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Title: Trancemaster 7006 reviewed on 10/27/12
Label: 2012 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Electronica /Trance
Index #: 302 4176.2

TRANCEMASTER 7006 So here is TRANCEMASTER 7006 of this truly fantastic TRANCE series. I am quite late with reviwing this issue (it was released back in May 2012). However, it is very much worth it to present it to you. I was actually waiting for next volume to come out. Interestingly, it has been a long time and no word yet about new issue. It is unusual situation, since there have been several volumes released each year (typically around five), and so far only two hit the streets in 2012. I really hope that it is not the sign of discontinuing this project after 20 years (the first volume was released back in 1992). On the other hand seems that BIG ROOM TRANCE sound is the music of the past, so probably not that much new tunes in this style are being composed (please correct me me if I am wrong). While the format of each volume varied, BIG ROOM TRANCE became a signature sound of this series in recent years and that's what I really loved about it. TRANCEMASTER 7006 is not different. Epic TRANCE sounds at its best fills this volume in it entirety. First CD starts with "Always Loved Never Forgotten" by TENISHIA coming from Armin's Van Buuren label Armada Records. This TRANCE fare is more in the ELECTRO side with bits and pieces here and there. Piano section is embedded beautifully in this fully orchestrated marvel. The tension is growing with track progressing into full blown synths climax. Fantastic! Following tune "Never Forget" by ROBERT LYTTLE sports ELECTRO HOUSE flavor as well. However, by no means in interferes with core TRANCE sound."Ramplify" by RAM is upbeat TRANCE with galloping synths and undertone. This one is truly club oriented fare delivering energy and majestic feel. It features some haunting female vocals in the background. It adds mystery and raises your inner emotions to euphoria state. It builts the drama as it progresses to the end. "Overthrow" by JAMES DYMOND is a great tune to listen to with close eyes. Female vocals sound like it is being taken from temple of angels. The synths are crafted to perfection and melodic line is truly mesmerizing. Difficult to describe, so you better listen to it (as a matter of fact I am starting the sampler sound with this one as a fantastic prelude to what the joureny will be all about). The first CD is closing with more on AMBIENT TRANCE side tune "All That Remains" by STYLLER. Second CD starts with ELECTRO tune "Mercury" by MILLAWAY. This should grown on you if you listen to it for several times. Don't expect epic TRANCE though, yet the track brings some reflection mood. I like the subtile feeling of anxiety here. If you are into big names in ELECTRONICA, you will not be dissapointed by "Glow In The Dark" by leading UK DJ and producer PAUL OAKENFOLD. This is very uplifting and TRANCE fare at higher BPM. The drama is building up. It takes almost 3 minutes to get to the core of the tune, but gee, when it occured it blows your mind. If you are more space/cosmic TRANCE you should check out "Full Moon" by INDECENT NOISE feat. RIDGEWALKERS. Fascinating fare with very interesting synths arrangements. Definately a highlight of this second CD. You also cannot afford missing "Morrel's Sonata In C Minor" by JAMES DYMOND. Amazing TRANCE with classis music influence. The second CD closes with "Sansevieria" by PANDORA. Very uplifting TRANCE with galloping synths. Perfect ending to the trip you just enjoyed throughout the volume.

As usually I have prepared sound sampler. This one features 13 fares taken from both CDs. The sampler is quite long (42 minutes) and I had diffculty in preparing good quality mix with keys and BPMs differing in many tunes, so please don't pay attntion to mixing itself. Enjoy the sound. I hope it will convince you to get this volume especially if you are quality TRANCE sound lover. It is worth of your investment!

CD 1
01.Tenishia - Always loved, never forgotten - The day will come (Original Mix) (2)
02.Robert Lyttle - Never forget (Sean Murphy Remix) (6)
03.Ram - Ramplify (Original Mix) (3)
04.Ico - And she made it all of light (Original Mix) (4)
05.Chris Cortez - Downunder (Original Mix)
06.Ian Betts - Relentless (Original Mix) (12)
07.James Dymond - Overthrow (Protoculture Remix) (1)
08.Tranzlift vs. Airyboy - 1989 (Peet B Remix) (5)
09.Chris Corrigan - Horizons (Felix Pot Remix)
10.Styller - All that remains (Basil O' Glue Remix) (12)
CD 2
01.Millaway - Mercury (Original Mix)
02.Paul Oakenfold - Glow in the dark (Original Mix) (10)
03.Estigma - Renovatio (Original Mix)
04.Indecent Noise feat. Ridgewalkers- Full moon fever (Power Dub) (11)
05.Kho Mha - Mind games (Trance Mix)
06.Function C presents Keelin Temple - Mana (Original Mix)
07.James Dymond - Morrel's sonata in C minor (Tranzlift Remix) (7)
08.P.M. Brothers- Coming home (Tranzlift Emotional Remix) (9)
09.Tigran Oganezov - G.O.H. (Narayana Remix)
10.Pandora - Sansevieria (Touchstone Remix) (8)
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Title: Trancemaster 7005 reviewed on 01/28/12
Label: 2012 Vision Soundcarriers / Rough Trade (Germany)
Style: Electronica /Trance
Index #: 302 4175.2

TRANCEMASTER 7005 It has been certainly a while since I reviewed quality TRANCE release. On 13 January of 2012 the brand new "Trancemaster 7005 " double CD compilation from VISION SOUNDCARRIERS was released. Certainly this one is a special edition. It has been 20 years since series was born back in 2002 and remains strong in 2012. In my opinion TRANCEMASTER series remain a beacon for TRANCE DJs or simply fans of this genre. Last time I reviewed issue from this series was in 2007 (nomen omen TRANCEMASTER 5005). Twenty issues later I am happy to present you yet another strong set of 20 BIG ROOM tracks. First CD starts with majestic "We Will Not Forget You" by KENAN TEKE. Very moody track that passes slow down mysterious riffs with upbeat electronica at its peak. Wow!. FLUIDS pres. SPIRIT DIFFUSION in "The Storm" delivers progressive ambient ELECTRONICA with a beautiful, TRANCE undertone that highlights this fare. This type of sound will predominate in entire release so be prepared! If you like female hauntic vocal that is topping BIG ROOM TRANCE with some GOA infliuence check "Delhi" by FELIX POT. For killer synths work with seductive chorus and dark, space-mission type theme turn to "Timeless" by RENE ABLAZE feat. SYNTHESIA. The last tune on first CD "I will Get It" by DAVID GAZEL, is beautifully crafted full of piano section and powerful synth tune. This would be a great movie tune. The second CD is not short of TRANCE marvels either. It starts with dynamic "Anticipation" by TRANCE DIVISION feat. LYNNE FERRIE. TRIBAL TRANCE with gaunting Lynne vocals remind some of big classic VOCAL TRANCE from the past. If you like Dutch/Belgium TRANCE you will love "New Life" by HENRIK CHRISTENSEN. Perfect club tune with intense sweeping synths to their ups and downs. Quite intoxicating and putting you to euphoria. Galloping synths are featured in many other tunes such as "Skyline" by SOPHIE SUGAR or "Touched' by LANGE pres. FIREWALL (by the way Dash Berlin's remix is simply out of this world) to name the few. The second CD ends with "Beautful Illusion" by SVYATOSLAV MALSEY. Fantastic ending with fantastic fare. Truly gorgeous combining perfect BIG ROOM TRANCE elements with dynamic synthesizers and irrestibly energetic dance bells. Melody is very sensual and lush.

Once again this volume of TRANCEMASTER delivered a quality sound that you can enjoy listen to or dance to. I have prepared mix with 12 tunes taken from both CDs with titles I mostly mentioned in review. Don't be mislead though. Sampler is just for a taste, you got to get the whole thing to appreciate the quality and selection. Enjoy the ELECTRONICA at its best.

CD 1
01. Kenan Teke We Will Not Forget You (Original Mix) (2)
02. Fluidis Pres. Spirit Diffusion The Storm (Original Mix) (4)
03. Frequency Storm Solar Storm (Original Mix)
04. Tigran Oganezov Oscillomania (Original Mix)
05. Felix Pot Delhi (Original Mix) (5)
06. John Waver & Miles Reed Nightfall (Original Mix) (1)
07. Andy Moor Feat. Sue McLaren Fight The Fire (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
08. Myon & Shane 54 Futuristic (Original Mix)
09. Rene Ablaze Feat. Synthesia Timeless (Original Mix) (3)
10. David Gazel I Will Get It (Astuni Remix) (6)
CD 2
01. Trance Division Feat. Lynne Ferrie Anticipation (Original Mix) (11)
02. Henrik Christensen New Life (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) (7)
03. Armin van Buuren Pres. Gaia Stellar (Original Mix)
04. Jonathan Carvajal Switched Off (Original Mix / JOC Edit)
05. Robert Lyttle Pagoda (Original Mix)
06. Sophie Sugar Skyline (Original Mix) (8)
07. Lange Pres. Firewall Touched (Dash Berlin's "Sense Of Touch" Remix) (9)
08. Paul Miller Once Again (Original Mix) (12)
09. Faruk Sabanci As Faces Fade (Alexander Popov Remix)
10. Svyatoslav Maltsev Beautiful Illusion (TranzLift Between Centuries Remix) (10)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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