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Title: Trancemaster 5003 reviewed on 11/25/06
Label: 2006 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Electronica /Trance
Index #: 302 4133.2

TRANCEMASTER 5003 "Trancemaster 5003" double CD compilation from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS delivers yet another powerful set of cutting edge ELECTRONICA sound. 22 full blown TRANCE tunes on both CDs represent great selection in this genre. You will find many great TRANCE/HARD TRANCE projects featured here. Great value of this series remains also in type of mixes. They are truly club oriented and in most cases are at extended versions, making them DJ friendly. The first CD starts with "E-One" by ALEX M.O.R.P.H. & MISJA HELSLOOOT. Layers of nifty lines rise and fall subtly in this spectacular BIG ROOM TRANCE fare. Intoxicating from beginning to the end. ALEX M.O.R.P.H. who remixed this tune combines art of electronica with incredible synth work. Beauty on it's own. TILLMANN UHRMACHER in "The Pride In Your Eyes" is more aggressive. This TRANCE fare invading more undertone territory brings together clever production and female vocal fusing into up-tempo club stomper. New tune from JOHAN GIELEN entitled "Magnitude" is here as well. I have to admit, I am partial. I simply like GIELEN's sound no matter what he does. This tune does not dissapoint me. As a matter of fact it sports big, beautiful synthesizers and a production that's bound to please any TRANCE freaks. Truly expertly produced BIG ROOM TRANCE fare. I found piano section a bit off, but that might simply meant to give additional edge. The market is flooded with TRANCE tunes, but GIELEN's music is not in the middle of the curve. It has it's own and unique qualities. Among other stronger units on the first CD is "Straight Flush" by DJ ATMOSPERIK. I don't know how the original version sounds like by featured here 4 STRINGS Remix is simply astonishing. This one is packed with slammin', hard-edged, big echo-y synth lines that give this fare a wild, mysterious power. Play it on your peak-hour dance floor and it will undoubtedly will stay packed. "Skyline" by ANDRE VISIOR sadly is featured in relatively short Arizona Mix. This really good track deserved to had a longer lasting mix. Definately another club stomper that DJ could use, but with length of below 4 minutes, it might be hard to manage. The second CD starts with "Anno Domini" by T4L. Very interesting beginning for this CD done in scintillating TRANCE style. You will love the flow of the music in this fare. This CD has more of quality stuff. "Invisible" by ICONE is a turbo-charged massive synth-monster to die for. Powerful BIG ROOM TRANCE at it's best. It is not just uplifting but rather mysteriously accented with melodic line that tingle your mind. For equally dramatic TRANCE you should turn to "Pixel One" by 4FACH ZOOM where the synth work reaches yet another level. I will not spend more time to underlining tunes in this set. You gotta do it yourself. By now you probably know that I cosider this volume as an outstanding offering especially for all of you who like quality TRANCE. Keep in mind that the sound is on commercial side, that some of you might find discouraging, but trust me. You will not be dissapointed. It is solid. I have prepared a mix containing 12 tunes taken from both CDs, so endulge yourself in sound and get the set. You will not regret it!

CD 1
01. ALEX M.O.R.P.H. & MISJA HELSLOOT - L-One (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) (2)
02. TILLMANN UHRMACHER - The Pride In Your Eyes (Om Nama Shiva)(Tillmann's Midnight Extended Club Mix) (7)
03. JOHAN GIELEN - Magnitude (1)
04. DESCENT - Lost Feeling
05. NITROUS OXIDE - Frozen Dreams
06. DANIEL KANDI - Breathe (Sunny Lax Remix)
07. MOTIONCHILD ft. ARMANIAN SUN - Godsend (Benya Remix)
08. DJ ATMOSPHERIK - Straight Flush (4 Strings Remix) (4)
09. NORTHERN COMFORT - Don't Look Back (Genix Trance Remix) (5)
10. MIGUEL SASSOT - Empty (Original Sassot Mix) (6)
11. ANDRE VISIOR - Skyline (Arizona Remix) (3)
CD 2
01. T4L - Anno Domini
02. ACTIVA - Airflow (Original Mix)
03. ICONE - Invisible (Original Mix) (8)
04. SEAN TYAS - Remember (Original Mix) (12)
05. 4FACH ZOOM - Pixel One (Original Mix) (9)
06. FRED BAKER vs. GREG NASH - Solar Eclipse
07. FALCON & NEBULA feat. SASJA - So Lost (Under Sun Remix)
08. CELEC vs. ERSA - Fridays (10)
09. SEAN TYAS - Lift (Original Mix)
10. SMITH & PLEDGER - Black (11)
11. NUNRG - Kosmosy
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Title: Waterfall - The Essential (Cascada) Dance Remix Collection - reviewed on 11/25/06
Label: 2006 Water Music Dance (US)
Index #: 302 060 662 2

WATERFALL - The Essential Dance Remix Collection I think most of you might be familiar with CASCADA. Back in January we have reviewed their debut album "Everytime We Touch". This project became a huge success not only in Europe but also in the US and worldwide. If you are following CASCADA by now you should be aware that the man behind it MANUEL REUTER did mixes by other well know project. US-based Water Music Dance label took advantage of it and prepare set of 12 tunes featuring remixes done by CASCADA. When you will look at the track listing you might recognize several of them. Usually CASCADA's remixes were released as part of singles for appropriate artists. For the first time you are getting in your hand 12 of them in one set. I am sure names like GROOVE COVERAGE, LAZARD, ALEX MEGANE or DJ KLUBBINGMAN to mention just few not only ring bell but underlying the value of CASCADA as a sought after remixing project. All those remixes have CASCADA's signature sound. I am sure if you like this project you will like featured remixes. I have to congratulate the label to take the task forward and delivering such a fine issue with the sound that will bring any dance floor to a high state of energy and keep running for a long time. Virtually every tune on this CD deliver lots of big, bright, gallopping synthesizers and superb production. I will not describe them piece by piece, but I hope that presented sound sampler with 10 tunes taken from this release will give you an idea. I have to admit I was tempted to feature all 12 tunes (there is no one single weak tune), but I had to set the limit. The bottom line is that I strongly recommend this release not only to CASCADA fans, but also to everyone who enjoys the quality ELECTRONICA sound. Enjoy the sound!

01. ZANE AND FOSTER - Big Boom Bang (Cascada Remix Extended) (1)
02. GROOVE COVERAGE - 7 Years and 50 Dogs (Cascada vs. Plazmatek Remix) (2)
03. THE USUAL SUSPECTS feat. MAIA LEE - The Love You Promised (Cascada Remix) (3)
04. SIRIA - I Will Believe It (Cascada Remix) (5)
05. DYCE - Tomorrow (Cascada Extended Remix) (8)
06. LAZARD - Little Star (Cascada Remix) (4)
07. M.Y.C. - Rock (Cascada vs. Tune Up! Remix) (9)
08. ALEX MEGANE - Hurricane (Cascada Remix) (10)
09. ROB MAYTH - Can I Get A Witness (Cascada vs.Tune Up! Remix)
10. DJ KLUBBINGMAN - Magic Summer Night (Cascada vs. Plazmatek Remix) (7)
11. FREDDY FADER MEETS LOCANA - Bom Bom-Suenan (Cascada Remix) (6)
12. DANIELLE PARIS - I Can't Stand It (Cascada Remix)

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