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Title: Best Italo Dance Hits 2007 - Volume II reviewed on 09/09/07
Label: 2007 ARC Records (Austria) / Warner Music (Singapore)
Index #: 423394-2

BEST ITALO DANCE HITS 2007 - Volume II In February of this year I have reviewed "Best Italo Dance Hits 2007". The response to this release was enormous. Many if you have falled in love with the current ITALO sound featured in that double CD compilation. C.Y.T. who was responsible for that release on behalf of Austrian parent label ARC Records along with his counterpart JASON CHOW from Warner Music Singapore recently brought Volume II of this series just right for the summer. I think they were encouraged by the original success. Rightfully so. Presented today volume II is a "party in the box" double CD stomper. You will find 38 powerful dance tunes all done in various flavors of what current ITALO sound is all about. It is TRANCY it is HANDS UP it is full of NRG with some HOUSE and JUMPSTYLE influence. Right from the first track "You Are The One" by MILLENIUM you are entering world of best ITALO sound you can get. There are many gems to fulfill your desire for quality DANCE music. Great example is "Tell Me Why" by NORDIC STARS. If you wanted a wild, wickedly exciting NRG/TRANCE ride, here you have it! The synth lines are intense and hot with strong male and female vocals. If you like D'AGOSTINO style, you are for a treat. DJ SANNY J vs. DOUBLE FACE feat. TJ FASTOR in their "Ti Trovero" delivered an atmospheric fare with swirling EURO/HOUSE feel. You can't lose here. S.T.B. presents their "The Way You Do" megahit. Pure, peak-hour explosive power from the first beat to the finish. You should check this tune on CD single with 8 mixes. You will not get enough of it! Another hit you probably need to be introduce to is "No Cover Song" by DEEP.SPIRIT feat. KATHY. This one became a summer hit of 2007. Recorded in HANDS UP style delivers pure joy! For EURODANCE fans there is incredibly well done "Call It Love" by FABRIZIO E MARCO. The synth line are well arranged, strong, powerful with compelling rhythm track beneath the action. Too bad the track is relatively short. I want more! "You are My Destiny" by LA COMPAGNIA DEL MASTELLO vs. S.T.B. starts with gorgeous synthesized guitar lines and turns into powerful and ready to explode tune to keep you on the dance floor forever. on both CDs and they all are of incredible value. I have been fond of DATURA for a long time when their sound was in peak back in 90s. I was thrilled to hear their mix of "It's A Fable" by STEFY NRG. The female vocals here is simply flawless as are the soaring synth lines and powerful rhythm track that roars forward with force and grace. Many more intense experience is awaiting for you from this first CD. There are tunes by FLOORFILLA and very own ARC artists such as MASTERBEAT, DJ THE BASS and DAN-J & DOON-M not to forget TUNE UP! vs. ITALOBROTHERS in thier megahit "Colours Of The Rainbow". The second CD is full of power as well. It starts with "Give It Up" by SALLY CAN DANCE in PAPS 'N' SKAR Remix. I am sure you are familir with them. As a matter of fact this duo is featured in the next tune "Ti ricordi quella volta". Both tunes have that happy, freefall sound that will cheer you up. I want to you to pay attention to "King Of Dancefloor" by KIANA representing Dutch sound. Very clever tune. Kiana's vocal is truly a powerhouse and fits perfectly this more EURO-oriented fare. Great ride for all of you who love EURODANCE. There are other tunes by established in current ITALO sound such as DJ SANNY, LUCA ZETA, DJ BLISCO, DANIJAY to name just few. You will also find new tune from RIMINI PROJECT and interesting tune "From Taipei to Beijing" by SHI XIN HUI (Yes! it is done in the same style as "From Paris To Berlin" from INFERNAL especially for Asian dancefloor). In summary if you thought Volume I was hot, this is at least as hot if not hotter. As you might know this compilation is released for Asian market, but ARC Records is making this one available worldwide. Don't pass the opportunity to own such a great set of 38 tunes to die for! It's A must!!! Enjoy!

CD 1
01. MILLENIUM - You Are The One (Millenium Edit) (1)
02. NORDIC STARS - Tell Me Why (Fabrizio e Marco Radio Recipe) (9)
03. DJ SANNY J vs. DOUBLE FACE feat. TJ FASTOR - Ti Troverņ (D. Veneziano Remix Edit)
04. S.T.B. - The Way You Do (Original Radio Edit) (2)
05. ORCHESTRAL feat. GITH - Together Tonight (DJ Jacopo Galeazzi Edit) (3)
06. DEEP SPIRIT feat. KATHY - No Cover Song (Fabrizio e Marco Radio Edit)
07. FABRIZIO E MARCO - Call It Love (DJ Gio Radio Edit) (7)
08. JORDI CARRERAS - Spilling Tears (Italo Dance Radio)
09. LA COMPAGNIA DEL MASTELLO vs. S.T.B. - You Are My Destiny (Danijay Radio Remix) (4)
10. STEFY NRG - It's A Fable (Datura Amor Radio) (5)
11. IKLIP - Turning For You (Original)
12. FLOORFILLA - Italo Dance 2007 (ItaloBrothers NewVoc Remix)
13. DJ MARTINEZ feat. SMALL TOWN BOYS - Forever In My Mind (AdoRed Remix)
14. DJ THE BASS - The Summer Is Coming 2007 (TBM DJ Radio Edit)
15. MASTERBEAT - One More Try (Original Radio Edit) (6)
16. DK THUNDERSTORM feat. ELEKTRA FORWARD - Forever With Us (Radio Edit)
17. DJ SANNY J vs. DJ ZULAN feat. McW - The Girl (DJ Zulan Edit) (8)
18. DAN-J & DOON-M - Come & Take Me (Original Radio Edit)
19. TUNE UP! Vs. ITALOBROTHERS - Colours Of The Rainbow (Radio Mix)
CD 2
01. SALLY CAN DANCE - Give It Up (Paps 'N' Skar Remix)
02. PAPS 'N' SKAR - Ti ricordi quella volta (Summer Radio)
03. ANN WINSBORN - La La Love On My Mind (Radio Version)
04. KIANA - King Of The Dancefloor (Radio) (13)
05. 4FANTASY feat. TJ FASTOR - If You Wanna Be (Sanny J Opera Mix Edit)
06. DJ KAJJIN vs. DJ CUAD - Live In Me (DJ Gio & DJ Martinez Mix) (12)
07. SEVENTH HEAVEN - It's A Dream (Remix)
08. MLP feat. LAIA - Winter Night (DJ Dadde Remix) (14)
09. DJ LUCHETTA - Cielo d'estate (Sun Mix) (10)
10. DJ SANNY J feat. LUCA ZETA - Coming Back To You (Italian Raiders Remix Edit) (11)
11. EXCESS - Pyramid (Remix)
12. DOCTOR 69 - Strip Poker (Original Radio Edit)
13. DJ BLISCO feat. MARCO - Without You 2K7 (Original Radio Concept) (16)
14. DANIELE MEO - The Secret Of Nightingale (Club Rotation Radio) (18)
15. RIMINI PROJECT - The Plan (Italo Remix)
16. MASTERBEAT - Fading Away (Original Radio Edit) (15)
17. SHI XIN HUI - From Taipei To Beijing (C.Y.T. vs. DJ Gio Euro Radio Edit)
18. DJ ZULAN & ALEX TEDDY feat. JELYA - Confusione (Domasi Radio Edit) (17)
19. DANIJAY - Angel (Radio)
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Title: Trancemaster 5005 reviewed on 04/16/07
Label: 2007 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Electronica / Trance
Index #: 302 4135.2

TRANCEMASTER 5005Some call "TRANCEMASTER" series the mother of all TRANCE compilations. Well... We have recently celebrated " 50th release with 3-CD anniversary edition, and now we have yet another 3 CD Jubilee box at "TRANCEMASTER 5005 ". I am quite sure that if you are frequent visitor of this site, you know that I love this series. Rightfully so, this compilation is yet another must-to-have set for all of you who fall easily into TRANCE magic. This offering is packed with 32 cutting edge TRANCE fares. An ultimate journey to club-oriented electronica if you will. It is extremely difficult to go through the single titles. The first CD starts with "Social Suicide" by CARL B. Very exciting starter. Solid club-oriented EPIC TRANCE with glorious synths and mesmerizing riffs. I think this kind of sound is what moves crowd back and forth. SIGNUM with "Harmonic" delivers cutting-edge contemporary electronica. The mid-section of the tune is truly a masterpiece of the genre. Yeah! Another mind-invading beauty. There is more tunes to blow your mind and move your feet though. I have to pin-point "Lost Control" by STEVE ALLEN. I was moved by its majestic sound and incredibly glorious synthesizers throughout that at end explode into firework of pandemonium. Very cleverly and passionately done. Brilliant. Period! If you like the BIG ROOM/EPIC feel "Synergy" by JOSHUA CUNNINGHAM is a strong representative. Roller coaster of sound grow this beauty to gigantic proportions. More of epic sound is also given on second CD. It starts with "Cumulus" by NITROUS OXIDE pres. REDMOON. Brilliant, driving and ethereally beautiful synths with elements of philharmonica. What a combination! Stunning! In a similar atmosphere is done "Atlantic" by MERK ETESON. It does not have the same edge though, but still the plethora of killing hooks makes this one irresistibly to listen to. "Euclidian Axiom" by NORTHERN PROJECT contains lots of wild, progressive synthesizers giving this excellent club stomper a unique flavor. More of NORTHERN PROJECT is on third CD with their "Touched By The Angel". This is yet another superb TRANCE production from this group. Very affectionate. You will love galloping synths that soar and a mesmerizing, large room sound that will keep your shirt off in no time. I am sure you will find this issue as amazing offering, as much as I did. It was really challenging for me to prepare sound sampler that could give you an adequate feel. The difficulty stem from the amount of good tracks in this release. I have chosen 16 of them. I have to admit though, that this sound sampler simply gives you a superficial idea about the set. You have to get your own to fully appreciate the content. I had really hard time of getting this set, but hopefully you will get luck as I did. Enjoy!

CD 1
01. CARL B - Social Suicide (Original Mix) (3)
02. DT8 PROJECT - Breathe (Alex Morph Vs Woody Van Eyden Remix)
03. SIGNUM - Harmonic (4)
04. PAUL MENDEZ & ZERO 3 - Exotica (Paul Mendez Red Hot Remix) (5)
05. DEEP VOICES - 26 Hours
06. JPL - Mirakel (Original Mix) (1)
07. STEVE ALLEN - Lost Control (Manuel Le Saux Remix) (6)
08. MANNIX vs. KAYMAK - World Gone Mad (Dan Stone Remix)
09. TGL vs. ELEMENTS - Palermo Stone
10. JOSHUA CUNNINGHAM - Synergy (2)
11. FICTIVISION vs. C-QUENCE - Symbols (Kimito Lopez Remix)

CD 2
01. NITROUS OXIDE pres. REDMOON - Cumulus (7) (Original)
02. MERK ETESON - Atlantic (Original)
03. LOST WORLD - A Life Elsewhere (Martin Roth Psy Remix)
04. RENOVATIO - High Definition
05. DT8 PROJECT - Tomorrow Never Comes
06. NORTHERN PROJECT - Euclidian Axiom
07. PLASTIC ANGEL - Call the Galaxy Taxi (Martin Roths Nu-Style Mix)
08. TREVOR MCLACHLAN - Compromize
09. ALI WILSON AND DMF - Emanation
10. EVGENY BARDYUZHA - Aquilon (Original Mix)

CD 3
01. SLY ONE - House of Muzik (Ian Betts Remix) (12)
02. ICONE meets STATIC BLUE - The Fall (Matti Kotala Remix)
03. KAMIL POLNER - Soul Cure
04. NORTHERN PROJECT - Touched by An Angel (15)
05. WOLF - Prophecy (Se.ra.phic Remix) (13)
07. CARL B - Cursed (16)
08. MYTH - Sjamaan
09. LANGE vs. GARETH EMERY - Another You Another Me (Original Mix)
10. ALEX BARTLETT - Amnesia (Martin Roth Remix)
11. PLANISPHERE - Nothing's Slave

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Title: Trancemaster 5004 reviewed on 04/16/07
Label: 2006 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Electronica /Trance
Index #: 302 4134.2

TRANCEMASTER 5004 "Trancemaster 5004" double CD compilation from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS was released back in 2006. I am late with presenting it, but the sounds remain fresh and quality of music it contains deserve to be presented. I am waiting with anticipation for every volume from this series, because I know that if it comes to cutting edge club-based ELECTRONICA sound there is no match for this series. Again, I was getting what I bargained for. Stunning product with 21 full blown TRANCE tunes on both CDs. Be prepared for the journey to your mind. It starts with dark and sensual "The Ones We Love" by KUFFDAM & PLANT feat. TERRY FERMINAL. Looped male vocal bits and lotsa soaring, magnificent synthesizers to enjoy! Next comes Misja Helsloot pres. Traction Control Remix of "92 Elements" by DAVID FORBES & MALLORCA LEE. A killer track that gets pumped up, fired up and explodes to stormin' hard-charged TRANCE fare. "Go Get Vodka" by BOBINA combines elements of TRANCE and TECHNO HOUSE to one swirling production. You might find the beginning and main course a bit monotonous but the desert does the job. If you like such combination you should check "Real High" by EMJAY (no, it is not Canadian female singer, but MAARTEN OSSEWAARDE aka DJ EMJAY from Holland). For some more EPIC TRANCE you should turn to "Enya" by STEFAN CAMBRIDGE. It is stormin' TRANCE blaster with excellent melody line highlighted by galloping synths and intoxicating strings. For more galloping pace visit "Alegra" by SENSES feat. RTM. This is simply a solid club track with several twists. It has PROGRESSIVE and AMBIENT electronica fused together topped by a beautiful TRANCE undertone highlights. In quite similar mode is "Balearic Bay" by STEVE BIRCH. In addition to fireworks of electronica you are getting that laidback ambient feel of the storming beach with flying birds and sound of waves reaching beach at the dawn. Another excellent club crusher from this release. The second CD is not short of amazing clubbing experience. It stars vigorously with the first tune "Gravity" by PAUL MENDEZ & ZERO 3. It has good elements of TRANCE but it flip flops with some more AMBIENT undertone here and there. Still a good buy for the fiercy dancefloor. "Afterglow" by SPIRIT & DAVE has also AMBIENT feel as the track shifting gears to more speedy beat. I really like this magnificent and ambient moody synths and gorgeous instrumentations. Taken together an excititing volume from this excellent series. I have prepared mix with 13 tunes taken from both CDs. I hope it will do some justice and spice your curiosity. Enjoy the music and get this set! No regrets for spending some money on quality stuff.

CD 1
01. KUFFDAM & PLANT feat. TERRY FERMINAL - The Ones We Loved (Dogzilla Mix) (6)
02. DAVID FORBES & MALLORCA LEE - 92 Elements (Misja Helsloot pres. Traction Control Remix) (3)
03. MARCO V - Any Better, Or?
04. COSMIC GATE feat. WIPPENBERG - Guess Who?
05. EMJAY - Real High (AK47 Mix)
06. BOBINA - Go Get Vodka (1)
07. STEFAN CAMBRIDGE - Enya (Mystery Islands Remix) (5)
08. SENSE feat. RTM - Alegra (4)
09. STEVE BIRCH - Balearic Bay (Club Mix) (2)
10. MICAH - Mnemosyne (Original Mix)
CD 2
01. PAUL MENDEZ & ZERO 3 - Gravity (8)
02. ACTIVA pres. FORCE ONE - Reflection (Original Mix)
03. SPIRIT & DAVE - Afterglow (13)
04. JOEY - Divinitus
05. BRISKY & COLEMAN - Heaven's Tears (Firestorm Remix) (10)
06. SOLAR MOVEMENT - Under The Sun (12)
07. PETER DUBS - Cubu (Steve Allen Rework) (11)
08. DER MYSTIK - Technological Sky (Original)
09. ABSOLUTE - Now & Ever (Main Mix)
10. AIRBASE - Sinister (9)
11. NOMEN NESCIO - Double 01 (Ivan Gelder Remix) (7)
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Title: Super Italia - Austria vs. Italia - reviewed on 04/06/07
Label: 2007 Universal Music (Austria)
Index #: 9846896

SUPER ITALIA Austria vs. Italia I have lots of E-mail inquiring about "SUPER ITALIA" series released by Austrian arm of Universal Music. Many of you enjoyed the music from compilations in this series. I happy to present you the most recent one released back in February 2007 entitled "SUPER ITALIA - Austria vs. Italia". The formula for this release was to present ITALIAN STYLE music released in Italy but also by leading Austrian projects recording in similar style. The outcome is cool. You have 18 contenders. I am sure that if you are following this series as well as the style, you will recognize already many featured titles. What's hot is that the mixes present in this release differ from what you likely already heard, unless you are a lucky camper that have some CD singles with these tracks. In that case the excitement might be of lesser caliber. This is also MIXED CD, so some of you might be tad dissapointed, but otherwise it makes great party disk you will not leave home without if you are heading for some hot dance experience. The CD starts with "No Cover Song" by DEEP SPIRIT feat. KATHY. While the title claims not being a cover song it is definately done in CASCADA style. It's hot, it's catchy and simply plain fun. This is NRG track heavily pumped with electronic instruments. No surprise here. This Austrian project is followed by Italian remix by LUCA ZETA of "Secret Of You" by MARK KORN vs. SAN DANIELLE. Truly bright and invigorating production with galloping synths a wonderful melody and charming, blue-eyed female vocals! Pure EURO/NRG in ITALIAN STYLE at it's best. I always loved Italian project DATURA. As you know the remix of their "Infinity" is floating around. Here we have the Remix by DJ MNS vs. E-MAXX. While the original theme remains intact, the remix brings more TECHNO/HOUSE feel to it. The outcome is magnificent. DATURA and MNS are delivering a stunning upbeat winner with swirling synthesizers and great vocals. Speaking of some likely known tunes. You will recognize "Cyberdream" by FLOORFILLA. It sounds a bit different from what you likely heard already on commecrcial compilations. Here we have Fortezza Remix. Be prepared for some new twist. This mix invaded HARD TECHNO terriritory, but yet you will enjoy the classic sound of this tune. After all this is rather club-oriented version lasting hefty 6 mins! I am sure you will also recognize JIMMY GOMMA with his hit "Feels Like Heaven". Oh my! You better hold your horses. Featured Remax Remix breaks the track down into PROGGY & HARD HOUSE modes, but don't worry NRG mode is still as well. EL-TONE's current hit "With Or Without You" is here as well. Ivan Fillini recipe adds some spicy TECHNO experience to otherwise NRG fare. I am sure you will have great time to listen to variety of mixes featured in this release. If you want to pick the winner Italy over Austria, in my opinion you will have hard time. Seems to me that there is no winner. Both countries delivered clearly dramatic and energetic sound! I have prepared sound sampler with 11 tunes taken from this release. I hope you will enjoy the music! If you want to buy this compilation visit Universal Austria site for further instructions.

01. DEEP SPIRIT feat. KATHY - No Cover Song (Sander Radio Edit) (8)
02. MARC KORN vs. SAN DANIELLE - Secret Of You (Luca Zeta Edit) (4)
03. DATURA vs. MNS - Infinty (DJ MNS Vs. E-Maxx Remix Edit) (1)
04. H2K - Summermelody (Bassrockerz Vs. Fillini Mix Edit) (2)
05. FLOORFILLA - Cyberdream (Fortezza Remix)
06. BASSROCKERZ - Show Me (TBM DJ Mix)
07. MOLELLA - Originale Radicale Musicale (DJ MNS Vs. E-Maxx Remix Edit)
08. EL-TONE - With Or Without You (Ivan Fillini Remix)
09. LORELEY - Written In The Sky (Nultalo Marius Radio Edit)
10. JIMMY GOMMA - Feels Like Heaven (Remax Remix) (3)
11. DR. DJ CERLA - Lalala Song (Hands Up Squads Reg-A-Ton Rmx) (9)
12. DANCEFIRE - Star (DJ Gio Radio Edit) (10)
13. MARIA LIUCCI - Where Are You Now (Da Ph1l Remix) (6)
14. FANTASY PROJECT - Like A Fool (TBM DJ Radio Edit) (5)
15. ELEKTROMOLCH - Explode (DJ Blisco Remix)
16. D-JMC - Ragazza 2007 (Mr. Rossetti Remix) (11)
17. LOVEBOX - Please Dont Go (C.Y.T. Remix) (7)
18. SOUNDTRACKERZ - To Be A Star (Maria Liucci Vs. Nigel Joe Edit)

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