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Title: Trancemaster 4007 reviewed on 06/27/05
Label: 2005 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Big Room Trance
Index #: 302 4127.2

TRANCEMASTER 4007 In June 2005 VISION SOUNDCARRIERS brought brand new from in their "Trancemaster" series: "Trancemaster 4007". Oh my! What's a marvel. This is truly a piece of TRANCE art to die for. An ubelievable selection and the music journey you will never forget. This double CD sports 22 top-notch club-oriented TRANCE tunes. You will find plethora of fares full of synth driven productions with incredible, mind blowing sound. First CD opens "I Need You" by JOSE AMNESIA vs. FEDO. An ultimate beginning with layers of gorgeous cascading keayboards and lushly uplifting synthesizers for a real anthemic, hands-in-the-air, shirts-off peak-hour treat! ERNESTO vs. BASTIAN delivers VOCAL TRANCE treatment in "Dark Side Of The Moon". Beginning of this fare might be a little bit generic, so you have to give yourself a bit time. Wait until middle section. That's where the BIG ROOM experience really starts! The killer synths will haunt you. Another example of combination when soaring synths, dazzling production and equisite female vocal come together to deliver masterpiece. "Electro Classic" by DJ TATANA take over from rather HARD HOUSE to take flight to more TRANCEY zone. Very dramatic and aggressive tune. Interesting twist is built in orchestration. It is not exactly OPERA TRANCE but it has philharmonic feel in certain sections. Of course where TRANCE we cannot forget about SYSTEM F. FERRY CORSTEN delivers blasting TRANCE composition in "Reaching Your Soul". The beginning has noisy, industrial sound of big machines at works. However, progresses into slamming, beautifully crafted dreamy production. WILL HOLLAND in his "Melodica" brings to live an interesting fusion of piano sections with galloping synths creating controlled pandemonium (hmm... Can pandemonium be controlled?, yeah! At least here it is). What I found interesting about most of the tunes, you really have to wait to a middle section to have true meaning of the song unwind. This tune is no different. Wait until about 4 mins to encounter mind blowing sound experience. Second CD is equally fascinating as the first one. I found here new tune from currently one of my favorite TRANCE producers RON VAN DEN BEUKEN. "Sunset" is exquisite galloping TRANCE fare. Hypnotic synths sweep over the top here in waves of light and beauty as the pulsating bottom line throbs intensely. I also have to recommend "City Of Moving Waters" by DYNNI. Another example of dramatic TRANCE. It has female vocals, but it is not a true VOCAL TRANCE. This female vocals adds simply to a mysterious, multiple-dimensional feel. This one will send you over the edge. To summarize, be preapred for the set you will have hard time to forget. I have prepared the mix containing 12 tunes taken from both CDs. I am sure you will convince yourself, that there is no another night without having this jewel in your collection. For the time being enjoy the sound presented in this sampler.

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CD 1
01. JOSE AMNESIA vs. FEDO - I Need You (Dub Mix) (6)
02. ERNESTO vs. BASTIAN - Dark Side Of The Moon (Viframa Remix) (2)
03. DJ TATANA - Electro Classic (5)
04. BRISKY - Celestial (Joc pres. Mannix Remix)
05. SYSTEM F. - Reaching Your Soul (1)
06. WILL HOLLAND pres. HOLLA - Melodica (Original Mix) (3)
07. STEVE MAY - Blend Forty-3 (Luke Chable Remix)
08. PURPLE HAZE - Adrenaline
09. FRED BAKER vs. NYRAM - Confirmation
10. TRANCE BROTHERS - Per Aspera Ad Astrum
11. NELKA - Beautiful Dawn (Dumonde Dub Remix) (4)
CD 2
01. FIRST & ANDRE - Widescreen (Original Mix)
02. DYNNI - City Of Moving Waters (Robert Gitelman Remix) (7)
03. FILO AND PERI meet MIKE FOYLE - Luana (Original Mix)
04. DAVE 202 pres. THE AVIATOR - Let You Go
05. RON VAN DEN BEUKEN - Sunset (Ron Van Den Beuken Remix) (10)
06. DJ TATANA - Highway (8)
07. M.I.D.O.R. SIX4EIGHT vs. 2XLC - Unity (Midor Six4Eight Mix)
08. STONEFACE & TERMINAL - Sidewinder (Arc In The Sky Version) (9)
09. LANGE pres. FIREWALL - Sincere (Smith & Pledger 2005 Remix)
10. MARCOS - Around In Circles (Part Two) (11)
11. DAVE 202 pres. POWERFACE - Abyss (12)
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Title: Trancemaster 4006 reviewed on 05/18/05
Label: 2005 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Big Room Trance
Index #: 302 4126.2

TRANCEMASTER 4006 Two recent releases from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS in their very popular "Trancemaster" series deserve to be presented. The most recent to day is "Trancemaster 4006". I really had a mind blowing experience when listened to this extraordinary set of 21 tunes. This music is simly incredible. you can play it in the club or basically put the hedphones on, close your eyes, lay down and transport yourself into drama of electronic wonder. "Radiate" by FARAWAY PROJECT will ignite the ride. Epic sound with gorgeous melody, soaring and excititng synthesizers. Work of wonder. Next is "Cloudwalking 2005" by PULSER. The beginning is actually kinda boring, so if you are impatient push the forward botton, but if you do, you will miss the growing drama that encompass this actually smashing fare. It has DREAM section, sound of nature and beauty of silence. What a synth driven masterpiece this one is. ART OF TRANCE brings their recent offering "Moongoose". An interesting combination of cosmic sound and pandemonium of instrumentation. Imagine being in the small room feeling claustrophobic and suddenly space opens so wide that the only visible thing is a endless horizon. That's the feel you wil lencounter listening this tune. "One Million Strings" by SAVON is another example of this sound, yet it has more ENERGY and powerful beat, with very subtle female vocals wandering here and there. One of the most prominent fares from the first CD. "I Feel Wonderful" by COSMIC GATE feat. JAN JOHNSON opens the second CD. JAN JOHNSON is unquestionable a true diva of TRANCE. Her vocals ability are hard to be match and voice is simply captivating. An epic, synth-driven masterpiece from start to finish. You will be mesmerized by hypnotically beautiful melody and mystic climate this fare is anything but short of. After this experience you will increase speed of your engines with "Primal Love" by VEGAN. That will continue with "Eat Dis" by MINDHUNTERS. What a cutting edge TRANCE circuit fare! You will love bells, sound of angels and yet some more hard, down to earth strings. Pounding synths are also present in following "The Example 60" tune by PHOENIXSTAR. For some other top-notch BIG ROOM TRANCE turn to "Picture Of My Life" by DJ DERAVEN (passionate to the bone fare with sizzling beauty), more commercially savvy but still cool "Like A Storm" by ST. TROPEZ CAPS in Dj Peran Mix. Taken together yet another great release from this series. To spice your appetite I prepared a sound sampler with 12 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the sound and get this compilation before it is too late.

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CD 1
01. FARAWAY PROJECT - Radiate (Mystery Islands Remix) (3)
02. PULSER - Cloudwalking 2005 (2)
03. JOHAN GIELEN - Flash
04. ART OF TRANCE - Mongoose (Tektonik Remix) (5)
05. MOOGWAI - Viola 2005 (Tektonik Remix)
07. DJ TATANA - Arabian Nights (4)
08. ACTIVE SIGHT - Adrenalin (Original Mix) (6)
09. DJ MELVIN - Radio (Mac Zimms Remix)
10. SAVON - One Million Strings (Andy Jay Powell Mix) (1)
CD 2
01. COSMIC GATE feat. JAN JOHNSTON - I Feel Wonderful (Cosmic Gates From AM to PM Mix)
02. VEGAN - Primal Love (Original Mix) (7)
03. MINDHUNTERS - Eat Dis (8)
04. PHOENIXSTAR - The Example 60 (Original Mix) (11)
05. JOSH GABRIEL - Alive (Original Mix)
06. EAST COAST - We Are United (Cream Team Remix)
07. DJ DERAVEN - Picture Of My Life (12)
08. ST. TROPEZ CAPS - Like A Storm (DJ Peran Mix) (9)
09. AKKURIA - A Russian Overture (Akkuria Dub)
10. DJ BLACK vs. 1-0-1 - What ?
11. CJ STONE - Satisfy My Love (DJ Shog Remix) (10)
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Title: Trancemaster 4005 reviewed on 05/18/05
Label: 2005 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Big Room Trance
Index #: 302 4125.2

TRANCEMASTER 4005 "Trancemaster 4005" is the first set from this series released in 2005. Expect the ultimate club music full of electronica sound. 22 tunes to set dance floor on fire. If you like TRANCE and magic of synths here you are. The first CD starts with "Ignition, Sequence, Start" by SYSTEM F. Provided Original Extended Mix is poisoned with incredibly high flying synths and dynamics. "Vires" from CYGNIFIC delivers powerfully arranged BIG ROOM TRANCE with galloping notes. Irresistible clubbing experience. "The Passion" by HEMSTOCK + JENNINGS starts with TRIBAL intro and evolves around HOUSE-TECHNO to a certain degree. Another example of exquisite clubbing experience. Middle section is truly unconventional experience. Beauty in it's own. Less known to me RONALD VAN GELDEREN delivers a powerful experience in "Cold Storage". Tunes starts at rather boring pathway, but it changes at the later time to big room play. Cute! "Theme Song" by SANDLER is a chilling experience with some hot edges. Strong, ultra-contemporary rumbling TECHNO-TRANCE if you will. Too bad that "Feel" by DJDAVE 202 pres. IMPAXX is presented in short Original Mix. There must be somewhere remix of it and it should. A wonderful VOCAL TRANCE fare with haunting female vocals that is driving this tune to an unidentified dimension full of mystery and energy at the same time. First CD completes "Just For A Day" by MARCOS. Great melody and production in this package that is essential to any mainstream TRANCE-oriented dance floor. Second CD is equally great. No to be missed "Endless" by RON VAN DER BEUKEN. This tune was his signature fare of 2004. Extremely powerful, dynamic BIG ROOM TRANCE with layers of mesmerizing synthesizers gliding gloriously over a wickedly thunderous melodic line. There are many other tunes to fulfill the most desirable taste. Among them new tune from RMB "April", great Vincent De Moor Mix of "Desdemonia" by RASTER, or "Silver Rain" by TATANA. You really will enjoy this volume. No review will do justice to the sound experience, so listen to a mix containing 12 tunes taken from both CDs. Brace for impact, it might be traumatic!

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CD 1
01. SYSTEM F - Ignition, Sequence, Start (Original Extended Mix)
02. CYGNIFIC - Vires
03. DJ TATANA - Sunset Beach
04. HEMSTOCK & JENNINGS - The Passion (Remix) (3)
05. RONALD VAN GELDEREN - Cold Storage (1)
06. MICHAEL WOODS - The 25th Hour
07. LEON - Passionate (Original Mix)
08. SANDLER - Theme Song (Sandler Remix) (2)
09. M.I.D.O.R. & SIX4EIGHT - Mirage
10. DJDAVE202 pres. IMPAXX - Feel (Original Mix) (4)
11. MARCOS - Just For A Day (5)
CD 2
01. RANDY KATANA - Fancy Fair 2005
02. RASTER - Desdemonia (Vincent De Moor Original Mix) (8)
03. ABSOLUTE - Day Dream
04. YVES DERUYTER - Born Slippy
05. RMB - April (12)
06. TATANA - Silver Rain (9)
07. SOREN WEILE - Riot (7)
08. HUMAN EVOLUTION - Glide Slope (11)
09. RON VAN DER BEUKEN - Endless (4 Clubber Remix) (6)
10. PERVADING CALL - No Time To Rest (Ase Da Brain Mix) (10)
11. MIKE KOGLIN - The Silence (Matt Darey Tekara Remix)
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