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Title: The Summer reviewed on 08/02/00
Artist: ATB
Label: 2000 Kontor Records / Edel (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: 0067785 CLU/CLU 67785
Review: ATB - The Summer I am late with singles reviews so please be patient. This batch of reviews I am starting with essential TRANCE track by ATB (André Tanneberger) "The Summer" released several weeks ago. I admire ATB for his sound so obviously I couldn't ignore this beatiful release that is from his forthcoming album "Two Worlds". The single features 4 versions. Airplay Mix delivers incredible TRANCE/DREAM sound. This one is like ATB returning to his roots. When you will listen to it, you obviously will hear similarity to his another hit "9 PM (Till I Come)". Clubb Mix is also terrific with after hour feeling in it. Great track to chill out the overheated dance floor. Instrumental Clubb Version seems to be more dynamic with more TECHNO BEAT feel. The last Ibiza Influence Version is yet another after hour fare with dazzling synthesizers propelling into another chill out marvel. Gorgeous! In sound sampler I featured two versions.
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01. The Summer (Airplay Mix) - 3:49
02. The Summer (Clubb Mix) - 7:09 (1)
03. The Summer (Instrumental Clubb Version) - 6:30
04. The Summer (Ibiza Influence Version) - 5:31 (2)

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blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: At The Club reviewed on 08/02/00
Artist: SM-TRAX
Label: 2000 Clubland Records / Zeitgeist/Polydor (Germany)
Style: Various Dance
Index #: 561 826-2
Review: SM TRAX - At The Club I am sure you are familiar with SM-TRAX. Group recorded several singles in HOUSE style, including hits like "... Is Calling", or "Climb on Me" for instance. Now we have their newest single "At The Club". It is actually a MEGA single with 8 versions featured lasting all together more than 43 minutes of pure and exciting dance in various style. Granted, HOUSE is a leading genre but since so many remixes were introduced in this powerhouse single you will find also other styles. My favorite remixes are done by Mario Lopez and Lightforce. No wonder Their Radio Edit is a sizzling EURO-TRANCE ala Alice Deejay with pumping beat and angelic synth work not to mention incredibly powerful female vocal by Monya. Their Remix is more TECHNO-oriented and perfect for club dance floor. Version retains also some TRANCE elements that enpowered Radio Edit, but these synths are coming up a lit bit later while the track progresses. Since I am pretty much into TECHNO/TRANCE these days, I also admired Axel Konrad (DJ VALIUM) Remix. Lots of killer uplifting synths to enjoy and of course the female vocals that appears here and there. In sound sampler I featured three versions.

For more info about the group, please visit their page at
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01. At The Club (Didier de Chomb Radio Edit) - 3:45
02. At The Club (SM In Motion Radio Edit) - 3:43 (1)
03. At The Club (Mario Lopez vs. Lightforce Radio Edit) - 3:10 (2)
04. At The Club (Didier de Chomb Xtended Mix) - 7:05
05. At The Club (SM In Motion Mix) - 7:31
06. At The Club (Mario Lopez vs. Lightforce Remix) - 5:25
07. At The Club (Avantgarde Remix) - 7:03
08. At The Club (Axel Konrad Remix) - 6:35 (3)

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Title: Omen III reviewed on 08/02/00
Label: 2000 Eams (Germany)
Style: Various Dance
Index #: EAMS 2401-2
Review: DJ VALIUM - Omen III French born DJ VALIUM (aka AXEL KONRAD) is a project that gains more and more attention among fans of DANCE. After his hit "Go Right For" he is back with this brand new single "Omen III". If you are fan of EURODANCE, you should be familiar with this fare. Originally written by A.K. Swift, Kempf and Staab was successfully introduced by mega group MAGIC AFFAIR back in 1994. DJ VALIUM delivered 5 versions. While the main EURODANCE line was retained sound was updated to what the current dance floor is falling for. Radio Mix is a commercial DANCE edition of this song, while Extended Vocal Mix delivers more club feeling with good TECHNO edge making this version a searing DANCE scorcher. Simply an incredible melody, synth-lines and powerful vocals by Tat Morena. Speaking of TECHNO and it's hard shade you should check Klubbheads Remix. They delivered hard pounded TECHNO-HOUSE. On the same line is A1 Mix, but this one delivers more PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE synth line. Live In Holland Mix retains similar climate yet pushing it into more DARK edge. Taken together, very good DANCE release with across the board potential. Already swamped club scene all over the Europe during this summer. In sound sampler I featuring three versions.
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01. Omen III (Radio Mix) - 3:06
02. Omen III (Extended Vocal Mix) - 5:53 (1)
03. Omen III (Klubbheads Remix) - 7:20 (3)
04. Omen III (A1 Mix) - 6:00 (2)
05. Omen III (Live In Holland Mix) - 5:33

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Title: Feel The Heat 2000 reviewed on 08/02/00
Label: 2000 Zeitgeist/Polydor (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: 561 852-2
Review: MASTERBOY - Feel The Heat 2000 When you read this review MASTERBOY new album "Best Of" is already out. I have decided to review this "Feel The Heat 2000" single not only because I am fan of this group to death but also because some of the featured mixes are far from what you know based on the version appeared in the album. While the album version is recorded in more POP/DANCE compare to original EURODANCE sound other featured versions in the single are very interesting. For instance Trance Club Mix done by Luiz O'Brien is very unusual interpretation of this song. Quite sophisticated production and amazing synth-driven marvel. You will appreciate thundering bottom and DREAM line dominating in this amazing fare almost church-like feeling. Track lasts almost 7 minutes and is surely a highlight of this single. Another quite interesting interpretation of the song was done by Muguel Sombrero in his Webtress Miami to Copacaban Club Mix. Here we have lucious TECHNO mixed with after hour quasi LATINO-beat. Quite a treat. In sound sampler I featuring three versions (I skipped the Radio Edit since the fragment of this version I featured in the mix posted with review of this album in ALBUMS Reviewed in 2000 Section.

For more info about the group, please visit my Masterboy page or their official site at
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01. Feel The Heat 2000 (Radio Edit) - 3:22
Feel The Heat 2000 (Extended Mix) - 5:52 (1)
03. Feel The Heat 2000 (Trance Club Mix) - 6:47 (2)
04. Feel The Heat 2000 (Webtress Miami to Copacabana Club Mix) - 7:17 (3)

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Title: Lovestruck reviewed on 08/02/00
Artist: DJ JANIS
Label: 2000 Orbit Records (Germany)
Style: Trance/Dream
Index #: 7243 8 96749 2 7
Review: DJ JANIS - Lovestruck DJ JANIS in this "Lovestruck" delivered a powerful TRANCE/DREAM monster. Truly awesome, lush and uplifting dance experience in this genre. CD features 4 versions. Sonar Radio Cut is great offering for TRANCE curcuit parties. Club Version is flavored by more dramatic dark synths making it terrific big room trancer gradually evolving into a harder, full orchestrated fare. Another club oriented versions is Aerogauge Mix. This one offers layers of intoxicating synths that will drive you crazy. Main theme is retained. The last version, Original Mix is done more into TECHNO/TRANCE with distinct dark room climate. Truly a release to be in your collection if you are serious about the genre. You will appreciate the amazing synth lines in all version that swirl you into fantasy. In sound sampler I am featuring three versions
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01. Lovestruck (Sonar Radio Cut) - 2:54 (1)
02. Lovestruck (Sonar Club Mix) - 7:38 (2)
03. Lovestruck (Aerogauge Mix) - 6:01 (3)
04. Lovestruck (Original Mix) - 7:13

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
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Title: Sound Of Love reviewed on 08/02/00
Artist: BEAM & YANOU
Label: 2000 ePark Music (Germany)
Style: Trance/Progressive
Index #: ePARK 2003-2
Review: JOHN DAVIES - I Promised Myslef New offering from the team BEAM & YANOU. "Sound Of Love" is truly a TRANCE monster. Two mixes (Video Mix and Extended Mix) were done by them, however they did invite to remix some of most sought after remixers and TRANCE DJs and they did them in styles they are famous of. So you have remix by AIRSCAPE and DES MITCHELL. Their mix is fierceless TRANCE beauty with dramatic strings and esoteric music lines touching every single nerve and blastic you into land of fantasy. SUNBEAM went more progressive. It's still TRANCE but more into TECHNO-HOUSE edge. The atmosphere of the track grows with it's progress. The dramatization arouses and tops with full blast of synths firework. COSMIC GATE delivered powerful, shimmering version overloaded with galloping synthesizersl Great PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE as you can expect from this group. The single closes with AQUALORDS remix done in TECHNO/RAVE style. This is single you ought to have it. With variety of mixes featured this warrants a club success and you gotta be part of it! I decided to make an extensive mix of 5!!! versions of this song, but couldn't catch all fantastic breaks and fragments. The only way is to have the single to appreciate the richness of the futured sound.

For more info about the group, please refer to their official webpage at
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01. Sound Of Love (Video Mix) - 3:29
02. Sound Of Love (Extended Mix) - 6:06 (1)
02. Sound Of Love (Airscape vs. Des Mitchell Remix) - 7:15 (2)
03. Sound Of Love (Sunbeam Remix) - 7:39 (3)
04. Sound Of Love (Cosmic Gate Remix) - 6:53 (4)
05. Sound Of Love (Aqualords Remix) - 6:00 (5)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
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Title: Dobrze robie reviewed on 06/18/00
Artist: D-BOMB
Label: 2000 Soft-line (Poland)
Style: EuroTrance/EuroHouse
Index #: SOFT 001

D-BOMB - Dobrze robie In December of 1999 I reviewed the group new album called "Back Again". Group is back with new material and new single. Group consists of two guys: BARTEK and JACO. Recently female vocalist MONICA was replaced by another one: AGNIESZKA. Group definately is one of the best if not THE best Polish dance acts today. They present mature sound and most of their material stand for potential hits. Same goes to this brand new single, group released on a new Polish label SOFT-LINE. "Dobrze robie" contains sexual innuendos. While lyrics are very limited and not exactly meaningful, the music makes this single a good dance release.D-BOMB delivered six versions of the song done in various flavors of DANCE.The Original versions (Video and X 10-ded) are done in dynamic TECHNO-HOUSE with very well crafted instrumentation and good beat. DJ Lehn's mixes are HOUSE and quite laid-back versions, also well produced and arranged. The heat increases with next versions. Herr Klepaky Mix is also HOUSE-ish track, but this one is more for UNDERGROUND scene. The last version: DJ's Verdi vs. Valium Mix is my favorite. Done in PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE style delivers hypnotic rhythm and powerful synth lines. This is truly a CLUB track that is at least equally good with productions of the European stars of this genre. Taken together, the group is progressing into dance act that has a good chance to achieve more than the local success. I will be following their releases in the future. Sound sampler includes two versions: Original X-10-ded Mix and DJ's Versi vs Valium Mix.

For more info about the group, please refer to their official webpage at
you can also send your E-mail to the group at the folllowing address:

01. Dobrze robie (Original Video) - 3:29
02. Dobrze robie (Original X 10-ded Mix) - 5:40
03. Dobrze robie (DJ Lehn-in Short Mix) - 3:47
04. Dobrze robie (DJ Lehn-X 10-ded Mix) - 5:44
05. Dobrze robie (Herr Klepaky Mix) 5:33
06. Dobrze robie (DJ's Verdi vs Valium Mix) - 5-46
7-10. Vocals
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Title: I Promised Myself reviewed on 06/18/00
Label: 2000 Orbit Records (Germany)
Style: High Energy/Techno
Index #: 8 96663 2
Review: JOHN DAVIES - I Promised Myslef If you are into HI-ENERGY the title of this single should sound familar. Originally composed and recorded by NICK KAMEN became one of the "classics" in this genre. Now it has been "processed" by JOHN DAVIES. Single includes three versions. First two (Single Edit and Extended) retains the HI-ENERGY feeling. John's voice is very nice and his version of this classic is very well done. Few "touch ups" to have the instruments sound more like 2000's. The treat for more PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE oriented crowd MARK'OH delivered his remixed version. It starts almost exactly the same as ALICE DEEJAY'S "Back In My Life" and progresses into sizzling Circuit/Rave fare. Very nicely done. The athmosphere of the original KAMEN's production hybridized with exciting TECHNO-driven sound makes this one a releases that should catch your attention. Sound sampler features Extended Version and Mark'OH remix so you can do the comparison.
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01. I Promised Myself (Single Edit) - 3:36
02. I Promised Myself (Extended Version) - 5:08
03. I Promised Myself (Mark'OH Remix) - 5:53
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Title: Campione 2000 reviewed on 06/18/00
Artist: E-TYPE
Label: 2000 Stockholm Records (Sweden)
Style: Euro Techno
Index #: 158 082-2
Review: E-TYPE - Campione 2000 There is no other sport popular as SOCCER for many European nations. Recently the most important soccer event called European Football Championship started and E-TYPE released this particular song that became the Official Euro 2000 Anthem. This is really a dramatic release with spectacular mixes ranging from seductive EURO to full glorious TRANCE/RAVE. The first track, Radio version starts with whistles and stadion crowd effect singing together: CAMPIONE (Championship). Amazing EURO fare to die for. The music is so simple, yet so catchy you would want to sing with them. Highly charged with energy. The Earthbound Remix gives the track EURO-TRANCE edge. Indeed massive synth-driven big room anthem hard to compete with. DREAM touch dominates in Pinocchio remix. The synths here are again, superb. Full of passion fare hard to resists. Taken together pumped-up release that all DANCE fans should get for their collection. I featured in sound sampler all three above mentioned versions.
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01. Campione 2000 (Radio Version) - 3:34
02. Campione 2000 (The Only Earthbound Remix) - 6:39
03. Campione 2000 (Pinocchio Remix) - 4:53
04. Campione 2000 (CF Fonotron Mix) - 2:50
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Title: Der Totalle Beat reviewed on 06/18/00
Label: 2000 United Music GmbH/Dance Lab Division (Austria/Monaco)
Style: Progressive Euro
Index #: 7243 887850 2
Review: DJ VISAGE - Der Totalle Beat Finaly new single from DJ VISAGE. After his very successful single last year "The Return" we have now "Der Totalle Beat". Title was released about 1.5 months ago on vinyl and now we have it on CD single. It is not an accident I am reviewing this fare right with E-TYPE's "Campione 2000". Both tunes shares the drama of stadion crowd and actually their melodic line is also quite similar, yet "Der Totalle Beat" delivers more PROGRESSIVE dark sound. High speed (144 BPM) peak hour tune is topped with gorgeous blue-eyed female vocals. Uplifting synths and a real melody makes this fare catchy as well. Singles gives you 5 mixes. They all are quite similar, however Revolution mixes have more PROGRESSIVE edge compare with Club mixes that fall more into EURO-TRANCE. I have been told that his debut album (delayed almost for a year) will finally be here within weeks. It will include all his previously released singles and 12 new tracks with special bonus of DJ VISAGE very own megamix. For sound sampler from "Der Totalle Beat" single I picked Club Mix and Revolution Radio Mix. Enjoy the sound!.

For more info about the group, please refer to my DJ Visage Page
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01. Der Totalle Beat (Radio Mix) - 3:37
02. Der Totalle Beat (Revolution Radio MiX) - 3:37
03. Der Totalle Beat (Club Mix) - 6:05
04. Der Totalle Beat (Revolution Club Mix) - 6:05
05. Der Totalle Beat (Instrumental Club Mix) - 6:05
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Title: I'm Your Pusher reviewed on 06/18/00
Label: 2000 Sheffield Tunes / Edel Records (Germany)
Style: Progressive Euro
Index #: 0110505STU
Review: SCOOTER - I'm Your Pusher Every single released by always awaited with high hopes. So, no wonder that fans were thrilled to finally get a new single from this German leading TECHNO group. This is timely release because it introduces forthcoming album "Sheffield". I think group is really keeping high cutting edge sound and does not lower their level of excellence with every release. As a matter of fact the sound is getting better and better. Seems SCOOTER is fascinated with Scotch sound, so you have Scottish elements in this truly wonderful and powerful track. As you can expect, high flying dazzling synth lines are everywhere giving this PROGRESSIVE track a distinct TRANCE feeling. I love the tune, but I have to bitch a bit. I was pretty dissapointed that only two versions were features and even damn club version was below 5 minutes. Such wonderful fare deserves more remixes. CD single has all together 4 tracks. Two first are the title one the third is called "The Pusher". It is probably a mix (?) but more in DARK ACID PROGRESSIVE side if anything. The last tune: "Firth Of Forth" is instrumental DRUM'N'BASS version of the title tune (I guess). I would really spend more time on getting more TRANCE-oriented remixes of the title tune. I invite you to check our VIDEO Section for the clip to this single. It's a good one! For sound sampler I picked: Extended Version and The Pusher. Enjoy!

For more info about the group, please refer to their home page at
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01. I'm Your Pusher - 3:48
02. I'm Your Pusher (Extended) - 4:46
03. The Pusher - 5:37
04. Firth Of Forth - 3:38
blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Versus reviewed on 06/18/00
Label: 2000 Kosmo Music / Kontor Records / Edel Records (Germany)
Style: Progressive/Trance
Index #: 0070415ERE
Review: TOMCRAFT vs. SUNBEAM - Versus Two powerful projects: TOMCRAFT and SUNBEAM "joined" forces to make this particular tune. SUNBEAM consists of Michael Gerlach (born 1973) and Florian Preis (born 1972). Probably their most famous single still is "Outside World" released orginally back in 1994 and recently remixed. DJ TOMCRAFT (Thomas Brückner) is also quite well established in TECHNO scene with singles like "Mind", "Flashback" or "The Mission" . His characteristic feature is tattoed barcode in the rear of his head. "Versus" represents cosmic TRANCE sound with up and down going synths. The main theme remains the same in all mixes. You really feel like the battle of minds is going on here. Both Radi Cut and Original Mix deliver same climate with the difference that original cut lasts almost 9 minutes. The track is instrumental with vocal saying just: VERSUS, however music and increasing drama keep you in constant attention. Niels Van Gogh remix speeded-up track significantly. The track is also more in TECHNO-HOUSE venue. While progressing into the end it becoming gothic monster. Interesting remix. The last mix on the CD is Major Problems mix. Also fast and also dynamic. Synth used in this one differ a bit from other versions. Main melodic line is retained but instrumentation is enriched. Probably the most interesting interpretation of this title tune. You should also check our VIDEO Section for the clip to this single. In sound sampler I featured Original Version, Niels Van Gogh Remix and Major Problems mix. Enjoy!

For more info about the artists visits their pages at: and
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01. Versus (Radio Cut) - 3:42
02. Versus (Original Mix) - 8:14
03. Versus (Club Cut) - 6:25
04. Versus (Niels Van Gogh Remix) - 7:25
05. Versus (Major Problems Mix) - 6:30
blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Singularity (Brainchild II) reviewed on 06/18/00
Artist: DJ TANDU presents AYLA
Label: 2000 Unsubmissive Records / Edel Records (Germany)
Style: Progressive/Trance
Index #: 0109433SUNS
Review: DJ TANDU presents AYLA - Singularity (Brainchild II) This track was featured in several compilations I already reviewed before, but on purpose I never featured sound sampler from this title. I thought I really have to give you a better taste of it by reviewing it in this section and giving you more than just one version that appeared on compilations. "Singularity (Brainchild II)" is simply brilliant, TRANCE blaster driven by amazingly arranged synths making this release a hypnotic adventure into the twilight-zone. With four different mixes this tune was "processed" by several leading remixers giving their own interpretation that I actually tried to capture in sound sampler. Ayla's Club Mix feaures incredible piano lines which take flight on angelic synthesizer wings along with heavenly voice of Ellen Harriman topped with computerized choir background. Miss Thunderpussy took a different approach. With fast speed and BASS'N'DRUMS twist lasting more than 2 minutes it blows into big room PROGRESSIVE messmerizing stomper. Unbelievable feeling and chilling experience. Pulsedriver remix as you can imagine is darker in sound and even more thrilling experience. This version is a showcase of haunted synths and piano lines. Really a cutting edge remix. The fifth track on this CD is "Outburst" written by Ingo Kunzi. The relationship with the title song remains in type of synths used and melodic line. Very NEW AGE sound with PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE edge. In summary, this is very good single in this dance genre and I recommend it wholeheartly. In sound sampler I featured Ayla's Club Mix, Pulsedriver Remix and Miss Thunderpussy Remix. Enjoy!
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01. Singularity (Brainchild II) (Radio Edit) - 03:35
02. Singularity (Brainchild II) (Ayla's Club Mix) - 07:59
03. Singularity (Brainchild II) (Miss Thunderpussy Remix) - 06:38
04. Singularity (Brainchild II) (Pulsedriver Remix) - 07:36
05. Outburst - 07:03
blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Shout (C'mon) reviewed on 06/18/00
Artist: Sagitaire
Label: 2000 Nulife /BMG Eurodisc Ltd. (UK)
Style: Trance
Index #: 74321 755 712
Review: SAGITAIRE - Shout (C'mon) I no information about this project, yet this single requires special attention. Amazing release in TRANCE genre that noone should pass by. UK keeps relasing good stuff, and this one is really a superb one. With gorgeous melodic line this fare brought concerto of high-flying synths and racing electronic instrumentation. Perfect for clubs and TRANCE/PROGRESSIVE sircuit. You will be stunned by this offering. Even if only three remixes are presented, they all are an excpetional value. Radio Edit delivers high pace TRANCE sound with big room orchestration in the background and muscular male vocals. Absolutely stunning. Airscape mix starts with rhythmic beats and progresses into TRANCE/HOUSE tunes. As usually they did a marvellous job, you could expect from masters. The last Progressive Mix done by Switch is full of electronic effects and twisted synths. Very psychedelic version that will hit you hard in the head. Try to dance it I am sure all your extremities will be all over the place. In sound sampler I featured fragments taken from Radio Edit and Airscape Mix. Enjoy!
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01. Shout (C'mon) (Radio Edit) - 3:23
02. Shout (C'mon) (Airscape Mix) - 7:11
03. Shout (C'mon) (Switch Progressive Mix) - 8:10
blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Come Come Come reviewed on 06/18/00
Artist: HIT'N'HIDE
Label: 2000 Scandinavian Records (Denmark)
Style: Euro Techno/Pop
Index #: SRCDS 53671
Review: HIT'N'HIDE - Come Come Come It seemed that HIT'N'HIDE almost meant to HIT with goos song like "Space Invaders" and HIDE (or simply dissapear). Well... the good news the group recently released this new single "Come Come Come". Only 2 versions are featured. The Radio version influenced by EURO/TRANCE sound is a quite nice offering from this duo. The Extended version introduces also more EURO-HOUSE oriented elements. Single is a very happy release. Not necessary as strong as previous from them, but quite catchy. In sound sampler I featured only fragment of Radio Version. It should give you an idea. I hope we will hear more from them in near future.
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01. Come Come Come (Radio Mix) - 3:37
02. Come Come Come (Extended Mix) - 5:04
blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: In & Out reviewed on 06/18/00
Artist: CRISPY
Label: 2000 Iceberg Records (Denmark)
Style: Euro
Index #: ICE CDM 100
Review: CRISPY - In & Out Yet another release from Denmark. This time from CRISPY. I assume you are probably not that familiar with this trio. The group was actually founded back in 1997 in Copenhagen. The trio of Mette Christensen (23), Christian Møller (24) and Mads Krig (23) have already several singles and one album in their account. They were also awarded back in 1998 the title of The Best Scandinavian Debut release. So here we have their brand new single "In & Out". Three versions of this tune are present on CD. Radio Hitmix is recorded in Happy POP/EURO with elements of TECHNO. Quite relaxing mix. Song itself is indeed very uplifting and happy tune. Butterfly Remix is truly explosive TRANCE version. Essential rumbler for the big room event. I have to admit I was stunned how the synths line were matched together with good rhythm and angelic female vocals. One of the best EURO-TRANCE oriented tune for the club circuit released so far this year. To truly appreciate it, you have to listen to the entire track. In sound sampler I featured fragments of both Butterfly Remix and Club Mix. Get the single and support this group.

For more info about the group, please refer to their home page at
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01. In & Out (Radio Hitmix) - 3:12
02. In & Out (Club Mix) - 5:02
03. In & Out (Butterfly Remix) - 7:06
blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Feeling This Way reviewed on 06/18/00
Label: 2000 Orange Records
Style: Afterhour Euro-Techno/Trance
Index #: ORCDM 53663
Review: E-TYPE - Campione 2000 When I just browse thru my singles shipments it is possible that I might miss some releases that you actually should be awared of. This almost happened to this single. I had hard time to classify it and I was not exactly sure what my feeling are about this particular release. I decided to listen to it couple of times and it really grew on me. This is sort of after hour EURO-HOUSE. Classification is however misleading. Three versions of this title gives you actually more broad spectrum. It like having all DANCE genre put together and to mke it one amazing and danceable track especially when you are ready to leave the club. Male and female vocal sound like two folks to each other. Both vocal are velvet and delicate. You really have to listen to all the versions to get a real feeling about this tune. I found Solar Stone Remix quite unique and exciting. It has some TRIBAL instrumentation yet distinct PROGRESSIVE synth line makes this one a straight club stomper. This is a long version lasting almost 9 minutes and it grows while it progresses. Indeed a beautifully crafted tune that gives you an imminent pleasure of listening to it. Sound sampler features fragments of Solar Stone Remix and Original Mix.
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01. Feeling This Way (Radio Edit) - 3:59
02. Feeling This Way (Original Mix) - 8:28
03. Feeling This Way (Solar Stone Remix) - 8:50
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Title: I'll Be Good reviewed on 05/20/00
Label: 2000 Coconut Records / BMG Ariola (Germany)
Style: Euro Energy
Index #: 74321 76246 2
Review: BAD BOYS BLUE - I'll Be Good BAD BOYS BLUE released first single from their forthcoming album. Single was written by Tony Hendrik and Karin van Haaren. Single was produced by them as well and co-produced by Andy Matern who also did two remixes of this song. This is very exciting release. BAD BOYS BLUE returned to their classic sound we all know them from. I am delighted that original writers and producers decided to go for it. After all this is the sound I missed. Both Radio Edit and Extended Version feature classic EURO-ENERGY sound with pounding rhythm and great vocals. Level 1 Remix gave EURO-HOUSE ingredient to cross-over to the broader club arena. Level 2 Remix is very dynamic more EURO TECHNO oriented fare with stunning instrumental section. This is by far my most favorite version from this single and I featured in sound sampler. Combining NRG beat with some more elctronic flavor makes this particular version hard to resist from. Good job! I will be looking forward to hear the album.

For more info about the group, please refer to my Bad Boys Blue Page
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01. I'll Be Good (Radio Edit) - 3:54
02. I'll Be Good (Extended Version) - 5:56
03. I'll Be Good (Level 1 Remix) - 5:26
04. I'll Be Good (Level 2 Remix) - 6:32
blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Don't Take Away My Heart reviewed on 05/20/00
Label: 2000 BMG Berlin (Germany)
Style: Euro Energy
Index #: 74321 75448 2
Review: MODERN TALKING - Don't Take Away My Heart Also MODERN TALKING is back with a new single taken from their most recent album "2000 - Year Of The Dragon" reviewed several weeks ago. You will find on this disk two versions of the title song "Don't Take Away My Heart" and new version of "Fly to The Moon". What makes these tracks deifferent from their album versions is presence of Eric Singleton's rap. I know, that some of you were not exactly impressed by having raps implemented in new MODERN TALKING releases, but I have to admit, I liked it in versions featured in this single. If you bought the album you probably know already these titles, yet the single will provide you with this "new" touch. If you are MODERN TALKING fan, you should get it. Additionally, as a bonus you will find "MODERN TALKING Megamix 2000" featuring 4 different titles from the group's new album. In sound sampler I featured New Rap Versions with Eric Singleton of both: "Don't Take Away My Heart" and "Fly To The Moon". Do not forget to visit our VIDEO Section for the video clip made to this title track.
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01. Don't Take Away My Heart (New Vocal Version) - 3:54
02. Don't Take Away My Heart (New Rap Version - feat. Eric Singleton) - 3:26
03. Fly to The Moon (New Rap Version - feat. Eric Singleton) - 3:07
04. MODERN TALKING Megamix 2000 - 5:15
Sexy Sexy Lover - You Are Not alone - China In Her Eyes - Don't Take Away My Heart
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Title: Ravel's Pavane pour une Infante Défunte reviewed on 05/20/00
Label: 2000 WEA Records/ Warner Music (UK)
Style: Contemporary Dance/Trance
Index #: WE739 8573828152
Review: WILLIAM ORBIT - Ravel's Pavane pour une Infante Defunte From NRG sound let me move to more TRANCE oriented venue. I start from the fare by WILLIAM ORBIT (Madonna's main in-studio man). The track is really hard to be called DANCE. First of all, the original writer of this tune was Maurice Ravel we all well known by his classic "BOLERO". William Orbit with his incredible talent and interesting usage of electronic instruments transformed this CLASSIC tune to a contemporary DANCE beauty. What made me really to review this single, is the presence of two mixes done by Ferry Corsten. If you are following Corsten, you probably know that this is not the first tune he remixed for William Orbit. Several months ago he released "Barber's Adagio For Strings" also with Corsten remix. Featured here "Ravel's Pavande pour une Infante Défunte" is truly a beatiful song. While Orbit versions are rather slower, Corsten remixed them as full throttle TRANCE stunning monsters. In sound sampler I featured Ferry Corsten Mix that in my opinion is simply breathtaking. It's gorgeous, high-flying piece with dazzling synth lines, wonderful and lovely melody. It starts "dreamy" and escalates into full orchestrated powerhouse. Simply spectacular.

For more info about the William Orbit, please visit his page at
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01. Ravel's Pavane pour une Infante Déunte (Ferry Corsten Mix Edit)
02. Ravel's Pavane pour une Infante Déunte (Single Version Edit)
03. Ravel's Pavane pour une Infante Déunte (Album Version Edit)
04. Ravel's Pavane pour une Infante Déunte (Ferry Corten Mix)
05. Ravel's Pavane pour une Infante Déunte (Single Edit)
06. Ravel's Pavane pour une Infante Déunte (Album Version)
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Title: L'estate (de un amore) reviewed on 05/20/00
Label: 2000 Bit Music / Fairlight Records (Denmark)
Style: Trance
Index #: BITCDM 526
Review: MISS JUICI - L'Estate (de un amore) Knowing KOSMONOVA's "Danse Avec Moi" I was puzzled with this single by MISS JUICI. Both "Danse Avec Moi" and "L'estate" are virtually identical in terms of main theme. I don't know who was first and I don't really care. I love the sound. Instead of French you are getting Italian language that is probably the most obvious difference. The single features 6 versions including mixes by LIGHTFORCE and SCOOPEX. Original mixes (both short and Extended) are powerful big room stompers from starting point with ethernal female vocals that floats beatifully between dazzling synth lines. Especially Extended mix that flourish with unbelievable synth will do great in club scene. LIGHTFORCE mixes also are essential. Their club mix is perfect TRANCE with lotsa echo and distinct piano section giving this fare a slick feeling. The orchestration escalates into a wickedly monsterous full opera house monster. Very, very good indeed! SCOOPEX mixes are more HOUSE-ish if you will, yet still are retaining high-flying TRANCE punch. This is floor packer! In sound sampler I featured three 3 different mixes. Check them out!
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01. L'estate (de un amore) (Original Mix) - 3:27
02. L'estate (de un amore) (Scoopex Radio Edit) - 3:40
03. L'estate (de un amore) (Extended Mix) - 5:45 (1)
04. L'estate (de un amore) (Lightorce Club Mix) - 5:49 (2)
05. L'estate (de un amore) (Scoopex Extended Remix) - 5:45 (3)
06. L'estate (de un amore) (Lightforce Radio Cut) - 3:20

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
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Title: Deadline reviewed on 05/20/00
Label: 2000 Orange Records/Scandinavian Records
Style: Dream/Trance
Index #: ORCDM 53669
Review: DUTCHFORCE - Deadline This is is Dutch release and as you might imagine, yet another great TRANCE big room stomper. Written and composed by M.B de Goeij "Deadline" (man behind "Airwave" by RANK 1) brings state-of-the art TRANCE fare to die for. With elevated piano sections this tracks has very DREAMY feeling. Progressive circuit will enjoy Original Mix. Be prepared for fiercy, big synth rumble ride. This purely mesmerizing tune will blow your mind. Many strings and catchy hooks makes this fare a true dead knock-out. For more late hour version turn to Durango 95 Lifeline Mix. This RAVE oriented track is quite monotonous but still delivers energy and high pace beat. You really have to wait like more than 4 minutes since this version started to get real energitical and transposes to monstereous big room circuit piece. What I like about this version is very rich instrumentation with mind blowing synths and angelic strings. The great finale of this version is blasting! Cutting edge TRANCE !!! Sound sampler features both Original Mix and Durango 95 Lifeline Mix. Enjoy the music!
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01. Deadline (Radio Edit) - 3:22
02. Deadline (Original Mix) - 7:32
03. Deadline (Durango 95 Lifeline Mix) - 8:50
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Title: Sandstorm reviewed on 05/20/00
Artist: DARUDE
Label: 2000 Stargate Music/16 Inch Records (Finnland)
Style: Trance
Index #: SIRCDS 1601
Review: DARUDE - Sandstorm Time for Scandinavian TRANCE. I rarely have the opportunity to review stuff from Finland. Yet the country has long tradition of being devoted to dance music. So today let me introduce DARUDE and their killer club track "Sandstorm". Granted, this is not the newest tune on earth, but I finally got a CD copy and the tune is worth to share with you. This song was written by Ville Virtanen. You probably should memorize the name. I predict some good stuff coming from him and DARUDE. I really have hard time to define the style of this tune. It is TRANCE but it has also very specific synth arrangements making it clearly an ELECTRONIC sort of hybrid. Probably the best way to really get the feeling about this tune is to listen to all the versions. Only three of them and all are retaining similar theme line yet they are quite different. You should enjoy the instrumental gliding you will encouter. I gave you a taste of it in the sound sampler featuring Original Mix and JS16 Remix
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01. Sandstorm (Radio Edit) - 3:45
02. Sandstorm (Original Mix) - 7:21
03. Sandstorm (JS16 Remix) - 7:24
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Title: Danse Avec Moi reviewed on 05/09/00
Label: 2000 Dos Or Die (Germany)
Style: Trance/Dance
Index #: 333.0128.3
Review: KOSMONOVA - Danse Avec Moi After a long time, I finally decided to reactivate the SINGLE reviews section and give you singles I got and are worth of your attention. Let me start from more TRANCE/TECHNO sound. So here is the track that is storming all dance floors all over the world. New from KOSMONOVA. "Danse Avec Moi". Single features 6 version of this very powerful fare with both NRG and TRANCE feeling. Ingenious production by Tommaso De Donatis and Michael Nehring (who also co-wrote this spectacular offering). Choose version to please you. All of them retain the main melodic lines but geez! They differ and I mean it. Radio Version is powerful TRANCE with French lyrics yet quite commercial. This version is closed to what appeared on video (Check VIDEO section for the clip). If you are more into clubbing, check Airscape's Radio Mix. It's an epic big room trancer with seductively hypnotic female vocal that explodes at the breaks. Synths are plainly amazing! For more TECHNO feelings check Plug'N'Play version. Thanks to Jan Vervloet we are also blessed with FIOCCO remix. Dark PROGRESSIVE fare aimed to cavernous, underground clubs. Galloping, soaring, high-flying synths rising to majestic heights make this tune essential for clubs. Incredibly intense! In sound sampler I featured 4 versions taken from this single. This one is a MUST! Don't think the version you have on compilation is good enough! You gotta have the single to understand what you would miss otherwise!
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01. Danse Avec Moi (Radio Edit) - 2:52
02. Danse Avec Moi (Airscape Radio Mix) - 3:21
03. Danse Avec Moi (Extended Mix) - 5:06 (1)
04. Danse Avec Moi (Airscape Remix) - 6:41 (3)
05. Danse Avec Moi (Plug'N'Play Remix) - 7:50 (4)
06. Danse Avec Moi (Fiocco Remix) - 5:51 (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
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Title: Just Around The Hill reviewed on 05/09/00
Artist: SASH !
Label: 2000 Edel Records / X-It (Germany)
Style: Pop/Trance
Index #: 0108586XIT
Review: SASH - Just Around The Hill By now all serious fans of SASH! should already have his bran new album "TRILENIUM". If so, you should be familiar with "Just Around The Hill". If you heard the album version, you also know that it was recorded more into POP style. While the version is indeed a nice track, it's distant from what we used to hear by SASH! No, wonder I was surprised to notice that it was released as single. Well... not anymore! Several versions featured on this CD single were recorded and produced in dance mood. 5 out of 7 versions falling into this category. Dance Radio Edit is more into HIGH-ENERGY! YEAH! No kidding! Doug Laurent 12" Vocal Mix is the first version featured on this CD that introduces TECHNO feeling. Starts as rather monotonic fare rescued by female vocals of one and only TINA COUSINS transforms later as full blast TECHNO/TRANCE wonder. Very nice. Another mix done by DJ Shah starts with vibrating female vocals and distict beat sections. This one is full-throttle PROGRESSIVE TECHNO version with many elements reminding ALICE DEEJAY! Extended Dance mixes has some TRIBAL feelings into it. Rather AFTER HOUR versions still retain a lot of dynamic features and HIGH ENERGY feeling into it. So, if you want some DANCE version of this tune, you should get the single!
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01. Just Around The Hill (Radio/Video Edit) - 3:30
02. Just Around The Hill (Unplugged Radio Edit) - 3:30
03. Just Around The Hill (Dance Radio Edit) - 3:49
04. Just Around The Hill (Doug Laurent 12" Vocal Mix) - 8:06 (1)
05. Just Around The Hill (DJ Shah Remix) - 7:29 (2)
06. Just Around The Hill (Extended Dance Mix) - 5:16 (3)
07. Just Around The Hill (Extended Dance Radio Mix) - 5:31

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
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Title: Das Boot 2001 reviewed on 05/09/00
Artist: U 96
Label: 1999 Urban Records (Germany)
Style: Euro Techno
Index #: 156 654-2
Review: U 96 - Das Boot 2001 Knock, knock! Is this really U 96? After several years of Alex Christensen's involvements in several project, he finally decided to get back to his roots. Original "Das Boot" had it's "premier" back in 1991. In 2000 we got it's 2001 version that also appered on commemorative album "U 96 - Best Of 1991-2001". The sound is also updated, however the "backbone" of original track remained intact. Seems to me the Radio version is the closest one to original, yet the only version featuring vocal (done be LIA LANE. Do not expect mellow EURO TECHNO, but rather more progressive dark power. It's got a solid big room, thunderous vibes flavor. For even more dark and more DRUM'N'BASS oriented version check DJ MELLOW-D Remix. It has the power, the muscles, the sound, the beat. Have it all. Cosmic Gate in their remix took different approach. Retaining the mystic atmosphere of the main theme they introduced more industrial feel into it and added more kick bass for additional effect. In sound sampler I present both versions. For vidoe to this track, please visit our VIDEO section.
For more information about this group please check our U-96 Page in ARTISTS Section.

01. Das Boot 2001 (Radio Edit) - 3:41
02. Das Boot 2001 (DJ Mellow-D Remix) - 8:22
03. Das Boot 2001 (Cosmic Gate Remix) - 7:41
04. Das Boot 2001 (Anthem 2001) - 3:19
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Title: Lovely Lily reviewed on 05/09/00
Artist: RICHI M
Label: 2000 Stockholm Records (Sweden)
Style: Euro Techno/Trance
Index #: 156 507-2
Review: RICHI M - Lovely Lily So, Mr. Richi is back! For a split second I thought he dissapeared from the dance scene and it would be big lost. Not to worry, the man is back with his new single "Lovely Lily". If you like his sound you will love this single as well. Spectacular TRANCE/NRG blaster with gorgeous female vocal! Four versions to choose from. Radio version is DREAM/TRANCE driven fare with dazzling synthesizer work and dark explosive female vocals. C&N Remix is more TECHNO oriented version with hot pounding beats. Richi's Future Version moves as to COSMIC TRANCE with plethora of computerized vocal effects and electronic whistles. Sweeping waves of wicked synths are all over. The last is Pablo Gargano Remix. Very interesting TRANCE track indeed. A truly fresh, mind numbing, big room dance experience to die for. In sound sampler I feature three different mixes. All of them are marvellous! Check also VIDEO section to see the video to this track.
For more information, other sound samplers and videos about this artist please check our RICHI M Page in ARTISTS Section.

01. Lovely Lily (Radio Version) - 2:58 (1)
02. Lovely Lily (C&N Remix) - 6:42
03. Lovely Lily (Richi's Future Version) - 8:25 (2)
04. Lovely Lily (Pablo Gargano Remix) - 4:30 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
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Title: Love Shines Through reviewed on 05/09/00
Artist: CHAKRA
Label: 1999 WEA Records/Warner Music (England)
Style: Euro Trance
Index #: WEA227CD
Review: CHAKRA - Love Shines Through Basically everything happen after I saw the video from INNERCITY Kick Off Event in December 1999. I posted video clip and many of you were asking about this song and I personally fallen in love with it! I did not get hold of this CD until recently, so excuse me for the delay. Written by SPACE BROTHERS (R. Simmonds and S. Jones) "Love Shines True" is truly a masterpiece of EUROTRANCE. Combining NRG beat with beatiful TRANCE synths driven melody topped with dark, low voice of KATE CAMERON makes this offering irresistible. This is spectacular release that will drive you crazy. Three mixes to choose from. Most known is Original Mix lasting more than 8 minutes, perfect for club, but hey if you want more of it, use also Space Brothers Dub version to make dance floor exstatic for more than 15 minutes. I prepared mix featuring all 3 versions. You can't go wrong here. No matter what your taste is. This is just PERFECT!
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01. Love Shines Through (Radio Edit) - 3:35 (1)
02. Love Shines Through (Original Mix) - 8:09 (2)
03. Love Shines Through (Space Brothers Dub) - 6:59 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
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Title: Justify My Love (DJ Edition) reviewed on 05/09/00
Artist: TESS
Label: 2000 Bonnier Music (Sweden)
Style: Dance
Index #: BMSCDM 20002
Review: TESS - Justify My Love If you remember LA CREAM you probably know TESS. I was very impressed with great dance music made by LA CREAM, so I was looking forward to debut single by TESS who recently started a solo career. "Justify My Love" was her debut single and by the time I write this review she got another one. But let's focus on this release at this moment. This DJ Edition features 6 versions. My first impression after listening Radio Edit was YES! YES! YES! We gonna have some great DANCE coming from this beatiful girl. Indeed, Radio Edit and Extended Mix are impressive EURODANCE tracks with right beat, music line and vocal we love her for. This CD features various flavors of DANCE. For instance C&N Club Mix, is rather EUROTECHNO and Red Top's Club Mix has EUROHOUSE motiv dominating. It comes with lots of bells and whistles. There is also TRANCE version done by DJ DICK and DJ ANDREAS in Trinity Boys Trance Mix. Very dramatic, nicely done mix. So taken together very well done debut promising good new releases from this very talented young Swedish vocalist. Don't forget to check VIDEO section with clip to this song. For sound sampler I made a mix featuring four different mixes that appeared on this CD.

01. Justify My Love (Radio Edit)
02. Justify My Love (C&N Club Mix)
03. Justify My Love (Red Top's Club Mix)
04. Justify My Love (Trinity Boys Trance Mix)
05. Justify My Love (Nello's 303 Dub Mix)
06. Justify My Love (Extended Mix)
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Title: Gifted/Look What We've Started reviewed on 05/09/00
Label: 2000 President Records (UK)
Style: Pop/EuroHouse
Index #: PTCD 623
Review: JANIS & JASON - Gifted/Look What We've Started Let's move to UK dance scene. The first single reviewed in this batch comes from less known to me UK label: Presdients Records. This done by duo JANIS & JASON is apparently a follow-up to their previous release "The Only Way Is Up/Can You Feel The Night". The first song featured on this CD "Gifted" was less of my interest because it was plain POP, yet it gained quite interest in UK dance scene. My attention was rather focused on "Look What We've Started". CD features two versions of this tune both by Ian Anthony Stephens. Both featured mixes are innovative and stunning. Track itself supposed to be POP, however with work of Ian it was transformed into well crafted hybrid of EURO/POP/TECHNO/HOUSE all in one. The production is beatiful and result is spectacular. Will do good in any club regardless genre preference.

01. Gifted (Radio Edit) - 3:56
02. Look What We've Started (Ian Anthony Stephens Remix) (Radio Edit) - 4:08
03. Look What We've Started (Ian Anthony Stephens 12" Remix) - 7:30
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Title: Why Does It Always Rain On Me ? reviewed on 05/09/00
Artist: ULTIMA
Label: 2000 Klone Records (UK)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKLONE72
Review: ULTIMA - Why Does It Always Rain On Me For last two reviews let me present two singles from one of the best HIGH ENERGY label in UK. Of course I am talking about KLONE RECORDS. Here is the newest release on this label. "Why Does It Always Rain On Me ?" by ULTIMA. Brilliant NRG recording composed by Francis Healy and recorded by Gary Martins. Well Boys and Girls hold your panties. It is rare these days to have pure HIGH ENERGY and this is it. Both Radio Version and Club Mix deliver uplifting sound and seductive, mascular, incredibly sexy vocal over delicious production. Ian Anthony Stephens did a marvellous job to deliver pure and gorgeous sound. Third track on this CD "The Beach" is the song Ian wrote himself. This instrumental fare is also very uplifting with absolutely gorgeous synth work, keyboard arrangements and fireworks of various electronic whistles. Gorgeous ending to a wonderful single. A must for NRG fans!

01. Why Does It Always Rain On Me? (Radio Version)
02. Why Does It Always Rain On Me? (Club Mix)
03. The Beach
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Title: I Try reviewed on 05/09/00
Artist: DIVA DELUX featuring DEE
Label: 2000 Klone Records (UK)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKLONE71
Review: DIVA DELUX feat. DEE - I Try Yet another release from KLONE and produced by Gary Martins. the title song: "I Try" is slick state-of-the art HIGH ENERGY/HOUSE production. Especially Klub Mix that is truly a hypnotic, powerful fare to warrant shirt-less dancefloor. Stunning instrumentation and uplifting tempo makes you want dance to it instantenously. Female vocals delivers solid support for this song. This is kinda melody that sticks in your head and makes you want to listen to it again and again. The "bonus" track "Round & Round" track is another beauty. Full of energy and power HOUSE fare. Go for it!

01. I Try (Radio Version)
02. I Try (Klub Mix)
03. Round & Round
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