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(October - December 2005)


January - September

Title: Summer Megamix 2005 reviewed on 10/17/05
Label: 2005 More Music / Edel (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: 0000582MOM
Summer Megamix 2005 Many of you are familiar with great bootlegs from DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33. Now, as you know they do legit work. As a results there are several series they author. Example is this hot seller, top notch dance compilation "SUMMER MEGAMIX 2005" released back in July 2005. As the name of the compilation indicates this release was just to have your summer time filled with great dance tunes. Well... I know I am late with introducing it to you, but trust me. It will work great for colder nights of Autumn and will warm you during Winter time. This release is a double CD compilation featuring 71 tunes. DJ DEEP have chosen DANCE tunes from various genres. They are simply fan to listen to and dance to. Perfect to have with you in your car or to have as party aid. If you like ELECTRONICA ala BENASSI BROS, "No Milk Today" by ROYAL GIGOLOS is for you. If you like "updated" sound of some classics, you should like "One Night In Bangkok" by VINYLSHAKERZ, "Popcorn" by WARM UP (no it is not by notorious CRAZY FROG), or done in TECHNO/TRANCE classic Russian folk song "Kalinka". There is even HERMES HOUSE BAND (very famous in 70's and 80's) with updated "Hit The Road Jack" megahit. There some galloping TRANCE hits such as "Por Qe No" by UNITED BEATS for example. There are also some BEAT BREAK /HIP HOUSE / R&B tunes such as "Booty Killer" by MR. Z or "Jingo's Theme" by DAVID FASCHER feat. FREEMAN & LINCOLN to name the few. HAJDUCII (famous because of "Dragostea Din Tei" tune) is back with interesting but not exactly hit material "Nara Nara Na Na". BOOM BOX vs. LINDA is cashing on O-ZONE's popularity by recording in the similar style "Balla Da Li". It is pointless to present each song, but you got an idea. Melting pot of true, pure dancing experience. I prepared extended sound sampler with 17 tunes taken from both CD. I did not make any cuts from original length of each title featured and mixing was retained. Get this set ASAP.

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CD 1
01. VIRUS INCORPORATION - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
02. ROYAL GIGOLOS - No Milk Today
03. VINYLSHAKERZ - One Night In Bangkok
04. ROYAL MELODY - Blinded By The Light
05. FREELOADERS feat. THE REAL THING - So Much Love To Give
06. MICHAEL GRAY - The Weekend
07. INFERNAL - From Paris To Berlin
08. CARMEN - Ritmo De La Noche
09. JOHN MORLEY - Brothers & Sisters
10. DOUBLE P. - Sex & Rum
11. GINA T. - U Got What U Want
12. THE WIRE- U & I
13. PARIS AVENUE - I Want You
14. BASS BUMPERS - The Music's Got Me
15. 3RD BOULEVARD - Drive
16. DANCEFLOOR SAINTS - Mr. Tambourine Man
17. L.A. HOPE feat. KINCADE - Dream Are Ten A Penny (Jenny Jenny)
18. WARM UP - Popcorn (1)
19. PARTY FACTORY - Kalinka (2)
20. MURPHY BROWN - Don't Stop The Rock (3)
21. JET SET - In The Name Of Love (4)
22. UNITED BEATS - Por Que No (Alex Megane Radio Mix) (5)
23. DIAMOND - Reason (6)
24. JAN WAYNE - Mad World
25. FREDDY FADER - The Sun
26. CASCADA - Everytime We Touch
27. BRISBY & JINGLES - We All Love Disco
28. MYSTERIO - Everlasting Love 2005
29. MISTER ROKK feat. FANCY - Slice Me Nice
30. SPECIAL D. - Reckless
31. LOFT - Love Can't Be Wrong
32. COYOTE GIRLS - Friday On My Mind
34. BOMBA ROCKERS - Sexy Mama
35. MR. Z - Booty Killer
36. DAVID FASCHER feat. MR. FREEMAN & LINCOLN - Jingo's Theme
CD 2
01. SUNSET STRIPPERS - Falling Stars
02. KENTISH MAN - Easy Lover
04. OLAV BASOSKI - Waterman
05. YAM FOUNDATION feat. IRVIND DOOMES - Don't Mess With My Love
06. SHANA VANGUARD - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
07. GROOVE DELUXE - Learning To Fly
08. T.C. ANGEL - What A Feeling
10. WEATHER GIRLS - Wild Thang
11. LONDONBEAT - Heaven
12. BEAT FACTORY feat. MASSIV 4 - Sugar, Sugar
13. CREAM PARRISH - Out Of The Blue
14. STACCCATO - Changes (7)
15. DELGARDO vs. DJ LASAR - Runaway Train (8)
16. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - Welfare (9)
17. BOOM BOX vs. LINDA -Balla Da Li (10)
18. HAJDUCII - Nara Nara Na Na (11)
19. SYLVER - Love Is An Angel (12)
20. T'PAU - China In Your Hand (13)
21. LAURA BRANIGAN - Gloria 2004
22. NOVASPACE - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
23. DJ SAMMY feat. LOONA - Rise Again
24. SCARF - Hithouse 1
25. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - Summer Of Energy
26. SCALE - Dight
27. FUN BROTHERS - Summer Dreaming
28. 89ERS - Words
30. LONDONBEAT - Busker Mc Gee
31. PAUL CLESS feat. BRIXX - Suavemente
32. FAST'N'SLO - Dance With Us
33. TYRONE T feat. DJ THE WAVE - Splish Splash
34. HERMES HOUSE BAND - Hit The Road Jack
35. BLUE LAGOON - Break My Stride
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Trance Megamix Vol. 5 reviewed on 10/17/05
Label: 2005 More Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT 10160-2
Trance Megamix - Volume 5 Here is the yet another compilation mixed by DJ DEEP entitled "TRANCE MEGAMIX - vol. 5" released on January 31st 2005. I know it was quite long time ago, but I had to present it to you anyway. I hope you already got it, if not, you still might get it from There is brand new vol. 6 released at the end of August which is in the mail, and I promise to review it shortly. So let's come back to volume 5. This double CD set is for all of you who take TRANCE music lightly. Not exactly heavy club, underground style in here. It is simply great "hands-in-the-air" set of 74 TRANCE/VOCAL TRANCE/EURO TRANCE tunes mixed to your dancing and listening pleasure. So SYLVER with "Love Is An Angel" is here, "You Play Me Like A Jojo", an oustanding BIG ROOM TRANCE extravaganza by MARIO LOPEZ is here as well. As a matter of fact it is pointless to name tracks. First they are in very short length (how would you otherwise fit 37 tunes per CD), secondly, the important feature is to retain flawless TRANCE experience. DJ DEEP with choices of tunes, his mixing technique and usage of gingles, simply achieves that in flying colors. I do collect this series, not only because it is done by DJ DEEP, but also because of it's quality. I really like TRANCE music, and this is a light version I carry in my car, when I am driving. I prepared mix with 16 tunes taken from both CD with original length of tracks and mixing retained. Listen to this sampler to get an idea what you are missing from your collection. Enjoy the sound!

CD 1
01. SYLVER - Love Is An Angel
02. MARIO LOPEZ - You Play Me Like A Jojo (Armin & Friends Original Radio Mix) (1)
03. DJ RED 5 - I Love You Stop - Restarted (Radio Edit) (2)
04. RON VAN DER BEUKEN - Endless (3)
05. APOLLO - In My Dreams (4)
06. AYU - Naturally (Wippenberg Remix Reissue Edit)
07. MARTIN ROTH & FRANK ELLRICH - The Orange Theme (Martin Roth Extended)
08. ROBERT NATUS & ARKUS P - Hardcore Salsa (Paffendorf Edit)
09. RU-D - Everybody Jump
10. STACCATO - Changes
11. BULLDOZZER - Face The Base (Pulsedriver Remix) (5)
12. JORN VAN DEYNHOVEN - From Russia With Love (6)
13. MIRCO DE GOVIA - Voller Sterne (Super8 Remix Edit)
14. RANDY KATANA - In Silence
15. RAVE ALLSTARS - More Than Words
16. 4 CLUBBERS - Elements Of Culture
17. SUN:PORT - Abuse (DJ Pontos Remix Cut)
18. ALEX M vs. MARC VAN DAMME - Technodisco (Radio Cut)
19. FREDDY FADER meets LOCANA - Born, Born - Suenan
20. THE REBELS - Jeanny
21. SCINTILATOR - The Festival
22. CORDEROY - Sweetest Dreams (Ferry Corsten Mix)
23. DARK MOON - Hear Me Calling
24. RONSKI SPEED - E.O.S. (Club Edit) (7)
25. CLUBRAIDERS - Move Your Hands (8)
26. GREY & FROST meets XSONIC - What Is Your Pleasure (Grey & Frost Club Mix) (9)
27. CLUBBTICKET - You Got Me
28. MIND ONE feat. ANNKIYA - Only Memories (Vocal Mix)
29. DITO - Island
30. SCARF - Odysee (Plazmatek Radio Mix)
31. GALIMAR - Sunshine On A Rainy Day
32. VAN EYDEN feat. SUSANNE WEBB - The 1 (Radio Mix)
33. A & B BROTHERS feat. SAERO - Domo (Club Mix)
34. ANACONDA - Hear My Sound
35. BONITO & TROOPER - Journey Of Live
36. MIKE MH4 - Invisible (Main Single Vocal Edit)
37. ERIK VEE - Sacred
CD 2
01. TI╦STO feat. KRISTY HAWKSHAW - Just Be
02. ANACONDA - Sound Of Love (Pa Pa Pa) (Staccato vs. Blue Nature Edit)
03. BELUSHI - My First Love ((Alex Megane Radio Edit)
04. ROYAL GIGOLOS - No Milk Today
05. CYBER X feat. JODY WATLEY - Waves Of Love (Green Court Remix)
06. MELLOW TRAX - Hypnotisin'
07. COMMANDER TOM - Attention!
08. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - Silence
09. AVEN - All I Wanna Do (Ferry Corsten Mix)
10. BAD BOYZ DJ TEAM - Ghostbusters 2004
11. ATB - Here With Me
12. NATION GROOVES - The Answer Is: Melody (Wasabi Edit)
14. BASIS 1 - Fly With Me
15. PRINCESS OF TRANCE - Love Me Eternally
16. MAURO PICOTTO - Iguana 2004
17. CAPELLA - U Got 2 Let The Music
18. AKIRA - Piece Of Heaven
19. LYALA - Embrace The Sky
20. PERPETUA feat. KYARA - Second Season (10)
21. ROCCO - One, Two, Three (11)
22. MANYOU - Take Me Home (12)
23. DJ SESSION ONE presents D-WAVE - Why Can't We (DJ Session One Radio Mix) (13)
24. CUBE vs. M-PAYER - Sumiya (14)
25. FLORIDA INC. - I Need Your Lovin
26. QUISTGARO - Future
27. CASCADA - Bad Boy
28. WORLDS feat. LIZZY PATTISON - Wherever You Go (Radio Version) (15)
29. MICHAEL URGACZ vs. SEAN TYAS - 4 Comers (16)
30. DROP KICKS - How You Feel? (Radio Edit)
31. WASABI - Make U Move (Brooklyn Bounce Edit)
32. LUNASPACE - Show Me The Light
33. FUN BROTHERS - Summer Dreaming
34. SPECIAL D. - You
35. STARSPLASH - Hardstyle
37. PUNK BUSTER - What?
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Title: presents MIRROR BALL Anthems reviewed on 10/10/05
Label: 2005 KLONE Records (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: CDKOPY 161
Review: presents MIRROR BALL Anthems This extremely hard for me to review this release because it has our rubber stamp, so I am partial. On the other hand, you should expect great release just because it is rubber stamped by us here in This truly product of love for dance music is brought by UK mega dance label KLONE RECORDS. " presents MIRROR BALL Anthems " is truly a unique release. It showcases 20 full length dance tunes from across the length of Europe. This amazing selection represents hard to find imports both in the UK and here in the US. Among 20 titles on both CDs you will find great sound, great groups. It is truly DANCE POWER PACK to die for. The first CD starts with an ultimate summer anthem "A Day In The Sun" by RIMINI PROJECT. Next is DUSTY SPRINGFIELD's cover of "I Only Wanna Be With You" smash hit done in NRG/HOUSE bouncy style by 2 SMALL DJs. It's fun to see what this classic got transformed to. I am not sure if profanity was a good choice in lyrics, but hey! after all it is remix in 2005. :-). Current EURO/TRANCE trend is represented by "Into A Fantasy" by C-BASE meets DJ TONKA. We have chosen CJ Stone & Mr. Phillips Vocal Club Mix, because of EURO bass lines, haunting melody and angelic female vocals. All these ingredients are must-to-have in this style. Speaking of uplifting EURO/TRANCE, you also have to check "Feel Free" by Austrian MARC KORN. Incredible melody and production. Great dance tune. I have an incredible pleasure to present you SYSTEMS IN BLUE in their track "Winner". Members of this project were behind MODERN TALKING and BLUE SYSTEM. So if you missed the their sound, here is deja vu served on the plate. Stay tuned for the review of their recently released debut album. Speaking or classic NRG sound, there are some other remakes. You should check YAMBOO with their uplifting interpretation of ERASURE's "Oh L'Amour". The first CD completes late LAURA BRANIGAN's with the Hit #1 and her last original hit "The Challenge". "Amazing Life" by DJ BOBO opens equally exciting second CD. Finally we got pure EURO ENERGY fare from this dance icon. Next is "So Many Men So Little Time", probably one of the most famous and love NRG tune from 80's. Italian PREZIOSO & MARVIN gave this immortal track new dimension yet they were able to retain the sophistication of the original sound. Now you are being served this in updated to 2005 NRG/HOUSE combo sound. Immortal "Words" has been brought again to life. This time F.R. DAVID's classic received an amazing, gloriously galloping treatment from German project: 89-ERS. Another "come-back" this time in strong EURO/TECHNO appeal is represented by "Mr. Tambourine Man". This BYRDS classic got a true "face-lift". Hands in the air type of tune you all want to dance to. Other tunes you have to check out are stunningly done "Tears In My Eyes" by DJ RAMON ZERRANO and MARC KORN (very GROOVE COVERAGE alike) , "My World" by emerged from neverland, famous ICE MC and finally, a true NRG anthem in it's 2005 edition "Never Can Say Goodbye" by DISCO diva GLORIA GAYNOR. Inspired EURO TRANCE production brings this classic anthem into modern club world and keep immortal. Taken together, I hope you all will enjoy this set. Big thanks go to JASON DAVIS who was leading this project on side and ANNE PAXTON from KLONE Records who believes in power of dance music and decided to give a green light and sponsor this project. To assure future volumes, the sale of this set must be a success. So support the artists, the music and this site by buying this compilation. We will try our best to bring you the sound you can hardly can get anywhere else. I have prepared extended mix lasting more than 20 minutes and containing 12 tunes taken from both CDs. It is just a sampler thought, nothing will replace the original. For the time being enjoy this mix.

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CD 1
01. RIMINI PROJECT - A Day In The Sun (Sunburn Extended Mix) (2)
02. 2 SMALL DJS - I Only Wanna Be With You (Extended Mix) (6)
03. C-BASE meets DJ TONKA - Into A Fantasy (CJ Stone & Mr Phillips Vocal Club Mix) (5)
04. DJ SATOMI - To Be A Man (TAZ Mix) (1)
05. SYSTEMS IN BLUE feat. DJ MORAZ - Winner (DJ Moraz Club Mix) (3)
06. MARC KORN - Feel Free (Club Mix) (4)
07. ERNEST KOHL - Only You (Robert Oleysyck's Extended Club Mix)
08. YAMBOO - Oh L'Amour (Extended Edit)
09. ELETTROGANG - Once Upon A Time (Club Mix) (7)
10. LAURA BRANIGAN - The Challenge (Club Mix)
CD 2
01. DJ BOBO - Amazing Life (Extended Dance Version)
02. 84 KING STREET - So Many Man So Little Time (Prezioso & Marvin Remix)
03. HOTEL SAINT GEORGE - Looking 4 A Good Time (Bagno Rilassante Rigeneranten) (12)
04. ANN WINSBORN - La La Love On My Mind (Soundfactory Connected Anthem Mix)
05. 89-ERS - Words (Italo Club Mix) (8)
06. DANCEFLOOR SAINTS - Mr Tambourine Man (Offcast Project Remix) (11)
07. DJ RAMON ZERANO & MARC KORN - Tears In My Eyes (X-Mix) (9)
08. ALEX COLE - Life Is For Living (Extended Mix)
09. ICE MC - My World (Mi-To Euro Extended Club Mix) (10)
10. GLORIA GAYNOR - Never Can Say Goodbye 2005 (Plush & Robin Remix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Trancemaster 4008 reviewed on 10/10/05
Label: 2005 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Big Room Trance
Index #: 302 4128.2

TRANCEMASTER 4008 Newest release from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS "Trancemaster 4008" is an instant winner for all of you who are into club oriented TRANCE sound. Set delivers 21 full blow clubbing experience that is unique. Selection is as usually outstanding for this top notch series. First CD starts with "Moonwalk" by T4L. This mind blowing fare dellivers powerfully passionate electronica ready to explode upfront of your face. Beautifully crafted BIG ROOM TRANCE. An excellent beginning for the journey you won't forget. Actually there is also "Perfect Blind" fare by the same project featured on second CD, but this latter one lacks originality, yet still remains a good club experience. ARMIN VAN BUUREN has been featured with his "Zocalo" tune. An interesting, dark fare deeping into TRANCE-land. It does not bring typical gothic sound but rather peaceful, and on the chill-out side melodic baseline. "Static Bullet" by DJ TON T.B. brings galloping electronica underlined by seductive synth work. I like this sound. Would do great in club to put TRANCE crowd to a higher state of unconsciousness if you will. I recommend "Summerscape" track by STONEFACE & TERMINAL. This one is done in almost CATHEDRAL TRANCE style. Very rich and powerfull tune with beauty within. I regret though that this is one of the shortest track from both CDs. It lasts around 4:30 mins and it is not enough. It left me with desire to hear more. "Red Vision" by GENIX falls into category of GOA TRANCE. This very unique underground style is for connoisseurs of TRANCE sound, so is this tune. Incredible synth work and angeli vocal adds the velvet yet sharp feel. Mesmerizing power that takes the electronica to new heights. Next is KENNY HAYES in "Daybreaker". This tune has been remixed by AIRBASE. As much as I listen to TRANCE these days I am having my favorite "remixers". One of them is AIRBASE. They always deliver a hot and particularly impressive TRANCE sound. This is not different. You will love the monsterous track with mind-blowing electronic experience. I love every second of it. The first CD completes with "Trinity" by ACE DA BRAIN. This BIG ROOM TRANCE fare became almost an anthem in TRANCE club scene everywhere. Obscene in it's beauty with lucious hooks and melodic line. Peak-hour monster! The second CD start with "Opus 17" by RANK 1. This tune holds a record in length. It is the longest tune among those featured in both CDs. More than 10 minutes of pure and high quality TRANCE experience. I have to commend RANK 1 for being one of the most interesting and consistent projects in this genre. This fare is truly beautiful. Within 10 minutes you will enounter high speed but also low beat. Mood will change few times. Great club experience. No doubt about it. There are other tunes that I should mention as well, but I am sure you already got an idea whay kind of set you are experiencing. Another great release from this series you cannot miss. For now enjoy sound sampler with mix of 12 tunes taken from both CDs.

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CD 1
01. T4L - Moonwalk (1)
03. DEEP DISH -Say Hello (Angello & Ingrosso Remix)
04. DJ TON T.B. - Static Bullet
05. STONEFACE & TERMINAL - Summerscape (2)
06. GENIX - Red Vision (Karada Remix) (3)
07. PHOTON DECAY - Aura (Original Mix)
08. KENNY HAYES - Daybreaker (Airbase Remix) (5)
09. MIKE FOYLE pres. STATICA - For Your Eyes Only (Orkan Blushes Remix)
10. BALTES & DYLOOT pres. DEEPVOICES - A New Beginning (Original Mix) (4)
11. ACE DA BRAIN - Trinity (Liquid Mix) (6)
CD 2
01. RANK 1 - Opus 17
02. MARK THORNTON - N.Y.S. (Now You See) (Ross Assenheim Remix)
03. MARKUS SCHULZ - First Time
04. HALITE - Extravagance (7)
05. T4L - Perfect Blind (11)
06. DAVE 202 - Get Away (8)
07. PULSER - Point Of Impact (Original Mix) (12)
08. G.D. - Pukaar (Original Mix) (9)
09. DJ TAB - Unforgiven (10)
10. HARRY LEMON - Tiga (Harry's Triple Mix)
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