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Title: Studio 33 Vol. 1 - Best Of 2006 Massive Megamix reviewed on 09/21/06
Label: 2006 Klubbstyle Media (Germany)
Style: Dance/Trance
Index #: 535.4101.2
Studio 33   Vol. 1 - Best Of 2006 Massive Megamix Some of you who were visited for quite a while should be familiar with DJ DEEP and DJ STUDIO 33. Two german guys who back in 90's started two bootleg series called DEEP MAGIC DANCE and STUDIO 33 and became royalities in bootleg community. Both guys are now legitimate and making commercial mixes for various leading German labels. While both guys are still making mixes together, in 2003 DJ DEEP have started his own signature series under legendary title of DEEP DANCE (most of them reviewed here on DJ STUDIO 33 started his own series this year using his original logo from bootleging time. Presented today volume 1 was released February 2006. The formula of this 2 CD megamix is simple. Make a massive mix of popular DANCE tunes and I mean popular both as played in the radio but also in clubs. This double CD compilation features two mixes of 80 songs (40 on each CD). The length of every single tune is limited, but it serves as great review of what's popular not to mention it is simply a great party mix or mix that you can use for long drives or when you need some adrenaline boost. It is really pointless to single out tracks from this offering. What I only can tell you, is that you will find variety of DANCE genres and of course typical STUDIO 33 jingles and breaks are here as well. Major part of the first CD has NRG TRANCE flavor with "Love Message" by KLUBBINGMAN feat. TRIXY DELGADO as the first tune. With artist/project names such as CASCADA, BLUE NATURE, PULSEDRIVER, DJ DEAN you cannot go wrong. You know you will have ELECTRONICA party right there. The style of first CD changes with "Feeling Fire" by MICHAEL SIMON feat. TERRI B and become more POP followed by some FREESTYLE and HOUSE sound. There is also some more happy tunes such as "A Day In The Sun" by RIMINI PROJECT or revamped "Sing Halleluja" by YAMBOO feat. DR. ALBAN. Second CD is more "mixed-up" in style. There are really many of them from happy NRG sound like one in "Feel Alright" by MANU L.J. that starts CD to heavy bass-influenced PROGRESSIVE sound in "Sex, Bass & Rock'N'Roll" by BROOKLYN BOUNCE. To some of you who liked U 96 project, I wanted to point the remake of "Love Sees No Colour" by SHOKATA. I prepared mix with 12 tunes taken from the both CDs. I tried to retained the DJ STUDIO 33 original mixing so it should give you an idea not only about quality of features tunes but also mixing technique. This double CD compilation is still available, so get while it lasts. Enjoy the mix!

CD 1
01. KLUBBINGMAN feat. TRIXI DELGADO - Love Message
02. SHAUN BAKER - Xplode 2
03. CASCADA - How Do You Do
04. JOHN MARKS - Update (1)
05. ANACONDA - Time Has Come (2)
06. BLISTER - Summetime (3)
07. MAGIC D. - Light Years To Go (4)
08. PULSEDRIVER - Neptuna (5)
09. 4 STRINGS - Until You Love Me (6)
10. AYU - Unite
11. MANUEL VARELA - Blue Mayday
12. LACUNA - Celebrate The Summer
13. C-BOOL - House Babe
14. ASTRADA - Take Me To The Stars
15. BLUE NATURE - In My Dreams
18. ELEVATION - Ocean Rain
19. DJ JEAN - Feel It
21. CLUBRAIDERS - Think About
22. ANDY LOPEZ - Noche del Amor
23. CHIPZ - Captain Hook
24. GROOVE COVERAGE - Holy Virgin
25. SCALE - Fight
26. FRANKY B. - Mr. Lonely
27. REWIRE - Rock da House
28. CRAZY FROG - U Can't Touch This
29. REWIRE - Phisical
31. MICHAEL SIMON feat. TERRI B. - Feeling Fire
33. STONEBRIDGE - Put Em High
34. GADJO - So Many Times
35. DIP DISH - Say Hello
36. MYLO vs. MIAMI SOUND MACHINE - Doctor Pressure
37. GLOBAL DEEJAYS - Stars On 45
38. RIMINI PROJECT - A Day In The Sun
40. YAMBOO feat.DR. ALBAN - Sing Halleluja
CD 2
1. MANU L.J. - Feel Alright
2. PARTYCHECKERZ - Baby I Love Your Way
3. ALEX M. - Strong
4. BULLDOZZER - Funky Groove
5. TECHNOROCKER - Power Of Love
6. ALEX MEGANU - Little Lies
7. CEOMA feat.THE LARX - Love Is More
8. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - I Wonder Why
10. DJ MANIAN - Heat OF The Moment
11. LASGO - Lying
12. BENASSI BROS feat.DHANY - Make Me Feel
14. JAN WAYNE - Time To Fly
15. TOCADISCO - You're No Good For Me
16. HI TACK - Say Say Say (Waiting 4 You)
17. LIL' LOVE - Little Love
18. MASTER BLASTER - Since You've Been Gone
19. OLAV BASOSKI - Waterman
20. MUSIKK feat. JOHN ROCK - Love Changes (Everything)
21. SHOKATA - Love Sees No Colour (7)
22. 4 STRINGS - Sunrise (8)
23. THE REAL BOOTY BABES - Since You Been Gone (9)
24. IACOMO feat. GUCCI ONE - True Love (10)
25. MAGIC D. - Someday (11)
26. CAMELOT - Rise And Fall (12)
27. NUMA feat. CHRISTI - Lifetime
28. KRYSTAL - Eternity
30. ANGELINA - Picture Of You
31. EAST WEST ROCKERZ - Never Stop
32. LEONA - Arguments
33. SPRING BREAK - Big Bad Love
34. STAGEDIVERZ pres. B-UNIT - Girls And Boys
35. ALEX DELUXE - My Emotions
36. DANIELLE PARIS - I Can't Stand It
38. PG feat.JANE - Wipe Away My Tears
39. KAY STONE - Alone
40. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Sex, Bass & Rock'n Roll
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Title: Studio 33 Vol. 2 - Best Of 2006 Massive Megamix reviewed on 09/21/06
Label: 2006 Klubbstyle Media (Germany)
Style: Dance/Trance
Index #: 535.4102.2
Studio 33   Vol. 2 - Best Of 2006 Massive Megamix The Volume 2 "BEST OF 2006 MASSIVE MEGAMIX" by DJ STUDIO 33 was released last month (August 2006). Similar to volume 1 this double CD features two megamixes with total 80 prefectly mixed by DJ STUDIO 33 DANCE fares. This is very good set, especially if you are looking for a party-oriented CD either to play loud when driving or for your social gathering or festivity. Indeed a perfect set also if you want to have abbreviated trip to currently popular DANCE music. Similar to volume 1 first CD starts with track by KLUBBINGMAN feat TRIXI DELGADO. This time is their most current hit "Ride On A White Train". I just would like to mention that bot volume 1 and 2 are released by Klubbstyle Media, a parent label for KLUBBINGMAN, maybe that's the reason why tracks by him are the first in both columes. Anyway, this tune is stunning! TRIXY's voice is powerful as ever. You gotta get the single to fully appreciate it's beauty. First CD is not one style DANCE though. While it contains plethora of VOCAL TRANCE or BIG ROOM TRANCE beauties such as CASCADA's "A Neverending Dream" ALEX MEGANE's "I Think Of You", "Remember Me" by INTERSTATE or "Sail" by ARMIN VAN BUUREN (to name the few), it also has are other styles as well. For instance HOUSE/POP ROCK are represented by DEEP DISH feat. STEVIE NICKS in their newest tune "Dream", or "Deeper Love" by CORNELL feat. ANN BAILEY and few others. CD also has some remakes or revamped DISCO tunes such as "Cuba Club" by CUBA or EURO-NRG classic "What's Up" by MAX DEEJAY vs. DJ MIKO that received more TRANCEY feel and placed at higher BPM compare with the original. In summary the first CD is plain incredible. Excellent choices and outstanding techically mix! DJ STUDIO 33 and DJ DEEP rule!!! The second CD is equally exciting with a lot of up-beat tunes. The style of this CD is somewhat different. Yes it still contains some hot NRG tunes such as "I Can't Dance" by BASSLOVERS UNITED, but it has more ELECTRONICA that invades both TECHNO and HOUSE areas (for instance very ELECTRO HOUSE "Rock Da House" by KRAFFT). Some surprises in terms of featured tunes on this CD are as well. I haven't heard before DJ CYRUS' remake of solid ITALO CLASSIC tune "Don't Break My Heart" popularized in late 80s by DEN HARROW and it is kinda provocative but catchy. Taken together both CDs will give you a good deal of superb DANCE music at it's best. I found this more solid than the volume 1. Definately a buy for mixes collectors! I also prepared mix with 12 tunes taken from both CDs. I retained DJ STUDIO 33 original mix whenever it was possible.

CD 1
01. KLUBBINGMAN - Ride On A White Train (1)
02. CASCADA - A Neverending Dream
03. TUNNEL ALLSTARS feat. DJ YANNY - Captain Future
04. GROOVE COVERAGE - 21st Century Digital Girl
05. ALEX MEGANE - I Think Of You (2)
06. PULSEDRIVER - Insane (3)
07. THE REAL BOOTY BABES - It's A Fine Day (4)
08. VOICE CONTROL - Breathe (5)
09. RAMON ZERANO - Kill 4 Love (6)
10. BART CLUESSEN - Playmo (7)
11. INTERSTATE - Remember Me
12. MANUEL VARELA vs. DJ DEEP - Munich 5 AM
13. 8 BALL pres. POOL PLAYERS - My Love
14. GUISEPPE OTTAVIANI - Linking People
15. MILO. NL vs. CJ STONE - Rush
16. ALEX MORPH & WOODY V. EYDEN feat. K. PETERS - Heavenly
17. DJ DEAN - Kick Off
18. LAZARO - Living On Video
19. DEEP DISH feat. STEVIE NICKS - Dreams
20. CORNELL feat. ANN BAILEY - A Deeper Love
21. JUPITER ACE feat. SHENA - 1000 Years (Just Leave Me Now)
22. MAN V - F..k Me!
23. SCAPE feat. D EMPRESS - Be My Friend
24. MISH MASH - Speechless
25. IAN CAREY & MOCHICO feat. MISS BUNTY - Say What You Want
26. LIMELIGHT - Gotta Let You Go
27. CUBA CLUB - Cuba
29. COMMANDER TOM - I Can't Sleep
30. PIT BAILEY - Heat Of The Moment
32. BEAM feat. MICHELLE ARAGON - Silent Tears
33. DJ TATANA - If I Could
34. DANCEFIRE - Star
35. MAX DEEJAY vs. DJ MIKO - What's Up
36. MARCO LARUSSO - World Collide
37. VAN HARDEN - How Long Can I Go
38. ALIBEE MEETS DEEJAY DEE - Let'z Hear It For The Boyz
39. BERMUDA LOVERZ - My Girl (Ladidada)
40. BANGBOY vs. HANSEBANGER - Kiezstyle
CD 2
02. ALEX M - So Free
03. BONITO & LOUIS - Rush (12)
04. FLOORFILLA - Sister Golden Hair
05. DJ SHOG - Rush Hour
06. 2 JAYS - Heartquake
08. D-TUNE - Burn It Up
09. DEEJAY ANDY - I'm Alive
10. ROXFIELD - Just 4 You
11. DEEP SPIRIT - The One That I Want
12. DJ MANIAN vs. TUNE UP - Rhythm & Drums
13. RAVE ALLSTARS - Wonderful Days 2006
14. SVEN-R-G & BASS-T - Take My Hand
15. ROLAND KENZO - Never Stop
16. NOVAMODE - I Want Your Love
17. ANIMA LADINA vs. MNS - Extasy
18. DJ DELTA - Back In My Life
19. DUSTERIX - Dusted (8)
20. SHOCKSTEADY - Take A Ride (9)
21. SHERRIE LEA - No Ordinary Love (10)
22. ABOVE & BEYOND - Can't Sleep (11)
23. HOUSE ARREST DJ TEAM - Everybody On The Dancefloor
24. PARIS AVENUE - In My Mind
25. DJ CYRUS - Don't Break My Heart
26. RESOURCE feat. DAMIAN WILSON - More Than A Feeling
28. SUPAFLY vs. FISHBOWL - Let's Get Down
29. RON GELFER - Step By Step
30. NAUGHTY BOY - Phat Beach (I'll Be Ready)
31. KRAFFT - Rock Da House
32. THE B.O.M.B. - Skynight
33. BENASSI BROS. feat. SANDY - Feel Alive
34. DJ GOLDFINGER feat. FELISHA - Runaway
35. ROMEO INC. feat. FAB - Giulia
36. MARIO LOPEZ - Lonley (Without You)
37. OZI MEETS TOM MOUNTAIN - Dreams (Will Come Alive)
38. SUBSTATE - Horizon
39. GORGEOUS - Fire
40. KARMAH - Just Be Good To Me
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Title: Trancemaster 5002 reviewed on 09/08/06
Label: 2006 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Electronica /Trance
Index #: 302 4132.2

TRANCEMASTER 5002 Next "Trancemaster 5002" double CD set from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS continues the tradition of bringing some interesting and cutting edge ELECTRONICA sound with 22 fares on both CDs. This series usually concentrates on TRANCE sound and in fact it is true with this issue, however there are few tunes that shift to more HARD sound if you wish. The first CD starts with "Out Of Nowhere" by ADAM WHITE & ANTHONY DEAN. This is very interesting tune, not exactly classic TRANCE, but rather melting pot of ELECTRONICA instrumentations. If you like ARMIN VAN BUUREN, you will welcome his "Simple Things" in Original Mix. Synth driven tune and sparkling production with blue-eyed vocals provided by JUSTINA SUISSA in this VOCAL TRANCE marvel. Very uplifting! I like next tune "Virtuoso" by APEX. Factoria Mix sports big room TRANCE production and give that hands-in-the-air excitement. I have to admit that the first CD is truly treasure chest for TRANCE treasure hunters. In particular I was astonished by tune "Purgatory" performed by ELUDE. The beginning of this fare some of you might find boring and quite generic, but believe me, once you past that you will endulge yourself. You will be stunned by it's incredible melodic lines and scintillating synth work. I had to make this one an opening for the sound sampler. I simply love that BIG ROOM TRANCE feel! I can listen to this one ad nausea. If you like dramatic TRANCE there are more tunes that might fit into this criteria, like "Orange Sky" by SYNDICA,"Another Moonlight" by X-CALATOR or yet another winner "Lost Emotions" by FIRE + ICE. If you want some HARD TRANCE, by all means you can have some like "Magnetic" by DEEP VOICES from the first CD but more of them you will find on the second CD. Actually second CD is more undeground oriented and very HOUSE alike. It starts with "Tracking Treasure Down" by GABRIEL & DRESDEN with vocals provided by MOLLY. I am not exactly sure what this tune does in TRANCE-oriented compilation, I found it rather distant from the genre, unless one believe that using some synths make the track that way. It is still quite nice DANCE track though. In general personally I found the second CD less interesting. There are however few gens worth to mention like "Close Your Eyes" by ROBERT NICKSON feat. ELISA HILL. This is uplifting, upbeat VOCAL TRANCE with some surprises like subtile piano sections here and there. Very moody and quite beautiful. Another example is "Through Your Eyes" by GIUSEPPE OTTAVIANI. This fare is full of galloping synths that are simply dazzling to say the least. Very passionate in every tone. Taken together this compilation is a good set, but I also have to say, that I was more impressed with earlier releases from this series. I am not sure who does the choices these days, but I think some changes might be needed, if TRANCEMASTER series would like to retain it's value! Anyway, make your mind up and check it out. I have prepared a mix containing 9 tunes taken from both CDs.

CD 1
01. ADAM WHITE & ANTHONY DEAN - Out Of Nowhere (Michael Parsberg & Michael Splint Remix)
02. ARMIN VAN BUUREN feat. JUSTINA SUISSA - Simple Things (Original Mix)
03. APEX - Virtuoso (Factoria Vocal Mix) (2)
04. ELUDE - Purgatory (Luke Terry's 2006 Mix) (1)
05. SYNDICA - Orange Sky (6)
06. ZEHAVI & RAND vs. HYDROID - Carpe Diem
07. X-CALATOR - Another Moonlight (3)
08. DEEP VOICES - Magnetic (Mac Zimms Remix)
09. FIRE + ICE - Lost Emotions (Bryan Kearney Remix) (4)
10. EVASIVE - Rae Of Sun (5)
11. SUNLOUNGER - White Sands (DJ Shah's Original Mix)
CD 2
01. GABRIEL & DRESDEN feat. MOLLY - Tracking Trasure Down (Gabriel & Dresden Clubmix)
02. FRED BAKER - Forever Friends (Sensation Anthem 2006)
03. ROBERT NICKSON feat. ELSA HILL - Close Your Eyes (Vocal Mix) (8)
04. HYDROID pres. PHYN - Shattered Skies
05. ALEXY SELIN - White Crystal (Original Mix)
06. GIUSEPPE OTTOVIANI - Through Your Eyes (7)
07. BULLY - Narthex (Parc Remix)
08. KENNETH THOMAS feat. COLLEEN RILEY - Ghost In The Machine (Abbott & Chambers Remix)
09. M.I.K.E. - The Perfect Blend
10. SUNQUEST - Starbust (9)
11. ZEHAVI & RAND - Paroxetine (Hydroid's Just Chillin' Mix)
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Title: Super Italia - vol. 21 - reviewed on 09/08/06
Label: 2006 Universal Music (Austria)
Style: Various Dance Genres
Index #: 984022

SUPER ITALIA 21 If you are interested what is new and where is heading Italian Dance floor, you should look into series called "SUPER ITALIA" released by Austrian arm of Universal Music. Volume 21 brings 19 hot tunes not only originally Italian but also tunes that are simply popular in Italy. The CD starts with NRG-based "The Power Of Pleasure" by DJ CARPI from new Italian Label: Armonica Records. If you like more electronically influenced NRG tune "Lezione Uno" by ITALIAN GIGOLOS will do it! Fans of LUCA ZETA are getting fast tempo "My Angel" tune remixed by DANIJAY! This fare delivers hands up experience with masculine vocals (and LUCA's voice is seductively strong and passionate). Fans of NRG TRANCE sound would be satisfied by a relatively new DEEP.SPIRIT's tune "The One That I Want". If you like GIGI D'AGOSTINO style you gotta check "Kemical Luv" by FLAUNT. This is a simple tune, don't expect anything sophsticated, but if you like simply catchy tune, this one is for you. It is foot-stompin', rousing disco fare. Of course Italian style has also other flavors. For instance "Kinga" by OTTOMIX from SAIFAM deliver mid-tempo kick ass TECHNO-HOUSE fare. Synths in here are big, bold and hard-hitting, quite hot for the dance floor. Check that one out! Another TECHNO but rather on PROGRESSIVE side is carried out in "Otto Volte" by WC LOVERS. There are really plethora of tunes that have common theme: DANCE. If you like DANCE and you like Italian music, you are for true treat. There are indeed many tunes that deliver powerful sound, good beat and catchy riffs. I will not single them out, but I hope that presented sound sampler with 8 tunes taken from this compilation will help you to justify what's in store. Enjoy the sound!

01. DJ CARPI - The Power Of Pleasure (1)
02. ITALIAN GIGOLOS - Lezione Uno (2)
03. LUCA ZETA - My Angel (Danijay Edit) (3)
04. DEEP.SPIRIT - The One I Want (Bastino Radio Edit)
05. DANIJAY - ll Tauro
06. FLAUNT - Kemical Luv (4)
07. MATT DANCE - Another Night (Matt Dance Radio Edit)
08. OTTOMIX - Kinga
09. WC LOVERS - Otto Volte
10. IVAN FILLINI - Angel Star
11. DOME - Sei La Mia Stella
12. BERMUDA LOVERZ - My Girl (Ladidada)(Mareggiata Remix) (5)
13. TECKEL - God You And Myself
14. BROTHERS - Another Chance
16. MANOVALE SONORO - Love You Are (6)
17. MARIA LIUCCI - Where Are You Now (Deejay T vs. DJ Diamond Remix) (7)
18. FLOORFILLA - Sister Golden Hair 2.6 (DJ Blisco Remix) (8)
19. CASCADA - A Neverending Dream (Ivan Fillini Remix)

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Title: Dance Corporation - Spring 2006 - reviewed on 04/26/06
Label: 2006 Armonica Records (Italy)
Style: Dance / Trance / Electro House
Index #: ARCD003

DANCE CORPORATION - Spring 2006 Today let me present you fresh of the press "Dance Corporation - Spring 2006" compilation on relatively new Italian Label: Armonica Records. This is a perfect set for everyone who is looking for a simple yet very rhythmic DANCE music. It is exactly what you will be getting. Not really ambitious music, but rather very dancable set of tunes. As a fact of the matter thirteen of them and all in extended versions. The compilation starts with "Sarah" by DJ MORALES vs. JONATHAN VARELA. Typical uplifting Italian DANCE production mixing some HOUSE elements with TRANCE synths and NRG buttom. The outcome is fantastic. It does contain some more nostalgic sections but as a whole it is a powerful floor-packer. You will love that EURO-TRANCEY sound with array of killer keyboards. Next is "Sarai Sempre Con Me" by DANIELE MEO. Yet another crafty and uplifting NRG/TRANCE production. Unbeatable recipe for a delicious DANCE tune. If you like LUCA ZETA this is very similar. You will feel right at home. The next tune "Vacated" by DELTAPIU has some U96 feel at it's beginning. This one represents more the peak hour TECHNO/HOUSE mix with some interesting female choir in the background and some surprising darkness here and there. "The Power Of Pleasure" by DJ CARPI is destined to raised your heart beat. This uptempto EURO fare is surely to get you moving. This one is a high-octane blast of pure, floor-packing NRG that is charged into a superb non-stop dance suite. This dynamic is retained in following up tune "From Now On" by BLUE EYES. Yet another terrific production with massive rhythmic breaks and powerful layers of synthesizers. "Cassa Dritta" by SPAI & JOHN feat. ALEX TODAY bring GABBER style to life. "Fly Away" by D-PROJECT starts with SLEAZE buttom but transforms into D'AGOSTINO-alike tune. In general this one delivers an exciting mix of EURO TRANCE synths, brilliant keyboard lines, energetic club beats and good sense of melody. TWENTY SEVEN with "Sing A Song" continues with this style. This one is ear-grabbing fare. It's got hot rhythmic buttom. Well... There are more for you to discover. Truly a great buy, and you cannot beat price of 9 EUROs!!! Can you? The sound sampler features the original mix with all 13 tunes by DJ MANTERO who also have chosen tracks for this excellent set. Enjoy the sound!

01. DJ MORALES vs. JONATHAN VARELA - Sarah (Spanish Mix Extended) (1)
02. DANIELE MEO - Sarai Sempre Con Me (Club Mix Extended) (2)
03. DELTAPIŲ - Vacated (3)
04. DJ CARPI - The Power Of Pleasure (4)
05. BLUE EYES - From Now On (5)
06. SPAI & JOHN feat. ALEX TEDDY - Cassa Dritta (Supermarket Mix) (6)
07. D-PROJECT - Fly Away (Fly One Extended) (7)
08. TWENTY SEVEN - Sing A Song (8)
09. KEVIN CJ - Get The Pleasure (9)
10. NIGHT TROUBLE - I Want You Now (10)
11. CALVARUSO feat. GILLES - Love Is Love (11)
12. LOGICAL U - Polvere (12)
13. FALCONE vs. AGRĖ & BLASCO - Go To The Disco (13)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Deep Dance 2006 Vol. 6 reviewed on 04/23/06
Label: 2006 Klubbstyle Media (Germany)
Style: Dance/Trance
Index #: 535.4006.2
Deep Dance 2006 vol. 6 New great set from legendary DJ DEEP entitled "DEEP DANCE 2006 - vol. 6" is out. This extraordinary double CD compilation features 80 flawlessly mixed 80 DANCE tunes. Quite impressive mix and excellent selection of the tracks featured. I will not even attemp to single titles out, because it does not make any difference. DJ DEEP did a great job of delivering truly uplifting party mix in his usual style. First CD falls more into NRG-oriented genres. It starts with newest track from GROOVE COVERAGE "On The Radio" and follows with tunes from such well known projects as FLOORFILLA, MEGARA, VERANO, NOMANSLAND and many more. I found two tracks of special interest. First was "Flash In The Night" by an unknown project: AN ACTIVE TRIPS. This one caught my interest because I have unconditional feeling for this track by SYNTH-POP mega Swedish group from the past SECRET SERVICE. I hoped for sometinhg amazing what I've got was butchered pseudo TECHNO track with weak male vocals. ELECTRO-HOUSE ala BENASSI sound surfaced here as well. I really hoped for something much bigger. Another track was remake of B52 "Love Shack". I have never been fan of the original, but the track was very and I mean very popular several years ago. SILVER STAR also decided to add the ala BENASSI ELECTRO-HOUSE elements to this one. Well... it was much more appropriate doing here. Fare gained much more interesting sound compare with the original. Kudos for SILVER STAR. Second CD is much more into TRANCE side if you will. It starts with charged "Street Knowledge" by ROCCO followed by AKIRA's "Million Miles From Home". This VOCAL TRANCE gem has great melody and passionate female vocals. Actually if you like this style of music next tune "Love Is" by CEOMA feat. THE LARX will bring you even more pleasure. This CD also features tracks by such projects/artissts/DJs as ABOVE & BEYOND, ARMIN VAN BUUREN, GLOBAL DEEJAYS, MARC KORN, FANTASY PROJECT and more. This entire CD with tracks that are sorf of anything but rich, inspiring and amazing synth, an incredible trip to ELECTRONICA will wake up the sleepiest dance floor. If you choose to listen to it in your car. Word of caution! Drive safely! To sumarize this DJ DEEP release, it is one of his best from this series and definately a must for all of you who collect mixes! I prepared mix with 12 tunes taken from the second CD with length of tracks and original mixing retained. There are 68 more tunes that you have to check it out, so hurry and buy it!

CD 1
01. GROOVE COVERAGE - On The Radio
02. AYCAN - Devil In Disguise
03. FLOORFILLA - Komputermelody
04. MEGARA vs. DJ LEE - Outside World
05. CENTRAL SEVEN - Neverland
07. VERANO - Disc-O-Tec
09. MAINFIELD - Feel You Tonight
10. NOMANSLAND - Voice From Down
11. AN ACTIVE TRIPS - Flash In The Night
12. DJ KLUBBINGMAN - Love Message
13. BANGBROS - Bangjoy The Music
14. PARTYSTYLERZ - We Are The Partystylerz
15. DEEPFORCES - Harder
17. FREDDY FADER - Besoin De Toi (Rico Remix)
18. DEEP SPIRIT - The One That I Want
19. SPRING FEVER - Give Me More
20. COONA - Everyday
21. KIMERA - Dancing On The Sunbeam
22. ISSUE - Everytime
23. SNIPE BROTHERS - Son Stal Realnonstju
24. MASTER TUNEZ - Without You
25. LARA - Island (Your Love Is My Island)
26. BEAM - On Your Mind
27. RENEGADE MASTERZ - Crystal Ship
28. MISS DISTESS X - African Drum
29. 4 STRINGS - Hurricane
30. FILO & PERI - Dance With The Devil
31. CJ STONE - City Lights
32. SLIVER STAR - Love Shack
33. DANCEFLOOR SAINTS - Ten O Clock Postman
34. SIDNEY - Nobody Move
35. HI TACK - Say Say Say (Waiting 4 You)
36. OMAHA - You Came Into My Life
37. DJ ROB BOKAMP feat. ROCQ-E HARRELL - In The Evening
38. ANDREW SPENCER feat. PIT BAILAY - I'm Always Here
39. OLAV BASOSKI - Waterman
40. BENNY BENASSI - Who's Your Daddy
CD 2
01. ROCCO - Street Knowledge
02. AKIRA - Million Miles from Home
03. CEOMA feat. THE LARX - Love Is
04. PUBLIC DOMAIN - Love U More
05. AIRBASE - Escape
06. FIRST STATE - First State
08. DJ ROBERTO K. - Everyday
09. ACCUFACE - Pure Energy
10. MANUEL VARELA vs. DJ DEEP - Munich 5 AM
11. DJ MOE vs. YOBA - Transformation (1)
12. MAINFIELD - Land Of Fantasy (2)
13. PATRICK BUNTON - Listen (I Will Always Love You) (3)
14. ALEX M. - Strong (4)
15. ABOVE & BEYOND - Alone Tonight (5)
16. ARMIN VAN BUUREN feat. JAN VAYNE - Serenity (6)
17. FERRY CORSTEN - Star Traveller (7)
18. MIKE AUSTIN - Kylie
19. TOM NOVY feat. M. MARSHALL - Your Body
20. MINT ROYALE - Singin In The Rain
21. BOOGIE PIMPS - The Music In Me
22. ROCKEFELLER - Back 2 U
23. GLOBAL DEEJAYS - Stars On 45
24. ROYAL MELODY - One Night
25. AXWELL - Watch The Sunrise
26. PORNO - Music Power
27. MYLO feat. FREEFORM FIVE - Muscle Car
28. SAPHIRA - Just For You
29. MAN V - Take Off
30. MARC KORN - Spirit Of The Night
31. AGE PEE - Out Of The Dark
32. DAWES - Your Touch (8)
33. LUNATIC DJTM - Shimmy Shake (9)
34. FANTASY PROJECT - Don't Know Why (10)
35. MANUEL VARELA - Blue Mayday (11)
36. KAY STONE - Alone (12)
37. ASTRADA - You AreThe One
38. BLACK SPIDER - Heart Of The Sun
39. DJ DEAN - Music Is My Life
40. DJ REVIBE - Bangin'
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Italian Dance Music 2006 - reviewed on 04/23/06
Label: 2006 YLEEMusic (Austria)
Style: Dance/Trance
Index #: DM8916

Italian Dance Music 2006 "Italian Dance Music 2006" compilation released on Austrian YLEEMusic delivers great dance version of classics all revamped to meet todays criteria of DANCE music with heavy usage of synths and keyboards. This compilation starts with "Gonna Get Along" by DJ ALBERTINOS. This is a cover of MR. PRESIDENT's track. This is quite a departure from original sound. While you will clearly recognize the original tune. It has now updated sound with very well enhanced synth section. "She Was Crying" by IN NOMINE PATRIS feat. SARAH sounds almost exactly like RIMINI PROJECT. As a matter of fact the intro section is so "To Be Or Not To Be" alike that I thought that's what I am going to hear. This tune sports dynamic and uplifting NRG sound with swirling strings, keyboards and plenty of floor-packing rhythm patterns. While it is not a cover of RIMINI PROJECT's tune "Wake Up" by MISS A. is. Excellent ELECTRO-NRG remake of one of the most popular RIMINI PROJECT's tune done up with so popular nowadays ELECTRO HOUSE elements yet safely retaining it's original NRG backbone. Very interesting indeed. Another cover is RIMINI PROJECT's "Forever". This cover is very similar. Brilliant galloping synths and female vocals deliver one powerful DANCE production. There are more tunes that I would swear are done by RIMINI PROJECT like "Away" by ELECTRA. Yet another classic revamped to 2006 to blow away the NRG/TRANCE mavens out there! This is fierce and passionate tune with irresistibly seductive edge. VAN HALEN's "Jump" received treatment by ANDREA CONCU. This masculine ROCK anthem have received several face lifts before, however this particular one is of outstanding quality. Yeah! It is done as uplifting cross between TECHNO and TRANCE styles. Extra hot remake not to be missed. Speaking of ROCK CLASSIC, we also have here QUEENS's "I Want To Break Free" cover by LADY. This classic received full-blown, very bright DANCE makeover. "Avenue de club" covers GIGI D'AGOSTINO style but does it only superficially. The male vocal and melodic line might be similar however musically it has much wider dynamic. This entire CD will blow you away. Basically every single tune is good. All DANCE and turbo charged. Guaranteed! I prepared sound sampler with 8 tunes taken from this offering. Enjoy the sound!

01. DJ ALBERTINOS - Gonna Get Along (1)
02. IN NOMINE PATRIS feat. SARAH - She Was Crying (6)
03. ELECTRA - Away (8)
05. CLUBLOVERS - Love Is On My Side (3)
06. LA VOCE DI NAPOLI - Stay Alive
07. FEM REVENGE - Forever (2)
08. COSA NOSTRA - Avenue De Club
09. LADY - I Want To Break Free
10. MISS A. - Wake Up (5)
11. LOVE MACHINE - Living On A Prayer
12. ROBIN K. - Moscito Dance
13. MC DUBLIN feat. MAY - Fly My Way (4)
14. BLANK - Silence
15. PIZZAMEN - I Saw The Sign (7)
16. NYPD - What's Going On

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Trancemaster 5001 reviewed on 04/19/06
Label: 2006 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Electronica /Trance
Index #: 302 4131.2

TRANCEMASTER 5001 Here is the newest "Trancemaster 5001" double CD set from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS. It seems this series has now being released at higher frequency than before (looks like every two months now). Does the quantity follow the quality? It really all depends what your expectations are. For me it was always high, because I found this series of extreme interest. I personally like ELECTRONICA with have TRANCE influence and that's what this series stands for. This current volume features 21 tunes in both CDs. I am tad dissapointed though. This series really goes even further underground compare to previous volumes. For starter you have "F16" by SIMON PATTERSON that opens first CD. Most of the tune is "undecided" TRANCE. Pretty akward melodically and I am not sure exactly how to place that one. The track was saved by the second part when the synth works became more distinct moving this tune to more epic category "Inside Of Me" by SECTOR 7 falls into TRANCE as well. This tune is underlined by intersting riffs and hooks, but don't expect big room production. It rather falls into CHILL OUT category than anything else, even if BPM-wise you might consider it otherwise. Definately much more interesting is "Helsinki Scorchin'" by SUPER8 vs. DJ TAB in ALEX M.O.R.P.H. Remix. Terrific club TRANCE tune with some sophisticated female vocals here and there. No cheese factor here, but rather epic synth lines with dramatic twists and turns. Another quality tune is "Moonnight" by THE AVIATOR. This is good contender with nicely done hard-charging TRANCE perimeters. Powerful, melodic and potent trancer that builds into upbeat club monster at the second part. RED ALERT brings "Progression". Another excititing, synth-driven fare with uplifting melody. This 9 mins tune delivers yet another memorable club TRANCE experience. Beautifully executed instrumentation with epic breaks and majestic synth lines that soar skyward. The second CD also have some exploding tunes. For instance "Industrialise" by JK WALKER will fit the bill of uplifting and energetic ELECTRONICA with full blown and turbo charged synth lines. Incredibly potent tune. If you like mix of TRANCE with some TRIBAL elements, you should check out "Mystery" by OUT OF THE PAST. This clever hybrid actually combines not only those two elements but adds some DREAM feel underlined by very elegant and beautiful strings and keyboards. The second CD closes "Shadowssong" by DENGA & MANUS. The melody in this one is also uplifting with some beautiful bits of female vocal floating throughout the synthesizers. In a sense it has OPERA TRANCE feel or BIG ROOM TRANCE at the minimum. Check it out. I have prepared a mix containing 8 tunes taken from both CDs. Enjoy the sound and support the music by buy it.

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CD 1
01. SIMON PATTERSON - F16 (Original Mix) (3)
02. SECTOR 7 - Inside Of Me (Andrew Bennett Remix)
03. SUPER8 vs. DJ TAB - Helsinki Scorchin' (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) (4)
04. HAMMER - Deep Blue Ocean
05. HARIS C - Room With A View (Kuffdam & Planet Remix)
06. 4 STRINGS - Hurricane (DJ 4 Strings Mix)
07. THE AVIATOR - Moonnight (Dave 202 Mix) (1)
08. PROGRESSION - Red Alert (2)
09. TRANCE BROTHERS - Thunder & Sunlight
10. LUME - Lume (Original Mix)
CD 2
01. KUFFDAM & PLANT - Dream Makers (Original)
02. JK WALKER - Industrialise (5)
03. MARCO V - False Ligh (Ton T.B. Remix)
04. ALEX STEALTHY - Everything In Nothing
05. JOSE AMNESIA vs. SHAWN MITISKA - My All Flash (Brothers Remix)
06. FALKON + FAIRLITE - Moonfish (Peter Dafnous Remix)
07. OUT OF THE PAST - Mystery (Fred Baker vs. Vincent Gorczak Remix) (6)
08. SCOTT & HITCH - 4 Hearts (Club Mix) (8)
09. SUPER F - Las Canela (Teutwist Remix)
10. MIKE FOYLE pres. STATICA vs. SIGNALRUNNERS - Space Theme Dusk (Mike's Mashup Mix)
11. DENGA & MANUS - Shadowsong (Voilition Spellforce Mix) (7)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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