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Title: Castles In The Sky reviewed on 02/25/01
Label: 2000 Dos Or Die (Germany) / Antler-Subway (Belgium)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 333.0141.3
Review: IAN VAN DAHL - Castles In The Sky If you like ABSOLOM you should become also fond of new CHRISTOPHE's CHANTIZ project: IAN VAN DAHL. Their first single "Castles In The Sky" already became a club hit and is present in many DANCE charts all over the world. This title is recorded in big room TRANCE style. You will find 7 sparkling versions to choose from. Single begins with Peter Luts Radio Edit. The strings ala ABSOLOM give it a gloriously dramatic flavor while the melody takes flight on the wings of some glorious synthesizers that are graceful. MARSHA's voice brings additional force to the track making it a truly sublime dancefloor experience. De Donatis Radio and Remix follow into more AMBIENT TRANCE at least at the beginning but late unfold to fully TRANCE toluscious swirling circuit. Wippenberg remix done dy Olaf Dieckmann provides high tempo fare with dark undertones, majestic synthesizers and full orchestration and female vocal floating overhead. Beatiful one! The last version is an ABSOLOM remix. While this mix is outstanding as well, it does not really remind me ABSOLOM style. Recorded in TECHNO-HOUSE style is has also TRANCE strings but not as dramatic as you could expect from the mix labeled as ABSOLOM remix. Taken together a must single to have by all TRANCE fans! In sound sampler I featured: Peter Luts Remix, De Donatis Remix, Wippenberg Remix and Absolom Remix. Enjoy!
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01. Castles In The Sky (Peter Luts Radio Edit) - 3:18
02. Castles In The Sky (De Donatis Radio Edit) - 3:41
03. Castles In The Sky (Radio Edit) - 3:49
04. Castles In The Sky (Peter Luts Remix) - 7:15 (1)
05. Castles In The Sky (De Donatis Remix) - 7:06 (2)
06. Castles In The Sky (Wippenberg Remix) - 5:48 (3)
07. Castles In The Sky (Absolom Remix) - 6:46 (4)

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Title: Dream To Me reviewed on 02/25/01
Artist: DARIO G
Label: 2001 Manifesto Records / Mercury Records (UK)
Style: Trance / Opera Trance
Index #: FESCD79. 572578-2
Review: DARIO G. - Dream To Me This English project originally established back in 1997 was rather quiet for a relatively long time. You might remember their smash hits like: "Carnaval De Paris" or "Chyme" (that one hit Number One In Billboard Chart). Well... they are back and they are back in BIG TIME! Currently DARIO G consists of PAUL SPENCER (the original member from 1997) and Norvegian born INGFRID STRAUMSTOYL. Here is their newest single that will appear on project's forthcoming eclectic album "In Full Colour" to be released in April. Single features three versions (trust me there is room for many more) and as bonus, VIDEO from this single. The music is beatiful. It is a combination of TRANCE and OPERA TRANCE. I was always fan of this style. I think putting OPERA sound with TRANCE gives this latter one even more meaning. This style is probably most pronunced in Radio Edit. When you turn to Airscape Remix you will be entering the mysterious world of TRANCE. Presented strings are just incredibly done and melodic line is deeply embedded into DREAM-like force. The last featured is Warrior Mix. This is dazzling combination of IBIZA type TECHNO-HOUSE with cutting edge TRANCE. Delicious! In sound sampler I featured: Airscape Remix and Warrior Mix. Enjoy!

For more information about DARIO G. please visit their Official website at
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01. Dream To Me (Radio Edit) - 3:09
02. Dream To Me (Airscape Remix) - 8:38 (1)
03. Dream To Me (Warrior Mix) - 7:45 (2)
04. Dream To Me - VIDEO

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Title: Strike reviewed on 02/25/01
Label: 2000 Mosiko / Evento Musica (Italy)
Style: Italian Dance/High Energy
Index #: MO 8920236
Review: RED RACING - Strike Now let's turn more into NRG oriented tunes. RED RACING is an Italian project following in style an example of EIFFEL 65 (at least in part). Presented tune is actually happy POP influenced by speedy and energetic HI-NRG style. CD features five mixes and all of them are actually quite close. It starts with Original Edit. This one retaining all the attributes of classic DANCE tune. Good rhythm, beat and speed. Lyrics are simple but sung well. Good version. The second is an Original Extended Mix. No surprise in here either. The intro is extended and main line has more synth strings. Nice throwback to the true DANCE era. Next come Club Extended Mix. This one has more club feel into it. The male vocal that has been "computerized" a bit adds to more TECHNO feeling this tune has. Yet again track retains fully dancable flavor. Two remianing versions: Club People Mix and Club Edit fall into the same category. In sound sampler I featured: Original Extended Mix, Club Extended Mix and Club People Mix. Enjoy!
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01. Strike (Original Edit) - 3:24
02. Strike (Original Extended Mix) - 5:25 (1)
03. Strike (Club Extended Mix) - 5:21 (2)
04. Strike (Club Edit) - 3:42
05. Strike (Club People Mix) - 5:21 (3)

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Title: Oh Le Le reviewed on 02/25/01
Label: 2000 United Music / EMI Electrola (Germany)
Style: Euro Dance/Trance
Index #: MO 8920236

PIZZA BOYS - Oh Le Le When I received the promotional package from United Music containing this single, I was stunned. The package was big and I mean BIG. I opened it, and what I saw was the 12" PIZZA box, one you can get when you are buying pizza to go. It had vinyl with the surface graphics of pizza. It also contained ths CD. What an original way to promote the material. I have congratulate Norbert and Sara for being such creative individuals. Now let's talk about the CD. First thare is an interesting story behind the project. Wnen Norbert Reichart (producer of DJ Visage, Rapublic, Imperio) was visited Cagliari he spotted pizzeria "La Giuletta" where acting pizza handsome acrobatics world champions Alessio Minucci and Christian Surian work. He was amazed by their performance together with two very cute girls Denise Carrara and Paola Vescovi. Well... he couldn't resist to have them as singing act and that how the project was born. Heavily promoted their first single "Oh Le Le" has been introduced in Germany and Italy and makes it ways in other country. The formula of the song is very simple. The lyrics are simple, the music is catchy and very well produced. Plain dance. CD features 6 versions named by pizza's type (another way to be original naming mixes, isn't?). I like all the mixes and while they have similar melodic line they do differ style-wise. For EURODANCE fans Diavola Club Remix is dream come true version. Marinara Extended Mix is also incredibly dancable version enhanced heavily by some synth hooks here and there. Siciliana Progressive Mix has PROGRESSIVE/TECHNO feel. It just a feeling it still retains NRG bassline! If you like good dance this CD is for you! In sound sampler I featured: Diavola Club Remix, Marinara Extended Mix and Siciliana Prigressive Mix. Enjoy!

For more information about PIZZA BOYS please visit their webpage at:

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01. Oh Le Le (Margherita Radio Mix) - 3:08
02. Oh Le Le (Capricciosa Radi Remix) - 3:03
03. Oh Le Le (Peperoncino Club Mix) - 5:38
04. Oh Le Le (Diavola Club Remix) - 4:42 (1)
05. Oh Le Le (Marinara Extended Mix) - 6:59 (2)
06. Oh Le Le (Siciliana Progressive Mix) - 6:21 (3)

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Title: U Gotta Be reviewed on 02/25/01
Label: 2000 Bit Music (Denmark) / Undiscovered Records (Italy)
Style: Italo Pop/Dance
Index #: BITCDM 524

ALEX PARTY - U Gotta Be This batch of reviews completes one more track from Italy performed by ALEX PARTY with female vocals provided by Shane Campbell. I know it has been in the market for a while, but since I just got it and represents good EURO/POP music I decided to feature it anyway. On the top of it the single is still available. 6 versions to choose from. All of you who like EIFFEL 65 should listen to Ice Pop remixes since they were done by them and have similar melodic line and computerized bassline as regular EIFFEL 65 tracks do. For more TECHNO-oriented freaks there is MisterRicky Extended Mix. Mandola Mix is TRANCE-oriented tune but still keeps melodic line. I can recommend this tune to everyone who like DANCE music in general. Maybe a little bit old by now, but still great for your sound collection. In sound sampler I featured: Ice Pop Remix Radio Edit, Mistericky Extended Mix and Mandola Mix. Enjoy!

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01. U Gotta Be (Original Radio Mix) - 4:10
02. U Gotta Be (Ice Pop Remix Radio Edit) - 3:41 (1)
03. U Gotta Be (Ice Pop Remix Extended) - 4:39
04. U Gotta Be (Mistericky Extended Mix) - 6:12 (2)
05. U Gotta Be (Mandola Mix) - 5:15 (3)
06. U Gotta Be (Original Extended) - 5:54

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Title: Sweet La La Love reviewed on 02/19/01
Label: 2001 ZYX Records (Germany)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: ZYX 9360-8
Review: NATASCHA HAGEN - Sweet La La Love Let me start this batch of reviews from EURODANCE releases. The first one is Spanish release by NATASCHA HAGEN called "Sweet La La Love". Track was written by Galera, Herrera and NATASCHA HAGEN herself. Probably the easiest way to describe the tune as ATC meets EIFFEL 65 and GALA. Both original Radio Edit and Original Extended mixes brings ATC feeling. Happy tune I might say. Europop Radio Edit and Europop Remix is more into EIFFEL 65. All four versions featured in this single are wicked with sexy vocals delivered by NATASCHA. I personally like very much Europop mixes. They have exquisite synth-driven melody that takes over. Phat bottom, kicking beats and rhythmic tunes, all in one set. In sound sampler I featured Original Extended and Europop mix. Enjoy!
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01. Sweet La La Love (Original Radio Edit) - 4:10
02. Sweet La La Love (Europop Radio Edit) - 3:57
03. Sweet La La Love (Original Extended) - 5:46 (1)
04. Sweet La La Love (Europop Remix) - 5:50 (2)

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Title: Rien ne va plus reviewed on 02/19/01
Label: 2001 ZYX Records (Germany)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: ZYX 9361-8
Review: CASSANDRA - Rien na va plus Another Spanish release also written by Galera, Herrera and Hagen as the track reviewed above. Tune is sung by unknown to me CASSANDRA. Another powerful EURODANCE/POP offering. It is easy going and pleasurable track to dance. Single features five mixes that are actually not that distant from each other. Rouge Cut offers more POP sound and is synth-driven. CASSANDRA's voice is perfect for the sound. I am not sure if it is an accident but as you see she looks oriental and some hooks are oriental as well. Kinda cool. Noir Cut has more pronounced synth-bottom with catchy, ear-grabbing rhythm highlighted by a great feamle vocals. In sound sampler I am featuring Rouge Cut Mix and Noir Mix.
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01. Rien na va plus (Rouge Cut Mix) - 4:15 (1)
02. Rien na va plus (Rouge Radio Edit) - 4:14
03. Rien na va plus (Noir Cut Mix) - 4:09
04. Rien na va plus (Rouge Mix) - 6:34
05. Rien na va plus (Noir Mix) - 5:34 (2)

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Title: Everytime You Need Me reviewed on 02/19/01
Label: 2001 Edel / Orbit Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 0122795ERE
Review: FRAGMA - Everytime You Need Me Newest single from this highly acclaimed dance project. "Everytime You Need Me" appeared also on group's debut album "Toca". If you think you know the track, wait until you will hear the mixes featured on this single. While Radio Edit and Extended Version are closest to what you can hear on album, remaining two are not. The single features four versions. Two forementioned as well as one done by PULSEDRIVER and another one by JAM X & DE LEON DUMONDE and you cannot afford to miss them. PULSEDRIVER delivers powerful, overcharged, mind-blowing TRANCE fare to die for. This is instrumental track that would do great in any club. With lots of bright, sunny synthesizers and galloping bottomline this version is a stunner. One will appreciate it's climatic up's and downs like swiming in the boat in fast changing weather. JAM X & DE LEON's DUMONDE remix is actually more TECHNO and PROGRESSIVE oriented at least at it's "first" part to become later a TRANCE monster to be knocked out by! It also should have those hot dance floors exploding instantly. After all such exquisitely lush and dreamy, with floating instrumantation and gorgeous production cannot go unnoticed! Truly a club version to die for. If you like FRAGMA don't short yourself on the album only, this single will make the adventure with FRAGMA even more fulfilling. In sound sampler I featured Extended Version, Pulsedriver Remix and Jam X & De Leon's Dumonde Remix. Enjoy!
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01. Everytime You Need Me (Radio Edit) - 3:30
02. Everytime You Need Me (Extended Version) - 5:15 (1)
03. Everytime You Need Me (Pulsedriver Remix) - 7:20 (2)
04. Everytime You Need Me (Jam X & De Leon's Dumonde Remix) - 7:49 (3)

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Title: The Music reviewed on 02/19/01
Artist: FIOCCO
Label: 2000 Dos Or Die (Germany) / Antler-Subway (Belgium)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 333.0138.3
Review: FIOCCO - The Music Dos Or Die is licensing many of TRANCE Belgian releases making them even more accessible. This time is FIOCCO with "The Music". I probably do not need to introduce this group that has lead the quality TRANCE sound for a quite a long time. This offering contains 6 tunes. It starts with New Oblique Radio Mix with polished TRANCE bottom that dynamically and equally spreading throughout the tune. Synth work is infectious and mind blowing. Exactly what you should expect from masters. Vocal Radio Edit is house pecker as well. Again, TRANCEY synth lines rise and fall in melodic intensity as each epic break approaches and the compelling, swirling rhythms surge forward. New Oblique Mix and Extended Vocal Mix counterpart their Radio Versions. Both are rich and lenghty giving enough room for DJs to play with. Fumarola Remix and Razzle Dazzle Remix are oriented into more UNDERGROUND clientele if you will. Both pack an incredible rhythmic punch with bassline that's stronger than Arnold. Be preapred for some hard kicking action here. In sound sampler I featured New Oblique Mix, Fumarola Remix and Razzle Dazzle Remix. Enjoy!
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01. The Music (New Oblique Radio Mix) - 3:12
02. The Music (Vocal Radio Edit) - 3:20
03. The Music (New Oblique Mix) - 5:19 (1)
04. The Music (Extended Vocal Mix) - 4:53
05. The Music (Fumarola Remix) - 6:26 (2)
06. The Music (Razzle Dazzle Remix) - 6:53 (3)

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Title: Baylì Baylà reviewed on 01/21/01
Artist: L@RA
Label: 2000 Sony Music (Italy)
Style: Euro
Index #: EPC 670640 2
Review: L@RA - Bayli Bayla Let me start this batch of reviews from Italian releases. While Germany and Scandinavian countries seem to keep bringing great DANCE music to the market, Italy is not behind and do release also great dance music. L@RA is unknown to me project, but her single Baylì Baylà is definately worth to mention. Single features five mixes. Two first represents IN DREAMS theme in Radio Cut and Extended remixes. Both are slamming EURO-TRANCE versions. At high BPM and energetic melody line will drive you nuts. BREAKIN'UP Extended Mix is more into TECHNO/TRANCE with distinctive BREAKBEAT action with naïve yet brilliant bits of female vocals. NOISE GENERATION Extended Mix done in raving TECHNO-HOUSE is mostly instrumental Club-oriented tune with hypnotic TRANCE buttom here and there. The last featured INTERNAL DANCE Extended Mix is starting as ELECTRONIC DISCO. Happy tune. In sound sampler I featured three versions from this single.
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01. Baylì Baylà (IN DREAMS - Remix Radio Cut) - 3:05
02. Baylì Baylà (IN DREAMS - Remix Extended) - 6:12 (1)
03. Baylì Baylà (BREAKIN' UP - Extended Mix) - 4:55 (2)
04. Baylì Baylà (NOISE GENERATOR - Extended Mix) - 5:50 (3)
05. Baylì Baylà (INTERNAL DANCE - Extended Mix) - 4:50

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Title: You Got Me Dancing reviewed on 01/21/01
Artist: J.K.
Label: 2000 ZYX Records (Germany) / Energy Prod. (Italy)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: ZYX 9328-2
Review: J.K. - You Got Me Dancing This Italian project featured Polish-born MARTA SIMLAT historically brought several hits. Now it is back with the new one "You Got Me Dancing" done in pounding EURODANCE enhanced with dramatic synth work to have sound updated to a new millenium. Single features five mixes. Original Radio Edit and Extended are as pure EURODANCE as it can be in 2000/2001. Both Phase-D Radio Edit and Mix have more sophisticated synth bottom work and more POP style if you will. Mix version is though highlighted by more TRANCE oriented dazzling synth line and floating female vocals bits are again dominating the track. Last version featured is Original Extended Inmstrumental with nice piano section. Another happy tune. Taken together nice release from J.K. Not the best one though but definately worth to be checked out. In sound sampler I featured two versions from this single: Original Extended Mix and Phase-D Mix

For more information about J.K. please visit her fan-home page at
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01. You Got Me Dancing (Original Radio Edit) - 3:33
02. You Got Me Dancing (Phase-D Radio Edit) - 3:42
03. You Got Me Dancing (Original Extended Mix) - 5:57 (1)
04. You Got Me Dancing (Phase-D Mix) - 6:09 (2)
05. You Got Me Dancing (Original Extended Instrumental)

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Title: Super reviewed on 01/21/01
Label: 2000 Media Records (Italy)
Style: Techno
Index #: NM 020/CD
Review: GIGI D'AGOSTINO & ALBERTINO - Super This offering came from GIGI D'AGOSTINO that paired up with another famous Italian DJ - ALBERTINO. This is very special CD. While the music featured could be classified as TECHNO, it is not that simple. The CD includes four versions of the title track with variety moods presented. Rassodante - first version on this CD offers you exciting TECHNO travel with some HINDU and TRIBAL elements. Sang partially in English and French, lyrics are not really that important. The music though is kind of "weird". Combining TECHNO and BEAT with DRUM'N'BASS. It's actually very catch and original. Idrante version starts with dark, mysterious introduction. soon morphing into full blown TECHNO tune. The melodic line in this version is quite similar to a previous one, but it has some different hooks and whistles the other doesn’t. The third version Rilassante (the longest one, lasting more than 10 minutes) again starts with folk-oriental music to transform into TECHNO/TRANCE track. Actually, to really understand what this title is all about you gotta listen to sound sampler. The one thing is for sure. This tune will intrigue you. Sound sampler features 3 versions of this track.
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01. Super (Rassodante) - 8:11 (1)
02. Super (Idratante) - 7:14 (2)
03. Super (Rilassante) - 10:05 (3)
04. Super (Riscaldamento) - 3:59

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blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Shining (The Remixes) reviewed on 01/21/01
Label: 2000 Clubculture / Drizzly Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 8573 85414-2
Review: GREEN COURT feat. DE/VISION - Shining (Remixes) Now lets move to German Scene. When I first heard the original “Shining” by GREEN COURT feat. DE/VISION I got really into it. With beautiful melodic line going up and down, transferring you into majestic sound experience, I wanted more. So here it is. Remixed single with 5 different versions done by leading DJs. The first mix is done by MARC DAWN from GREEN COURT. Marc remained faithful to the TRANCE style. The version is however enriched compared with the original. Haunting female vocals merges with angelic synths, giving an unforgettable listening pleasure. Second remix is done by DJ TIESTO. You can imagine what he did to this track. He also went into TRANCE formula but with more laidback feel. Almost CHILL-OUT I would say. Nicely incorporated piano section into synth hooks gave it even more interesting sound. Another stunning mix was also delivered by PULSEDRIVER. It is yet another TRANCE version but with overbuilt transcendental feel rising to a higher dimension. What Slobodan Petrovic did here is exactly what I love in TRANCE. He combined synths works in a big room monster with orchestration that fills you entirely. Very "hooky" version I might say. A wonderful job and standing-out mix. WORLD CLIQUE remix is a HARD TECHNO HOUSE experience and last featured mix was done by STEFFEN KETH (De/Vision). Taken together very nicely done TRANCE single with many versions and moods to choose from. Sound sampler features three versions.

For more information about GREEN COURT please visit their page at
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01. Shining (Marc Dawn Mix) - 8:46 (1)
02. Shining (DJ Tiesto Remix) - 9:26 (2)
03. Shining (Pulsedriver Remix) - 7:52 (3)
04. Shining (World Clique Remix) - 7:11
05. Shining (Steffen Keth Mix) - 5:28

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blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Beyond Time reviewed on 01/21/01
Label: 2000 Gang Go Music / Edel (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 0121775GAG2
Review: BLANK & JONES - Beyond Time I am late with the review of this single, but simply this CD is too good to be missed. Not only because BLANK & JONES usually deliver cutting-edge TRANCE sound but also because of the remixes appearing here done by top-notch DJs. First two mixes :Short and Club Mix are quite similar in style. It takes longer time to unfold the drama in Club Mix but that's what makes it perfect for the dance floor. BLANK & JONES delivers an incredibly potent big room TRANCER that biulds and builds with a solid rhythm track, epic breaks and majestic synth lines that soar skyward buoyed by riveting bits of female vocals. JAM & SPOON remix is quite different from what BLANK & JONES did and JAM & SPOON themselves in the past. It's more like afterhour IBIZA-style TECHNO-HOUSE. It's the longest version featured, almost 10 minutes. Regardless this mix pose as a good club offering with a myriad of moods and electronic instruments used. My personal favorite is The Thrillseekers Remix. Steve Helstrip endowed his mix with big room synth adventure, wide opened into 6th dimension. Clever hybrid combines elements of DREAM TRANCE (beatiful strings & keyboards). DARUDE vs. JS16 Remix is what you could expect from DARUDE and JS16 style combines. Triumphatic TRANCE with majestic synth lines. Truly an oustanding pumped up mix. Actually this particular mix is now being featured in many compilations. The last mix presented in this release is BLANK & JONES own Laidback Mix. Different than Short and Club Mix, because they went into more AIRWAVE style bringing incredibly excititing, synth-driven marvel. Sound sampler features four versions taken from this CD.

For more information about BLANK & JONES please visit their page at
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01. Beyond Time (Short Cut) - 3:36
02. Beyond Time (Club Mix) - 7:59 (1)
03. Beyond Time (Jam & Spoon Happy People In The Morning Mix) - 9:23 (4)
04. Beyond Time (The Thrillseekers Remix) - 7:40 (2)
05. Beyond Time (Darude vs. JS16 Remix) - 7:28
06. Beyond Time (Blank & Jones Laidback Mix) - 7:56 (3)

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Title: Bass, Beats & Melody reviewed on 01/21/01
Label: 2000 Sony Music (Germany)
Style: Progressive Yechno
Index #: DAD 669911-2
Review: BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Bass, Beats & Melody BROOKLYN BOUNCE has been pioneering PROGRESSIVE TECHNO sound few years back and were silent for relatively longer period of time. Recently the group released an album "The Progressive Years" with their top tunes we remember them from, however the presented tune here was not included. So basically it is a new material from team of Dennis Bohn and Matthias (Double M) Menck. When I first heard the tune couple of months ago and saw the video (check it out in our VIDEO Section) I was really impressed. I really liked the aggressive tone of the tune and dramatic bottom. It was way cool, so I really wanted to hear the single to check other remixes. Here it is. I have to admit, I was not really impressed though. Granted both Video Edit and Extended Remix met my expectations, since I heard these version before. There are three other mixes on this single. One of them is Pulsedriver Remix. This one is actually good too. It still retain PROGRESSIVE main melodic line but introduces some DRUM'N'BASS climate. Good for clubs. What I found distracting were THE UNDERDOG remixes. Their remixes are done in BEATBREAK climate and I am not particularly into this style. Some of you though might like it, if you are into what MUSIC INSTRUCTOR does these days. I hoped for more remixes to fill my expectations. Well... My wish was not granted, but maybe there is "the remixed" edition in works. Sound sampler features two versions taken from this CD. Extended Remix and Pulsedriver Remix. Enjoy!
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01. Bass, Beats & Melody (Video Edit) - 3:40
02. Bass, Beats & Melody (The Underdog Project B-Boy Edit) - 2:35
03. Bass, Beats & Melody (Extended Remix) - 7:19 (1)
04. Bass, Beats & Melody (Pulsedriver Remix) - 6:10 (2)
05. Bass, Beats & Melody (The Underdog Project B-Boy Remix) - 5:10

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Title: Celebrate Our Love reviewed on 01/21/01
Label: 2000 Violent Records (Holland)
Style: Dance
Index #: VIO 1136
Review: ALICE DEEJAY - Celebrate Our Love Last in this batch is new single from ALICE DEEJAY "Celebrate Our Love". This single is quite different from what we used to have by ALICE DJ. No more happy EURO-TRANCE but rather CHILL-OUT mood with element of INDUSTRIAL sound. Six mixes to choose from. Hit Radio Mix and XXL were done by DANSKI & DJ DELMUNDO of VENGABOYS. Well... nothing to do with VENGABOYS style either. Hit Radio is more POP track but with some synth strings here and there. XXL version has HOUSE/NRG feeling and is doing good in club floors. Remaining three versions were written and produced by PRONTI & KALMARI. The first is Original Album Version. Nice track to listen to but lacks the power of project's previous songs. Regardless, track itself is climbing into CHARTS all over the world. I am not really surprised since the music is getting close to TOP-40 style. Anyway, another mix called Solid Sessions Remix is typical IBIZA late hour TECHNO/HOUSE track on the sunrise side. Taken together I am struggling with rating of this CD. In any case, you should check it out by yourself. After all ALICE DJ female vocal is still great and music is still considered DANCE. Sound sampler features three versions taken from this CD. Enjoy!

For more information about ALICE DEEJAY please visit project's page at
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01. Celebrate Our Love (Hit Radio Mix by Danski & DJ Delmundo) - 3:41 (1)
02. Celebrate Our Love (XXL by Danski & DJ Delmundo) - 6:48 (2)
03. Celebrate Our Love (Original Album Version) - 3:26
04. Celebrate Our Love (Solid Sessions Remix) - 8:40
05. Celebrate Our Love (Pronti & Kalamani Remix) - 9:08 (3)
06. Celebrate Our Love (Karaoke With Choir) - 3:41

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Title: Fly High reviewed on 01/14/01
Artist: ME & MY
Label: 2000 EMI-Medley (Denmark)
Style: EuroTrance
Index #: EMI 8897152
Review: ME&MY - Fly High First SINGLES review let me start with Danish project ME & MY. Two sweet girls (Pernille & Susanne Georgie) that started their career with hit "Dub I Dub". Today let me present you with thier newest single "Fly High" from their incoming in February already third album under the same title. Single released back in December immediately climbed on the top of Danish DANCE CHARTS. No wonder, it is nicely done and top-notch release especially if you have single not just Radio Version that is airplayed. As a matter of fact you have 6 of them featured in here. Starting with rather short Radio Mix you are getting an idea what this track is all about. Recorded in EURODANCE/TRANCE formula it delivers catchy rhythm with powerful synth bottom taking over. This is definately a tune that will make fans of both styles shake the hands. More TECHNO/HOUSE oriented is Club Mix and should do great in club floor. Same goes to DJ Aligator Clubmix release I am late with singles reviews so please be patient. This version has PROGRESSIVE/HOUSE touch. Uplifting synth lines soaring beneath bit of enchanting. In sound sampler I featured three versions from this single.

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01. Fly High (Radio Mix) - 3:54 (2)
02. Fly High (Club Mix) - 7:31 (1)
03. Fly High (DJ Aligator Clubmix) - 6:01 (3)
04. Fly High (Ringo Brothers Remix) - 8:24
05. Fly High (Club Instrumental) - 7:31
06. Fly High (Album Version)The Summer (Airplay Mix) - 4:27

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Title: Much More reviewed on 01/14/01
Label: 2000 ZYX Records (Germany) / Energy Prod. (Italy)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: ZYX 9343-8
Review: WHIGFIELD - Much More Couple of months ago I reviewed WHIGFIELD album III. While album itself was quite good, I had hard time to find really catchy tune. Well... WHIGFIELD decided to give you one indeed in this new single "Much More" that actually appeared on the forementioned album. The single features 7 versions !!! No kidding! Two true EURODANCE versions (European Radio and European Full Extended) to satisfy this genre fans (I recommend Full Extended version that is more powerful). Another interesting versions are done by DJ N.U.K.K. His Extended mix brings even more powerful EURODANCE enhanced with some synth strings and of course great vocal abilities of WHIGFIELD. Mix by GRAND LUKE is rather contemporary POP. Oh well... The CD is closed with Extended Version recorded in NRG/HOUSE genre. A Compelling rhythm version that is not over-powered yet should do great on dance floor. Very rhythmic and relaxing clubbing I should admit. In sound sampler I featured three various mixes.
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01. Much More (European Radio) - 3:42
02. Much More (DJ N.U.K.K. Radio) - 3:25
03. Much More (Radio Edit) - 3:32
04. Much More (Remix by Grand Luke - France) - 4:22
05. Much More (DJ N.U.K.K. Extended) - 4:50 (2)
06. Much More (European Full Extended) - 6:29 (1)
07. Much More (Extended Version)The Summer (Airplay Mix) - 6:10 (3)

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Title: Spring ... Let Me See! reviewed on 01/14/01
Label: 2000 EAMS (Germany)
Style: EuroTrance
Index #: EAMS 2407-2
Review: DJ PICOLLO feat. TEHMINA - Spring ... Let Me See! Let me move into more EUROTRANCE sound. You probably should know this tune already by DJ PICCOLO. Single features four versions. The 4 Jays Edit and Club Mix sporting familiar to EIFFEL 65 sound but with much heavier use of TRANCE bottom and heavily computerized male vocals. The track itself stands out as spectacular club smash hit. Holiday Cut is bringing on the top more PROGRESSIVE feeling. Very catchy rhythm and good female not that much accented vocalise. Melody itself soars on the strength of beatifully layered synth lines. The last on CD is Club Mix done more in TECHNO/HOUSE. All versions are very interesting and single itself should find place in your collection. The sound sampler contains two versions: The 4 Jay Club Mix and Club Mix. Enjoy!
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01. Spring … Let Me See (The 4 Jays Edit) - 3:35
02. Spring … Let Me See (Holiday Cut) - 3:43
03. Spring … Let Me See (The 4 Jays Club Mix) - 5:17 (1)
04. Spring … Let Me See (Club Mix) - 6:20 (2)

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Title: Hymn reviewed on 01/14/01
Label: 2000 Unsubmissive Records / Edel (Germany)
Style: EuroTrance
Index #: 011546-5UNS

MYTHOS 'N' DJ COSMO - Hymn Here we are, finally with a new single from MYTHOS 'N' COSMO. This time guys revamped clasic "Hymn" (also re-made back in 1996 by MUSIC INSTRUCTOR). This has been achieved in 7 different versions featured on this CD. It starts with Radio Mix with almost pure EURO sound enriched with exciting synths work. Additional "hall" sound effect gives you the impression of big room adventure. Well... if you are really into good TRANCE synth oriented tunes you should check Watergate and Airscape remixes. Both are excellent examples of cutting edge synth work perfection. Watergate actually did three remixes: Radio, Remix and Vocal Remix. They are of exceptional beauty and deliver epic feel thanks to scorching synth lines and a barreling bottom. Male vocal by DRUE WILLIAMS gives this tune additional dimension. Airscape remix is rather fast highlighted by extensive usage of drum's and beats, yet it delivers TRANCE sound so characterstic for AIRSCAPE. Amazing version with gorgeous bottom. You gotta listen to entire track to fall in love with this powerful, sizziling interpretation. Sound sampler includes three versions for your enjoyment!. Listen to it with the volume cranked up to the max.

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01. Hymn (Radio Mix) - 3:34
02. Hymn (Watergate Radio Mix) - 3:20 (1)
03. Hymn (Extended Version) - 6:10
04. Hymn (Watergate Remix) - 6:51 (2)
05. Hymn (Watergate Vocal Remix) - 7:07
06. Hymn (Club Mix) - 5:24
07. Hymn (Airscape Remix) - 7:34 (3)

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Title: Dance 2 Disco reviewed on 01/14/01
Artist: 666
Label: 2000 Remixed Records (Sweden) / Dance Street (Germany)
Style: Techno/Disco
Index #: RRCDM206
Review: 666 - Dance & Disco The last in this batch is 666 single "Dance 2 Disco" from their recently released album "Who's Afraid Of...?". Group has very specific, almost diabolic style that was also dominating the recent album, however this particular single departed from their usual style. Among five versions you can choose something for yourself. I personally like DJ Picollo mixes. Recorded as happy TRANCE with marked well EURODANCE impression his mixes are truly dancable tracks. Looped hooks provide a deliciously hypnotic bridge among these styles. Probably the closest to usual 666 style is 666 Club Mix. Even there the infleunce of "more" dancable group VENGABOYS is noticable. Last mix on this CD is done by Achim Hax (DJ Pain). This is TECHNO-HOUSE tune with some extra PROGRESSIVE kicks. Presented sound sampler features three versions.
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01. Dance 2 Disco (Original Radio Version) - 3:57
02. Dance 2 Disco (DJ Piccolo [The4Jays] Radio Mix) - 3:17
03. Dance 2 Disco (666 Club Mix) - 5:15 (3)
04. Dance 2 Disco (DJ Piccolo [The4Jays] Club Mix) - 5:15 (1)
05. Dance 2 Disco (DJ Pain Remix)The Summer (Airplay Mix) - 7:40 (2)

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