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Title: IN TRANCE WE TRUST 010 - Collector's Editions 1 reviewed on 11/29/04
Label: 2004 In Trance We Trust / Black Hole Recording (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: ITWT 010CD

IN TRANCE WE TRUST 010 - Collector's Edition 1 I have been reviewing releases on IN TRANCE WE TRUST series for several years. Granted, not that many were released (totaling 10 with presented one), but they always were of superb qualities. Each of them usually featured set of one of either famous or incoming to fame Dutch DJs. Presented today is the first double CD entitled "Collector's Edition 1". First CD features 13 unmixed quality TRANCE club tracks. The music on this CD is very compelling and stimulating. "Monkey Forest" by MIDWAY is a starter for this CD. Beautifully crafted with textured somehow quasi-HOUSE interpretation fused with ambient feel. This great combination of soaring synths and ambient climate is present in many featured tunes such as "Symbols" by FICTIVISION vs. C-QUENCE or "Clubbin' On Sunshine" by SVENSON to name the few. True connoisseurs of dramatic TRANCE will find themselves at home with such marvels as "Conspiracy Of Sound" by SFINX, "Air Of Love" by VECTOR 7 and "Hands Of Faith" by IMPACT. Simply marvellous CD. Second CD contains 16 tunes mixed by DJ COR FIJNEMAN previously featured separately in this series. Very interesting set indeed and perfectly mixed. Tracks are interchange flawlessly. True masterpiece of club mixing. MusicallyCOR went few steps ahead. We don't have here just plain TRANCE sound but rather journey through electronica. "Wings Of Love" by SCOOP opens this set as hot and percolating synth-driven monster. Journey continues with rather rhythmic "Ease Your Mind" by CERES. Fans of JAN JOHNSTON will appreciate her remix of "Gothic Dreams" by DAWNSEEKERS and her appearance in DJ CON FIJNEMAN very own "Venus (Meant To Be Your Lover)". Speaking of COR he also features his other own tune in this set entitled "Exhibition". Quite expierence if you will. Epic circuit masterpiece with it's soaring melody, gorgeous keyboards, haunting bits and dazzling synth lines. Masterpiece as a whole. Taken together, if you are devoted to quality club TRANCE sound, this is a great release to have. It is not cheap since at the time this review is written dollar sinks, but you cannot buy quality cheap unless you steal it, which I know you would never do. For the sound sampler I have chosen 12 tunes taken from both CDs. There was no original mixing retained in tracks taken from COR mix. For time being enjoy the music and get this one.


01. MIDWAY - Monkey Forest (1)
02. FICTVISION vs. C-QUENCE - Symbols (2)
03. SAN Feel - My Love
04. SVENSON - Clubbin' On Sunshine (Abnea Remix) (3)
06. DANCE NATION - Sunshine (Original Vocal Mix)
07. SFINX - Conspiracy Of Sound
08. VECTOR 7 - Air Of Love (4)
09. TANGLED UNIVERSE - Next Victim (5)
10. IMPACT - Hands Of Faith (6)
11. MESH - Purple Haze
12. FLOWERCHILD feat. WRAY - Captivated

01. SCOOP - Wings Of Love
02. CERES - Ease Your Mind (7)
03. THE QUEST - C Sharp (8)
04. LOOP CONTROL - Exceptionally Beautiful
05. IMPACT - Kemistry (9)
06. THREESOME - Gobi (10)
07. TANGLED UNIVERSE - Message From The Universe
08. DAWNSEEKERS - Gothic Dream (Jan Johnston Remix)
09. RALPHIE B. - Massive
10. DENZEL D. - A Binary Star
11. MESH - Persuasion
12. DJ COR FIJNEMAN - Exhibition (11)
13. MIDWAY - Inca
14. KING OF CLUBS - Revelation (Airwave Remix) (12)
15. DJ COR FIJNEMAN feat. JAN JOHNSTON - Venus [Meant To Be Your Lover] (Tiėsto Remix)
16. YEHEL & EYAL BARKAN - Voyage (Magikal Remake)
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Title: IN TRANCE WE TRUST 009 - DJ MARK NORMAN -reviewed on 11/29/04
Label: 2004 In Trance We Trust / Black Hole Recording (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: ITWT 009CD
IN TRANCE WE TRUST 009 - DJ MARK NORMAN Another review from IN TRANCE WE TRUST series. As I have mentioned above several previous releases featured mixes by such Dutch Djs as DJ COR FIJNEMAN, MISJA HELSLOOT, DJ TON T.B. Reviewed today volume 9 features mix done by DJ MARK NORMAN. This project of MARK DE JONG and NORMAN LENDEN is being recognised as a team of two of the hottest artists around, with their unique sound and technical ability. They authored some huge club tunes such as "Overkill", "Stream" or "Phantom Manor", and only the latter one is featured in this set. You will be delighed to have delivered to you package full of rich in fat big room TRANCE tunes. Educated clubbers will have joy with "Passion" by RE:LOCATE. Top not TRANCE fare that kick ass. "The Silver Lining" by PRIMER is perfect coninuation of this mood with it's own set of driving beats and epic, sweeping synth lines. Even more dramatic is "Return To Innocence" by TERRY BONES vs. FRED BAKER pres. WATER PLANET. This is obviously not a new tune, but I am sure that featured Mr. Sam's Tears In Heaven interpretation will not only bring memory but will provide some additional flavor that was missed in original mix. Also TIESTO feat. BT is here with "Love Comes Again" in MARK NORMAN own remix that adds additional drama which makes this melodic TRANCER even more desirable for club dance floor. Actually MARK NORMAN authored also other remix on this CD - "Forever" by SMITH & PLEDGER. Yet another highlighter for this set. The female vocals are gorgeous, as are the soaring synth lines and peak-hour, floor-packing rhythm structure. I am sure you will find this mix both entertaining and engaging. DJ MARK NORMAN delivers fully blown club mix with 15 tunes of exceptional quality. Get this release and to spice your apetite listen to a mix containing 9 tunes taken from this offering. Original mix was not retained. Enjoy!

01. DJ DANJO & ROB STYLES - Duende (1)
02. RE:LOCATE - Passion (2)
03. PRIMER - The Silver Lining
04. THREE DRIVES - Signs From The Universe
05. TERRY BONES vs. FRED BAKER present WATER PLANET - Return To Innocence (Mr Sam's Tears In Heaven Interpretation) (3)
06. MOJADO feat. MR SAM - Naranja
07. TIĖSTO feat. BT - Love Comes Again (Mark Norman Remix)
08. ALEXANDER GUSTAFF - Sex Machine (Mark Norman Remix)
09. STARR - Sunstroke (8)
10. MIDWAY - Amazon (MESH Remix) (4)
11. CHOOPIE & SHMUEL - Sunrising (5)
12. CERN - The Message (Northern Remix) (6)
13. G&M PROJECT Sunday - Afternoon
14. SMITH & PLEDGER - Forever (Mark Norman Vocal Mix) (71)
15. MARK NORMAN - Phantom Manor (9)

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Title: Trancemaster 4004 reviewed on 11/22/04
Label: 2004 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Big Room Trance
Index #: 302 4124.2

TRANCEMASTER 4004 Yet another quality release on VISION SOUNDCARRIERS in their signature "Trancemaster" series. "Trancemaster 4004" was released in November 2nd, 2004. I probably no longer have to recommend this series to anyone, because you know that the quality of TRANCE sound in each and every issue is simply outstanding. This double CD brings 22 tunes club tunes from various labels mastered by PULSEDRIVER into this set. First CD starts with "The Timelord" by SIGNUM. This project usually delivers wonderful sound. You are getting chunk of masterfully crafted big room TRANCE flipped with some CHILL OUT feel. Positevely breath-taking fare. New FERRY CORSTEN's tune "Sweet Sorrow" is delivered in Thrillseekers remix. FERRY recently departed from mainstream TRANCE and went into more UNDERGROUND territory. I don't know how original version sounds like, but Thrillseekers remix is simply gorgeous, electronic fireball to tickle your mind and liquid synthesizers are simply stunning. Speaking of THE THRILLSEEKERS, don't miss their own production "Newlife" featured in this compilation. Lange Mix of this tune delivers a wild powerhouse of pure, galloping synths. Very aggressive and beautiful. If you like TIESTO's "Adaggio" you will love "The Orange Theme" by MARTIN ROTH & FRANK ELLRICH. This fare is done in exactly same BIG ROOM TRANCE style with incredibly powerful synths that are dominating throughout. "I Kill For You" by ENDRE represents Scandinavian TRANCE flavor. This tune would actually fit pretty well into NEW AGE category. Majestic, powerful synths and engaging melody line. Vincent De Moor's Mix of "Pictures" by JAN VAYNE, is an outstanding example of high flying strings that mysteriously moves you into heavenly climate. "Ftp://013.07.974" by KINDERVATER is aggressive club pounder. Interesting piano section calms you down somewhere in the middle, but only for a split second. Second CD starts with "Don't Break My Heart" by DJ COR FIJNEMAN feat. ROMY. Well... COR goes NRG TRANCE style in this one. It is dangerous blend of fierce TRANCE and quasi-pounding EURO. I am not sure what to think. Not exactly fulfilling for me. I expected something more from this talented Dutch DJ. On the top of it ROMY's voice sounds like a HOUSE reject. In contrary, female vocals in "Monsun" by MONSUN adds to this bright, synth-driven electronica. This is very interesting tune. It has TRANCE it has TRIBAL it has lotsa DRUMS and angelic synth work. What a combo?! Outcome to frenzy every dance floor. Guaranteed. You gotta get this one. The sound sampler I made features 12 tunes taken from both CDs, but trust me it doesn't do the judgement. It is very hard to get some representing parts since many tunes are changing pace and rarely repeats. Once you will listen the original CDs you will understand! For now enjoy the sound.

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CD 1
01. SIGNUM - The Timelord (Original Mix) (2)
02. FERRY CORSTEN - Sweet Sorrow (Thrillseekers Remix)
03. MARTIN ROTH & FRANK ELLRICH - The Orange Theme (Martin Roth Mix) (4)
04. AYU - Naturally (Extended Instrumental Mix)
05. ENDRE - I Kill For You (Original Mix) (1)
06. THE THRILLSEEKERS - Newlife (Lange Mix) (3)
07. VAN EYDEN feat. SUSANNE WEBB - The 1 (DJ Precision Somatic Sense Remix) (6)
08. JAN VAYNE - Pictures (Vincent De Moor Mix) (5)
09. PLUTONIC - Genesis (Light Speed Mix)
10. KINDERWATER - FTP://013.07.974 (Original)
11. DERB - Lost In Space
CD 2
01. DJ COR FIJNEMAN feat. ROMY - Don't Break My Heart (Extended Club Mix)
02. MONSUN - Monsun (Original Mix) (7)
03. SUBOTA - Cast Away (Infuntheria Mix) (11)
04. FRACTAL STRUCTURE - Lost Sequence (10)
05. PRIMER - Everlast (Fire & Ice Remix)
06. FINAL & SYLAS - Classic Wave (Original) (8)
07. SIGNUM - First Strike (Signal 2004 Remake) (12)
08. VENOM pres. KASUMA - Witness (9)
09. BLAIR BITCH - Doors Of Perception
10. TUNE UP! - Start The Game
11. SFX - Makes It Different
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Title: Trancemaster 4003 reviewed on 10/03/04
Label: 2004 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Big Room Trance
Index #: 302 4123.2

TRANCEMASTER 4003 I am presenting two recent releases from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS in their very popular "Trancemaster" series. "Trancemaster 4003 " was released in August 23rd, 2004 (and next volume is soon to be released in November 2). As always with this series you are exposed to quality club sound from TRANCE/TECHNO vicinity. This double CD offers 22 tunes mastered by PULSEDRIVER. The selection is outstanding and sound is haunting. First CD starts with TIESTO anthem "Adagio For Strings". My personal favorite for last several months. This beautiful fare delivers nostalgy and energy. Seems to be ambivalent in climate, but it is not exactly it. These moods crossover between in each and delivers such a wounderful experience you will not be able to forget. Truly a masterpiece of BIG ROOM TRANCE. Quite consistently you are exposed to this type of TRANCE throughout both CDs. I really love this particular sound because it really makes me feel to enter another world, where the sound is the air. I was very pleased to see once again few tracks either composed or remixed by today's mmost advanced Italian TRANCE group: NU NRG. First we have their remix of "The Eternal" by JOSE AMNESIA. Absolutely stunning combination of vicious synths with piano section. Combination that this projects mastered to a highest level. Wonderfully crafted tune to die for. "Free Fall" is NU NRG very own composition. This is rather an AMBIENT TRANCE tunes with very interesting sound hooks and elements. Very majestic and incredibly arranged. A powerful fare to drive club floor nuts. NU NRG also has on second CD another tune "Ecllisse". This is very down tempo fairytale like tune. Perfect finish after upbeat trip to ethereal fantasy. If you like SVENSON & GIELEN, you have some material from them. First is SVENSON's own "Inside Outside". Galloping, thundering TRANCE with big, beautiful synthesizers gliding skyward. Later come SVENSON & GIELEN's Mix of "Waves Of Love" by CYBER X feat. J. WATLEY. Less aggressive, and starts from IBIZA territory to advance as full blown big room TRANCE to die for. Second CD start's with "The Anthem 2004" from SENSATION event. Yet another anthemic big room TRANCE production with mood intensified when track progresses. Gregorian chant in this OPERA TRANCE fare has been borrowed from CARL ORFF. The second CD sports some interesting experimentation with electronica. "Requiem" by JEZPERS has limited TRANCE base but enlightened with some TECHNO-HOUSE styled production and NEW AGE drama. Listening to this fare provides you with multilayered electronica you can only encouter when you will own this set. It is true also for remaining set of tunes. I really cannot go through all the titles but if you are owner of their prevous volumes you know that it is a great buy for fans of this style or DJs who are in search of good stuff for their sets. I prepared mix with 11 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the sound and make your judgement.

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CD 1
01. TIĖSTO - Adagio For Strings
02. JOSE AMNESIA - The Eternal (NU NRG Remix) (2)
03. SVENSON - Inside-Outside (3)
04. ABSOLUTE - New Horizons (4)
05. MAHARISHI - Sonic Breeze
06. NU NRG - Free Fall
07. ABOVE & BEYOND feat. ZOE JOHNSTON - On One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
08. JVD - From Russia With Love (Original Mix) (5)
09. CYBER X feat. J. WATLEY - Waves Of Love (Svenson & Gielen Mix) (6)
10. VAN DER KARSTEN - C.R.Y. (7)
11. SEAN WALSH - Time Lapse
CD 2
01. SENSATION - The Anthem 2004 (1)
02. JEZPER - Requiem (8)
03. RANDY KATANA - In Silence (Txitxarro Mix)
04. MIKE KOGLIN vs. DJ UTO - Yoake (Mike Koglin Remix) (11)
05. OLIVER PRIME - Radiance
06. MAGELLAN PROJECT - Dive Theme (9)
07. PUSH - Imagine
08. JAN VAYNE - Heaven's Air (Fred Baker & Terry Bones Mix)
09. MIDOR SIX4EIGHT vs. 2XLC - Beyond Earth (Midor & Six4Eight Mix) (10)
10. MENNO DE JONG - Guanxi (Superb Remix)
11. NU NRG - Eclisse
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Title: Trancemaster 4002 reviewed on 10/03/04
Label: 2004 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Big Room Trance
Index #: 302 4122.2

TRANCEMASTER 4002 I am guilty of true delayed review of oustanding "Trancemaster 4002" volume released back in June 07, 2004. One thing that characterized this series is CONSISTENCY. I simply no longer checking what would be on next available album from this series, I simply buy it blindly. There was no single dissapointing issue since I started collecting them (from vol 2006). This volume is no different. Once again you are being presented with 22 full blown, club-oriented, mostly TRANCE tune mastered by PULSEDRIVER. Like previous volumes this one also is a source of full extended version of tunes that are either stricly available as vinyls for DJs or were part of mainstream commercial TRANCE yet made to clubs. is on the market. Good example of this commercial tunes are "Holding Onto Nothing" by AGNELLI & NELSON feat. AUREUS in Original Paul Van Dyk Remix or Extended Mix of "Turn It Around" by 4STRINGS. First CD is loaded with some excellent club fares. We have here "Breaking The Silence" by J (JEZPER SÖDERLUND), 24 year old DJ from Gotenburg in Sweden, know as part of other Swedish project AIRBASE. His style combines groovy HOUSE influenced TECHNO and straight uplifting TRANCE with elements of PROGRESSIVE beats here and there. I have said it before, and I will repeat it again. You can hear it in this track where the pandemonium of electronica reached climax as well as on yet another of his tune featured in this volume "Monastery Hill". His remix as AIRBASE of "Nothing To Loose" by JARON INC. on second CD is timeless Fans of OCEANLAB wil lbe delighted by "Satellite" in extraordinary mix by ABOVE & BEYOND. I really like their remixes, they added to this tune even more energy and drama as they always do in their remixes. Another fantastic tune is "A Leaden Day" by ALBERT VORNE in heartbreaking mix by M.I.K.E. Simply entertaining glorious, soaring synth extravaganza with some AMBIENT flavor embedded. Taken together a great set of TRANCE club tunes previously available only on vinyls. Quality club sounds continues with other tunes such as "Emotikon" by RYAN G. in Miika Kuisma Remix. Storming, synth-driven powerhouse with female vocals serving as stopping points to build additional climate. Infectious and mind-stimulating majestic TRANCE. Second CD is equally excellent. "Floor Control" by CASTANEDA delivers phenomenal soaring spirit of electronica within. TRANCE platter with wonderful heights and sparkling synths work. Very similar is next tune "Cruentus" by UNKNOWN SOURCE. If you liked GOURYELLA, this is almost exactly the same thing. Majestic TRANCE to the maximum. Taken together this set is for you to enjoy no matter who you are (of course if you like this style). Great tool for DJs as well. The mix I prepared features 14 tunes taken from both CDs. Support the music and buy this extraordinary compilation.

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CD 1
01. SCOTT BOND vs. SOLAR STONE - Naked Angel (Jussi Polet Remix)
02. J. - Breaking The Silence (1)
03. DJ SHOG - Live & Music (Original)
04. AGNELLI & NELSON feat. AUREAS - Holding Onto Nothing (Original Paul Van Dyk)
05. OCEANLAB - Satellite (Original Above and Beyond) (3)
06. SUNDAWNER - Krystal Dreams (Cosmic Man Remix)
07. ALBERT VORNE - A Leaden Day (M.I.K.E. Remix) (4)
08. JEZPER - Monastery Hill (Original Mix)
09. RYAN G - Emotikon (Miika Kuisma Remix) (2)
10. AXEL COON - Lamenting City (Club Mix)
11. TIĖSTO feat. BT - Loves Come Again (Mark Norman Remix)
CD 2
01. 4 STRINGS - Turn It Around (Extended Mix) (5)
02. COSMIC GATE - Tomorrow
03. RONSKI SPEED - E.O.S. (Club Mix)
04. CASTANEDA - Floor Control (Original Mix) (6)
05. UNKNOWN SOURCE - Cruentus (Original Mix) (11)
06. JARON INC. - Nothing To Loose (Airbase Mix) (7)
07. WOODSHOKK - Tulips & Chocolate (Original Mix) (8)
08. TOMMIE - Blue Sky (9)
09. JUSHI - Indica (10)
10. MMDC-MALTE & MARC DE CLARQ - No More Rain (Thomas Datt Mix)
11. THE FREAK - Rising Angel (Original Mix)
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