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Title: A State Of Trance - Year Mix 2005 reviewed on 03/28/06
Label: 2005 MCloud9 Music (The Netherlands)
Style: Trance
Index #: CLDM 300582
A STATE OF TRANCE Year Mix 2005 mixed by Armin Van Buuren I am sure that if you are TRANCE maniac name of ARMIN VAN BUUREN not only rings the bell but most likely brings to your mind the quality TRANCE. ARMIN represents mainstream of Dutch TRANCE at it's best. He does not only make great music, remixing other productions but also is an unbelievably talented DJ. As a matter of fact for last 5 years he runs a very popular radioshow called A STATE OF TRANCE. So every thursday if you can have access to FreshFM radio station you can hear his mixes for 2 hours. Morever, his ASOT (short for "A State of Trance") mixes are played on several Internet based sites. As a matter of fact it is being broadcasted by almost 30 FM stations around the world. So if you are internet saavy, you might catch his mixes. Presented today "A STATE OF TRANCE - Year Mix 2005" is an official mix for ASOT show . This is an incredible offering for all of you who like TRANCE and more PROGRESSIVE sound. ARMIN compiled 2 hours set featuring 82 tunes in one mix (actually 2, because it is double CD comilation - DJ Set). He really had good but also hard time to choose tracks for this release. 2005 was indeed a good year for quality electronic music. So many choices, so little space. When he created this mix titles were selected based on votes from listeners of his weekly ASOT show. So all together you have received very interesting compedium of 2005 ELECTRONICA sound. Great mix and great choices. There is really no reason to single out certain titles from this set. I am sure you will recognize many titles, but some maybe new for you. Yet another reason why to listen to it. You really should own this double CD compilation, if you are not owing it yet already. I have prepared sound sampler with 20 tunes taken from both CDs. I retained the original mixing by ARMIN wherever it was possible. Enjoy the beauty of ELECTRONICA and don't forget to support ARMIN. He is one of the best TRANCE DJs currently playing.

If you want to learn more about ARMIN VAN BUUREN visit his website at:

CD 1
01. INTRO - What The Bleep Do We Know?
02. YILMAZ ATHANAN - Eighties
03. DEEPSKY feat. JESS - Ghost
04. DAVID WEST feat. ANDREAS HERMANSSON - Larry Mountains 54
05. DEEP DISH - Say Hello
06. HODE HOOKERS - Breathe
07. THE DRILL - The Drill
09. D:FUSE feat. JESS - Living The Dream (Matthew Dekay Remix)
10. NIKLAS HARDING pres. ARCANE - Ice Beach
11. ARMIN VAN BUUREN feat. NADIA ALI - Who's Watching (Tonedepth Remix)
12. ANDY MOOR - Halcyon
13. RACHAEL STARR - Till There Was You (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
14. PERASMA - Swing 2 Harmony (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
15. MARKUS SCHULZ & DEPARTURE with GABRIEL & DRESDEN - Without You Near (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
16. ABOVE & BEYOND vs. ANDY MOOR - Air For Life
17. GABRIEL & DRESDEN feat. MOLLY - Tracking Treasure Down
18. MIKE FOYLE vs. SIGNALRUNNERS - Love Theme Dusk
19. PAUL VAN DYK feat. WAYNE JACKSON - The Other Side (Deep Dish Remix)
20. AVE MEA - In The End (1)
21. MAX GRAHAM - Does She Know Yet (2)
22. FUNBASHI - Daylight (3)
23. WAY OUT WEST - Don't Forget Me (Dust Biter Mix) (4)
24. LUCAS & BELTRAM - Trust Me (Ave Mea Remix) (5)
25. MARKUS SCHULZ feat. ANITA KELSEY - First Time (6)
26. LUMINARY - Wasting (Andy Moor Remix) (7)
27. M.I.D.O.R. vs. LYNN - Breathings Prgz (8)
28. PERRY O NEIL - Numb (9)
29. RR WORKSHOP - Electrolux
30. MARK OTTEN - So Serene (Menno De Jong's Heading South Dub Mix)
31. CARRIE SKIPPER - Time Goes By
32. GOLDENSCAN - Halcyon
33. LEON BOLIER - Back In The Days
34. PRIMER - Everlast
35. JONAS STEUR - Silent Waves
36. THRILLSEEKERS - By Your Side
37. GALEN BEHR - Time Will Tell
38. WAY OUT WEST - Killa (Orkidea Remix)
39. AIRBASE - Escape
41. DOGZILLA - Without You (Dub)
42. MARCO V - False Light
43. MENNO DE JONG - Tundra (Fierce Dub)
44. MENNO DE JONG - Majestic (Arizona vs. Passiva Remix)
CD 2
01. THOMAS BRONSZWEAR - Close Horizon (10)
02. SELU VIBRA - Stargazing (11)
03. ARMIN VAN BUUREN feat. JAN VAYNE - Serenity (12)
04. SCOTT MAC - Damager 02 (Mac Zimms Remix) (13)
05. ERNESTO vs. BASTIAN - Dark Side Of The Moon (14)
06. FROST & MARON - Mute Your Mind
07. KUFFDAM & PLANT - Summerdream (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
08. JONAS STEUR - Castamara
09. APOGEE - Tribal Affair
10. ABOVE & BEYOND - Alone Tonight
11. WILL HOLLADN - Timeless (Deepwide Remix)
12. ARMIN VAN BUUREN - Shivers (Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s Rea Light Dub)
13. MARCEL WOODS - Advanced
14. INERTIA - The Chamber
15. RANDY KATANA - Play It Loud
16. BART CLAESSEN - Playmo (1st Play Mix)
17. PURPLE HAZE - Adrenaline
18. INTERSTATE - Remember Me (Terry Bones Remix)
19. SUNNY LAX - Puma
20. BALTES & DYLOOT pres. DEEP VOICES - A New Beginning (Astuni & Le Saux Remix) (15)
21. MARK NORMAN - Touch Down (16)
22. MR. SAM - Lyteo (Rank 1 Remix) (17)
23. YAHEL feat. A FORCE - Behind Silence (18)
24. B & W - Mistaken (19)
25. FRED BAKER VS.NYRAM - Confirmation (20)
26. JAN LOPER - I Can't Stop (Dynamic Sense Remix)
27. FERRY CORSTEN feat. SIMON LE BON - Fire (Ron Van Den Beuken Remix)
29. GOLDENSCAN - Only With You
30. DUDERSTADT - Mahananda
31. FIRST STATE - First State
32. LUMINARY - Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix)
33. KAMIL POLNER - Heart Of Sun
34. HAMMER & BENNETT - Language (Santiago Nino Dub Tech Mix)
35. MARCO V - More Then A Life Away
36. RANK 1 - Topgear
37. L.S.G. - Netherworld (Oliver Prime Remix)
38. OUTRO - The Trick To Life
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Title: Techno Marathon Vol. 10 - The Ultimate Megamix reviewed on 03/15/06
Label: 2005 Dance Network / More Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT 10177-2
Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix - Volume 10 "TECHNO MARATHON - vol. 10 " is the newest double CD from this series released in December of 2005 mixed by legendary DJ DEEP & DJ STUDIO 33 released on More Music / ZYX. This series is really directed to all TECHNO freak croud. It is not nice. It is HARD it is ACID it is club TECHNO. This double offering features 63 tunes on both CDs and contains not only club sound but also breaks, loops and jingles all over the place. This is typical DJ DEEP mix. It is really pointless to to talk about specific tunes. Too many to discuss. I am sure however, that you will find this mix of interest to you if the TECHNO is what you are looking for. The mix itself is flawless and electronica is superb. As usually, I prepared a sound sampler. This one features 14 tunes taken from both CD. I was trying to retain the original mixing wherever it was possible. An excellent release for all of you who are into very dark BEAT BREAK oriented TECHNO sound.

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CD 1
01. THE PROPHET & DJ DURO - Shizzle My Dizzle
02. MAX B. GRANT - HS Cops
03. THE VODKA BROTHERS - Keep The Party
04. MAX B. GRANT - Open Your Mind
05. DAVE 202 - Global Trance
08. MIDHUNTERZ - Good Morning
10. DJ NEO - Acid Overdose
11. PAVO & ZANY - 99.nine (1)
12. DJ ZANY - Sky High (2)
14. JOHN FERRIS - Acid Is My Style
15. DA BLAZE - Freestyle
16. ZTX - Shake
17. ZTX - Symphony
18. A-LUSION - Talk Is Tomorrow
19. SUPABOYZ - Master Flat
20. THE PROPHET - Emergency Call
21. SAM PUNK - Mindflash
22. MISS XS - F*ck
23. MISS HIROKO - Get Busy Time (4)
24. DJ ZANY - Thugs (5)
25. DJ ZANY - Freaks
26. BLUTONIUM BOY - Make It Louder
27. TINITUS - Direct Disco 2005
28. WINNIE THE KOOL - DJ Pump The Jumpstyle
29. DIZMASTER - Funky Hero (6)
30. ZTX - Microcheck (7)
31. ROYCE LEE - My Greatest Wish (8)
CD 2
01. MANUEL VARELA - Blue Mayday
02. DJ VIRUS meets DJ NEO - Raise The Bass
03. SILVERBLUE - To My Twinsoul
04. DJ ZANY - Pure
05. LUNA - Now Is The Time
06. SAM PUNK feat. CHARLES MANSON - Helter Skelter
07. SCOOPERZ - Physical
08. REWIRE - Phisical
09. WHEELS OF STEEL - Chemical Overdose
10. ZATOX - Overdose
12. SOUTHSTYLERS - Wicked Generation
13. UJA - My Turn
14. PINCKY - Choose One (9)
15. MACHINEHEAD - Jump The Fonko (10)
16. DJ FABIETTO - 828 (11)
17. FERZ - Mofuck (12)
18. JUSTIN PUTUHENA - Control The Core (13)
19. DJ DRAGAN - Invisibility (14)
20. MA-PE-ROCK - King Of Heaven
21. FERZ - One Thing
22. DJ YVES & FRANKY DUX - Jump Anthem 2005
23. D-TREMBLE - Give Me The MF Bass
24. DJ DRAGAN - Frontline
25. DJ TONY - Robin's Attack
26. THERAPY - Phase 1
27. D-TREMBLE - Headlines
28. MADSTYLERZ - We Bring The Joy
29. MA-PE-ROCK - Here Comes The Bass
30. SMASHING GUYS - Black Shape
31. RAINE - Buzz Click
32. DFK - Moon Song
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Techno Marathon Vol. 9 - The Ultimate Megamix reviewed on 03/15/06
Label: 2005 Dance Network / More Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT 10163-2
Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix - Volume 9 I am quite late with reviewing previous "TECHNO MARATHON - vol. 9 " from More Music / ZYX label. This one was actually released almost a year ago around April 2005. However, I decided to present this one as a benefit to all of you who collect mixes by DJ DEEP and STUDIO 33. This is yet another change to owe their product. This volume features 73 tracks and is very similar in style as presented above vol. 10. What's important about this mix and series itself, is the fact that it is quite focused of variety flavors of TECHNO music on the club side. I also visualize it as a great source of "new info encyclopedia" type of compilation. Since there is a number of tunes and they are in relatively short length it wil lgive you a good idea about trends in TECHNO. On the other hand the mix itself is a great party stomper or simply play on your CD player for fun. I would not however advice you on using it as a bedtime music. You might have nightmares since the music is really aggressive and pandemonic in many instances. You can check it on your own. I have prepared a representative mix with 14 tunes taken from both CD. It should give you an idea what kind of power you are about to encounter! As usually I tried to keep mix intact and retain as much as possible of the original mixing so you will also get an idea on quality of superb mixing technique.

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CD 1
01. DJ ISSAC - My Brian
02. DJ DAVE202 - U Know What
03. SHOWTEK - Choruz
04. UJA - My Turn
05. GLOBAL SOUND PLAYERS - Secret Life (Mike Nero Mix)
06. MIKE NERO vs S. BENCHMARK NOYZ - Give It All (Club Mix)
07. RICO RAVANELLI - Little Bitch (Mike Nero Harder As Hell Mix)
09. D & G - She's The Day, She's The Night (2)
10. NIGHTBASS DJ TEAM - Horny (3)
11. MANUEL VARELA - Possible
12. DERB - Derb (Derbus)
13. A.S.Y.S. - Acid Save You Soul
14. A.M. TRUCK - May Day (Version 2)
15. DJ KAYEM - Naplestyle
16. MONTORIS vs. TIM HIDGEM - Love Me (4)
17. PROPHET (THE) vs. SMF - Another Track (5)
18. A-LUSION - Re-bel (6)
19. THE REBELS - Jeanny (7)
20. DJ NORMAN VS D'CARRERA - Facked Up (Zone Mix)
21. SHOWTEK - Safe The Day Again
22. SOUND SIGNAL - Follow Me
23. DJ DAVE202 pres. IMPAXX - Feel (Mike Nero Mix)
24. DURO & THE PROPHET - Shizzle My Dizzle
26. STYLEZ meets TONTUFEL - Hardstyle Elexier (Original Mix)
27. MIKE OH MAN vs. G1 & TWIZTED - Circuspeople
29. G1 & TWIZTED - The Prayer
30. ANDREA MONTORSI - Give Me Your Rhythm (Original Mix)
31. PUNK BUSTER - What ?
32. GONO - Busted
33. G1 & TWIZTED - Hardfiller
34. AVEX - Dance With The Power!
35. ADO THE DREAM - Taintless (Original Mix)
36. MIKE OH MAN vs. STYLEZ meets TONTEUFEL - The Maniac Psycho
37. DD-DEE-JAY - Real Funky
CD 2
01. DJ ZANY - Pillizz
02. PATRICK BUNTON - Back On Track (Lenny McDustin Rmx)
03. SMASHING GUYS - Black Shape
04. 3 STEPS AHEAD - Drop It (the Prophet Mix)
05. BRAINKICKERS vs.HARDSTATIC - Xplosion (Hardstatic Mix)
06. ALPHA TWINS vs. SEIZURE - Rock The Sure Shot
07. ZANY vs. DUNO - Dissin
08. THE GLADHEADZ - Muthafukkin Hardthang
09. COCA - Moving On The Dancefloor
10. DJ VIRUS & JASON MIDROW - All Bass 2005
11. DJ REEZER vs.EQUINOXX - Goodmorning (Original Mix)
12. ZATOX - Overdose
13. JENDRIK DE RUVO - Can I Get A Witness!?
14. DJ ORNATOR - Save Me
15. PAVO & ZANY - S.E.X.
16. BLUTONIUM BOY - Hardstyle Instructor Part 2
17. PAINMARKER - Swallow Your Soul
19. SOUTHSTYLERS - A Bit Crushing (9)
20. MAX B. GRANT - Check Up (10)
21. JOHN FERRIS & BLUTONIUM BOY - Hardstyle & Acid (11)
22. DJ PAVO & BENCHMARK NOYZ - Floorfilla (12)
23. BEATHEADZ - Razzia (13)
24. TATACT - Your Body (14)
25. MOS PHAT - Sceptic
26. MIKE NERO vs. BENCHMARK NOYZ - DJ's Take Control
27. BASS INFERNO INC. - Music Is What We Living For (Mike Nero Mix)
28. CALLISTO - Ways
29. MAX B. GRANT - HS Cops (Jumpmix)
30. WARMDUSCHER battles DJ HELLRAISER - Devil Fish
31. KAY D. SMITH & MARK TALL pres PASSIVE RESISTANCE - Praiseworthy Tunes
32. HARDHEADZ - Wreck The Rmx (The Beholder & Max E Rmx)
33. DJ DURO - Mama Mia
34. NICCI VERSACI - Dirty Fatness (Lacargo Mix)
35. NEBULA - Extasy
36. DJ ARNE L. II & MIRKO MILANO - Freak In Me
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Title: Trancemaster 5000 reviewed on 03/10/06
Label: 2006 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: 302 4130.2

TRANCEMASTER 5000Some call "TRANCEMASTER" series the mother of all TRANCE compilations. Well... Now we should celebrate. This year she turned "50". Unbelieveable as it sounds presented set is 50th released up-to-date. This is 3-CD anniversary edition to commemorate this event. I am not sure how many of you know that, but in fact this was the first TRANCE series ever released in Germany. It's history started back in 1992 and after 14 years it continues it's success. The major reason for success this series accomplised is based on it's initial concept to deliver the best tracks from TRANCE genre (it happened in several occasions that some tunes appeared first in this compilation even before being released in vinyls). It always aim to reach hearts of die hard fans of this genre. It is not exactly main-stream TRANCE if you will, but rather club-scene oriented sound with tunes presented usually in hard to get and sophisticated mixes. All of you who keep collecting issues from this series should consider themselves owners of TRANCE encyclopedia. Presented today "TRANCEMASTER 5000 " is definately a jewel in the crown. 31 titles are bringing again cutting edge electronica at it's best. While the series remains committed to TRANCE it actually go beyond that to discover further the beauty of electronic sound. First CD starts with "Playground" by SECOND SUN released on Paul Van Dyk's VANDIT label. High caliber club-tune with killer hooks and synths surrounding female vocal snips here and there. Several strong tunes on this one with highlights provided by PERVADING CALL TWO in "On My Mind", DOGZILLA in "Without You", new FERRY CORSTEN's tune "Star Traveller" in marvellous TRANCE anthem "Star Traveller" or M.I.K.E. in riveting rework of RAVE hit "Strange World" originally by PUSH. This is massive tune underlined by aggressive, driving rhythm patters surely to pack any dance floor! Monster ready to be released! Second CD start with "Closer" by JOSE AMNESIA feat. LYNN. One would love this very soft almost on AMBIENT side TRANCE marvel. This tune will work in clubs very well because of specific atmosphere it delivers! If you subscribe to more dramatic and and uplifting TRANCE you will find on the second CD what you are looking for. Good examples are "X-factor" by ABSOLUTE, absolutely stunning "Ilimitado" by DUENDE (wild synths work out of this galactic and further out). Same goes to OPERA-TRANCE in style "Symphony In G Minor" by PHALANX. It actually contains revamped in TRANCE riffs taken from TOMASO ALBINIONI's "Adagio G-minor". Very trendy (see similar work done in TIESTO production). Sweet! There are more both in second and third CD. Check them out! After listening to this offering I am convinced that you will find it very attractive. I prepared sound sampler with 14 tunes taken from all three CDs. I mostly concentrated on rather big room TRANCE, but first of all I could only present you a short fragments of tunes and secondly there is much more of quality music that I am showing you. Run to get it! The trip is never ending. For now enjoy the sound!

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CD 1
01. SECOND SUN - Playground (Original Mix)
02. M.I.K.E. - Strange World (M.I.K.E.'S 2006 Rework) (3)
03. PERVADING CALL TWO - On My Mind (Ace Da Brian Mix) (2)
04. DOGZILLA - Without You
05. FERRY CORSTEN - Star Traveller (Hydroid Vs. Zehavi & Rand Remix) (1)
06. BRIAN CROSS - 4U (O.R.G.A.N. Mix)
08. HOUSETRAP - Easy Trigger (M.I.K.E. Remix)
09. FRAME - Democrazy (Original Mix)
10. MARCEL WOODS - Advanced (Original Mix)
11. DRAX AND SCOTT MAC - Must Have Been A Dream (Mac Zimms Trance Remix)

CD 2
01. JOSE AMNESIA Feat. LINN - Closer (Vocal Club Mix)
02. ABSOLUTE - X- Factor
03. DUENDE - Ilimitado (Stoneface & Terminal Mix)
04. INBOX - Sound Of Silence
05. STEFAN CAMBRIDGE - Blue Moon (Brisky Remix)
06. DRAX AND SCOTT MAC - Must Have Been A Dream (Original Mix)
07. 7 AIR - Outland
08. PHALANX - Symphony In Gminor (DeJa Vu Remix)
09. ODYSSEE - 2Morrow
10. VAN ROEZEL - I Miss You (Papa-X Club Mix)

CD 3
01. FIRST STATE - Sacred
02. PURPLE HAZE - Eden (13)

04. DJ SPOKE pres. SOLAR CORP - An Afternoon In Haven (Original Mix) (14)
05. VERSLUIS & SANDE - Basic Movement (10)
06. MINDDRIVE - Around You
07. DEEP VOICES - Alone Again (Original Mix) (11)
08. LOST WINTESS - Vs Sassot -The Waiting Game (Original Dub [Trance Is Love]) (12)
09. CORYDALICS - After Sun (Moonforce Mix)
10. YVES DERUYTER - Infinity

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Title: Trance Megamix Vol. 6 reviewed on 02/06/06
Label: 2005 More Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT 10170-2
Trance Megamix - Volume 6 Last year I promised you to present you DJ DEEP's megamix entitled "TRANCE MEGAMIX - vol. 6" released back in August 2005. I have piles of those releases that I am finally getting through, so please forgive me my tardness. Even if released last year, this set is a MUST HAVE for all of you DJ DEEP die hard fans. This double CD set features 61 tunes equally divided in 2 CDs. TRANCE fans will appreciate the quality of tunes presented here. In most cases you should not be surprised. A lot of title have been for awhile around, but that's not the point. This double CD set is truly a great TRANCE/VOCAL TRANCE party package to have. You will enjoy flawless mix and great choices of music. First CD contains many quasi-commercial fares by such projects as TIESTO (of course "Adagio For Strings", what else? This has been HUGE!), JAN WAYNE, AIRBASE , CASCADA (with MAGGIE REILY's "Everytime We Touch" megahit). HYPERTROPHY is back with 2005 edition of their club hit - "Just Come Back To Me". Speaking of returns, JENS 0 paired with 666 for "Supadupa Fly 2005". Among other 2005 TRANCE hits is "Love Or Die", beautifully done fare by BLUE NATURE, JAN JOHNSON provided vocal to terrific production by COSMIC GATE in "I Feel Wonderful" and many more. Great CD indeed. Second CD starts with "Believe In Me" by ATB. The sound on this CD has a bit little different flavor. More relaxed and inspiring. At least at the beginning, but don't worry you are getting a load of energy on this one as well. I also found couple of tracks that in a sense are "make overs" of some classic. For instance I was shocked by TECHNO/PROGRESSIVE ala BROOKLYN BOUNCE version of traditional Jewish song "Hava Nagila" by ALEX and MARC VAN DAMME. That was not the end of my shock therapy. MISTER ROKK turned FANCY's "Slice Me Nice" to TECHNO clone cheesy piece of work. I decided to put this tune along with yet another remake of classic; this time 70's "Everlasting Love" by MYSTERIO to the sound sampler from this release along with other 10 tunes. I hope that the mix with all together 12 tunes taken from both CD with time length for each track and mixing retained will help you out to determine the value of this offering. Enjoy the sound!

CD 1
01. TIËSTO - Adagio For Strings
02. SOUTHSIDE SPINNERS - Luvstruck 2005
03. THREE DRIVES ON A VINYL - Greece 2000
04. JAN WAYNE - Mad World
05. HYPERTROPHY - Just Come Back To Me 2005
06. JENS O & 666 - Supadupa Fly 2005
07. BLUE NATURE - Love Or Die
08. COSMIC GATE - I Feel Wonderful
09. CLOKX - Feelings
10. SCARF - Hithouse 1
11. JET SET - The Colour Of My Dreams
12. CASCADA - Everytime We Touch
13. AIRBASE - Ocean Realm (1)
14. AYU - Appears (2)
15. ROSENDAHL - To You (3)
16. MARC VAN LINDEN - LH 3293 (4)
17. PARA X aka VAN ROEZEL - Lost In Memories (5)
18. NATION GROOVES - Walking In The Rain (6)
19. CLUBBTICKET - Feel Like Jammin
20. DJ MERLIN & DJ C-BASS - The Human Spirit
21. WASABI - Ready For Take Off
22. DJ MOE vs. YOBA - Endless Love 2005
23. DAVE 202 pres. POWERFACE - Abyss
24. VOODOO & SERANO - Blood Is Pumpin' 2005
25. DJ CONTACT - U & Me
26. PHOBOS & DEIMOS - The Key The Secret
28. DOUBLE G - Passport
29. DEE-JAY CHUCKY - Take Me Up
30. SONIC CHILD - Wild Pleasure
31. PEAKTWINS - Hypnowaves
CD 2
01. ATB - Believe In Me
02. VIRUS INC. - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
03. DON DIABOLO - Easy Lover
04. DJ'S @ WORK - Your Love
05. VINYLSHAKERZ - One Night In Bangkok
06. DANCEFLOOR SAINTS - Mr. Tambourine Man
08. BLUE 6 - Bright Eyes
09. DIEGO - Soccer Rocker
10. VINCENT PRICE - Spell The D.A.N.C.E.
11. DJ TATANA - All That I Feel
12. CJ STONE feat. RENAME - Call My Name
13. DJ SHAH - Arco Iris
14. VANDICE vs. TECAY - Turn It Up
15. ACARDIPANE vs. BALLOON - Whoopie Whoopie
16. SOL-7 - Amiga Con Voco
17. AVANTO - The Flute
19. RUMBLE feat. DICK RULES - Tricky Tricky
20. VISIOR & DARK MOON - Hidden Sun
21. FREDDY FADER - The Sun
23. DJENETIX - A Matter Of Time
24. STACCCATO - Changes
25. DJ PONTOS - Still In Love (7)
26. ALEX M vs. MARC VAN DAMME - Hava Nagila (8)
27. MIKESH - Sound Of The Clubs (9)
28. SCALE - Fight (10)
29. MISTER ROKK feat. FANCY - Slice Me Nice (11)
30. MYSTERIO - Everlasting Love (12)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Deep Dance 2005 Vol. 5 reviewed on 02/06/06
Label: 2005 Klubbstyle Media (Germany)
Style: Dance/Trance
Index #: 535.4005.2
Deep Dance 2005 vol. 5 While the above mix catered rather specifically to various flavor of TRANCE, this next release by DJ DEEP entitled "DEEP DANCE 2005 - vol. 5" is truly more contemporary release in terms of featured DANCE genres. If you remember MAGIC DEEP DANCE bootlegs, that is the closest it gets. This double CD set features 80 tunes (40 per each CD). So tracks are even shorter than in above presented above TRANCE MEGAMIX compilation. However again, this is just a fun party release. It is a little bit too late to be a source of what's new, because it was released back in October 2005, but still it is a fun set and again a must for DEEP stuff collectors. So let's talk about music. Both CD gives you almost anything that covers DANCE these days. ELECTRIC HOUSE with "Rocking Deejays" by PREZIOSO feat MARVIN orTONY MONTANA's attempt to "face lift" italian classic by RICCHI & POVERI "Mamma Maria" in style that BENASSI BROS brought to mainstream DANCE. There are more classic remakes (again!. Gee! aren't we tired of this already) like "Heat Of The Moment" in quasi-HOUSE style by DJ MANIAN, PHIL COLLIN'S "Easy Lover" in CHEVALLIER & TOBI DIAMOND HOUSE interpretation. Of course first CD features also other styles like EURO/TRANCE flavored "Open Your Eyes" by CERA or "Odin" by BEAM, TECHNO driven "Techno Rocker" by BASE ATTACK. Second CD retains that contemporary feelings. Actually it starts with very laid back, summer kinda feel with "Mapouka" by YAMBOO, followed by LATINO-influenced "Shake Your Balla" by HOT BANDITOZ. DJ DEEP used "Alarma" tune as a jingle for this one. Kinda cool! "Un Monde Parfait" by ILONA represents French DANCE tune with interesting kiddy influence (female childish vocalise). With progression of the mix music style is starting to change, pace increases, drama rises. "Love Can't Save You" by CLUBBTICKET is a fantastic combination of EURO and TRANCE synths topped by male vocals. Hot Hot Hot! Yeah, it moves toward more angelic TRANCE sound. "Ballerina" by ADAM WHITE feat. MARTIN GRECH is unforgettable VOCAL TRANCE fare with soaring synths and seductive vocals. Positively mesmerizing. There is much more to discover and enjoy! Trust me. Again, I prepared mix with 16 tunes taken from both CD with length of tracks and original mixing retained. Enjoy the sound and of course get it when you still can!

CD 1
01. KLUBBINGMAN - Revolution
02. SPRING BREAK - Shut Up
03. BEAM - Odin
04. CLUBRAIDERS - Move your Hands Up
05. DJ SHOG - Running Water
06. VANESSA WIND - Ich lebe
07. SVEN-R-G vs. BASS-T - Never Talkin'Drift Away
08. LIQUID SPILL - Keep Turnin' Around
09. BASE ATTACK - Techno Rocker
10. EAST ROCKERZ - Sound Of My Dreams
11. BARCERA - Secret Of Love
12. BANGBROS - Bangin' In Dreamworld
13. SCALE - Fight
14. EAST CLUBBERS - More More More
15. ANACONDA - Where Do We End?
16. EL TONE feat. PAMELA - The Colour Of My Life
17. CERA - Open Your Eyes (1)
18. BANGBROS - Stampfen (2)
19. ANACONDA - I Hear The Sound (3)
20. MYSTERIO - Take Me To The Stars (4)
21. SPIRIT AND CANE - Mic 1 Check (5)
22. S-FORCE ONE DJ - Convention (6)
23. PATRICK BUNTON - Here I Am (7)
24. KARMA - Everytime You Leave (8)
25. AKIRA - Wanna Be With You
26. DJ CAPRI - The Garden
27. C-BASE - Lift Me Up
28. BLUE NATURE - Love Or Die
29. TRYBE - Sarah Said
30. TOBIX - Waiting For Your Love
31. DJ MANIAN - Heat Of The Moment
32. PREZIOSO feat. MARVIN - Rocking Deejays
33. DJ CARO-O - Only 4 Love
34. TONY MONTANA - Mamma Maria
35. CONWAYS - Walk In The Park 2005
37. SUNLOVERZ - All Around The World
38. INFERNAL - From Paris To Berlin
39. MYLO - In Your Arms
40. CARLITO - Who's That Boy
CD 2
01. YAMBOO - Mapouka
02. HOT BANDITOZ - Shake Your Balla
03. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - Wellfare
04. ILONA - Un Monde Parfait
05. 2 BROTHERS ON THE 1ST FLOOR - The Drum Beat Goes
06. CLUBBTICKET - Love Can't Save You
07. SIRIA - Endless Summer
08. OLINDA - Playboy Bunny
09. TWYNN - Everybody Was Freakin'
10. REWIRE - Physical
11. 8 BALL - Phunky Music
12. DEEP SPIRIT - Lonely
13. MARCO LARUSSO - Bad 4 Good
14. PLUG IN feat. LUNA - Smile Again
15. GAVIN AND NOX - In Your Eyes
16. GAMBAS & MAX DEEJAY - Rotterdam
17. VAN HARDEN - How Long Can I Go
18. C-BOOL - Would You Feel
19. ADAM WHITE feat. MARTIN GRECH - Ballerina (9)
20. RIO & JULIANO - Don't Walk Away (10)
21. LACUNA - Celebrate The Summer (11)
22. DJ YANNI - Take Me To The Top (12)
23. JORDI VAGAS vs. REWIRE - Push It (13)
24. TROOPER - Jet Plane (14)
25. LUCAMINO - More Than This (15)
26. MIKE - Massive Motion (16)
27. EYE WALL - Bad Deal
28. PARTY PIMPZ - Give It Up
29. DANCEFLOOR SAINTS - Mr. Tambourine Man
30. IN-GRID - Mama Mia
31. ROMAN FLÜGEL - Geht's Noch
32. BENASSI BROS. feat. DHANY - Every Single Day
34. SUNLOVERZ - Shine On
35. AXWELL - Feel The Vibe
36. OUTATIME - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
37. PICCO - It Goes On & On
38. SILVERCLUB - Feel So Right
39. PARTY PIMPZ - Holiday
40. DIGITAL TOY - Your Love Tonight
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Trancemaster 4009 reviewed on 01/09/06
Label: 2005 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Big Room Trance
Index #: 302 4129.2

TRANCEMASTER 4009 I am late with the review of "Trancemaster 4009" from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS. This issue was released back on November 28th, 2005, and next volume is set to hit streets in the end of January. This series is in my opinion the signature of club TRANCE sound. It keeps delivering riveting electronica to be plug right into dancefloor. This issue continues with this traditions. If you are a DJ or simply fan of the style, you cannot afford to pass this of 22 outstanding fares that would fill any TRANCE-oriented floor. As far as I remember this series was previously produced by PULSEDRIVER, however this volume does not have him credited. Well... I always admired production and selection for this series, so whoever is behind this series now, this person should be commended for keeping high standard set for TRANCEMASTER releases. As usually this is a set of CDs. From my point of view (the guy who falls into BIG ROOM TRANCE) first CD fits better bill. First CD starts with "Angels And Demons" (hmmm... is the title influenced by DAN BROWN's book?) by ARMAS. WOW! This track start at fast pace at TECHNO teritory, but it matures into unbelievable sensual BIG ROOM TRANCE to die for. I simply love this melodic line and angelic strings. An electronica avangarda at it's best. "Skyline" by KUFFDAM + PLANT continues this style with similar power and equally dazzling and beautiful in it's own right. OLIVER PRIME in "Shining" moves into darker field. This fare is haunting and beautiful, yet simultaneously dark and aggressive with a powerfully bottom that keeps pumping throughout each magificent level. BIG ROOM TRANCE feel dominates also in other tunes. For instance "Frozen Memories" by PHIL GREEN & S.H.O.K.K. contains such section in otherwise commercial fare. The tune is worth of attention just because of it. "Day After Tomorrow" by MUSIKMAN (AKA MARCOS) also similar values. Combination of amazing build-ups and breaks with agressive bottom line. Another big room extravaganza. More spectacular TRANCE sound you will find in such tunes as "Close To Crash" by A300 or "Evolution" by THREE DRIVES to name the few. Second CD is attractive too, however truly BIG ROOM TRANCE sound is limited to two composions: "Zonderland" (YES! another mix by CARL B) by ACUES + ELITIST and "Con Spirito" by TRIUM SE. You will find on this second CD also other tunes that are classified as TRANCE, but you will encounter variety of flavors that style delivers. In summary, yet another great release from this series you cannot afford missing. I have prepared a mix containing 12 tunes taken from both CDs. For now enjoy the sound and buy this offering. It is worth it.

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CD 1
01. ARMAS - Angels And Demons (Carl B. Remix) (2)
02. KUFFDAM vs. PLANT - Skyline (Original Mix) (3)
03. OLIVER PRIME - Shining
04. THREE DRIVES - Evolution (5)
05. MUSIKMAN (aka MARCOS) - Day After Tomorrow (Original Mix) (6)
06. STENNA - Skyline (Original Mix)
07. PHILL GREEN & S.H.O.K.K. pres. 32F - Frozen Memories (Van Gelder Remix) (1)
08. G. OTTAVIANI - Linking People
09. MIKE KOGLIN vs. JONO GRANT - Sequential (Original Mix)
10. A300 - Close To The Crash (4)
11. DIVER & ACE - It's Not Over Now (Sunstroke Mix)
CD 2
01. FB feat. EDUN - Who's Knockin' ? (Ferry Corsten Remix)
03. MILO.NL vs. CJ STONE - Rush (CJ Stone Remix)
04. NIKLAS HARDING & RED SHIFT - Pagoda (Leon Bolier Remix) (8)
05. DJ RES - Hostess (X900 Remix)
06. DJ FIRE - Himalaya (10)
07. ACUES + ELTIST - Zonderland (Carl B's In A Lonely Place Mix) (12)
08. HAYLON - Starfighter (Haylon Remix) (9)
09. ORADEA vs. SOLID HAZE - Time For Change
10. OUT NOW - Future Shock (7)
11. TRIUM SE - Con Spirito (Original Club Mix) (11)
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