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Title: Trance Megamix Vol. 4 reviewed on 09/26/04
Label: 2004 Dance Network / More Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT 10153-2
Trance Megamix - Volume 4 I am sure most of you who enjoy mixes are familiar with work of DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33 from their bootleg era. No matter how hard newcomers to mixing scene are trying both DJs set the standard. Standard that is extremely hard to achieve and only few are getting close. Let me present you today "TRANCE MEGAMIX - vol. 04" released almost after a year since the last volume by More Music / ZYX. It gives the credit to DJ DEEP as a remixer. What a stunning release it is. Of course in most cases you will not be surprised of the title selection, but you want to get it because of superior mixing. Even if you are familiar with titles it doesn't really matter that much. You are getting set of 68 tunes in one great compilation to be a highlight of your party, or simply make your ride home a pleasurable trip. DJ DEEP have chosen good range of EURO TRANCE fares to be part of this outstanding set. Truly uplifting sound with major players in today's DANCE scene. So the first CD with mix of 34 tunes contains such titles "Some Years Ago" by DJ's @ WORK. "Only If I" by KATE RYAN, "Can't You See" by STACCCATO to name the few. There are also less mainstream tunes yet that are perfect fit for this set. You will be embedded in great DANCE music throughout. "Desire" by CHEMISTRY even being a generic TRANCE fuses with "2Gether 4Ever" a perfect VOCAL TRANCE by APOLLO. Don't worry there are more flavor of TRANCE and not necessary on it's VOCAL side, but more into PROGRESSIVE such as "Danger" by DEEPFORCES, or HOUSE in "Wir Brauchen Bass" by DICKHEADZ. The second CD takes you more into commercial CLUB sound with such tracks as KAI's TRACID - "Concious", "Burned With Desire" by ARMIN VAN BUUREN, "It's Up To You" by RANK 1 and many many others. Taken together truly a great set. As usually I present sound sampler. This time it features 17 tunes taken from both CD. No cuts from original length of titles were made, mixing was retained wherever it was possible. DJ DEEP remains for me a true inspire.

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CD 1
01. SPECIAL D. - Nothing I Won't Do
02. STARSPLASH - Alive
03. DJS@WORK - Some Years Ago
04. MEGARA vs. DJ LEE - Human Nature
05. KATE RYAN - Only I If
06. IAN VAN DAHL - I Can't Let You Go
07. RUMBLE! - Oh Ne Ne (Do You Remember?)
08. E-LOVE - Cause I Love You No More (1)
09. CHEMISTRY - Desire (2)
10. APOLLO - 2gether 4ever (3)
11. TERRA & ONE - Taiyou (4)
12. DJ STEVE L - Forever (5)
13. KAROSA - Still In Trouble
14. ONE 2 ONE - Don't Stop
15. 89ERS - Kingston Town
16. MIRALUNA - One Day
17. POINT GUARDS - Never Fall In Love
18. DEEPFORCES - Danger
19. DICKHEADZ - Wir Brauchen Bass
20. DJ LAWLESS vs. OLIVER SWAB - Push It Again
21. DJ DAVE - Falling
22. ALPHAZONE - Revelation
24. DEEP FORCES - Tribute To Dance
25. STACCCATO - Can't You See
26. STONE - Turntables Turn
27. CENTRAL SEVEN - Propered II Men Recovered (6)
28. ASTRADA - Subway # 9 (7)
29. COSMIC CULTURE - Time Of Your Life (8)
30. DJ GREENHEAD - Crystal (Radio Mix)
31. MAINBRAIN & SOMVILLE - Energy (Original Mix)
32. ARSCAPE - Where I Belong
33. TUBE & BERGER feat. CHRISSIE HYNDE - Straight Ahead
34. CUBE D - Like An Angel
CD 2
01. KAI TRACID - Conscious
02. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - Silence
03. ARMIN VAN BUUREN feat. JUSTINE SUISSA - Burned With Desire
04. AYU - Depend On You
05. RANK 1 - It's Up To You
06. YUMA - Nobody Sees You
07. PERAN - We Want To Be Free
08. SHAUN BAKER pres. A&B BROTHERS - Music, Love & Money
09. COMMANDER TOM - Are Am Eye 2.4
11. SHAUN BAKER - Be Free
12. UMBRELLA INC. - Stompin'
13. BASSCRUSHER - Rock Da House
14. GLOBAL BASS PLAYERS - Love Insight
15. POTATOHEADZ feat. DA ROOK MC - Get Down
16. FREDDY FADER - Everybody Scream
17. DYNAMIC D's - Dynamic Power
18. KOSMONOVA - Raumpatrouille 2004 (9)
19. DJ DEAN pres. BARABAREZ - It's A Dream (10)
20. UMBRELLA INC. - Colours (11)
21. MARKUS F. - Turn The Page (12)
22. TIFFANY GAYLE - Do You Wanna Dance (13)
23. JOWAN - Thadderack (14)
25. TRIPPA - Everybody Needs (16)
26. MR. PHILLIPS - Stay Alive (17)
27. GENERAL BASS - Base Of Love (Rebased)
28. 2 ULIMITED - Tribal Dance Refreshed
29. BENASSI BROS. feat. SANDY - Illusion
31. MELLOW TRAX feat. INXS - Mystify
32. ROYAL GIGOLS - California Dreamin'
33. BENNY BENASSI pres. THE BIZ - No Matter What You Do
34. SWEN G feat. BILLY WILLIAM KING - Your Love
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Techno Marathon Vol. 8 - The Ultimate Megamix reviewed on 09/26/04
Label: 2004 Dance Network / More Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT 10155-2
Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix - Volume 8 If you are looking for more of DJ DEEP mixes you are in luck. While the "TECHNO MARATHON" series from More Music / ZYX label does not usually give credit to him, this time is it clearly labeled that he mixed this set. Previous volume (7) was released about a year ago, and now we have brand new vol. 8. Once again DJ DEEP brings not only great music but also creative breaks, loops and jingles he is famous of. Featured music is distinctively different compared with one present in above presented "TRANCE MEGAMIX vol. 4". Here dominates TECHNO sound. Of course you will find here also different genres like some TECHNO HOUSE, TRANCE and some PROGRESSIVE tunes etc. Morever, there are some repeats between both releases. Set features 67 tunes in two mixes (34 tunes on CD 1 and 33 tunes on CD 2). Frist CD starts with "Monotune" by COSMIC GATE on TECHNO side. Sound is changing in light speed. You should check "Kickstart My Heart" by MARC MARIS that sports both EURO and TRANCE sound in very dancable and catchy tune. Being fond of MARIO LOPEZ I was thrilled to hear Nature 2.4 version of his "Sound Of The City". Glorious synths meet haunting female vocal. Truly spectacular tune. There are many stunning fares on this one that combined with great mixing give must-to-have release. You will walk on familiar teritory with tunes by VIRUS INC, 2 XLC, COMMANDER TOM or will be in more dicovery-type of trip with tunes by MIKE NERO, KAROSA, RAPHA to cite few examples. Second CD starts with legendary "Age Of Love" by THE AGE OF LOVE. If you are true TECHNO connoisseur you know this title. Featured here Cosmic Gate Remix is mesmerizing TECHNO undertone to build the climate. You will not resist that version. DJ DEEP smoothly shifts to "The Sun" by THUMB BROTHERS feat. MARILYN. This transition is quite amazing because from rather hard and haunting TECHNO you are being transported to laidback IBIZA style fare. There will be more transition like that and music is delightful. Absolutely a must for collectors who are targeting into quality mixes. I also preapred sound sampler with 13 tunes taken from both CD. Some cuts were made but in general original mixing was retained wherever it was possible.

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CD 1
01. COSMIC GATE - Monotune
02. DJ STEVE L. - Forever
03. MARC MARIS - Kickstart My Heart
04. MARIO LOPEZ - Sound Of The City (Nature 2.4.)
05. DJ BACKSLASH pres. JENS S. - Let's Rip (The Course)
06. VIRUS INC. - The Virus
08. E.D.T. - Beatin' Of The Drum
09. NO FACES - Free You Feeling
10. UMBRELLA INC. - Stompin'
11. BASS CRUSHER - Rock Da House
12. DJ FREAKY BARESI - To The Top (1)
13. DERB - Attack (2)
14. 2 XLC - Divided States (3)
15. MISSION CONTROL - Standby 2004 (4)
16. TORY KAY vs. ALEX MEGANE - The Rising Sun (5)
17. DJ SPEEDY - To The Rhythm (6)
18. BASS INFERNO INC. - Pornqueen
19. COMMANDER TOM - Are Am Aye 2.4
20. VAN ROEZEL - Are You Ready?
21. SHAUN BAKER pres. A&B BROTHERS - Music Love & Money
22. DIGITIAL TENSION feat. TALLA 2XLC - Symphony Of Tomorrow
23. SOUND SIGNAL - Mental Distortion
25. KAROSA - Still In The Trouble
26. RAY BURTON feat. TITUS - The Melody
27. RAPHA - Jack Attack
28. CHEMISTRY - Desire
29. D.I.Y.S. - Play With Me (7)
30. DJ CYGLAS - Roots Of Evil (8)
31. MARC REASON - Goodbye (9)
32. DJ FRANKLIN - Narcouses
33. MIDOR, SIX4EIGHT vs. 2XLC - Beyond Earth
34. RAPHA - Get Back
CD 2
01. THE AGE OF LOVE - Age Of Love (Cosmic Gate Remix Edit)
03. ROCKET BASE - In My House
04. LADY TOM - Into My Mind
05. LACARGO - Balistic
06. SAM SHARP - Twister
07. AVACADA - Go! 2004
09. DARK PARK - Exorzismus
10. A.S.Y.S. - No More Fucking Rock'N'Roll
11. MOS PHAT - Shake 'm
13. PAVO & ZANI - Big Fat Bass
14. BLUTONIUM BOY vs. MAX B. GRANT - Bullshit
15. D-VIDED - So High
16. DJ SHOKO - Heartclub Master
17. MIKADO PUNCHERS - Witness Of The Business
18. HARDDRIVER PROJECT - Let Freedom Ring
19. DJ ORNATOR - Next Life
20. ROLAND KENZO - Your Night
21. DJ SESSION ONE - Set Me Free
22. CENTRAL SEVEN - Proper II Men Recovered
23. E-STATIC - Beat On A Drum
24. DYNAMIC D'S - Dynamic Power
25. THOMAS TROUBLE - Massive Attack
26. THE PITCHER - Pump It Loud
27. BLUTONIUM BOY - Follow Me
28. KAN COLD vs. A.S.Y.S. - Theme Of Pharmacy (10)
29. THOMAS TROUBLE - Edge Of Sanity (11)
30. HARDFORX - 20 Times (12)
31. BLUTONIUM BOY pres. JOHN FERRIS - Legalize (13)
32. NORMAL PARIS - Fallen Angel
33. APONAUT - Untitled
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: DJ NETWORX - Vol. 20 reviewed on 09/14/04
Label: 2004 Sony Music Media / Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 514 996 2
DJ NETWRX - Vol. 20 Today two releases from infamous TUNNEL RECORDS. I actually owe you and the label an apology. I have had both releases for several months now, and there are already newer on the market. I decided to present them anyway, because they both are worth of your money and are still available to buy. Volume 20 of "DJ NETWORX" was released back in January 2004. As usually DJ DEAN selected and mixed 44 tunes in two mixes. Let's start with first CD. Right from the beginning with BROOKLYN BOUNCE "X2X" pounder, stage is set for glorious and pounding dance music you are about to encounter. DJ DEAN masterfully juggles between PROGRESSIVE, TRANCE and HARD TRANCE sound. With NOUKY's "When The Rain Begins To Fall" exploding TRANCE meets PROGRESSIVE edge. A Sizziling combination fusing beauty of electronic sound and stunning synth lines. Exploding beats bleed into next in line "2gether 4ever" by APOLLO. Equally tempting TRANCE marvel at it's best. This one definately will satisfy those intense craving for state-of-the-art dance tune. There is no shortage of uplifting dance music on this CD. For some "sexual innuendos" you should check "Sexual Prayers" by KASAI vs. MIKE NERO it features (not stated in credit) voice of infamous Sweet Pussy Pauline. To experience some big room TRANCE sound you should check pounding "Night System" by DJ DIGRESS or "Keep On Moving" by RON VAN DEN BEUKEN. I am sure that I do not break any news by suggesting those titles, but in case if you missed the opportunity to check this compilation, here they are. Second CD is cool as well. . While this selection of the music featured in this double CD compilation is storming, pounding and exciting. You will encounter electronica marvels that blur the lines between TECHNO, HOUSE, TRANCE and also hits more PROGRESSIVE/ACID side. The first CD starts with beauty on it's own: "Sex On The Streets" by SHAUN BAKER & MARC VAN LINDEN. It's galloping TRANCE with floaty male vocals. It combines the beat, the hooks, the bassline all together to one single screaming for more floor stomper. The temperature is rising with more tunes following. Scintillating Extended Mix of "Human Beings" by COSMIC GATE delivers geared to high-powered big room pounder. Next tunes are shifting the mood into dark side of TECHNO with lotsa of driving basslines and drums. Good examples are "Daytona Beach" by STARSPLASH, or tunes by DJ SCOT PROJECT, DJ MERLIN & NXP, DJ's DEAN partner in crime: DJ SHOKO, DJ R. FISHBONE (his "Exploring" in Blutonium Boy Hardstyle Mix delivers killer synth line hooks and mysterious, deep sounding male vocals), WAVELINER vs. ROB MAYTH, LARS PALMAS and others. This first CD is still more into TRANCE-side though. For example "Dj Nation" by UPLIFTING INC. brings together quite haunting TRANCE styled synths and layered over electryfing bassline with blue-eye female vocals. Seems that the TECHNO/TRANCE combo dominates this compilation or at least it does in the first CD. The second CD shifts more into HARD TECHNO style if you will. No rest is allowed. True signature here are slamming bass drum beats, throbbing bassline, sweeping synths and propulsive and in some cases terryfing rhythms. It's psychodelic, it's infectious, it's pandemonic. This darkside CD starts with "Ti Ta TNT" by TNT, a dark production with rubbery bassline and psychodelic feel. As I said you will have more of this punchy style on second CD with follow up tunes by such projects as: DJ COONE, DA BOOTLEGERS, SMURREF, DJ ZEMTEC and many others . That truly futuristic sound will continue to the last tune on this CD. Taken together, yet another great trip to more underground-oriented TECHNO/TRANCE sound at it's best! In sound sampler I present 18 tunes taken from both CDs to give you an idea of what to expect! Enjoy the sound. Get this compilation directly from TUNNEL AMERICA and support this trend of dance music here in the US. For now enjoy the sound.

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CD 1
01. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - X2X (We Want More) Freakbrothers Remix
02. NOUKY - When The Rain Begins To Fall (Megara vs. DJ Lee Dub Remix) (1)
03. APOLLO - 2gether 4ever (Single Mix) (2)
04. KASAI vs. MIKE NERO - Sexual Prayer (Andy Jay Powell Mix)
05. DJ DIGRESS - Night System (Club Mix)
06. A.J.P. - Always In My Heart (Mike Nero Mix) (3)
07. COMMANDER TOM - Are Am Eye 2.3? (The Rebirth)(Lazard Mix) (4)
08. SOULMATE - Moments Of Silence (Dave 202 & Phil Green Mix)
09. DJ WAG - Music Non Stop (DJ Wag Mix) (5)
10. SONIC TI - I Am Ready (Sam Punks Hard Club Mix) (6)
11. RON VAN DEN BEUKEN - Keep On Movin (Timeless)(Ron Van Den Beuken Remix)
12. X-SONIC & RAY pres. TRAVELLERZ - I Will Find You (Club Mix) (7)
13. BASE 1 - Reality
14. DRIFTWOOD - Anything Goes (First Wave vs. Kird P. Remix)
15. DJ FRANKLIN - Norcouses (Original Club Mix)
16. HOSTAGE - The Launch (Club Mix) (8)
17. RELOADED - Alive (Rock Riders Vocal Mix) (9)
18. DJ MERLIN & NXP meets DJ DEEKAY - Skylight (10)
19. PLASTIC ENEMY - I Feel Free (Club Mix)
20. HARDFACE - Shut Down , Get Ready - Be Refreshed
21. DJ KIRD KID meets DJ KAFA - Free Your Mind
22. MASSIVE BEATZ - The Powerade
CD 2
01. STRIDER - XTC Is Love
02. SAFRI DUO - All The People In The World feat. Clark Anderson (DJ Isaak Remix)
03. VEE-TRAXX - Fearless
04. K-TRAXX - Propulse (Technoboy vs. K-Traxx Hard Mix)
05. DJ YVES meets CHAPS & ROLAY - Who's Fiction? (Devils Fiction)
06. DJ ZEMTEC - What ? (11)
07. DJ VIRUS - Masterz Of Bass
08. THE BEHOLDER & BALISTIC feat. MAX E. - Decibel 2003 (Live Mix) (12)
09. DJ ZANY - Funk bass
10. GLADHEADZ - Bassfucka (13)
11. SKAM - The Final Countdown (Original Skam Mix) (14)
12. TWEETWOOF - Kernkraft 400 (Skam Mix)
13. HENNES & COLD - Can't Get Enough
14. DJ SESSION ONE - In The Way
15. STORMRIDER - Fuck The Pumping Power
16. MIC-E - I Have A Dream (Harder Remix)
17. DJ GIZMO & DJ NORMAN - Power 2 Da People (15)
18. RIMINI PETER & LAN - The Way It Should Be (18)
19. PATRIC BUNTON - Back On Track (Ruff Cut)
20. IMPEGMENT SYNDROM - Rollin' (Fucked Up) (16)
21. HUNTER & LAUKS - Detroit Sucker
22. DJ UNNI - Move Your Feet (Club Cut) (17)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: DJ NETWORX - Vol. 19 reviewed on 09/14/04
Label: 2003 Sony Music Media / Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 513 643 2
DJ NETWRX - Vol. 19 Another brilliant release from TUNNEL RECORDS with exciting full blown club music chosen by DJ DEAN, to your full clubbing experience and satisfaction. As usually DJ DEAN delivers edge sound with his selection. German TECHNO sound leads this scene for many year. Thanks to series like this we are being kept up-to-date. Volume 19 from "DJ NETWORX" is continuing this tradition. Right from the first truck on CD 1 you are getting into hard core TECHNO with "Give Me The Power" by VOODOO and SERANO. This tune is in their typical style. Lotsa drums and psychodelic arrangements of synths works makes this tune a perfect beginning. This high pace bleeds into next one "Druckvorgang" by TOUGH GUYS INC. TECHNO tune that with melodic line and synth strings actually subscribe to TRANCE style as well. Female vocals in German add mystery. This combination of TECHNO/TRANCE style continues with next tune "Breaking My Heart" by STYLESHAKER. DJ DEAN does not allow you to become slave of monotony. He perfectly switches from one style to another to give you a good spin. For instance HARD TRANCE tune "The Big Light" by SPIRITUAL PROJECT is following by more big room TRANCE oriented "Endless Dreams" by TITUS and "Foreign Childs" by DJ SABU. Right after that you are getting into more industrial sound with such tunes as HARD HOUSE oriented "House Bee" by ROCKET BASE or "Hard Sounds and Harmony" by STORMRIDER. You will also find here "Better Off Alone" by CRIZZ LEE. Yes! You guessed it right. Now defunct project ALICE DEEJAY's one of most famous track got new interpretation. This is HARD TECHNO/TECHNO fare with synthesized female vocals. You will recognize the original melodic line, but that's where similarities ends. This is new arranged track. Cool. As I always liked the remixes done by CJ STONE, I paid special attention to his remix of "Mysterland" by Y-TRAXX. I am always mesmerized by what he is capable of doing. Beautiful VOCAL TRANCE with distant OPERA sound. He fused dramatic synth work, fast pace with some slow, almost IBIZA-style elements. An excellent mix. As a matter of fact if you are TRANCE fan you should also check "Trance Will Never Die" by ANGEL BEATS. Wanna some RAVE, than pick second CD. Opening tune "I Like It Loud" by MARC ACARDIPANE feat. DICK RULES will lead you to the RAVE scene. This LIVE tune is a hardcore TECHNO and you simply want to wave your hands up high in the air. Great CD indeed. This is much more TECHNO HOUSE oriented compare with the first one. But one will appreciate high pace, great beat and truly club filled atmosphere. I really should not classify it that way though, because DJ DEAN similar to first CD is delivering true mix of styles throughout, making this trip to electronica unforegettable. So all together we have here great collection of club fares in excellent turntable mix. Listen to a sound sampler featuring 18 tunes taken from both CDs! This compilation is still available directly from TUNNEL AMERICA, so get it before it is too late.

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CD 1
01. VOODOO & SERANO - Give Me The Power (Club Mix) (1)
02. TOUGH GUYS INC. - Druckvorvang (Rico Ravanelli Mix) (2)
03. STYLESHAKER - Breaking My Heart (Instrumental Mix)
04. DJ TAYLOR - Luv Me Baby (New Ext. Dance Mix)
05. TUNE UP! - Bass Test (Original Mix) (3)
06. KENNY TAKITO pres. CRASH'N BURN - Somebody Scream (Kenny Takito Remix) (4)
07. SPIRITUAL PROJ. - The Big Light (Hard Trace Mix) (5)
08. TITUS - Endless Dreams (Original Edit)
09. DJ SABU - Foreign Childs (6)
10. DAVE JOY - Third Pleasure (Überdruck Remix)
11. VIRUS INC. - Are You Ready (Club Mix) (7)
12. ROCKET BASE - House Bee (Full Loaded Mix)
13. VESPA 63 - Electrisher (DJ Spoke vs. Vespa 63 Mix) (8)
14. ACCUFACE - Wildstyle (9)
15. CRIZZ LEE - Better Off Alone (Crizz Lee's Club Mix)
16. DJ CYGLAS pres. EDGE RIDERS - Sweet Lies (Russenmafia Remix)
17. Y-TRAXX vs. CJ STONE - Mysteryland (CJ Stone Club Remix) (10)
18. DJ KRID KID - The Twilight Zone
19. ANGEL BEATS - Trance Will Never Die!!! (Club Edit)
20. MASSIVE BEATZ - Restless World (11)
21. DJ MERLIN & NXP - Human Error
22. STORMRIDER - Hard Sounds And Harmony
CD 2
01. MARC ACARDIPANE feat. DICK RULES - I Like It Loud (2003 Hardstyle Remix)
02. DJ MILL & MANUEL T. - OK! (Raptor Remix) (12)
03. PINCKY - Meet My Beat (L.A. Mix) (13)
05. ARMORE - Visions Of Paradize (DJ Scot Project Remix)
06. DJ ISAAK - Out Of Line
07. JULIAN DJ & DAVIDE SONAR - Go Go Go (Original Mix)
08. DJ MIRKO MILANO - Bamm Bamm (Underground)
09. DEEPACK - Here's Johnny
10. ANALOGIC DISTURBANCE - Wait A Second (Arena Mix)
11. DONKEY ROLLERS - The Sound Of The Beast (Nexus Remix)
12. CENOGINERZ - Let The Bassline Get Ya (Hard Mix)
13. SHOKO vs. GROUNDZERO - Back To The Beatbox (Shoko's Psychostyle Mix)
14. HARDSTYLE GURU - Pumpin'Iron (Original Mix)
15. DJ JEAN - Supersounds (Zany Mix) (14)
16. ÜBERDRUCK - Drugface (Mad Creatures Mix) (15)
17. HAZE & ABYSS feat. THE PROSPEKTOR - Drop That Beat
18. THE PROPHET - Follow The Leader (Original Mix) (16)
19. ROTAR - Converse (Raptor Remix) (17)
20. GARY D. - B.A.S.S Kick down (Daywalker Remix)
21. MEN-O-DEE - At The Opera
22. GROUNDZERO DJ TEAM - Under Control (Club Mix) (18)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: HARDCLUB - Volume 3 reviewed on 04/30/04
Label: 2004 Tunnel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Acid Techno/Trance
Index #: TR 1038
HARDCLUB - Volume 3 Third volume of the new HARDCLUB signature series from TUNNEL RECORDS released back in February 2004 once again delivers exciting combination of HARD HOUSE/TECHNO/TRANCE club sound. This is probably the best volume in this series released to-date and should definately become part of your collection. Adressed to all of you club freaks to encounter club atmosphere in comfort of your home audio system. Double CD compilation brings 36 tunes in turntable mixes by DJ DEAN ready to kick some major asses. Spectacular choices. First CD is more TRANCE/TECHNO oriented. It starts with "Listen-Feel-Enjoy" TECHNO fare by ROLAND KENZO. A fascinating electronica trip blasting off into slammin' PROGRESSIVE and edged TRANCE territory with a wild melt-down/build-up breaks midway. Female vocals adds to the climate. Even most discerning dancefloor hardly could resist that one. "Geschwindigkeitsrausch" by ZIGGY X is yet another massive club fare. Imagine ghostly male vocals mixed together with uplifting TRANCE strings and incredibly infectious melody line. An instant floor-packer! In fact the entire first CD keeps pumping TRANCE sound in variety of styles from the first to the last fare. I am sure you will enjoy such tunes as "Dance With Me" by MICKY D in OLE VAN DANSK Remix (combination of TRANCE strings with more in to POP female vocals), "2gether 4ever" by APOLLO (intoxicating dub tune with angelic melodic line in soaring production), dramatic VOCAL TRANCE in "I Will Find You" fare by X-SONIC & RAY pres. TRAVELLERZ. You also cannot afford to miss new fares from DJ ENERGY and WAVETRAXX. I am sure that fans of club TRANCE will find the first CD of incredible value.The second CD is for more advanced listeners catering to INDUSTRIAL/HARD BEAT/BASS&DRUMS club sound if you will. It starts right from the beginning with pumping "Tricky Tricky" by BUSTED from TECHNO/HOUSE teritory. DJ DEAN flawlessly moves in his mix to another blasting club fare "Like To Do It (with The DJ)" by DJ DELICIOUS. You can imagine what the girls wants to do. I have to admit her computerized and breaking-up vocals does not necessary sound very sexually tensed unless you are into computer sex. Hey, the music is still great and pounding. There are more of female vocals utilization in other tunes as well. Another good example is a follow-up tune "Its Like That" by SOUND2LIGHT. A powerful, peak hour pumped-up HARD TECHNO fare. Very popular these days German TECHNO/HOUSE project COMMADER TOM delivers powerhouse sound, rhythmic beat and stunning production in "Next 1000 Years". More HARD CLUB fares to be checked on this CD. New fare "Follow Me" from BLUTONIUM BOY and "Freak The Freaks" by GROUNDZERO DJ are simply a must! Taken together you are getting great DJ set with choices hard to match. Great club experience. I prepared sound sampler with 14 tunes taken from both CDs (original mixing has not been retained). I urge you to order this compilation NOW and directly from TUNNEL AMERICA. For time being enjoy the sound and get ready for hot dance experience.

For more information on TUNNEL releases please visit:

CD 1
01. ROLAND KENZO - Listen-Feel-Enjoy (1)
02. ZIGGY X - Geschwindigkeitsrausch (Original Mix) (2)
03. ONE 2 ONE - Don't Stop (Eric Vee Remix)
04. MICKY D. - Dance With Me (Ole Van Dansk)
05. APOLLO - 2gether 4ever (Dub Mix) (3)
06. X-SONIC & RAY pres. TRAVELLERZ - I Will Find You (Club Mix) (4)
07. ANGEL BEATS - Trance Will Never Die (Club Mix)
08. AMPIRE - Singularity
09. 2 DELUXE - Daywalker (D&O Remix)
10. DJ ENERGY - Serenity (Club Mix) (5)
11. DJ JUMA - The Journey (Axel Gand Fame Remix) (6)
12. VAN NUYS - Wonderful World (Axel Coon Remix)
13. SOLID SOLUTIONS meets CENTRAL SEVEN - Jumpin To Da Beat (Central Seven Mix)
14. PATRIC BUNTON - Back On Track (Ruff Cut)
15. HARDFACE - Follow The Bouncing Bass (7)
16. NEXTPIRIA - And Push (Original Mix)
17. WAVETRAXX - Peace (8)
18. 3XM - Alive (Club Mix) (9)
CD 2
01. BUSTED - Tricky Tricky
02. DJ DELICIOUS - Like To Do It (With The DJ)(Edit Mix)
03. SOUND2LIGHT - Its Like That (10)
04. VEE-TRAXX - Fearless
05. COMMANDER TOM - Next 1000 Years (Commander Tom Mix) (11)
06. MANIAC PSYCHOS - Darkness
07. DYNAMIC D's - Dynamic Power (Kraft Mix) (12)
08. STORMRIDER - You Are All Under My Command
09. JB BASS & NXP - Ride Headz
10. DJ SLIDEOUT - Leave Us Alone
11. DEAZ D - 2Night Is The Night
12. CLADIV - Last Train To Italy (Montorsi Remix)
13. BLUTONIUM BOY - Follow Me (Blutonium Boy Mix)
14. BASS INFERNO INC. - Pornqueen (Mike Nero Harder As Hell Mix) (13)
15. FLASH AMP - The Roots (Mission Club Mix) (14)
16. GROUNDZERO DJ TEAM - Freak The Freaks (Players Tekkno Remix)
17. PIMP HEADZ - We're Back
18. DJ YVES - Total Confusion (Second Confusion)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: MAD ABOUT THE BOY - 11 reviewed on 04/30/04
Label: 2004 Klone Records (England)
Style: Hi Energy / Nrg-Trance / Pop
Index #: CDKOPY 152

MAD ABOUT THE BOY - Volume 11 It's been quite a ride getting to #11 in this highly celebrated series of NRG dance favorites. I have to say, this is the most stunning collection so far in the series. The cool thing is that KLONE RECORDS is now licencing very hot material from other countries as well as their own singles for the collection. Rarely done in the UK, this is a major step forward for this great label. KLONE RECORDS has evolved, and that is why it has survived over a decade in this industry, and made changes where necessary in style, production and business style. As a label in a niche market, NRG - and catering mainly to a Gay clientele; today we see their influence spreading beyond that niche market and into the mainstream markets in dance music. This collection features dynamic TRANCE tracks, hit euro disco hymns and euphoric NRG anthems. A double CD per usual for the series, this one is a stand out. Disc one includes recent smashes such as IMPACT's "Mad World" (Tears For Fears) TRANCE cover, a cover of DIDO's "White Flag" POP hit in EURO TRANCE, the rare 12" mix of "I Will Find You" by German icon MICHAL NICHOLAS, the ANIMOTION signature hit "Obsession" in cover by DEZIRE feat. MASSIVE EGO (as a duet!!!), LIME's #1 HiNRG hit "Guilty" - now by CONTRADICTION, the ultimate 2003/2004 EURO DISCO smash "When I See The Angels Cry" club mix by MARK ASHLEY (from Germany), and FANTASTIQUE's 1989 smash "Mama Told Me", covered by FUTUREFORCE feat. LINDASAY in full one EURO TRANCE brilliance. DISCO two is equally grand musically. The disco features SUZANNE DEE's current smash "Stay", which is an incredible original EURO TRANCE anthem. SCOTT BOLTON gives a new spin on a old favorite by KISS, "I Was Made For Loving You" (this has been done by many group's, but alas this is a refreshing take!!!). CONTRADICTION is back with their fun EURO cover of "Sweet Dreams" which is a perennial fave to cover by euro artists everywhere (I've lost count of how many ‘do' exist today). The dreamy male vocals of MICHAL NICHOLAS return with his massively successful cover of the BETTE MIDLER torch song, "I Deserve You" (from Germany). Fans of the hit movie "Priscilla Queen Of The Desert" will love PRIMERO's latest hit single/cover of "I've Never Been To Me"(a #1 hit ballad in the 80's by CHARLENE). YVONNE LEE returns with her most potent EURO hit since her cover of "Emotion" a couple of years ago, with a cool new original called "Search For The Hero". TAFFY's HiNRG 80's anthem "I Love My Radio" get's a prime update by PRIMERO, and is a tad more infectious than the original; especially if you are mixing a modern set in a club. Let's not forget dear ‘old KYLIE (who seems to be faulting in her new album - stick to the formula biatch!!! - the new album is lame) And DIVA DUETZ feat KELLY MARIE and TINA CHARLES takes one of her "Light Years" hit singles and reinvigorates it with a EURO TRANCE over of "Your Disco Needs You". This mix is far superior to KYLIE's, which I felt was rather lame, and will instantly fill a dance floor where the original was played. Again, this is an advance for this series, and with such tracks as the aforementioned MARK ASHLEY extreme anthem (and not a cover!!!), I expect this to be their most successful ever for a compilation. They are taking the best from all regions, and putting them together in these compilations. You'll flip over the content if you love fine EURO ENERGY club music. Very hot release!!!

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Reviewed by JASON DAVIS
EuroNRG Section
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CD 1
01. IMPACT - Mad World (Futureforce Euro Vocal Mix) (1)
02. PRIMERO - White Flag (Futureforce Euro Vocal Mix) (2)
03. MICHAL NICHOLAS - I Will Find You (3)
04. DEZIRE feat. MASSIVE EGO - Obsession (Fatal Attraction Mix)
05. CONTRADICTION - Guilty (Futureforce Euro Vocal Mix)
06. MARK ASHLEY - When I See The Angels Cry (Club Mix) (4)
07. TERESA MARIE - Walk Of Life (Boyz With Toyz Mix)
08. KAREN NOBLE - I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten
09. FUTUREFORCE feat. LINDSEY - Mama Told Me (5)

CD 2
01. SUZANNA DEE - Stay (Saint 12" Mix) (6)
02. SCOTT BOLTON - I Was Made For Lovin'You
03. CONTRADICTION - Sweet Dreams (Futureforce Euro Vocal Mix)
04. MICHAL NICHOLAS - To Deserve You
05. PRIMERO - I've Never Been To Me (Futureforce Euro Vocal Mix)
06. YVONNE LEE - Search For The Hero (Northernbeat 12" Mix)
07. PRIMERO - I Love My Radio (Futureforce Euro vocal Mix)
08. IMPACT - If You Come To Me (Futureforce Euro Vocal Mix)
09. DIVA DUETZ feat. KELLY MARIE AND TINA CHARLES - Your Disco Needs You (Fairlite 12" Mix)
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Title: Trancemaster 4001 reviewed on 04/28/04
Label: 2004 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Big Room Trance
Index #: 302 4121-2

TRANCEMASTER 4000 Just after two month next release from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS "Trancemaster 4001" is on the market. I have said it before, and I will repeat it again. This is the series for all of you serious club goers and DJs looking for some hot mixes ready to be spin at the club. This brand new double CD offering contains 22 tracks mastered as usually by PULSEDRIVER. I am sure most of you are familiar with this series since I am reviewing every single release for many years in a row. This volume's selections is again a superb and music absolutely stunning. Interesting thing is that several tracks are either remixed or composed by NU NRG (Andrea Ribeca & Giuseppe Ottaviani). This influencial Italian TRANCE group surfaced already around 2000, but after joining PAUL VAN DYK's label VANDIT it receives more and more exposure and gaining recognition as a very interesting and original TRANCE / GOA TRANCE project. As a matter many envision them as currently THE BEST TRANCE duo on the market. Speaking of NU NRG, their mix of G&M PROJECT's "Sunday Afternoon" starts first CD. Beautifully arranged big room intoxicating TRANCE fare to start the electronic adventure you will encounter listening to entire offering. Next is "Electronic Eclipse" by PUSH. I am used to their aggressive sound, however in this tune they softened a bit. It still sports beautiful and lucious synth work but rather on the chill-out teritory. Excellent TRANCE trip that will send some chills into your spine. "Swallow Your Pain" by 2 PLAYERS starts speeding things up. Dazzling spacey TRANCE fare on the up beat side with haunting female narrative section. New from SVENSON is here - "Sunlight Theory" (check the VIDEO clip to this track in our VIDEO section). This compilation features O-Zone remix, that falls into AMBIENT category, there are other remixes of this tune on the market that are more powerful. However, climate-wise this one has no match. This first CD closes another NU NRG remix; "Pure Thrust" by BASIC DOWN. Yet another sparkling charmer equipped with impressive EPIC TRANCE credential. The second CD starts with NU NRG own tune: "Connective" released also as a single back in 2003. An excellent uplifting TRANCE tune with energy and angelic strings throughout. Next is excellent TRANCE tune from February 2004: "The Search For Freedom" by Dutch project ACTIVE SIGHT. FIRE & ICE is featured twice on this compilation. The first CD had their "Para Siempre" and the second CD has "Samoa". Both tunes were releases on a one single in January 2004. Both are equally impressive club-oriented big room TRANCE fares. Among another excellent tunes are "Kilimanjaro" by FIREWALL (written and produced by LANGE; one of the best producers in the UK scene who pioneering uplifting and emotionally charged melodic sound), representing German TRANCE scene "Elements" by ALIAS, "Ilios" by BLAIR BITCH in gorgeous EPIC TRANCE style or an eclectic TRANCE fare "Kallocain" by ENDRE (a Swedish project of ... 17 years old Alex Sjöström) with very special laidback feel and impressive impact for dance floor. Taken together a great set of TRANCE club tunes previously available only on vinyls. Now you have set to play and impress your crowd. I prepared mix with 14 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the sound and get this offering. You will not be sorry!

CD 1
01. G&M PROJECT - Sunday Afternoon (Nu NRG Mix) (1)
02. PUSH - Electric Eclipse (2)
03. TERRY BONES feat. FRED BAKER pres. WATERPLANET - Return To Innocence
04. 2PLAYERS - Swallow Your Pain (3)
05. RAH - Pole Position (Airbase Remix) (4)
06. FIRE & ICE - Para Siempre
07. SVENSON - Sunlight Theory (O-Zone Mix) (5)
08. CLIMAX 69 - Ambience (Original NYC Mix) (6)
09. RANK 1 - It's Up To You (Symsonic) (Dub Vocal Mix)
10. VOI - Journey To Paradise (NU NRG Mix)
11. BASIC DAWN - Pure Thrust (NU NRG Mix) (7)
CD 2
01. NU NRG - Connective
02. ACTIVE SIGHT - The Search For Freedom (9)
03. FIRE & ICE - Samoa (14)
04. FIREWALL - Kilimanjaro (8)
05. ALIAS - Elements (10)
06. BLAIR BITCH - Ilios
07. RAH - Wave (Airbase Original Mix) (13)
08. ENDRE - Kallocain (Robert Nickson Mix)
09. ALEX BARTLETT - R.A.C. (11)
10. SUBSUNDAY - So Good (DJ Cor Fijneman Outstanding Remix) (12)
11. CATFISH - Outside World
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: CREAM OF THE CLUBS 2004 reviewed on 04/28/04
Label: 2003 ZYX / Dance Street / House Nation (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: HN 73084-2
CREAM OF THE CLUBS 2004 This offering comes from HOUSE NATION / DANCE STREET label under the wings of ZYX. Dated as 2003, was actully released in January 2004. "Cream Of The Clubs 2004 " is a 40 track, double CD compilation labeled as "the best club-tracks". It delivers club sound, true! However, in most cases you offered radio versions, so DJs unlikely find this compilation of use in their sets. "Regular" listeners might not mind. In spite of this "club" label I find this comiplation rather commercial. My understanding is that it sells well. I am not surprised. The strength of this compilation is determined by the track selection. Virtually every current DANCE style is featured. First CD starts with "clubbish" version of "Ooops Up" by SNAP! vs. DJ TOMEKK feat. NG3. This one is rather HIP HOP trip to HOUSE music if you will. Commercially viabile, musically horrific. It is getting better though. Next tuneis just "Alone" by MARIO LOPEZ in it's Special Radio & Video Edit. You know this TRANCE marvel already so no comment. Good catch. DJ FRANKIE JONES brings back 2 UNLIMITED hit "Let The Beat Control Your Body". This is rather "loose" interpetation. You will recognize the track if you know original, but it has been insulted by rather generic TECHNO sound and male rapping that does not feel too good. For some true club HOUSE sound turn to "Come On Over" by JOHN SILVER. VOCAL TRANCE? Sure! Why not! The choice went for now pretty "overplayed" "Scream For More" by KATE RYAN. Remakes? No problem. How about MASTERBOY's "Feel The Heat Of The Night 2003"? Yeah! First CD features SPECIAL D. mix of this fare. This young and now quite popular German DJ likes "remakes" and add his own HAPPY TECHNO sound. Among the generic sound I found an interesting fare by BAYGROOVE feat. LAGUNA "The Promised Land". I had hard time to place it in terms of genre. It has EURO music line, female VOCAL TRANCE and speed of HARDCORE. A unique combination, that made this trask standing out. The second CD offers similar variety as the first one. Starts with energetic "Da Beat Goes" in "reanimated" version by DJ RED 5 vs. MC MIKER G. The "reanimation" processing of this tune did not do significant damage. You will be able to recognize the original sound that in my opinion is timeless. Among interesting tracks on this second CD I found "Another Day" by DREAMFORCE. While it is yet another played-to-death generic VOCAL TRANCE, it has some interesting music line and challenging bassline section. Worth of mentioning are also TRANCE fares "Total Revelation" by SOLAR GATE and "Didn't Know" by DECAY. Taken together you are being offered a commercial double CD compilation with good choices of music. I have prepared sound sampler featuring 16 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the sound and decide.

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CD 1
01. SNAP! VS. DJ TOMEKK feat. NG3 - Ooops Up! (Radio Version)
02. MARIO LOPEZ - Alone (Special Radio & Video Edit) (1)
03. DJ FRANKIE JONES - Let The Beat Control Your Body
04. JOHN SILVER - Come On Over (Radio Edit)
05. JAN WAYNE - Love Is A Soldier (Radio Edit)
06. CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD - Flying High (Radio Edit)
07. KATE RYAN - Scream For More (Radio Edit 2002)
08. 666 - Insanity (Flashback Edit) (2)
09. STARSPLASH - Endless Fantasy (Radio Edit) (3)
10. BENASSI BROS.feat. SANDY - Illusion (Sfaction Mix) (4)
11. STACCCATO - Move Your Body (Special D. Edit)
12. BOOTZ - Love You More (5)
13. AUDREY - Why (Barrucco's Original - Radio Edit) (6)
14. MASTERBOY - Feel The Heat Of The Night 2003 (Special D. Edit)
15. AYU - M (Tectronic Shift vs. André Visior Remix Edit) (7)
16. MANEELA - I'm Falling (Sonic Dezignaz Radio Mix A) (8)
17. BAYGROOVE feat. LAGUNA - The Promised Land (Radio Edit) (9)
18. BAD BOYZ DJ TEAM - Enola (Radio Bass In Your Face Remix)
19. PIERRE PULSAR - Calling (Radio Mix) (10)
20. JOJO - If You Ever (Radio Edit)
CD 2
01. DJ RED S vs. MC MIKER G. - Da Beat Goes - Reanimated (Radio Edit)
02. STEVE MURANO - Passion (Radio Edit)
03. WICKED PLASTC - God Is A Zilla (Steve Burnette Radio)
04. DREAMFORCE - Another Day (Radio Edit) (11)
05. KLUBBINGMAN - No Limit (On The Beach) (Axel Coon Radio Edit)
06. JORDAN & BAKER - Millions (Seikos E2 Radio Edit)
07. CABA KROLL WITH LAURENTIU DUTA - I Can See The Light (Original Radio Edit)
08. SOLAR GATE - Total Revelation (Arrowhead Remix) (12)
09. DECAY - Didn't Know (13)
10. DJ SCRUFF vs. NIGHT X-PRESS - Shake Your Ass (Radio Edit)
11. BACKSIDE ARTIST - Puff'n Punks (Backside Radio Edit)
12. DJ TRANSFORMER - Brainshaker (Radio Edit)
13. NICCI VERSACI - Back To Bass (Club Mix Short)
14. CLUBBTICKET - You Got Me (Club Edit)
15. ÜBERDRUCK - Drugface
16. DJ RPM - Yo Hey! The Bass (Radio Edit)
17. SUNBEAM - Watching The Stars (Single Cut)
18. NORMAN PARIS - Your Life (Club Mix) (14)
19. LACUNA - Celebrate The Summer (15)
20. JMK! Meets PIT BAILAY - 41 Days (16)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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