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Title: Komodo reviewed on 09/10/00
Label: 2000 Polydor (Zeitgeist) (Germany) / Media Records / BXR (Italy)
Style: Techno
Index #: 561 829-2
Review: MAURO PICOTTO - Komodo Let me start this batch with TECHNO Summer Hit of 2000 - "Komodo" , by Italian super star DJ - MAURO PICOTTO. This 33 years old, very talented DJ started his carieer back in 1988. He released several singles under the name R.A.F. by PICOTTO like "We Gonna Get", "Bakerloo Symphony", "Angel's Symphony" (with Gigi D'Agostino) just to name the few. More recently he released several singles himself or with cooperation with Mario Piu like "Iguana", "Arabian Pleasure" or "Pegasus". "Komodo" is his newest offering and immediately after release it caught attention to DJs playing more HARD TECHNO oriented style. If you already heard the track featured in dance compilation, you might be a little bit mislead. In most cases they feature Alternative Mix that is more TRANCE/RAVE oriented in style. Single gives you a wider range of sound among six featured versions. It starts with Video Edit done as ponding TRANCE/PROGRESSIVE experience with wicked breaks and synths. Megavoices Claxixx Mix is pounding PROGRESSIVE HOUSE with monsterous bottom, while Tea Mix is big room pounder - a scorching RAVE/HOUSE epic with several kicks to knock you out. For more after hour, CHILLED sound go for Megamind Mix. It's still fast and pounding yet it is not that aggressive. Taken together an stunning TECHNO experience for everybody. In sound sampler I featured Megavoices Claxixx Mix, Megamind Remix and Alternative Remix.

For more info about Mauro Picotto, please visit his official page at
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01. Komodo (Video Edit) - 2:35
02. Komodo (Megavoices Claxixx Mix) - 8:15 (1)
03. Komodo (Tea Mix) - 7:53
04. Komodo (Megamind RMX) - 7:09 (2)
05. Komodo (Saccoman RMX) - 6:53
06. Komodo (Alternative Mix) - 6:19 (3)

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Title: Popcorn reviewed on 09/10/00
Artist: RICHI M
Label: 2000 Scandinavian Records (Sweden)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 158 076-2
Review: RICHI M. - Popcorn This single was released back in the end of June 2000 and came from his second album "Songs Of Tomorrow". Originally written in early 70's by Kingsley, "Popcorn" was an early version of what we call now an electronic music. I believe it was one of the first songs that used the computerized sound. Now, RICHI M. gave it a powerful bottom and sophisitcated TECHNO/TRANCE sound. I have been fan of RICHI M., and was one of the first website introducing this DJ to a dance community. I still believe that this DJ has a lot to offer and is clearly a very talented musician. This single is another proof. It offers 4 mixes and all of them are brilliant! First one is Radio Version. This one is most close to the original yet heavily equipped with synth strings. The second mix is more TECHNO HOUSE oriented with LATINO-flavor, if you will. Good for clubs. Beatbox Remix is one of the most interesting mixes featured. Spectacular TRANCE OPERA in style with plenty of powerful punches and catchy hooks. The last one, Richi's Club Version is fierceless TRANCE marvel. Clearly a terrific revisit to classic "Popcorn" with full orchestration and dreamy feel in it. You will love the bottom. Very pumped up! In sound sampler I featured Richi's Club Version, Radio Version and Beatbox Remix.

For more info about this artist, please visit his Richi M. Page on our site
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01. Popcorn (Radio Version) - 3:22 (2)
02. Popcorn (2PN's Smirmix) - 5:49
03. Popcorn (Beatbox Remix) - 5:58 (3)
04. Popcorn (Richi's Club Version) - 7:24 (1)

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Title: Fair Play reviewed on 09/10/00
Label: 2000 Roadrunner Arcade Music (Denmark)
Style: Euro-Trance
Index #: 892 013-5
Review: BAMBLE B. - Crime Of Passion Now let's move to another Scandinavian country that brings many EURO acts: Denmark. This time it is project DJ BAJLAR. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about it, yet I found the music featured in this single inspiring. Intensly powerful big room TRANCE experience that shirtless circuit might want most. Four mixes are featured. (two of them are Butterfly's mixes in their Radio Edit and Club Mix). The main theme of the song is to be fair in sport event. So you will have some stadion crowd yelling lowdly all of this has been done in EURO-TRANCE style. I was particuraly impressed with Butterfly's mixes. They have very COSMIC, truly multi-dimensional sound. Very well produced and arranged with drama keeping your in full attention. Synths strings in these mixes are amazing and thrilling. Impressive indeed. In sound sampler I featured Butterfly Radio Edit and Original Mix. Enjoy!
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01. Fair Play (Radio Edit) - 4:03
02. Fair Play (Butterfly Radio Edit) - 3:43 (1)
03. Fair Play (Original Mix) - 5:45 (2)
04. Fair Play (Butterfly Club Mix) - 7:19

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Title: Reality reviewed on 09/10/00
Label: 2000 Universal Records (Denmark)
Style: Euro Techno/Trance
Index #: 158 154-2
Review: HELIUMHEADS - Reality Yet another release from Denmark. This country joins other European dance floor in terms of releasing great stuff. This single is a very interesting combination of EURO sound with more electronic TECHNO and TRANCE sound. I am not sure who the HELIUMHEADS are but I know that the vocal was provided by L.Ashley and instrumentation by J. Winther and both actually written this tune. The single states that this title is taken from incoming album. Anyway "Reality" features 6 various versions of the title song and one thing that struck me is the name of the mixes. I have never seen such strange and convoluted names. Kinda cute I might say. But, how about the music. The first mix: Original Radio Edit is written in TECHNO HOUSE with elements of EURO. This is full vocal version with really interesting female vocals. This particular version should makeat least some EURO fans happy. Same goes to Extended Version. Other versions are really hard to define genre-wise. In general you will encounter a mix various TECHNO flavors. You should give it a shot. After all it is still very new group in the market, and the sound they offer is interesting and appealing. In sound sampler I featured three different mixes.

For more info about this project, please visit their official page at
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01. Reality (Original Radio Version) - 04:09
02. Reality (Extended Version) - 07:04 (1)
03. Reality (House Of Nightlife Remix) - 05:47
04. Reality (Heliumheads Club Remix) - 06:50
05. Reality (Pasta People's Cold Fridge Remix) - 09:06 (2)
06. Reality (Satelite & Lee's Chemical Aftershock) - 10:05 (3)

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Title: Anywhere reviewed on 09/10/00
Artist: PEACH
Label: 2000 Popstar Recordings (Germany)
Style: Euro Pop
Index #: 158 222-2
Review: PEACH - Anywhere If you are into more light dance, here are couple of new singles that you might like. The first one is by PEACH - "Anywhere". This is combination of EURO and POP depending which version are you listening to and you have six to choose from. Radio Edit is a classic happy EURO-POP with edge of BUBBLE GUM. Very rhythmic and laid-back. Two next versions were remixed by EIFFEL 65. So expect similar sound to what EIFFEL 65 is promoting and killer mixes themselves. Nicely executed EURO hit to be. For more HOT feeling turn into Club Soul Mix and Latino Mix. Simply put, both versions cmbine the swirling circuit party passions with rousing electro beat to dance to. In sound sampler I featured three different mixes: Eiffel 65 Club Mix, Club Soul Mix and Latin Mix.

For more info about this project, please visit PEACH official website at
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01. Anywhere (Radio Edit) - 3:32
02. Anywhere (Eiffel 65 Radio Mix) - 3:35
03. Anywhere (Eiffel 65 Club Mix) - 6:12 (1)
04. Anywhere (Club Soul Mix) - 4:16 (2)
05. Anywhere (Latin Mix) - 3:02 (3)
06. Anywhere (House Radio Mix) - 3:44

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Title: I Wanna Be reviewed on 09/10/00
Artist: ZOROTL
Label: 2000 BMG Berlin (Germany) / Bliss Co (Italy)
Style: Euro Pop
Index #: 158 222-2
Review: ZOROTL - I Wanna Be Speaking of EIFFEL 65. Do you recognize this character? Well... you should if you checked video clip to EIFFEL 65 - "Blue". If you will check official page for ZOROTL you will learn that his real name is Zorotlekuykauo Sushik IV and he was born in 45,675 (Standard Galactic Pulse), on the planet TUKON4, constellation Hr453, from a family of scientists and explorers. etc, etc... Anyway, behind the music is of course EIFFEL 65 writers team with Randone, Capuano, Molinare. No wonder than why ZOROTL music sounds like EIFFEL 65. I am sure if you are fan of EIFFEL 65 fan you will welcome this side project. This one certainly deserves recognition. While it is EURO POP song, you still will find piano and synth-driven masterpieces. The track is simply cute. This tune should conquer dance floors everywhere. With four different mixes you should have fan. The music featured is really powerfully uplifting and deliver great dance experience. To give you some feel about it, in sound sampler I featured three mixes: Ice Pop Extended Mix, EURO TRANCE-oriented DJ Ponte Space Mix and Alternative Cut. Enjoy!

For more info about this project, please visit ZOROTL official websites at and
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01. I Wanna Be (Ice Pop Video Mix) - 03:36
02. I Wanna Be (Ice Pop Extended Mix) - 05:31 (1)
03. I Wanna Be (DJ Ponte Space Mix) - 05:06 (2)
04. I Wanna Be (Alternative Cut) - 06:57 (3)

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Title: Crime Of Passion reviewed on 09/07/00
Artist: BAMBLE B.
Label: 2000 DB One Music (Italy)
Style: Euro-Trance
Index #: EXE 005
Review: BAMBLE B. - Crime Of Passion Let me start this batch of reviews from this Italian single. I have no information about this project, but judging by this single, this group can be easily put on the top of good releases from EURO-TRANCE genre. Female vocal is excellent, maybe not as strong as other female vocalist giving their background to the tracks from this genre, yet it's very appealing. As of the track, you should be familiar with it, since it has been written orginally by Mike Oldfield. Single features two version of the title track (Radio Edit and Main Mix) and the third one is "Our Return". What I really like about this single is the instrumentation and superb keyboard work with authentically superb synths strings all over this tune. The final effect is awesome! Gives you a feeling of EURODANCE and TRANCE in mutual co-habitation. While track itself is quite simply, it is at the same time very catchy. I am sure it will haunt you and you will be singing it when driving your car. Try it. In sound sampler I featured Main Mix.
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01. Crime Of Passion (Radio Edit) - 3:51
02. Crime Of Passion (Main Mix) - 5:47
03. Our Return (Instrumental) - 4:18

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Title: Do You Feel So Right reviewed on 09/07/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music / Dance Division (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: DAD 669414 2
Review: MISS SHIVA - Do You Feel So Right If you are aiming toward the title of being "TRANCE CONNOISSEUR" you are already familiar with MISS SHIVA. She really has been one of my favorite female artists doing this music style. While ROLLERGIRL and ALICE DEEJAY already have album, MISS SHIVA still doesn't, yet her music is very expressive and touchy and should be crowned by a full length album. With her singles like "Dreams", "My Secrets", or "Ultimate Temptations" she won my heart. "Do You Feel So Right" is her brand new single and it is very good as all of her previous releases. CD features five remixes and bonus track "The Green". The remixes of the title song were done by PLUG'N'PLAY and HYPETRAXX as well as SHIVA herself. Extended mix delivers groundbreaking synth-driven smash that combines cutting edge TRANCE and blue eyes vocals. Shiva's Club Cut seems to be more aggressive with incredibly galloping synth works and beat. Plug'N'Play Remix brings a cosmic feelings highlighted by velevet Shiva's vocal and magnificent strings. Hypetraxx gave it more PROGRESSIVE TRANCE dark sound characteristics for their own production. Excellent single. In sound sampler I featured three versions of title song and fragment of a bonus tune.
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01. Do You Feel So Right (Short Cut) - 3:37
02. Do You Feel So Right (Extended Mix) - 6:40
03. Do You Feel So Right (Shiva's Club Cut) - 8:30 (1)
04. Do You Feel So Right (Plug'N'Play Remix) - 8:40 (2)
05. Do You Feel So Right (Hypetraxx Remix) - 6:31 (3)
06. The Green (Club Mix) - 6:34 (4)

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Title: It's My Turn reviewed on 09/07/00
Label: 2000 Orange Records/Scandinavian Records
Style: Trance
Index #: ORCDM 53683
Review: ANGELIC - It's My Turn This tune is my real pangs of conscious. I've got it before my trip to Europe back in June and I still didn't review it until today. I really fallen in love with it. To rich that state helped me also her video clip (you can see it in VIDEO CLIP section if you wish). This song is very hot. The female vocals is superb and truly angelic (no doubt about it). You have three versions of this tune in this single. Original Mix is cross-over between SPACE BROTHERS, CHAKRA and FERRY CORSTEN. Beautifully crafted EURO-TRANCE written by Judge Jules of MINISTRY OF SOUND. The sound is magnificent and rich with powerfule and heavenly synths. Dazzling array of sound effects makes this fare an essential club tune for EURO oriented clubs that want play something between NRG, TRANCE and DREAM. Purely delicious. In sound sampler you will find 2 versions (Original Mix and Ariel Remix). The Ariel Mix should satisfy some of you who are into more rough PROGRESSIVE sound. This version delivers the beat, the rhythm, the synths and galloping strings. Very, very hot!
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01. It's My Turn (Radio Edit) - 3:08
02. It's My Turn (Original Mix) - 7:37 (1)
03. It's My Turn (Ariel Remix) - 7:32 (2)

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Title: You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch reviewed on 09/07/00
Label: 2000 Xtravaganza Recordings Ltd (UK)
Style: Euro-Trance
Index #: XTR 669391 2
Review: RHYTHM OF LIVE - You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch How about UK dance scene. It's UNDERGROUND and TECHNO/TRANCE scene is simply phat with many great DJ's and releases. This particular single comes from one of the most successful UK labels established back in August 1995 by DJ ALEX GOLD. Since than this label has been "THE" Balaearic label of recent years with over twenty UK chart hits to date and 100% TOP 40 chart success in the last year and this trend remain unrivalled. "You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch" is another example of successful tune. Written and produced by Steve Burgess with vocal performance of Debbie Shaw, this track became a massive club hit. DJ GOLD produced this single and make sure it will reach the high-demand status. Spectacular EURO-TRANCE with three remixes. All of them very good. Powerfuly synths and strong female vocal delivers dramatic sound that explodes in the dance floor. Yeah! Another strong floorfiller from a strong label. In sound sampler I featured two versions: Lange Remix and The Thrillseeker Remix.
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01. You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch (7" Radio Edit)
02. You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch (Lange Remix) (1)
03. You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch (The Thrillseeker Remix) (2)

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blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Follow Me reviewed on 09/07/00
Label: 2000 Positiva Records / EMI (UK)
Style: Trance
Index #: ZYX 9254-8
Review: LANGE feat. THE MORRIGHAN - Follow Me Another strong TECHNO-TRANCE UK label with strong recently released singles like "I Feel Your Lovin'" by MARC ET CLAUDE, "Groovejet" by SPILLER or "Ordinary World" by AURORA. Here, let me present yet another single from this label by LANGE feat. THE MORRIGHAN - "Follow Me". I must be the lucky one to have the opportunity to preview truly oustanding releases in TRANCE genre, because that what this single is all about. Would you like to be served with wickedly exciting TRANCE ride? Here you are! This one exploding in clubs. Full-throttle monster with haunting female vocals and intense and hot synth lines. Radio Edit might be a short version but it delivers essential EURO-TRANCE sound. Lange Club Mix will keep you running for more than 7 minutes. It has both DREAM and TRANCE feelings and the female vocals is really an enrichement, incredibly catchy and majestic. You will love the hall-effect in this tune that gives cathedral effect. If you would like to move to more DARKER side with more PROGRESSIVE strings, Dark Moon Remix is an excellent choice. As of Agnelli & Nelson Mix (guys not need an introduction with their mixes causing dancefloor to be rammed) it is quite laid back. This one could be well used as CHILLED track for finishing the hot night in the club. It has everything essential, sunrise feeling, beach view in the early morning and again, female vocals that will drive you to the edge. This is monsterous mix lasting more than 10 minutes. Within that frame time you can achieve any "stage of excitement". HOT! The last Lange vs. DJ JamX and De Leon Mix is basically a transcendental DREAM HOUSE filled with heavenly strings enpowered with pieces of female vocals again in it's cathedral feeling. The synth lines are actually getting rough when the track progresses so the climate. It might be akward, but I felt like this music could do well in "JAWS 5" . The tension grows and and moving you into full exstasy. FANTASTIC! In sound sampler I featured three versions: Lange Club Mix, Dark Moon Remix and Lange vs. DJ JamX & DeLeon Remix. Unfortunately this sound sampler is far from giving you a clear idea of the music. You have to listen featured mixes and enjoy their richness and feeling. That could be only achieved with the single popped up into your CD player! 45 minutes of the pure dance on this CD not to be missed by any DJ!!!

For more info about this project, please visit page at
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01. Follow Me (Radio Edit) - 3:42
02. Follow Me (Lange Club Mix) - 7:25 (1)
03. Follow Me (Dark Moon Remix) - 8:17 (2)
04. Follow Me (Agnelli & Nelson Remix) - 9:15
05. Follow Me (Lange vs. DJ JamX & De Leon) - 7:38 (3)
06. I Believe - 7:58

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Title: Day By DayMO-DO -feat MAURIZIO FERRARA - Eins, Zwei, Polizei reviewed on 09/07/00
Label: 2000 Urban Records (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno/House
Index #: ZYX 158 018-2
Review: MISS PEPPERMINT - Day By Day I swear, when I listened for the first time of this single I thought I had a wrong CD. It sounded for me like "remixed" "Club Bizzare" by U-96. Well it was actually MISS PEPPERMINT and "Day By Day". Since I was not familiar with this project, I looked who actually wrote this song. Yeah! The mystery was uncovered. It stated that among weiters of this tune are Panarinfo, Hauss and Alex Christensen, the creator of U-96 himself. So, while the authors "borrowed" a theme from "Club Bizzare", the featured mixes are different and have different styles. Partially it is due by several different remixes (and CD has five of them). Among remixers you will find BLAULICHT, CJ-STONE and LOWLOOP. The fist mix on the single is Single Cut, the shortest, yet powerful TECHNO with futuristic sound of TRANCE. Good beat and angelic synths that grows to full-blown monster. Blaulicht Mix has more INDUSTRIAL background at least at the beginning and develops to full blown TECHNO tune with oustanding keyboard arrangements. I focused on CJ Stone mix because his recent remixes of other songs caught my attention and I eas not dissapointed. His version is trullu a powerful progressive anthem to be. CJ Stone really gave this tune thrilling buttom, while Lowloop transformed it into sophisticated TECHNO HOUSE tune. Very good single indeed. In sound sampler I featured three versions: Single Cut, CJ-Stone Mix as well as Miss Peppermint Mix. Cool stuff!
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01. Day By Day (Single Cut) - 03:32 (1)
02. Day By Day (Blaulicht Mix) - 07:01
03. Day By Day (CJ-Stone Mix) - 07:11 (2)
04. Day By Day (Lowloop Mix) - 07:26
05. Day By Day (Miss Peppermint Mix) - 07:37 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Anthem # 4 reviewed on 09/07/00
Label: 2000 ZYX Music (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: ZYX 9254-8
Review: FLOORFILLA - Anthem #4 Behind this project is Italian DJ CERLA. After "Anthem's #1, #2" and "#3" we have next one "Anthem #4". Practically all previously released singles became quite popular, and this fourth single is probably one of project's best. CD features 3 mixes: DJ Cerla Floorfileer Radio and Mix as well as Hyped Mix. Single is recorded in good TRANCE style crossed with TECHNO and HOUSE. Momo's vocal is good male RAP adding additional edge to this song. Both Momo and female part Karin represents FLOORFILLA LIVE act if you ever get interested in hiring them for live performance. While Floorfiller Mix is more into TRANCE, Hyped Mix is more TECHNO-HOUSE oriented. Definately great release for club scene. In sound sampler I featured two versions: DJ Cerla Floorfiller Mix and Hyped Mix.

For more info about this project, please visit it's page at
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01. Anthem # 4 (DJ Cerla Floorfiller Radio) - 3:36
02. Anthem # 4 (DJ Cerla Floorfiller Mix) - 6:14 (1)
03. Anthem # 4 (Hyped Mix) - 6:13 (2)

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blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Eins, Zwei, PolizeiMO-DO -feat MAURIZIO FERRARA - Eins, Zwei, Polizei reviewed on 09/07/00
Label: 2000 ZYX Music (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: ZYX 9251-8
Review: MO-DO feat. MAURIZZIO FERRARA - Eins, Zwei. Polizei Another ZYX release. And NO, it is not exactly the same "Eins, Zwei. Polizei" by MO-DO we remember back from 1994. Granted, the original music line was sort of retained, but otherwise it is totally "revamped" into more TECHNO/TRIBAL sound if you will. Is it better than the original? I would say differerent. You have six mixes to choose from and half of them are LIVE. I am not sure if the track has a chance to repeat the popularity it gained once it was released in it's original form, but definately it is a good clubbing experience. I am not sure what Maurizio Ferrara is contributing to this track (I assume it is behind the keyboard) but voice remains by original MO-DO. There are two major flavors that I have tried to capture in sound sampler (Extended Mix and Tribal Gate Remix). Other remixes are just variations of those two. Enjoy the sampler and determine yourself what you wanna do with the single. I would get it at least for the kick
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01. Eins, Zwei, Polizei (Extended Radio Mix) - 3:42
02. Eins, Zwei, Polizei (LIVE @ Club Radio Mix) - 3:57
03. Eins, Zwei, Polizei (Extended Mix) - 5:45 (1)
04. Eins, Zwei, Polizei (Tribal Gate Remix) - 7:10 (2)
05. Eins, Zwei, Polizei (LIVE @ Club Mix) - 8:31
06. Eins, Zwei, Polizei (LIVE @ Club Instrumental) - 7:31

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Title: Dura DuraMO-DO -feat MAURIZIO FERRARA - Eins, Zwei, Polizei reviewed on 09/07/00
Label: 2000 ZYX Music (Germany)
Style: Techno/House
Index #: ZYX 9239-8
Review: MOSCOW BROTHERS - Dura Dura Sometimes I do have a chance to review dance releases coming not only from Western Europe but also from Central and Eastern Europe. This time let me present you this Russian single "Dura Dura" by MOSCOW BROTHERS that was as well released by ZYX Records. Single itself is not necessary brilliant, yet it has something very catchy. It features seven different mixes that have one similarity. It has been written generally as HOUSE tune. Not the "classic" HOUSE though, it has very specific sound (not only because of Russian language) but kind of unique usage of instrumentation and usage of classic folk song "Kalinka" elements in it. As a matter of fact, if you are DJ you should really get it. You will be surprised what kind of reaction you will get. And since there are seven versions included you might choose what's OK for your dance floor. You have TRIBAL sound even LATINO sound if you wish. In sound sampler I have decided to feature only one version (Tribal Gate Remix) I found it quite amusing.
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01. Dura Dura (Original Radio) - 2:57
02. Dura Dura (Russian Motive Mix by Snapshot) - 3:28
03. Dura Dura (Latin House Radio) - 2:41
04. Dura Dura (Tribal Gate Remix) - 7:30
05. Dura Dura (Original Extended) - 4:33
06. Dura Dura (Latin House Extended) - 4:17
07. Dura Dura (Tribal Gate Radio Remix) - 3:27

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