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Title: Deep Dance 2007 Vol. 8 reviewed on 03/18/07
Label: 2007 Klubbstyle Media (Germany)
Style: Dance/Trance
Index #: 535.4008.2
Deep Dance 2007 vol. 8 "DEEP DANCE 2007 - vol. 8 " is the newest set from legendary DJ DEEP released on March 2nd. Hallelujah! Another double CD compilation extraordinaire with 80 perfectly mixed DANCE tunes. It is always hard for me to review DJ DEEP mixes. Why? Because I should simply copy reviews from any other previous releases. I will not judge the content but by now if you listened any other releases from on this series mixed by DJ DEEP you pretty much know what to expect. Usually he puts DANCE tracks, mixing them to perfection and result is simply a boiling pot of cutting-edge party sound. This is exactly the same for this newest release. While it is hard to fit 40 tunes per each CD you can imagine, that you will have only limited exposure to single tracks, but similar to our MONTHLY MIXES this serves as a good review of what's hot and as I said before a perfect party compilation. It will also perfectly work with your car CD player. You will not be bored. The energy is there and it is all over. Many great findings on the first CD. New from JENS D "Find Your Way" (yeah this RAVE artist is back). Great electronica also in other fares such as intoxicating"100" by VANDERKARSTEN, incredibly catchy NRG/TRANCE fare "Let Your Mind Fly 2007" by ACCUFACE, "One More Time" by DJ CARPI that is extra hot with haunting female vocals not to mention full NRG fare to have fun with. DATURA is back in battle with MNS in their classic "Infinity". I love DATURA, so I had to sample it for you guys. I am not exactly crazy about this remake, but still it is good. As you know I love ITALO SOUND, so I was pleased to see new FANTASY PROJECT tune "Like A Fool". Good stuff, as you can expect from them! The second CD starts with ... remake of "Piece Of My Heart" by JAN WAYNE. This tune was originally released by EURODANCE group INTERMISSION back in 1993. Now it has been pumped up with electronica. Very good version, but ... what the hell with all those remakes? Is the originality of composers lost or something? Next is new tune from revived NOMANSLAND project. Their "Soul Out There" is turbo charged EURO with swirling and atmospheric synths. Cool! CERLA vs. MANIAN with "Jump" bring party stomper with keyboards weaving in and around futuristic synths and a throbbing bass, computerized vocals are worth to be mentioned as well. Taken together this DJ DEEP issue rules! You are into exquisite trip to DANCE music, and the ride is fast and entertaining. For the sound sampler I took 17 tunes from both CD and retained both original length of tracks and DJ DEEP mixing. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. I don't need to tell you that you should support DJ DEEP and buy this product. Enuff said!

CD 1
01. CASCADA - Truly Madly Deeply
02. DJ LEE - I Know
03. LIZ KAY - When Love Becomes A Lie
04. JENS O - Find Your Way
05. MARC KORN vs. SAN DANIELLE - Secret Of You
06. CLUBBTICKET - Sunshine
07. TITUS - Endless Dreams 2006
08. CC.K - Close To Me
09. TUNE UP vs. ITALOBROTHRS - Colours Of The Rainbow
10. PULSEDRIVER - The Whistle Song
11. MELANIE FLASH - Halfway To Heaven
13. KIM LEONI - Again
14. ACCUFACE - Let Your Mind Fly 2007
15. DJ DEAN - If I Could Be You
16. TUBE TONIC & DJ SHANDAR - The Secret
17. HEADHUNTERS feat. KAREN DANZIG - I Got A Feeling
18. DEEPFORCES - Last Wish
20. DANCECORE ALLSTARS - When The Sun Comes Out
22. VOCANA - Every Part Of You
23. DJ CARPI - One More Time (1)
24. SECTOR ONE - Not Ashamed (2)
25. DATURA vs. MNS - Infinity (3)
26. ADDICTED CRAZE feat. THE CIRCUS - Beautiful (4)
27. FANTASY PROJECT - Like A Fool (5)
28. CENTRAL SEVEN - If I Were You (6)
29. PATTERN MODE - Citybeat (7)
30. ACTIVA vs. MATT ABBOTT - Liquefaction (8)
31. SHAUN BAKER - V.I.P. (9)
32. THE HAVANA BOYS - So Horny
33. ALEX M. - I Can't Stand It
34. RICO BASS vs. DEEJAY BONITO - Cisko Disco
35. COCO FAY - This Is My Sound
36. CREW 7 - Eye Of The Tiger
37. CUBA CLUB - La Cumbia
38. VINYLSHAKERZ - Luv In Japan
39. SIXTY-9 vs. DISCODRIVE feat. DJ FIERCE - Rainbow
40. BODYROX feat. LUCIANA - Yeah Yeah
CD 2
01. JAN WAYNE - Piece Of My Heart (10)
02. NOMANSLAND - Soul Out There (11)
03. KIM SOZZI - Break Up (12)
04. CASCADA - One More Night (13)
05. CERLA vs. MANIAN - Jump! (14)
06. 89ERS - Higher Love (15)
07. PAFFENDORF vs. THE REAL BOOTY BABES - Where Are You 2007 (16)
08. ROCCO - Fucking Beautiful (17)
09. GORGEOUS X - Can't Get Enough
10. MAINFIELD - Feel The Love
11. RED DJ - Dance Is My Love
12. DISCOTRONIC - Tricky Disco
13. DEEJAY MAX - The One
14. KIMERA - The Beach
15. H2K - Summermelody
16. ONE TREE HILL - Peyton
17. RAMON ZERANO - Today
18. DEEP SPIRIT - No Cover Song
19. STEVE TWAIN pres. ESCAPE ONE - Numero Uno
20. DIVINI vs. WARING - 4 l.b.
21. MAN V. - Pirate Edition Black
22. FREDDY FADER - Time After Time
23. JOHN MARKS - Carnival
24. MATT RICKS - Home Again
25. MAN V. - Pirate Edition White
26. ABOVE & BEYOND - Can't Sleep
27. VISIOR & DARKMOON - Beautiful People
28. PICCO - Back To Hawaii
29. BEAT FREAKZ - Super Freak
30. DJ TEENO - It Takes Me Higher
31. TIM VERBA - When The Heart Rules The Mind
33. BOB SINCLAIR & CUTEE B - Rock This Party
35. PETE No. 1 - Shining Star
36. O'HELLER - Slice Me (Disco, Disco)
37. MANUEL VARELA - You Gonna Play
38. K LA GUARD feat. ANDY KIYS - Shooting Star
40. CAMILLE JONES - The Creeps
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Title: Deep Dance 2006 Vol. 7 reviewed on 03/18/07
Label: 2006 Klubbstyle Media (Germany)
Style: Dance/Trance
Index #: 535.4007.2
Deep Dance 2006 vol. 7 This set from DJ DEEP entitled "DEEP DANCE 2006 - vol. 7" was released back in October of 2006. As I have stated above the series remains a solid offering for all of you who are into megamixes especially one done by DJ DEEP. This double CD contains 80 tunes (and that seems to be standard). This double CD is truly your personal EURO entertainment in a pill. This release will provide all you dance mavens with high quality party experience. DJ DEEP truly achieved a wonderful mix by combining music, sound, drumming and his signature jingles and hooks into one pot of dance phenomena. It is still extremely hard to beat the master of mixing. . is out. This extraordinary double CD compilation features 80 flawlessly mixed 80 DANCE tunes. It is almost pointless to point the specific tunes in mixes featured on both CDs. Just for fun let's look at first CD. It starts with powerful NRG/TRANCE tune "Seduced" by AYCAN. There are some interesting remakes of classic tunes such as "Bizarre Love Triangle" by HERE AND NOW (originally by NEW ORDER). This "revamped" version got subtle face lift with more electronica than original, but otherwise it retained the music line we know from NEW ORDER. Not as powerful as original though. Speaking of "remakes" there are many more. WONDERFUL AVENUE brought HOUSE interpretation of "White Horse" from down under LAID BACK. Putting aside remakes, trust me there are more to listen to. I was very happy to see some Italian sound to mention tracks by FLOORFILLA and EL TONE to give examples. This has this special Italian touch we all love. Of course follow-up of CASCADA are here as well like DANCECORE ALLSTARS with copy cat in their "When The Sun Comes Out". Gee and I thought BENASSI sound will get killed by too many artists copying it, but CASCADA copiers are true contenders in that race. If you like POP influenced by HOUSE, you in luck as well "Can't U See" by NIKITA & LANCE is one of several featured on both CDs. There is even R&B (example "Rock That Boat" by SUGARCUBE INC. but it has more DANCE side though). Second CD starts on HOUSE side with "World Hold On" by BOB SINCLAIR feat. STEVE EDWARDS. I am not exactly SINCLAIR's fan but this fare has cuteness I just couldn't pass. Several goodies in this 2nd CD mix. For some Spanish touch check "Porque Te Vas" by THE SPRINGLOVE, for brilliant NRG sound "I'm Only Shooting Love" by CUBA CLUB. The list is long. So taken together both CDs deliver truly diversified mixes. I think this is where the beauty lies. Simply great dance compilation in DJ DEEP style at it's best. I prepared mix with 15 tunes taken from both CDs. Original lengths of tracks and DJ DEEP mixing were retained. There are all together 80 tunes for you to check and have your party rolling.

CD 1
01. AYCAN - Seduced
02. PULSEDRIVER - Intention
03. HERE AND NOW - Bizzare Love Triangle
04. FLOORFILLA - Cyberdream
05. FRANKY B. - Life's For Living
06. TUNEBAZZ - Party With You
07. DANCECORE - When The Sun Comes Out
08. DJ KLUBBINGMAN - Ride On A White Train
10. TOVA - Rebel
11. PREZIOSO & MARIN - Survival
12. COMMANDER TOM - I Can't Sleep
13. CASCADA - Miracle 2006
14. NIKITA & LANCE - Can't U See
15. MARK OH - Let It Out (Shout, Shout, Shout)
16. SUPERMODE - Tell Me Why
17. CANTARRA - Ghetto Superstar
18. GARDWG & LANGE - One Nation
19. UNTOUCHABLES 3 - Once In A Lifetime
20. SUGARCUBE INC. - Rock The Boat
21. PRIMATE C. - Be Free With Your Love
23. BELMOND & PARKER feat. RONNIE SHE - Show Me Love
24. BASTO! - Rock With Me
25. CUBA CLUB - Cuba
26. DANZEL vs. DJ FRANK - My Arms Keep Missing You
28. GLOROIUS DEEJAYS - The One And Only
29. IAN VAN DAHL - Just A Girl (1)
30. MAURO MILANO - Baby It's You (2)
31. FREDDY FADE - Time After Time (3)
32. THE USUAL SUSPECTS - China Girl (4)
33. YOM TRAX - The Sound (5)
34. LACUNA - Celebrate The Sommer 2006 (6)
35. EL TONE - With Or Without You (7)
36. HOLLY DOLLY - Dolly Song (Leva's Polka) (8)
37. NORDIC STARS - Crying In The Rain
38. RAVEBOY - Check My Beat
39. TRIPLE BOUNCE - Magic Melody
40. PURE DUST - Call Me
CD 2
01. BOB SINCLAIR feat. STEVE EDWARDS - World, Hold On
02. GROOVE CATS - Once In A Lifetime Groove
04. BEATFREAKZ - Somebody's Watching Me
05. D.O.N.S. - Big Fun
06. SHAUN BAKER - Bakerman
08. THE CARAMEL CLUB - Mama Say Mama Sa
09. THE SPRINGLOVE - Porque Te Vas
10. FEL GOOD FACTOR - What You Need
11. MAN V. - F..k Me!
12. CUBA CLUB - I'm Only Shooting Love
13. TARAS - I Will Love Again
14. DAVID TAVARE - Summerlove
15. FILO AND PERI feat. FISHER - Ordinary Moment
16. G-SPOTT - Sadness
17. RON VAN DEN BEUKEN - Find The Way
18. O'HELLER PROJECT - That's Just The Way It Is
19. AIRBEAT ONE PROJECT - Airbeat One 2006
20. JOHN MARKS - Don't Stop
21. MARCO LARUSSO - World Collide (9)
22. ALIBEE MEETS DEEJAY DEE - Letz Hear It For The Boyz (10)
23. AURIA - Forgive Me (11)
24. 4 CLUBBERS - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (12)
25. MANUEL VARELA - Megabooks (13)
26. MATT RICKS - Home Again (14)
27. KEIRA GREEN - All Out Of Love (15)
28. MIKESH - Dancehall
29. SECTOR ONE - Not Ashamed
30. MEGARA vs. DJ LEE - For A Moment
31. MONTE E FAGO - Esta Loca
32. BANGBROS 1 2 3 - Feierschweinerei
33. 2 VIBEZ - Move Alone
34. FLAT PACK - Sweet Child Of Mine
35. FASHION - Keep On Loving You
36. KURD MAVERICK - The Rub (I Never Rock)
37. MANUEL VARELA - Fun Tonight
38. H.A.B. vs. ROCKETS - Peace Maker
39. HEIKO & MAIKO - Techno Rock
40. AQUAGEN - The Pipes Are Calling
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Title: Super Italia - vol. 24 - reviewed on 03/03/07
Label: 2007 Universal Music (Austria)
Index #: 984690-3

SUPER ITALIA 24 Looks like many of you express interest to determine what's cooking in dance ITALIAN style. Italy has been for a long time bastion of incredible dance music and they still are. Last year I presented you volume 21 from series called "SUPER ITALIA" released by Austrian arm of Universal Music. Now time for the most recent release from this series. Volume 24 hit the street on February 16 of 2007. This CD delivers set of 20 hot tunes recorded in Italian style. The CD starts with "Point Of No Return" by popular Italian DJ GABRY PONTE from his brand new album "Love Songs In The Digital Age". Very interesting twist in GABRE's music. While tune retains roots in upbeat NRG style heavily infiltrated by stunning synths it sports RETRO feel. I am sure you will be thrilled by this new direction. GABRY PONTE also closes this compilation with another tune "Now And Forever" from the same album. I have to give you a fair warning. This one starts slow with beautiful piano section in intro part. The remaining sections are within DANCE/POP genre. "Glide" by VODKA is example where NRG meets HOUSE elements. Cool and sparkling combination. In kinda similar mode is next tune "You And I" by BABIL J. However, this one is still more in NRG side and features male vocals as leading element. Catchy tune! Next one "Cosa Dire Cosa Fare" by DANIELLE DE BELLIS follows exactly the same routine. As a matter of fact most of the tunes in this compilation are recorded in similar style. Some of you might get tired of it after a while, but for others it simply show consistency. Basically, if you like this happy sound you undoubtedly will love this compilation. Of course it is close to impossible to discuss every single tune in this release, but I would like to point out to some other that you might find of interest. Italian DISCO group RIGHEIRA is back with newest tune "La Musica Electronica". Hmm... I am not sure what to think about this one. They tried to bring their classic sound to 2007 year. I don't like the outcome. I am not sure what it is. Is it ELECTRO DISCO or what? Well... Maybe it is just me, you have to justify it by yourself. Well not to worry there are still many other tunes that fit bill of being cutting edge DANCE. The good examples are: "Action" by MA.BRA vs. KLUBNOIZE, "Take Me Back" by TRANCEMISSION (this one sounds actually like SYLVER' rip off, still good though) or "Show Me" by BASSROCKERZ to name the few. As usually I prepared sound sampler. This one features 10 tunes. I hope you will like the selection and music itself. Enjoy the sound! If you want to buy this compilation visit Universal Austria site for further directions.

01. GABRY PONTE - The Point Of No Return (Everlasting Cut) (1)
02. VODKA - Glide (2)
03. BABIL J - You And I (DJ Mauro Vay GF Mix) (6)
04. DANIELE DE BELLIS - Cosa Dire Cosa Fare (DJ Mauro Vay GF Radio Mix) (8)
05. DJ SANNY J vs. DJ ZULAN feat. MCW - The Girl (Sanny J Opera Mix)
06. IKLIP - Turning For You
07. EMYOTT - Musica (DJ Mauro Vay GF Mix) (3)
08. SCREEN DREAM - Coming Into The Land (7)
09. MA.BRA. vs. KLUBNOIZE - Action (Ma.Bra. Edit Remix) (9)
10. TRANCEMISSION - Take Me Back (Eurotrance Remix) (10)
11. DARK ANGEL feat. ALICIA - Shy
12. FLOORFILLA - Up And Down
13. DJ JAJO - I Have A Dream (DJ Jacopo Galeazzi Radio Dream Mix) (4)
14. PHAT PIXEL - Pixelady (You Are Sexy)
15. ROBY PINNA - Missing You (80 Voglia Di Fare L Amore Con Te)
16. BLACKOUT DJs - Tempo Incoerente
17. BASSROCKERZ - Show Me (Chor Lento Remix) (5)
18. RIGHEIRA - La Musica Electronica
19. UNCONDITIONAL - Magic Fett (Nari And Milani 2006 Rmx)
20. GABRY PONTE - Now And Forever (One Night Stand Cut)

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Title: Super Italia - vol. 23 - reviewed on 03/03/07
Label: 2006 Universal Music (Austria)
Index #: 984490-4

SUPER ITALIA 23 If you like presented above "SUPER ITALIA - Volume 24 " you will like volume 23 released back in November 2006. The formula of this compilation is virtually identical with same type of music. There is almost nothing to write differently than I did for presented above volume, because most of tunes are recorded in quasi-similar style. Anyway, I probably should give you some tips anyway. Volume 23 brings 19 dance tunes. Some of them are from less known projects some of them by very well known. The CD starts with "Arcobaleno" by DANIJAY feat. ROBY ROSSINI done in GIGI D'AGOSTINO style. I presented you before DANIJAY music, so this tune should not be dramatic surprise for you. It manages to shine impressively as a great catchy DANCE tune. The next one is highly popular in dance clubs "Cyberdream" by FLOORFILLA. I am sure by now you should be familiar with the group and tune itself. Sounds very close if not identical to CASCADA recipe. However, the female vocals is far from as powerful as CASCADA's. Speaking of CASCADA, actually there are more tunes sporting that sound. Good example is "The Colours Of My Life" by PAOLO LIGORIO. I think I am getting tired of this sound, but hey, it is still great dance style. The music is catchy and I am sure you would love to dance to this sound. It is simply overused these days and that's perfect Rx to produce suicidal pills. The originality is not strong point of this compilation, but I think it is not an issue here. What's important, you are getting 19 powerful dance tunes you should just enjoy and not think too much about their originality. After all tracks such as "You Are" by FABRIZIO E MARCO or "Arms Of Heaven" by DJ LHASA (truly beautiful and massive party stomper) bring pure joy to dance floor. There are indeed many happy and quite simple tunes. I really like the simplicity yet great dance music in "Pensami Anche Tu" by DJ SANNY J vs. SMALLTOWNBOYS. Stunning treat underlined by interesting synths and melodic lines. When looking at the names of featured artists, I am sure you will recognize ROBERTO MOLINARO who was previously involved with such projects as EIFFEL 65, BLISSTEAM to name the few. This compilation features his TECHNO-HOUSE tune "Let's Work". I am not sure how much you will get inspired but it. This tune is simply weird. I think, for some of you like NRG sound injected with significant amount of TECHNO ingredients this would be a match. I can only tell you, that club-wise it sounds pretty convincing. I am disappointed by last tune on this compilation. This one is new from CORONA "I'll Be Your Lady". Very dull uneventful fare in my opinion. This small disappointment should not cloud your judgment in any way. You are still offered great dance experience. To validate that statement, I prepared sound sampler with 10 tunes taken from this release for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think!

01. DANIJAY feat. ROBY ROSSINI - Arcobaleno (2)
02. FLOORFILLA - Cyberdream (8)
04. PAOLO LIGORIO - The Colors Of My Life (10)
06. FABRIZIO E MARCO - You Are (DJ Blisco Vs. Zed Concept Mix) (1)
07. AQUALUCE - Tachion Communication (Stephen Hawking Propulsion Mix)
08. STEFY NRG - I Need My Music (DJ Satomi Remix) (7)
09. DJ LHASA - Arms Of Heaven (Ma.Bra. Radio Mix) (3)
10. CALVARUSO feat. GILLES - Make You Love (9)
11. DJ SANNY J vs. SMALLTOWNBOYS - Pensami Anche Tu (4)
12. D-LIGHT feat. SANDRO CAPPELLO - Love Sensation
13. GABRY PONTE - Elektro Muzik Is Back
14. TK - That Dont Impress Me Much
16. DARK ANGEL feat. TK - Dedicated (Inside My Heart Fm Cut) (5)
17. THE DREAMERS - Dancefloor (6)
18. INSANE - Honey Sex
19. CORONA - Ill Be Your Lady (Nowak Vocal Radio Edit)

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Title: Trance Megamix Vol. 8 reviewed on 02/20/07
Label: 2006 More Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT 10188-2
Trance Megamix - Volume 8 "TRANCE MEGAMIX - vol. 8" is the latest issue from this series and was released in December 15 2006. As you might have noticed that are countless compilations on the market these days and of course it is quite impossible to review many of them, so I am really focusing on something that is worth of mine and your attention. This series is one of them. This double CD offers 80 cutting edge TRANCE fares mixed by legendary DJ DEEP himself. Basically if you like mixes, I am sure you will love this one. It is really hard to match DJ DEEP class of mixing and there are many outhere trying doing exactly it. He carefully chosen 80 tunes to be featured in this tantalizing mix. All of them belong to variety of TRANCE sound and as you know this sound taking various directions. Strong melodies and harmonies throughout the mix. First CD starts with mega German project CASCADA and their HANDS UP tune "Ready For Love". Group doesn't need introduction, so their music either. This is the perfect start with remaining tracks oscillating around core TRANCE oriented synths. First CD incorporated many interesting tunes. Oustanding BIG ROOM TRANCE fare "Nightshift" by WAVETRAXX is definately a highlight. I love the drama in this one. Truly mesmerizing encounter with orchestrated synths. It's a keeper in my book. I also looked into "The Secret" by TUBE TONIC & DJ SHANDRA. This is a remake of this track from 1997 by my favorite Belgian group ABSOLOM that was active at that time (this was Christophe Chantzis project, the guy behind IAN VAN DAHL). Too bad it was only a fragment of it, but hey what can you expect from 40 track mix per CD. Anyway, I still love the original, this remake is OK and obviously more emphasize was taken to synth part that was significantly updated. Female vocals is not as great as it was in original as well. The second CD is also great. I love JOHAN GIELEN's "Magnitude". I simply cannot resist his approach to BIG ROOM TRANCE sound. He is amazing in making tunes in this sub-genre. There are many outstanding dance tunes on this second CD such as "Hold Me Back" by BASS UP! (another accelerating HANDS UP tune), "Here We Go" by BRISBY & JINGLES (cool mainstream TRANCE fare) and many, many more. You really have to indulge yourself by getting this hottie. I prepared mix containing 14 tunes taken from both CDs. I hope you will enjoy it as a sampler of what is coming. I have tried to contain the original DJ DEEP mix wherever it was possible. Enjoy the sound!

CD 1
01. CASCADA - Ready For Love
02. CENTRAL SEVEN - If I Were You
03. FLOORBURNER - Kickin' Da Base
04. ALEX M. vs. MARC VAN DAMME - Stand Up
05. DEEP SPIRIT - No Cover Song
06. TOM MOUNTAIN - Little Respect
07. BRISBY & JINGLES - Eternity
08. TURBO LOVERS - Let's Go Trippin
09. WAVETRAXX - Nightshift (5)
10. FLEXXA - You Be Right (6)
11. TUBE TONIC & DJ SHANDAR - The Secret (7)
12. DJ MERLIN & DJ C-BASE - No Alternative
13. CLAUS VAN HAIDEN - 666 Part 2
14. LACUNA - Celebrate The Summer 2006
15. LIQUID BASS - Hop And Pop
16. CC.K - Close To Me
17. BEATS OF GENESIS vs. LEGEND B - Lost In Love
18. SAM G - Take My Hand
19. STARS'N'STRIPES - Self Esteem
21. PAFFENDORF - Lalala Girl
22. DAVE202 - Generate The Wave (1)
23. DENGA & MANUS - Prophecy (2)
24. COSMIC GATE - Should've Known (3)
25. 4 STRINGS - Take Me Away (Into The Night) (4)
26. 2 VIBEZ - On My Way
27. KYAU & ALBERT - Are You Fine
28. RONSKI SPEED - The Space We Are
29. INTERSTATE - Remember Me
30. THE REAL BOOTY BABES - Meet Her At The Loveparade
31. FREDDY FADER - Time After Time
32. MARIO LOPEZ - Lonely (Without You)
33. E-CRAIG - Home
34. ANDRE VISIOR - Skyline
35. SAKIN & FRIENDS - For The Love Of A Princess (Braveheart 2006)
36. SCOTTY feat. M.C. SHERLOCK - Insomnia 2006
37. JEALOUS GUYS - Mr. Brightside
38. DUENDE - Luna Negra
39. ABOVE & BEYOND - Can't Sleep
40. DELANO & CROCKETT - Walking On The Moon
CD 2
01. TIESTO feat. MAXI JAZZ - Dance4Life
02. JOHAN GIELEN - Magnitude (8)
03. FRED BAKER pres. ODYSSEY - Magic Pad (9)
04. ARKSUN - Arisen (10)
05. DJ SPOKE - Watch Them Fall Down
06. STORE N'FORWARD feat. MIL BROKES - 4 Seasons In 1 Day
07. DJ TATANA feat. ONITA BONE - Be Free
08. LARA - Fate
09. RON VAN DEN BEUKEN - find The Way
10. VICKY DEVINE pres. SAPHARA - Echoed Kisses
11. MAN V. - Pirate Edition Blue
13. ARMIN VAN BUUREN - Love You More
15. TOVA - Rebel
16. 89ERS - Ritmo Forte
17. IAN VAN DAHL - Just A Girl
18. AZURIA - Forgive Me
19. SECTOR ONE - Not Ashamed
20. DAVE 202 pres. AVIATOR - Let You Go
21. AYCAN - Seduced
22. TUNNEL ALLSTARS feat. DJ YANNY - Flug Auf Dem Glücksdrachen
23. DAN WINTER - Check That Body
25. MONTE E FAGO - Esta Loca
26. BASS UP! - Hold Me Back (11)
27. MEGARA vs. DJ LEE - Outside World (12)
28. SUN:PORT - Meet The Fallen Angel (13)
29. BRISBY & JINGLES - Here We Go (14)
30. BANGBROS - 1,2,3,…Feierschweinerei
31. MIKESH - Dancehall
32. MONTI - The Rhythm
33. RAVE ALLSTARS - Wonderful Days 2006
34. TUNEBAZZ INC. - Party With You
35. DJ MACHINE & WALLRINGTUNNEL - 7 Days 1 Week 2006
36. MOFF - Human Traffic
37. CARAMEL CLUB (THE) - Mama Say Mama Sa
38. MANUEL VARELA - Fun Tonight
39. X2Y - Jam The Nightclub
40. NIKITA & LANCE - Can't U See
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Title: Trance Megamix Vol. 7 reviewed on 02/20/07
Label: 2006 More Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT 10180-2
Trance Megamix - Volume 7 I am very late with reviewing"TRANCE MEGAMIX - vol. 7" that was actually released back in April of 2006. However, for all you who love DJ DEEP mixes I owe you that one. Beside that, the reason is also the fact that I am trying to review most of the issues released in this series. Anyway, no surprise here. If you are fan of DJ DEEP you will definately like this set. This double CD super mix contains 35 tunes on first CD and 36 tracks on the second one. All together 71 cutting-edge TRANCE tunes at your finger tip. Even if this series is labeled as "TRANCE MEGAMIX" I have to be clear that many songs featured here are not necessary TRANCE per se, but represent simply good qauality DANCE genre. The first CD starts with MEGARA vs. DJ LEE's "Outside World", a galloping TRANCE-tipped RAVE fares that combines the trendy wallop of what classic TRANCE is all about with traditional RAVE sound. We have here also new from CENTRAL SEVEN - "Neverland", an atmospheric VOCAL TRANCE that leans in a more EURO direction than the purists might have liked, though swirling strings peaking through the layer of sumptous synthesizers and plumes of cascading keyboard should allay their initial fear. Enough of this one. As a matter of fact similar description would cover the next track "All I Want Is You" by THE YORKERS and many more. For some more POP influenced TRANCEy sound you should check "To The Stars" by ASTRADA. If you like CASCADA I am sure you will enjoy the clone sound delivered by AYCAN in "Devil In Disguise". It has very simlar feelings with almost identical melodic line we become familiar with. For excellence stamp in BIG ROOM TRANCE you should check out "Energizer Reworked" by DESPERATE DEEJAYS! What a treat! Incredible from the start to the finish, lifting the the TRANCE sound to next level of excellence. I might be partial here, because I simply love uplifting TRANCE, and this is exactly it. If you like PROGRESSIVE-tipped TRANCE, you should be OK with "Release" by KRZYSTOF COCHLOW. It also contain some haunting female vocals that reminds me Elles de Graaf, a vocalist of PERPETUOUS DREAMER. There are many more tunes on the first CD that are worth of mention like "Unite" by Japanese DIVA of VOCAL TRANCE AYU (what a performance in that soaring production. Simply incredible!), a now classic "Sunset" by Dutch DJ and producer RON VAN DEN BEUKEN. Of course this CD would not be complete without appearance of German master of TRANCE: DJ DEAN. So we have here his "Music Is My Life". Second CD is equal in poer right from the very beginning with "First State" by FIRST STATE. Pounding, instrumental beauty that combines sound of nature with uplifting synthesizers. Great work in here. I think you wil lfind many more interesting tracks on that CD. This is true a great work of DJ DEEP that makes this mix so flawless with hic classic jingles, breaks and effects on the top of the great music. You should find and grab that one. For your enjoyment I have prepared sound sampler with 12 tunes taken from both CD with time length for each track and mixing retained wherever it was possible. Enjoy the sound of DJ DEEP in his best!

CD 1
01. MEGARA vs. DJ LEE - Outside World (1)
02. CENTRAL SEVEN - Neverland (2)
03. THE YORKERS - All I Want Is You (3)
04. CLUBGROOVERS - Warriors Of Love (4)
05. ASTRADA - To The Stars (5)
06. PARTYSTYLERZ - We Are The Partystylerz (6)
07. AYCAN - Devil In Disguise (7)
08. GREATEST DJ - Do Your Best (8)
09. DESPERATE DEEJAYS - Energizer Reworked (9)
10. PAFFENDORF - Vogue
11. RENEGADE MASTERZ - Crystal Ship
13. ERNESTO vs. BASTIAN - Dark Side Of The Moon
14. MARC VAN LINDEN - Forbidden Love
15. FILO & PERI - Dance With The Devil
16. AYU - Unite
17. JOHN MARKS - Update
19. VDK - Drop The Beat
20. VENDEX - No One Cares
21. CASCADA - How Do You Do
22. MR. STRINGER - Mrs. Marple Is Here
23. MARCO JULIANO - I Wanna Be A Star
24. 666 & DJ BONITO - Atencion
25. GAMBAS pres. JORDAN & BAKER - Explode
26. DJ DEAN - Music Is My Life
27. PUBLIC DOMAIN - Love U More
28. MARK NORMAN - Touch Down
29. KYAU vs. ALBERT - Kiksu
30. IMPACT - Sands Of Persia
31. ATB - Let You Go (Reworked)
32. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Sex, Bass & Rock'n'Roll
33. SANDRA FLYN - Red Is Love
34. BELMONDO - Sunshine Dust
35. LARA - Island (Your Love Is My Island)
CD 2
01. FIRST STATE - First State
02. MIRCO JULIANO - Vital Spark
03. DJ MOE vs. YOBA - Tranceformation
04. MANUEL VARELA vs. DJ DEEP - Munich 5 AM
05. DOUBLE NATION - Reach For The Light
06. KRYSTAL - Eternity
07. SANTORO - Floating Away
08. SERAQUE feat. ELLES DE GRAAF - Grvity
09. RONSKI SPEED with STONEFACE - Drowning Sunlight
10. DENGA & MANUS - Shadow Song
11. BULLDOZZER - Funky Groove
12. DYCE - Tomorrow Can Wait
13. SOUND DRILLER - Get Away
14. KNIGHTCLUB - Ab Gehts !!!
15. RUSHROOM feat. FARA - Kiss Me!
16. REAL BOOTY BABES (THE) - Since You've Been Gone
17. TUNE UP! - Have U Ever Been Mellow
18. DICKHEADZ - Pimp My Stereo
19. SYNDROMA - Always & Forever
21. ESTUERA - Flow
23. DT8 PROJECT - Winter
25. SUN DECADE - Have It All (10)
26. ELECTRIC PULSE - Time Traveller (11)
27. FERRY CORSTEN - Star Traveller (12)
28. TUNNEL ALLSTARS - Das Boot (13)
29. VICKY DEVINE pres. SAPHARA - Entravanse (14)
30. PICCO vs. JENS O - Wicked
31. DISCO BOYS (THE) - Hey St. Peter
32. VINYLSHAKERZ - Daddy Cool
33. DIEGO - Bass & Beatz
34. HOUND DOGS - I Like Girls
35. SUGAR KINGZ - Only You
36. DIEGO - Rock
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Best Italo Dance Hits 2007 reviewed on 02/18/07
Label: 2007 ARC Records (Austria) / Warner Music (Singapore)
Index #: PROMO

BEST ITALO DANCE HITS 2007 I think, looking what's already happening in 2007 dance floor I should say this is going to be an incredible year for dance music. Today, I am presenting you brand new double CD compilation featuring current ITALO sound. This double CD set was prepared exclusively for Asian market by folks from ARC Records in Austria. For this special project full responsibility takes C.Y.T. from aforementioned ARC Records and his counterpart JASON CHOW from Warner Music Singapore. This is truly outstanding release. I am flabbergasted by rich selection of tunes for this release. We have 40 tunes on both CDs and they all are of incredible value. The music presented shows what are current trends in Italian dance sound. Fascinating how colorful Italian dance scene is indeed. The value of this set goes beyond that. You have tracks that are not only originating from Italy itself, but also produced outside. Good example is Austria itself. The country shown good deal of music being produced in this style. ARC Records is truly a leading label promoting this sound coming from Austria with such names as FANTASY PROJECT, DANCEFIRE, C.Y.T and many more). Other countries are represented as well (i.e. Spanish projects: MILLENIUM and DJ CUAD to name the few). Coming back to Italian sound. You find several names of interest such LUCA ZETA or DANIJAY representing truly Italian sound. It has that fascinating HANDS UP/VOCAL TRANCE touch but in contrary to that style it has lower BPM dominated by male vocals (female vocals usually is leading in VOCAL TRANCE genre). Quoting C.Y.T. this sound was created to fill gap between HOUSE and styles such HANDS UP, TRANCE or TECHNO. The sound has sunny, summer feeling. The melodies are so very catchy and emotional so if you know Italian you would not resist of singing along. In contrary to club tracks that are usually instrumental with some vocals here and there, this ITALO DANCE sound has massive vocal appearance and typical structure (intro, verse, bridge, chorus and synth part). I will not single out any of the featured tunes. They are all simply great. I actually decided to make quite extensive sound sampler featuring 18!!! tunes from both CDs. I really had hard time to select them, because as I said, they are all good. I have to admit that it is one of the best so far 2007 dance compilations. You really have to get your hands on this one. Quality music in one set comes like this very rarely. Don't pass such an opportunity. I am sad that this compilation was release only for Asian market, but I know ARC Records is trying to make this one available worldwide. So get yourself ready and listen to the sound sampler. You are about to enter fascinating sound of cutting-edge ITALO DANCE sound of 2007! Enjoy!

CD 1
01. MILLENIUM - Day After Day (Millennium Edit)
02. VERONA - Girotondo (9)
03. DEEP SPIRIT - You Are Makin' Me High (DJ Gio Vs C.Y.T. Radio Edit)
04. DANCEFIRE - Star (DJ Gio Radio Edit)
05. INDIETRO - Ciao Bella (Original Radio Mix)
06. GEMINI STATION - Melody Of Life (3)
07. DJ SANNY J vs. ISAIA feat. MICKY B. - La Vivo Con Te (Original Mix)
08. HOT BLOGGERS - A Nueva Vida (Mantero Radio Mix)
09. LORELEY - Written In The Sky 07 (Nultalo Marius Radio Edit) (10)
10. EL-TONE - With Or Without You 07 (DJ Dadde Radio Edit) (1)
11. DANIJAY vs. IACONO - Experience
12. EMIXFAIR - Love From A Star (Tbm DJ Radio Edit) (2)
13. ADDICTED CRAZE feat. THE CIRCUS - Beautiful (Tbm DJ Radio Remix) (6)
14. JINNY - Wanna Be With You (DJ Gio 2006 Remix Radio) (4)
15. NOT CONNECTED - In My Room
16. DEEJAY ANADY - Im Alive (C.Y.T. Original Radio Edit) (7)
17. DANIELE DE BELLIS - Cosa Adire Cosa Fare (DJ Mauro Vay Gf Radio Mix)
18. LUCA ZETA - My Angel (Danijay Edit Mix) (5)
19. DANIJAY - Encanto (Spanglish Version)
20. DJ MORALES vs. JONATHAN VARELA - Sarah (Spanish Mix Fm Cut) (8)
CD 2
01. MARC KORN and MIKE WIND - On My Way (Luca Zeta Radio Mix) (11)
02. JOLLY MASK - I Wanna Stay With You (Remix Cut)
03. DANIJAY - Back To U (15)
04. DOME - Sei La Mia Stella (Happy Foundation Radio Edit)
05. LUCHETTA and DANTE - Viaggio Al Centro Del Mondo (DJ Mauro Vay Gf Radio Edit)
06. STEFY NRG - Promise (San-R-G Radio Edit) (12)
07. DJ CUAD.COM - Living In A Dream (Italodance Radio Edit) (16)
08. DJ SANNY J - Ti Sto Cercando (Original Mix)
09. DANIJAY feat. ALBERTO FORTIS - Senza Fretta (18)
10. FANTASY PROJECT - Like A Fool (Tbm DJ Radio Edit) (17)
11. JAPAN GIRL - Japan Deejay
12. LILU - I Know Its Your Time
13. THOMAS - Last Day
14. MISHNAH - Little Star (Radio Edit)
15. D PROJECT - Fly Away (Fly Two Fm Cut)
16. DJ SANNY vs. ISAIA feat. MICKY B. - Solo Una Stella (Sanny J Opera Mix) (13)
17. MEDITERRANEAN DJs feat. D. MEO - Tienimi Stretto (Soft Dance Radio Edit) (14)
18. DOMYDEE - La Regina Del Cuore
19. CHRIS GALMON vs N.D.A. - Spend My Time (Radio Edit)
20. LEMON - Talking About
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Load This ! - The Best Of Loading Bay reviewed on 01/18/07
Label: 2006 Majic Music / Siren Storm (UK)
Index #: MMLBAY1

LOAD THIS! - The Best Of Loading Bay Oh my! What I am presenting today is simply an incredible journey to the best HIGH ENERGY from the past. This release will be mostly appreciated by all of you who might remember classic CIRCUIT HIGH ENERGY or just recently discovered that genre. "Load This!" is a double CD presenting some incredible tracks released by UK label Loading Bay Records back in late 80's and 90's. This label established by DUNCUN FINLAYSON who's tragic death back in 1996 ended prematurely label's existence. I personally own several vinyls and two CD compilations released by this label. These are highlights of my collection! I was flabbergasted that MIKE COPPOCK from another UK-label: Majic Music brought back to life some of the amazing gems previously released on Loading Bay. MIKE being himself originally connected with Loading Bay and well established UK HIGH ENERGY icon currently doing remixes for several UK NRG artists decided to do some remixes of those classics as well and trust me they are stunning! Collectors have been waiting ages for this kind of set, and their wish was just granted! So let's take a look what we are getting. "Load This!" is a double CD compilation with 11 tracks on each CD. Tunes are featured as maxi versions which is great. You have an amazing set of best NRG you can imagine. The first CD starts with classic remake of ABBA's "S.O.S." by LES BLUE BELLS. You NRG mavens will flip over this cult DISCO icon fare originally released on Italian TIME RECORDS back in 1991. I hope MIKE COPPOCK will follow in the future with the volume 2 and I hope he will feature "Sugar Baby Love" by LES BLUE BELLS because in my opinion it is equally great if not even better. The first CD is full of classics such as "Never Ending Story - (1st Chapter)" by OBSESSION (released originally on Almighty Records back in 1991). All time classic and in my opinion one of the best covers OBSESSION ever made. Among other die hard HIGH ENERGY tunes on first CD are "Thank For Being A Friend" by THE GOLDEN GIRLS, "Carry On" by JENNY KEENY, Load This Mix of "Where Were You Last Night" by TRACEY COLE who did the remix of this tune originally by Swedish singer ANKIE BAGGER. What can I say? I loved the original version (also previously released on Loading Bay), but this one is slamming as well. Of course I have to underline presence of SUZANNE MEALS' incredibly beautiful SLEAZY NRG track "Forever" featured here in Original version. It is probably one of the most outstanding releases in the genre that became signature of low BPM NRG sound. Blast from the past in the unmatched quality! I see MIKE COPPOCK couldn't resist the temptation of remixing it. The second CD features his remix co-produced with TONY SPALDING. MIKE increased BPM and replaced tad outdated instrumentals with more current sound. It was a risky operation to alter such classic, but the operation was clearly successful. You can't really do straight comparison to the classic, but MIKE's version definitely has IT factor! MIKE actually done several other remixes that are featured on second CD such as "Time After Time" by PAUL PARKER (it's cover of CINDI LAUPER's megahit), revisited legendary "Somewhere" by VICKI SHEPARD, face-lifted "Where Were You Last Night" by TRACEY COLE (this is hot, but might appear weird to some of you. MIKE gave this NRG tune some progressive TECHNO-alike flavor. Works for me!). The second CD features also such classics as "Casanova" by DANDY, "To My Heart" by MARK FARINA or "Divine" by MIKE HAMMER. The CD closes rather down tempo "Time To Say Goodbye" by ANTONIETTA PELOSI. So I hope you got pretty much good idea what kind of treasury you just encountered. It has been for the first time in history of our EURONRG TOP 40 chart that three songs from one release made to that chart within one month (pos 8, 12 and 27 in January 2007 Edition) and release itself was Number 1 in TOP 10 COMPILATIONS first time it was listed (January 2007). This speaks for itself. MAJIC MUSIC released 1000 copies, so if you like this style, you better hurry. Such opportunities are not coming very often. I have prepared 10 song mix from this outstanding release. Hurry up to get it. Clock is ticking and if you tardy it might be too late!

CD 1
01. LES BLUE BELLES - S.O.S. (1)
02. PAUL PARKER - Time After Time
03. SUZANNE MEALS - Forever (Original)
04. OBSESSION - Never Ending Story (1st Chapter) (3)
05. BARBARA DOUST - If You Love Somebody (Munich Mix)
06. TRACEY COLE - Where Were You Last Night (Load This Mix)
07. BARBARA DOUST - Dance In Neon Light
08. THE GOLDEN GIRLS - Thank You For Being A Friend
09. VICKY SHEPARD - Somewhere
10. JENNY KEE - Carry On (4)
11. NILLA BACKMAN - Even If You Say (2)
CD 2
01. ESKIMO - Eskimo
02. BARBARA DOUST - If You Love Somebody (1991 Remix) (5)
03. ANTONIETTA PELOSI - Ti Sento (10)
04. SUZANNE MEALS - Forever (Remix) (6)
05. PAUL PARKER - Time After Time (Mike Coppock Mix)
06. DANCY - Casanova (8)
07. MARK FARINA - To My Heart
08. MIKE HAMMER - Divine (9)
09. VICKU SHEPARD - Somewhere
10. TRACEY COLE - Where Were You Last Night (Mike Coppock Mix) (7)
11. ANTONIETTA PELOSI - Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partirò)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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