a majestic beginning of the highest caliber. Not all follow-up track will be majestic. For instance, if you are into sexually pumped HOUSE sound, you will enjoy "Papi Chulo ..." by LORNA. Right after this trax is MOLELLA's TECHNO-HOUSE fare "On The Table" done by FREE DRINK. Of course IN-GRID has to be on this CD as well. After all, became a very popular in Europe. IN-GRID presents here yet another French spoken tune "I'm Folle De Toi" (For God sake, shouldn't we call this style FRENCH DISCO?). From another worth mentioning remakes are: LAURA's BRANIGAN "Self Control" in 2004 edition, same goes to VALERIE's DORE "The Night" presented by RECALL in Doug Laurent Edit done in TECHNO style. This CD also features brand new tune by MARK ASHLEY - "When I See The Angels" to be featured in brand new album by this artist. This is recorded exactly in the same style as classic MODERN TALKING sound. He doesn'r sound exactly like THOMAS ANDERS but gee, the resemblance of the style is simply shocking. The sound sampler from this offering features 12 tunes taken from both CDs. Fine release indded, worth of your money, especially if you like simply, not-really sophisticated but catchy sound. For now e njoy the sound.

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CD 1
01. ANDRE - Giulia (Radio Edit) (1)
02. DJ ROSS - Lonely (Emotion)(Phonomatika Radio Cut) (2)
03. AGO - Tell Me Where You Are (O.S.I.R.I.S. vs. Boostar Radio Edit) (7)
04. BENJAMIN BATES - Thin Time (Radio Edit)
05. FLEXY - Paris Latino (Café Paris Radio Edit) (3)
06. MANUEL SANCHEZ - Saturday Night (Radio Version)
07. THE SOUNDLOVERS - Hyperfolk (Struscio Radio Mix)
08. IN-GRID - Shock (Original Radio Edit)
09. 2 EIVISSA - Fire In The Sky (Radio Mix) (4)
10. SAFEWAY - Fallin' (Radio Edit)
11. ALAN BARRY - Come On (Radio Edit)
12. ROMAZZ feat. KEN LASZLO - Tonight 2003 (Radio Version)
13. BENASSI BROS feat. SANDY - Illusion (French Original Radio Edit)
14. MOLELLA - Baby! (Disco Man Radio)
15. FLO - Un Deux Trois (Grid Radio Mix)
17. RONNIE PLAY - It's Time To Dance (Mario Più Mix) (5)
18. PUSSY DUB FOUNDATION - Stand Up (Radio Cut)
19. MIKE MAREEN - Love Spy (Reloaded)(Radio Cut) (6)
20. THE BITCH HOTEL - Do U Wanna Dance (Gambafreaks Club)
CD 2
01. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - Taurus
02. FLOORFILLA - Anthem # 6 (Cassez La Boite)(DJ Cerla Floorfiller Radio)
03. SPACE PARK PROJECT feat. CHIARA - Space Park Nights (Radio Edit)
04. LORNA - Papi Chulo… Te Traigo El Mmmm (Radio Edit)
05. FREE DRINK - On The Table (Chupito Radio) (8)
06. IN-GRID - I'm Folle De Toi
07. ERIK VEE - I Am Free (Club Edit) (9)
08. SAM LA MORE - Takin' Hold (Radio Edit)
09. HAPPYMEN vs. GALA - Freed Froom Desire 2003 (HSP Radio Cut)
10. WELLS & FARGO - Nights In Palma (Radio Cut)
11. CARAJILLO - Fotonovela (Radio Edit)
12. FR feat. JENNY B. - Love Is The Music (FR Radio Edit)
13. LAURA BRANIGAN - Self Control 2004 (Mindworkers Radio Mix)
14. BUTCHER - Don't Let The Sun Go Down (DJ Butcher Radio) (10)
15. RSDJ - Sorry (Original Latin-House Edit)
16. RECALL vs. VALERIE DORE - The Night (Doug Laurent Edit)
17. MARK ASHLEY - When I See The Angels Cry (11)
18. BENNY BENASSI - Love Is Gonna Save Us
19. ITALO ALLSTARS feat. MIKO MISSION - The World Is You (Radio Mix) (12)
20. JOY KITIKONTI - Pornojoy (Radio Edit)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Trancemaster 4000 reviewed on 02/11/04
Label: 2004 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Big Room Trance
Index #: 302 4120-2
TRANCEMASTER 4000 These days the market is overflawn with variety of TRANCE oriented compilation that are trying to cash on current trend. Well... It is harder and harder to choose what you should get. Track titles in many of them get repeat. Morever, same mixes appearing again and again. However, therer are still gems among them. Newest "Trancemaster 4000" from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS was juat released in the beginning of January 2004. I praised this series before, and once again, I have to tell you, by getting this one, you are getting quality music, quality mixes at reasonable price. Plenty of cutting-edge, club-oriented big room TRANCE sound in 22 tunes featured on both CD chosen as usually by PULSEDRIVER. This issue is very special. It marks anniversary of 40th edition. Series started back in ... 92 and after 12 years still remaining a choice for the advanced clubbers. So let's see what it delivers. First CD starts with enigmatic "Heal" by ELECTRIQUE BOUTIQUE feat. TAZ. This one delivers a sophisticated sound with strong, clear and passionate female vocals over angelic synths. The track sports several moods, from big room OPERA style loaded with galloping beats to upbeat TECHNO-HOUSE. Fascinating combination. You have here an excellent Photon Project Remix of ANDAIN's "Beautiful Thing" (new TRANCE diva to compete with JAN JOHNSTON unquestionable position). TIËSTO's "Traffic" is here as well (this track is being featured on every single compilation ad nausea. Geez! The best way to kill this otherwise excellent tune). Plethora of excellent TRANCE choices are following such as "Prayer For A God" by DARREN TATE, "Soul City" by DJ TATANA vs. MYSTERY, "Overload" by RECTAL RANGERS (I have to admit I am amused what names projects are getting these days. This one is on the top of my "weirdo names") to name the few. The second CD is not short of great DANCE tunes as well. It starts with PERAN's club hit of last year "We Want To Be Free" followed by instrumental "Day One" by MATT HARDWICK vs. SMITH & PLEDGER. This COSMIC TRANCE fare is a soaring synth extravaganza if you will with some AMBIENT touch in it. very rich in synth arrangements. TRANCE frenzy continues with RONSKI SPEED's - "Iris", "Metropolis" by JFK vs. REVOLUTION 9 etc. You are basically embedding yourself into trancendental world of club TRANCE. An excellent trip you shouldn't miss. Please listen to the mix I prepared featuring 12 tunes taken from both CDs. Joyful experience indeed!

CD 1
01. ELECTRIQUE BOUTIQUE feat. TAZ - Heal (Vocal Mix)
02. ANDAIN - Beautiful Things (Photon Project Remix) (2)
03. TIËSTO - Traffic
04. DARREN TATE - Prayer For A God (1)
05. DJ TATANA vs. THE MYSTERY - Soul Cry (3)
06. RECTAL RANGERS - Overload (4)
07. OZONE - Rock (Original Remix) (5)
08. AYU - M (Van Eyden vs. M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
09. WORKAFICTION - Across (Original Mix)
10. NO FACES - Free Your Feelings
11. RON VAN DER BEUKEN - Keep On Movin' (Timeless)
CD 2
01. PERAN - We Want To Be Free
02. MATT HARDWICK vs. SMITH & PLEDGER - Day One (Original Mix) (11)
03. RONSKI SPEED - Iris (6)
04. JFK vs. REVOLUTION 9 - Metropolis (10)
05. MOZES & EDD - Captivated (12)
06. REYSAN KHAN - Shiatsu (2Players Remix) (7)
07. TOM WOLFF - Cloud Barrier (Mr Sam's Right Hand Of Heaven Remix)
08. DRIFTWOOD - Anything Goes (Original Mix)
09. ZIGGY X - Highspeedflash (Trance Mix) (8)
10. DREAS - Sonic Rush (9)
11. THE GIFT - The Seventh Day (M.I.K.E. Remix)
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Title: Megadance 2004 - Volume Four - The Megamix reviewed on 02/11/04
Label: 2004 Globe / One Way Records (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: 876 979-2
MEGADANCE 2004 - Volume Four - The Megamix Fans of DJ DEEP will be happy with their newest mix featured in "Mega Dance 2004 - Volume Four - The Megamix" released by rather obscure label GLOBE / One Way Records with home in Köln, Germany. Unfortunately, there is no credit given to DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33. Well... that is too bad, because you wouldn't know who've done it. Fortunately their mixes carry signatures of special hooks and jingles they are famous of, so no mistake. This mix features 44 tunes. When you look at the track listing you will see, that the selection is rather commercial. It might bother some of you, but after all it is not really that important. You have to remember that both guys are limited to what they can put in the mixes based on what licenses label releasing them have. In that aspects this mix suffers being rather mediocre, however the style of the mixing, flawless jumping from one to another tune is simply umatched by anyone, no matter how hard other "pseudo" DJ STUDIO 33 and DJ DEEP are (and many of them are outhere). No matter what, you still have great party mix delivering variety of DANCE with NRG, TRANCE and TECHNO genres dominating. I am presenting an uncut fragment featuring 11 tunes. This gives you an idea what kind of music you have here and unmatched qulity of the mixing. I am playing this one in my car driving fast (yeah, well... above the speed limit, but please don't try it yourself, it is dangerous). Enjoy this sound sampler for time being.

01. BELUSHI - Put Your Hands In The Air (Uhh Ohh!)
02. ROCCO - Generation Of Love
03. JAN WAYNE - 1-2-3-Keep The Spirit Alive
04. THE UNDERDOG PROJECT - Summer Jam 2003
05. VOODOO & SERANO - Give Me The Power
06. MARIO LOPEZ - Alone
07. REVIL O. - Free
08. APOLLO - 2gether 4ever
09. RON VAN DEN BEUKEN - Keep On Moving (Timeless)
10. RACOON - Rock The Floor
11. FLOORFILLA - Anthem #6
13. KATE RYAN - Scream For More (Radio Edit 2002)
14. MARC ET CLAUDE feat. MARIA NAYLER - Free Spirit
15. CJ STONE - Don't Look Back
16. DRIFTWOOD - Anythind Goes
17. 89ERS - Kingstown Town
18. AYU - M
19. AZURA - Run With Me
20. WELLS & FARGO - Nights In Palma
21. DJ RED 5 vs MC MIKER G - Da Beat Goes (Reanimated)
22. CINZIA - You & I
23. AYLA - Liebe.03
24. TIËSTO - Traffic
25. TRIPPA - Everybody Needs
26. SOULMATE - Moments Of Silence (1)
27. JUMAN JI - It's A Dream (Cosmic Culture Radio Edit) (2)
28. ARTFUL DJs - Your Melody (3)
29. ICARUS - All Systems Go (4)
30. DECAY - Last Day (Radio Mix) (5)
31. SEIKOS pres. JOIN FORCES - Wind It Up! (6)
32. DJ DIGRESS - Night System (7)
33. RESIDENT DJ - Are You Ready (8)
34. Y-TRAXX - Mysteryland (9)
35. TWO DOGS - Bad Boys (10)
36. CALDERONE INC. - See The Light (11)
37. DJ RPM - Yo Hey The Bass
38. FULL GAINER - Vamos A La Playa
39. MUG O'DUNCAN - Celtic Fire
40. DJ FRANKIE JONES - The Summer
41. STACCCATO - Move Your Body
42. IMRE CORTE - Kentari
43. BAD BOYZ DJ TEAM - For Your Love
44. BENNI BENASSI - Able To Love
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Title: FLOORFILLA vs. PULSEDRIVER - The Battle Of The DJs reviewed on 01/29/04
Label: 2003 ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: ZYX 81589-2
FLOORFILLA vs. PULSEDRIVER - The Battle Of DJs This offering from German ZYX Records label brings battle of two leading DJs: Italian - DJ CERLA vel FLOORFILLA and German - PULSEDRIVER. I actually always liked that kinda "battle" thingy. For instance cool series "TECHNO CLUB". There is however a difference. "TECHNO CLUB" took more ambitious approach giving a hot club sound and interesting mixes. This particular double CD compilation is rather commercial and in a sense boring. I do however like both DJs so all together it is not bad. First CD featuring 15 tunes was mixed by FLOORFILLA. Last year I have reviewed his latest album "Le Voyage". As a matter of fact he placed two tracks from it: "Anthem #6" and "6 Is Danger". DJ CERLA produces and plays mostly in HARD BEAT TECHNO, so this style is dominating in his mix. This is best represented by such tracks "D.U.P.L.E." by SUPERMARCO MAY (very Italian HARD HOUSE tune underlined by drums and bass with percussion section), "Petting 69" by JOAQUIN DJ, "Extasy" by DJ PINO MARESCA oscillating in PROGRESSIVE teritory, etc. DJ CERLA in his mix is trying to shuffle styles a bit. He added some EURO-TRANCE ingredient with "Lonely" by DJ ROSS, some HIP-HOUSE in "Hip Style" by THE KGB's, VOCAL EURO-TRANCE in "Everytime We Touch" by TRINITY or simple engaging electronica sound like one in "Don't Let The Sun Go Down" by BUTCHER where the female vocals rolls over beach type TRANCE atmosphere. While PULSEDRIVER in his mix delivered also cool club mix, he shifted more toward rich in synth electronica with several cool TECHNO and TRANCE tunes. I am sure by now you are familiar with many of them. I actually like the choices and character of the mix much better compare with what FLOORFILLA offered in his mix, but hey, that gives this compilation more diversity. "Take Me Away" by DJ LEE sports EURO sound enriched with hard-charging synth work and some heavy beat. BARBAREZ feat. MIKE ROSS with their club monster "Get Up And Dance" delivers luscious sound with pounding synths and bottom. Interesting EURO-TRANCE sounds is presented in "Breaking My Heart" by STYLESHAKER. This infectious dance tune contains female vocals and catchy melody. Galloping beat overwhelms "Star" by PLAZMATEK. This yet another example of rousing EURO-TRANCE style. Taken together, uplifting commercial double CD compilation that will do good in your car CD player. In sound sampler I am featuring 12 tunes taken from both CDs (6 from each mix). I haven't retain the original mixing, just focused on music. Enjoy the sound and decide if you want that one or not.

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CD 1 - Mixed by DJ CERLA (Floorfilla)
01. FLOORFILLA - Da Big Event Intro (1)
02. BENASSI BROS.feat. SANDY - Illusion
03. LAMBDA - Hold On Tight (2)
05. FLOORFILLA - Anthem#6 (Cassez La Boite) (3)
06. JOAQUIN DJ - Petting 69
07. DJ PINO MARESCA - Extasy
08. DJ ROSS - Lonely (Emotion) (4)
09. MOTOR BAZZ - Nightmare
10. THE KGB'S - Hip Style
11. TRINITY - Everytime We Touch
12. BUTCHER - Don't Let The Sun Go Down (5)
13. ANDREA MONTORSI - Black Door (6)
14. FLOORFILLA - 6 Is Danger
15. HARDSIDE - Survive
01. PULSEDRIVER - Galaxy (Intro)
02. DJ LEE - Take Me Away (7)
03. BARBAREZ feat. MIKE ROSSI - Get Up And Dance
04. VAN NUYS - Wonderful World
05. STYLESHAKER - Breaking My Heart
06. PLAZMATEK - Star (8)
07. OLE VAN DANSK - How I Wish
08. MARC ACARDIPANE feat. DICK RULES - Alive (9)
09. DJ FRANKIE JONES - The Summer (10)
10. HARDBODY BABES - Goin' Crazy
11. WARP BROTHERS feat. RED MONKEY - Going Insane (11)
12. JOY KITIKONTI - Pornojoy
13. DJ ISAAC - Go Insane (12)
14. REVIL O. - Free
15. PULSEDRIVER - Galaxy
17. STEREOSHAKER - Rock & Roll
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 27 reviewed on 01/26/04
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media / Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 514 794 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 27 Newest volume: 27 from "Tunnel Trance Force" released by TUNNEL AMERICA once again brings hard to match club TECHNO/TRANCE atmosphere. This last year's Christmas release delivered 40 tunes on two CDs masterfully mixed by very own TUNNEL resident DJ DEAN. First CD entitled "Red Nose Mix" starts with chypnotic "Home Alone" by SPECIAL D MEGARA vs. DJ LEE remix. Truly a ground-shaking fare with spectacular synths meeting incredibly catchy melodic line. All done in pumped-up TECHNO style giving quite good intro to what it about to happen subsequently. This CD is rich in both TECHNO and TRANCE sound. Basically satisfying all of you who are into killer electronica sound. STARSPLASH featuring DAISY DEE is here with burning club hit "Fly Away". This is massive TECHNO/TRANCE combo trax with brilliant sense of melody. Father of German TECHNO TALLA 2XLC delivered sizziling "Innocence". This TRANCEy fare features male vocal provided by DAVEY D. His seductively whispering voice entertains hypnotic hook for this one's aggressive, high-octane synth lines, which thrust forward on the strength of powerful, hard-hitting beats. If you like it, you will also fall for "Release" by FREESTATE (both tunes were remixed by Dave 202 & Phil Green). Haunting, hard-hitting big room circuit TRANCE to die for, this time with seductive female vocal bits provided by J. WALSLEY. "Star For Me" by MIND ONE feat. RENA continues with infectious synth lines and killer bottom in this unstoppable pure TECHNO/TRANCE style CD. There are more solid electronica on this first CD. Good example is "Get Up And Dance" by BARBAREZ feat. MIKE ROSSI representing yet another solid dance club track with pumping bottom line. Among others are tunes by such projects as CJ STONE, AYU, ACCUFACE etc. The second CD entitled "White Snow Mix" by it's name might suggest less aggressive approach. By all means it does NOT. As a matter of fact it caters more into TECHNO and HARD BEAT styles. However, plenty of TRANCE is still there as well. Right from the start with "Dynamic Power" in Kraft Mix by DYNAMIC D's that features haunting, dark male vocals, you are entering ecstatic, aggressive sound of TECHNO. Be prepared for plethora of wickedly arranged phat basslines all over the place. Followed this dark TECHNO comes TIËSTO's mega hit "Traffic". Featured here Original version sports intoxicating beat and pure PROGRESSIVE power that is no short of amazing. For some gorgeous TRANCE strings listen to "Blue" by SHIMONO. It's beautiful, but it's more than that. It's simultaneously aggressive and hypnotic, delivering amazing power that continues with follow-up track "Skarabeo" by OMEGA NINE in which introduction of drums and bass puts this fare in edge of ACID TECHNO. This one explodes into wildly rhythmic dance experience that turns into even more HARD HOUSE sound in "Raise Your Hands Up 2003" by ANGEL BEATS pres. GODFATHER's DOME. Taken together, great offering indeed. I prepared sound sampler featuring 16 tunes taken from both CDs! Buy this compilation directly from TUNNEL AMERICA to help the music creators and supported by this label. Enjoy the sound.

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CD 1 - Red Nose Mix
01. SPECIAL D. - Home Alone (Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix)(TTF 27 Edit)
02. BELUSHI - Put Your Hands In The Air (Uhh Ooh!)(Club Mix)
03. STARSPLASH feat. DAISY DEE - Fly Away (Owner Of Your Heart)
04. DJ SHOG - Another World (Voodoo & Serano Remix)(TTF 27 Edit)
05. TALLA 2XLC - Innocence (Dave 202 & Phil Green Remix)(TTF 27 Edit) (1)
06. ICARUS - All Systems Go! (Club Mix)
07. HARDBODY BABES - Goin Crazy (Axel Coon Remix)
08. BASSRAIDERS - Comin' Loud (Club Mix)
09. BARBAREZ feat. MIKE ROSSI - Get Up And Dance (2)
10. 89ers - Kingston Town (Rave Mix)
11. ROCCO - Generation Of Love (Walt & Feliz Mix)
12. BJONIK - Call My Name (HiBeatz Remix)
13. FREESTATE - Release (Dave 202 & Phil Green Remix) (3)
14. MIND ONE feat. RENA - Star For Me (Instrumental Mix) (4)
15. WOODY van EYDEN - Unfinished Symphony (Original Mix) (5)
16. VINCENT VEGA meets SVEN DE MAR - After The Rain (2003 Vocal Mix) (6)
17. C.J. STONE - Don't Look Back (Energy Club Mix) (7)
18. AYU - Above & Beyond (Typhoon Dub Mix)
19. ACCUFACE - Echoes Of Eternity (8)
20. JFS - Beat For You
CD 2 - White Snow Mix
01. DYNAMIC D's - Dynamic Power (Kraft Mix) (9)
02. TIËSTO - Traffic (Original)
03. THE GLADHEADS - Bassfucka
04. SOULSEEKERS - Innocent Child (Mike Nero Mix)
05. DJ KRID KID - We Can Fly (10)
06. SHIMONO - Blue (Austral Mix) (11)
07. OMEGA NINE - Skarabeo (Original Mix) (12)
08. ANGEL BEATS pres. GODFATHERS' DOME - Raise Your Hands Up 2003 (Players Tekkno Remix)
09. LIMPAR - Rejected (Analogic Disturbance Mix)
10. RAY BURTON feat. TITUS - Krass (H-Trance Mix)
11. PHALANX - Flaming Skies (DJ Manian vs. Triffid Remix) (13)
12. HARDLINER - Voices (Devil Force Mix) (14)
13. SUNICS - (Feel It) Now (Extended Mix)
14. DIGITAL DNA - Afterdark (15)
15. NEXT EXIT - The Beginning
16. SAMOVAR - Stay
17. HI BEATZ - Back On Track (H-Trance Mix)
18. APONAUT - Warpath
19. NXP - M.A.J.A.
20. DREAMCORE - Dreamcore (16)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: HARDCLUB - Volume 2 reviewed on 01/26/04
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media / Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Acid Techno/Trance
Index #: 514 729 2
HARDCLUB - Volume 2 Speaking of HARD HOUSE/TECHNO sound, TUNNEL RECORDS released on the same day as above compilation, volume two of their new series called HARDCLUB. The initial idea was to create truly club- oriented HARD TECHNO and HARD TRANCE set of tunes. This model worked very well, and serious clubbers are rewarded with yet another great club mixes by DJ DEAN. Both CDs contain 40 tunes with 4 bonus tracks to enjoy. The first CD starts with signature Hard Club 02 Edit of SPECIAL D's "King Of Da Beatz". This is exactly what the sound of this compilation is all about (this is especially true for the seconnd CD where lots's drums and bass with frenzy wild sound effects coming in from every angle). Some high flying TECHNO tunes such "Alive" by MARC ACARDIPANE feat. DICK RULES (no kidding...) populate this compilation as well. TALLA 2XLC's - "Innocence" fare is featured as well, however in Hard Club 02 Edit, so it has more HARD BEAT into it, compare with the version that appeared in compilation reviewed above. If you still want some TRANCE, you will get few. Good example is "Eternal Spirit" by DJ JO vs. TOM-X or "Innocent Child" by SOULSEEKERS in Mike Nero Mix to name the few. They are loaded with same sort of synth-driven firepower. There are definately much more of this sound. However, there is a lot of crossover between TECHNO and TRANCE. Don't get frustrated though. These jumps work very good delivering top club music to pack dance floor. Second CD is practically for hard core TECHNO club goers, maybe less for listeners. You will have a great time though. Perfect party with essential choices. Taken together a hot offering. I am presenting sound sampler with 16 tunes taken from both CDs so you can get familiar with featured music. Please order this compilation directly from TUNNEL AMERICA. For now enjoy the music and get ready for a cool dose of bouncing, psychodelic electronica to pump your blood.

For more information on TUNNEL releases please visit:

CD 1
01. SPECIAL D. - King Of Da Beatz (Hard Club 02 Edit)
02. MARC ACARDIPANE feat. DICK RULES - Alive (Club Version) (1)
03. TALLA 2XLC - Innocence (Club Mix)(Hard Club 02 Edit) (2)
04. DJ JO vs. TOM-X - Eternal Spirit (Tom-X Club Mix) (3)
05. SOULSEEKERS - Innocent Child (Mike Nero Mix)
06. BARBAREZ feat. MIKE ROSSI - Get Up And Dance
07. SHIMONO - Blue (Austral Mix) (4)
08. STEVE CYPRESS - Let The Bass Kick (Club Mix)
09. ANGEL BEATS - Trance Will Never Die!!! (Club Edit) (5)
10. JENS O. - To The Beat (Club Mix)
11. P.A.R.A.D.O.X - Paradise
13. FIREFREAKZ - Here We Are Again (6)
14. HARDFACE - The Rip Off
15. TERRA & ONE - Pure Stuff (Club Mix) (9)
16. HARDLINER - Voices (Club Mix) (7)
17. Y.O.M.C. - Deftig (Past,Present,Future)
18. CJ WATCHMAN - Deadman Walking (Plasticman Mix) (8)
19. MUG O'DUNCAN - Celtic Fire (Mug's Hardstyle Experience)
20. DJ SPOKE - Infinity (DJ Spoke vs. Vespa 63 Remix)
21. TAIKO - Kodachrome (Club Mix)
22. DJ TOM X - Hardstyle (Noise & Distorsion Club Mix)
CD 2
01. A TRIBUTE TO 3 STEPS AHEAD - Drop It (Prophet Hardstyle Remix)
02. DHHD - Rush
03. K-TRAXX - Freezing 2003 (10)
04. DJ SHOKO - Hardclub Master (11)
05. THE PITCHER - Pump It Loud (Cenoginerz Mix)
06. KLONE - The Blaster (Crazy Mix)
07. DJ MERLIN & NXP - Victims Of Our Style
08. LE BRISC - Keep (Your) Hands Up (DJ Neo Mix) (12)
09. DHHD - 30 Minutes
10. DARK OSCILLATORS - Nasty Jungle (Hardstyle Masterz Mix)
11. A-LUSION - Re-Count
12. IMPEGMENT SYNDROM - Rollin' (Fucked Up) (13)
13. STAR ALLIANCE - No Expression (Club Mix) (14)
14. DJ VIRUS & BLUTONIUM BOY - Paranoid (Blutonium Boy Sound Massaka Mix)
15. KAI JAXX - Kick that Shit (LeBrisc & Blutonium Boy Mix)
16. GARY D. feat. RUFFIAN - Raise Your Hands! (Gary D. Hardstyle Mix)
17. DJ SLIDEOUT - Don't Stop Me Now (La Cargo Mix)
18. DA CUTE - The Dog (Arrowhead Remix) (15)
19. DJ MISTER AL - Go And Get her (Club Mix)
20. DJ SUBSONIC - Devotion (DJ Subsonic vs. DJ Trunks Hardstyle Mix)
21. ELEKTROMULCH - Das Nichts (Extended Mix)
22. AIRBAET ONE PROJECT - Airbeat One (16)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: PLATINUM BLONDE NRG reviewed on 01/18/04
Label: 2003 Klone Records (England)
Style: EuroEnergy
Index #: CDKOPY 151

PLATINUM BLONDE NRG - NRGised Madonna ClassicsHere is yet another exciting offering from UK-based mega NRG label: KLONE RECORDS. They did it again! Brits like MADONNA and MADONNA likes Brits, so feeling is mutual. Son no wonder why KLONE RECORDS have decided to bring in this wonderful double CD, a collection of some of her greatest hits done in more NRG style. The first CD features 13 full length club mixes by such well acclaimed artists as IN.DEEP, RAFFA, ALISHA courtesy of Italian mega label S.A.I.F.A.M. and UK-based projects such PRIMA or BLONDIE AMBITION. This release contains 3 titles that have been exclusively remixed for the album. ROSS ALEXANDER gave contemporary EURO TRANCE touch to "Frozen" by IN.DEEP. FUTUREFORCE delivered a full-blown NRG remixes of "Drowned World/Substitute For Love" and "The Power Of Goodbye" both performed by IN.DEEP. Speaking of DJ ROSS ALEXANDER, he co-authored a wonderful "Peroxide Megamix" that appears on second CD. This party happening features 14 tunes. I am sure fans of MADONNA and quality NRG sound, will find this double CD as must-to-have release. Not mention that for MADONNA's fans it is simply a necessity. In the sound sampler I present 6 tunes taken from both CDs. Please support KLONE and their wonderful releases by getting this set directly from them! For time being enjoy the sound!

For more information about this and another releases please visit
Klone Records home page.

01. IN.DEEP - Frozen (Ross Alexander Remix) (1)
02. IN.DEEP - Material Gigl (Dollar Mix) (2)
03. IN.DEEP - Music
04. RAFFA - Like A Prayer
05. IN.DEEP - Drowned World /Substitute For Love Futureforce Euro Mix)
06. ALISHA - Papa Don't Preach (Akasaka Mix) (4)
07. IN.DEEP - Beautiful Stranger (Def-In-Mix)
08. PRIMA - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
09. IN.DEEP - The Power Of Goodbye (Futureforce Euro Mix)
10. BLONDE AMBITION - Live To Tell (Saint's 12" Peroxide Mix (Edited) (3)
11. PRIMA - Into The Groove (Illusive Mix)
12. BLONDE AMBITION - Crazy For You (Saint's Klubbed Up Mix)
13. IN.DEEP - What It Feels Like For A Girl (Dance Mix) (5)

01. RAFFA - Like A Prayer
02. IN.DEEP - Frozen (Ross Alexander Remix)
03. IN.DEEP - Beautiful Stranger (Def-In-Mix)
04. IN.DEEP - The Power Of Goodbye (Futureforce Euro Mix)
05. IN.DEEP - Material Girl (Dollar Mix)
06. BLONDE AMBITION - Crazy For You (Saint's Klubbed Up Mix)
07. ALISHA - Papa Don't Preach (Akasaka Mix)
08. PRIMA - Into The Groove (Illusive Mix)
08. BLONDE AMBITION - Live To Tell (Saint's 12" Peroxide Mix (Edited)
09. PRIMA - You'll See
10. IN.DEEP - Drowned World/Substitute For Love (Futureforce Euro Mix)
11. IN.DEEP - What It feels Like For A Girl (Dance Mix)
12. PRIMA - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
13. IN.DEEP - Music
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: THE BEST IN DANCE reviewed on 01/18/04
Label: 2003 ZYX Records (Germany)
Style: Dance / Trance / Techno
Index #: ZYX 81584-2

THE BEST IN DANCEPresented triple CD set was released by German label ZYX. As the title "The Best In Dance" suggests it contains 36 ultimate dance tracks, and most of them have been released in 2003. I am sure if you are serious collector of DANCE music, you will not be overwhelmed by the content. Most of the featured tracks have their bright days last year. What I found exciting about this release, is the fact that whoever was responsible to make choices, done as extremely good job. Morever, you are not going to get just radio edits (there are still several of them), but instead full blown Club or remixed editions. This is cool commercial compilations for some of you who either missed some advanced compilations back in 2003 or want to have a good party set with some cool EURO/TRANCE tunes that took radios and club last year. The selection indeed is excellent. First CD features some hot tunes. For instance from the past comes HADDAWAY with his "reloaded" version of major hit from 1993 "What Is Love". This song was actually remixed back in 2000 as well. Major EURO group MASTERBOY is back with 2003 edition in Special D Remix of their ultimate 1994 megahit "Feel The Heat Of The Night". SPECIAL D gave this tune more TECHNO sound with some opera effect.I am not fond of this version knowing the original or 2000 remix, but it is great club tune the way it has been done. Japanese dance scene is represented by AYU HAMASAKI in "M" remixed by M.O.R.P.H. Dramatic up beat big room TRANCE is sported in this version. Other artisits featured on first CD that impacted European DANCE scene are DJ SHOG, JAN WAYNE or CJ STONE to name few. The second CD starts with some hot TECHNO tunes. The first is full blown club re-make of 1991 HOUSE huge hit by CE CE PENISTON done by DJ S.P.U.D. in TECHNO/TRANCE angle "Finally 2003". Several projects made significant splash in DANCE scene in recent months. Among them were Italian BENNY BENNASSI with single "Satisfaction" and IN-GRID with "Tu Es Foutu". Both projects had their album released last year. The second CD contains "Able To Love" from BENASSI project and Original Extended version of "Tu Es Foutu" by IN-GRID. Of course MASTER BLASTER was also the group that took dance floor by storm. Here we have their prime mix of WELLS & FARGO's "Night In Palma". Great crossover between HIGN-NRG, DISCO and TECHNO sound. The third CD is also very interesting with full choices of good electronica sound with such project as VOODOO & SERANO, ATB, MARTILLO VAGO, MARIO LOPEZ, KATE RYAN and resuscitated CAPITAIN PROJECT. If you liked now defunct Dutch project of ALICE DEEJAY, I am sure you will appreciate "Last Day On Earth" by DECAY. Style is exactly the same, however female vocal is not as strong as in ALICE DEEJAY. I am sure everybody will find something for themselves in this offering! Sound sampler from this offering features 14 tunes taken from all three CDs. So, for now enjoy the sound!

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CD 1
01. SPECIAL D - Home Alone (Club Mix)
02. MARK'OH - Stuck On You (Club Version) (1)
03. HADDAWAY - What Is Love-Reloaded (Reloaded Mix)
04. MASTERBOY - Feel The Heat Of The Night 2003 (Special D.Remix)
05. AYU - M (van Eyden vs. M.o.r.p.h. Remix Edit)
06. STARSPLASH feat. DAISY DEE - Fly Away (Owner Of Your Heart)(New Club Mix)
07. RMB feat. TALLA 2XLC - Spring (Talla 2XLC Radio Edit) (2)
08. DJ SHOG - Another World (Marc van Linden Remix)
09. JAN WAYNE meets DANIELLE - 1,2,3 Keep The Spirit Alive (Club Mix) (3)
10. CJ STONE - Don't Look Back (Radio Edit)
11. DJ SHAKIN & FRIENDS - Sometimes (Retromix) (4)
12. REVIL O. - Free (Club Radio Cut)

CD 2
01. DJ S.P.U.D. - Finally 2003 (Club Remix)
02. BENNY BENASSI - Able To Love (Sfaction Mix)
03. MOGUAI - Get:On (Original Mix)
04. BOOGIE PIMPS - Somebody To Love (Salt Shaker Remix)(Main Club Mix)
05. KMC feat. SANDY - Get Better (Sfaction Mix)
06. KLUBBINGMAN - No Limit (On The Beach)(Extended Mix)
07. IN-GRID - Tu Es Foutu (Original Extended)
08. WELLS & FARGO - Nights In Palma (Master Blaster Remix)
09. TRINITY - Evertime We Touch (André Visior Remix)
10. ROCK RYDERS - Don't You Know (Full On Vocal Mix)
11. 4 CLUBBERS - Why You Don't Dance With Me? (Extended Mix)
12. D!NATION - You Gotta Be You (Radio Mix)

CD 3
01. VOODOO & SERANO - Give Me The Power (Club Mix) (9)
02. DECAY - Last Day On Earth (Radio Mix) (10)
03. ATB - Long Way Home (Original Mix)
04. MARTILLO VAGO - Por Qué No (PlazmaTek Club Mix)
05. PLAZMATEK - Star (Clubmix) (11)
06. FLOORFILLA - Anthem #6 (Cassez La Boite)(Warp Brothers Remix)
07. DJ SPUTNIK - All The Things She Said (Extended Version) (12)
08. 2 UNLIMITED - No Limit 2.3 (Maser Blaster Remix)
09. MARIO LOPEZ - Alone (Original Club Mix) (13)
10. KATE RYAN - Mon Coeur Résiste Encore (Extended Version)
11. CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD - Flying High (Radio Mix)
12. KRONOS - Magica Europa (Shaun Baker vs. Seikos Radio Remix) (14)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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