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Title: Stanley (Here I Am) reviewed on 04/30/01
Label: 2001 Dos Or Die (Germany) / Exposé Records
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: RTD103.3791.3
Review: AIRHEADZ - Stanley (Here I Am) This batch of reviews starts AIRHEADZ with "Stanley (Here I Am)". I have recently showed you the clip posted in our VIDEO section, and now let me present you the single itself. This is interesting tune. Single has 6 versions and they are quite different. First two were remixed by Olaf Dieckemann (and are labeled as Wippenberg Short Mix and Remix). Both are stunning EURO/TRANCE monsters. Both versions starts with powerful intro that blast off into slammin' dance tunes. A wild melt-down/build-up break midway with female vocals ala SLOW SLEAZY POP. Don't you worry this one will make most discerning dancefloor explode. KOSMONOVA also contributed to this single. His remix is third in order of appearance. Another gorgeous interpreatation falling into combnation of dramatic TRANCE and DREAM actually. To encounter the full richeness of this tune you gotta wait for couple of minutes, but God! You will be rewarded when this version unfolds. WARP BROTHERS in their remix gave this tune a PROGRESSIVE feel. Track delivers galloping and uplifting synth lines. Full of power! The title of the next mix: Original Stanley's In A Trance Mix is a little bit misleading. Granted it is TRANCE but far more into CLUB scene. The last featured mix: Wackside Remix is indeed wacky and tacky. Starts as TECHNO tune soon unfolds into ala SADE tune. No kidding! However, it is a wonderful and relaxing version especially after all the excitement delivered in previous versions. Good single to have no doubt about it! In sound sampler I featured: Wippenber Remix, Kosmonova Remix and Warp Brothers Remix. Enjoy!
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01. Stanley (Here I Am) (Wippenberg Short Mix) - 3:30
02. Stanley (Here I Am) (Wippenberg Remix) - 6:27 (1)
03. Stanley (Here I Am) (Kosmonova Remix) - 6:16 (2)
04. Stanley (Here I Am) (Warp Brothers Remix) - 8:23 (3)
05. Stanley (Here I Am) (Original Stanley's In A Trance Mix) - 8:36
06. Stanley (Here I Am) (Wackside Remix) - 8:03

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Title: Thank You (Sten's Club Mix)reviewed on 04/30/01
Artist: E.M. PROJECT feat. LINZI
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy/Dance
Index #: CDKLONE 80
Review: E.M. PROJECT feat. LINZI - Thank You Remaining reviews will concentrate on KLONE releases. In this batch four of their most recent releases. Let me start with this single. While KLONE usually favors more classic HIGH ENERGY sound, they went further with this tune giving combination of NRG and TRANCE, HOUSE and POP depends which mix you choose (there are three). Stan's Club Mix is actually very similar to the track reviewed above. Gorgeous, NRG/TRANCE fare with lovely, blue-eyed female vocal provided by Linzi Pownall combines of elements TRANCE with a circuit EURONRG/DANCE ane even POP flavor. If you prefer more NRG sound try Stan's NRG Mix. Indeed if you are HIGH ENERGY purist you are going absilutely flip when you hear this beauty. Good production by Gary Martins and Jonathan Edwards ensure track immortality. Speaking of Gary Martins. He also wrote a last tune on this single entitled "Libido". Be prepared for more HI-HOUSE oriented ride. The track is instrumental with some female background vocal. In sound sampler I featured Stan's Club Mix and NRG Mix as well as fragment of "Libido" tune as well. . Enjoy!.

01. Thank You (Stan's Club Mix) (1)
02. Thank You (Radio Version)
03. Thank You (Stan's NRG Mix) (2)
04. Libido (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
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Title: Fascinatedreviewed on 04/30/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy/Dance
Index #: CDKLONE 81
Review: Boyz With Toyz - Fascinated Now time for some "revamped" classics courtesy of KLONE. I am sure that serious HIGH ENERGY followers will recognize this classic composed by LESDEMA in last century. "Fascinated" was played everywhere and now KLONE decided to give you a truly new and uplifting interpretation. Vocals to this tune was provided by TERESA MARIE. There are three versions of this tune and they are really distinct from each other. Radio Edit provided catch HI-NRG rhythm with some reminescences of original version in the main theme. Ross Alexander's Nu NRG Mix is much more powerful with lots of thundering EURO firepower as big, driving synth pick up the melody. For some of you who still wanted even more adventureous mix, I have MR. B's Remix! This is truly a TECHNO-oriented killer tune thanks to intricate instrumentation and marvellous production. This is truly NRG of new millenium sound! Actually when I am looking back at previous KLONE's releases all MR. B. mixes has that quite "new" approach. Very well one Sandy !!! Be really prepared for different kind of ride! In sound sampler I featured all three mixes!

01. Fascinated (Radio Edit) (1)
02. Fascinated (Ross Alexander's Nu NRG Mix) (2)
03. Fascinated (Mr B's Remix) (3)

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Title: Dancing In The Moonlightreviewed on 04/30/01
Artist: EVOLUTION feat. J.B.
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy/Dance
Index #: CDKLONE 82
Review: EVOLUTION feat. J.B. - Dancing In The Moonlight Another revamped tune this time written by KELLY. While it is HIGH-ENERGY tune it has some GARAGE feel in. Frontloader Club Mix is a full throttle, galloping tune. Very contemporary tune with Jason James Bradshaw providing the male vocals. You should like the atmosphere and tempo of the tune. Radio Version is much simpler compare to the described mix and doesn't have all the colorful feeling. The "bonus" tune "Makesomenoize" written by Gary Martins departures from the overall feeling of this single. This one is really fast with pounding rhythm and killer synths. Very synthesized POP-NRG I might say! In sound sampler I featured Frontlaoder Club Mix of the title song and fragment of "Makesomenoize"

01. Dancing In The Moonlight (Frontloader Club Mix) (1)
02. Dancing In The Moonlight (Radio Version)
03. Makesomenoize (2)

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Title: Whole Again (Feline Club Mix)reviewed on 04/30/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy/Dance
Index #: CDKLONE 83
Review: PATTI RAVELL - Whol;e Again (Feline Club Mix) The UK NRG scene is getting just crazy over this tune. Few weeks ago I presented the same tune in interpretation of NATALIE BROWNE released by Almighty Records (also from UK). Well... His hands on this tune layed NRG maven JOHN SPRINGATE himself. That assured that this track will receive fulfilling NRG treatment. And indeed it did. PATTI RAVELL delivered smash hit at yet another height in dazzling production. The third tune in this single "I'm On A Love Train" is a treasure itself as well. It's NRG tune highly enriched with synth-driven melodic line. Killer NRG at its finest! In sound sampler I featured Feline Club Mix of the title song and fragment of "I'm On A Love Train"

01. Whole Again (Feline Club Version) (1)
02. Whole Again (Radio Version)
03. I'm On A Love Train (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
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Title: Ameno reviewed on 04/07/01
Label: 2001 Zeitgeist/Polydor (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: 587 643-2

DJ QUICKSILVER - Ameno I am sure you already know this track since it has been featured in many TRANCE compilations as well as video clip is featured in our VIDEO Section. "Ameno" is one of the most known tunes done by ERA (two albums of this GREGORIAN/CELTIC-type chant are out for a long time already). What DJ QUICKSILVER did was an interesting combination. Using sampler of original "Ameno" he overlayered it with dramatic and majestic TRANCE strings. This combination delivered a stunning fare to dream about. While Video version is featured in most of CD compilations. you just have this single for the remaining mixes: Club Mix and C.J. Stone Remix. The first one has a flavor of Video Mix but properly extended to fit the dance floor. The C.J Stone Remix is a stimulating, electronic version of it. The original chant was computerized and the melodic line was pushed more into TECHNO HOUSE. An incredible orchestration dominates this fare. Amazing and not to be missed. You also have on this single a "bonus" track: "Voyage". Well if you got tired of the title song you really should focus on that one. It's an orginal tune by DJ QUICKSILVER (aren't we all eager to hear his truly new material?). Starts with pounding bass line to grow into majestic, self-proclaimed TECHNO/TRANCE instrumental marvel. You should really enjoy synth work done on this one. Very impressive, mind tickling tune. Sound sampler features Club Mix and C.J. Stone Remix as well as fragment of "Voyage". Enjoy!

For more information about DJ QUICKSILVER visit his website at:

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1. Ameno (Video Mix) - 3:28
2. Ameno (Club Mix) - 3:28 (1)
3. Ameno (C.J. Stone Remix) - 6:22 (2)
4. Voyage - 6:10 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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Title: Exploration Of Space / Melt To The Ocean reviewed on 04/07/01
Label: 2001 Step By Step/EMI Electrola (Germany)
Style: Trance / Progressive
Index #: 7243 8 89853 2 1

COSMIC GATE - Exploration Of space / Melt The Ocean This single features two titles: "Exploration Of Space" and "Melt To The Ocean". Both come from recently released album "Rhythm And Drums". If you liked the album versions you should get this single, since you got here several mixes of both titles. Four mixes of "Exploration Of Space" are featured and among of them are Extended Mix, Club Mix and Green Court Mix. Especially the last one is not to be missed. Lots of excitement in here. Hypnotic power for PROGRESSIVE floor only! Totally mesmerizing bassline here throbs between wicked pounding beats as dark, driving synth lines begin to build and build in intensity like a pulse racing. Watch your heartbeat rate :-) Equally exciting are mixes of "Melt To The Ocean". I would like focus your attention on DJ Mellow-D Remix. and three mixes of "Melt To The Ocean". Red hot remix to explode in those TECHNO HOUSE floors all over but TRANCE fans will benefit as well. Dazzling heights and dangerous speed. Good one! Sound sampler features 2 versions of each tune. Enjoy!

For more information about COSMIC GATE visit their website at:

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1. Exploration Of Space (Radio Edit) - 3:35
2. Melt To The Ocean (Radio Edit) - 3:24
3. Exploration Of Space (Extended Mix) - 8:18 (1)
4. Melt To The Ocean (Midnight Remix) - 8:01 (3)
5. Melt To The Ocean (DJ Mellow-D Remix) - 6:55 (4)
6. Exploration Of Space (Green Court Remix) - 7:35 (2)
7. Exploration Of Space (Club Remix) - 7:18

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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Title: Sadness reviewed on 04/07/01
Label: 2001 Waako Recordings/ZYX (Germany)
Style: Euro House/Trance
Index #: 9353-8

TRANCLUCENT - Sadness How about overcrossing TOCA with DELERIUM. Would you try that? Seems to me TRANCELUCENT tried. How this combination worked? I think it has something. Featured tune indeed gives quite similar feeling. A combination of IBIZA-type HOUSE with delicate TRANCE strings. Very after party tune I would say. There are six versions featured on this single. Varying from rather pure EURO HOUSE like one in Trancelucent Deep In Radio Mix to more sophisticated EURO TRANCE sound like one featured in Trancelucent Deep In Radio Mix. Morever, you will also find kinda quite NRG feeling here and there. Definately good club-oriented CD to satisfy most of club DJs. In sound sampler I featured three versions to give you an idea what to expect. Enjoy!

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1. Song Title: Sadness (Trancelucent Deep In Radio Mix) - 3:36 (3)
2. Sadness (Twilords Madness Radio Mix) - 3:31
3. Sadness (Trancelucent Peak Time Radio Mix) - 3:31
4. Sadness (Trancelucent Deep In Sadness Mix) - 6:23
5. Sadness (Twilords Madness Mix) - 6:21 (1)
6. Sadness (Trancelucent Peak Time Mix) - 5:54 (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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Title: Technorocker reviewed on 04/07/01
Label: 2001 Progressive EDM (Germany) / Nice And Firm (Denmark)
Style: Progressive
Index #: 3345009-2

BALLOON - Technorocker This one is heavy! HARD PROGRESSIVE style all the way through. Few months ago BALLOON gave us "Monstersound" now we have "Technorocker". His experimentation goes into mixing together HARD TECHNO with ROCK sound. He did it before he did it now. While I am not particularly interested in such combination this CD single achieve some good sound. I think partially because BALLOON invited a list of good TECHNO and PROGRESSIVE projects. So you have Brooklyn Bounce Remix in very characterstic, bass rich main melody line or more heavy Warp Brothers Remix. Also fans of TRANCE sound have not been orphaned. For them BALLOON gave Pulsar Crew's Trance Force Remix. Anyway, you really have to listen to a sound sampler to make up your mind. While this track does well in club it can be annoying in other settings. Sound sampler includes four mixes, so you should get an idea. Enjoy!

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1. Technorocker (Video Version) - 3:47 (1)
2. Technorocker (Club Mix) - 7:31
3. Technorocker (Brooklyn Bounce Remix) - 7:05 (2)
4. Technorocker (Warp Brothers Remix) - 6:52 (3)
5. Technorocker (Pulsar Crew's Trance Force Remix) - 5:54 (4)
6. Technorocker (Extended Version) - 5:48

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Salaam Aleikum reviewed on 04/07/01
Label: 2000 EAMS (Germany)
Style: Trance / Techno
Index #: EAMS 2413-2

FATIMA vs. DJ TAYLOR & FLOW I am late with presenting you this single since it was released back in 2000, but since I admire DJ TAYLOR & FLOW music, I decided to go with it. Better late than never. Track is written by both brothers FLORIAN and KONRAD SCHREYVOGL. I am not sure if both guys are fascinated with Arabian culture, but definately this single shown impact of it. While the tune is pure TECHNO/TRANCE fare Arabian TRIBAL sound was introduced as well, mainly due to vocal provided by FATIMA as well as some melodic line resembling harem atmosphere. Way to go dudes! If you remember group DANCE TO TRANCE and it's "Power of A.mercian N.atives" the beginning of "Salaam Aleikum" is very similar in a way electronic flute is being incorporated. Big epic breaks and sensual female vocals highlight this synth and drum-driven rocket flight all together. Sound sampler features 2 versions of this tune. Enjoy!

For more information about DJ TAYLOR & FLOW visit their website at:

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1. Salaam Aleikum (Short Edit) - 3:43
2. Salaam Aleikum (Main Mix) - 6:19 (1)
3. Salaam Aleikum (Alternative Version) - 7:06 (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Doin' It Again reviewed on 04/07/01
Label: 2001 EAMS (Germany)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: EAMS 2416-2

DJ VALIUM - Doin It Again Now let me move I into more NRG oriented style. "Doin' It Again" by DJ VALIUM is already several weeks old but I couldn't get it until today. Some of you know that behind DJ VALIUM is AXEL KONRAD. If you remember last year DJ VALIUM presented us with "Omen III" an classic EURO song from a classic EURO group MAGIC AFFAIR. Now another EURO song but this time written by DJ VALIUM and OLE WIERK. I think DJ VALIUM and AXEL KONRAD is like DR. JEKYLL and MR. HYDE syndrome. Axel makes great EURO under DJ VALIUM and great TECHNO sound as AXEL KONRAD. "Doin' It Again" is indeed a fantastic tune. Once again DJ VALIUM called for help from TAT MORENA. She gave all the female vocals. Oustanding and powerful. 4 out of 6 versions sport the EURO sound, however DJ VALIUM couldn't resist the temptation of giving out some TECHNO flavor as well. The best example serves Club Mix where MC DOT does the computerized male RAP and beat falls into TECHNO and TECHNO HOUSE yet is still dominated by EURO buttom. Truly an excellent single not to be missed by all you EURO freaks! Sound sampler features 4 versions of this tune. Enjoy!

For more information about DJ VALIUM visit his website at:

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1. Doin' It Again (Radio Version) - 3:25 (1)
2. Doin' It Again (Original Radio Version) - 3:18
3. Doin' It Again (Extended Vocal Mix) - 5:45 (2)
4. Doin' It Again (Full Vocal Mix) - 5:01 (3)
5. Doin' It Again (Club Mix) - 5:50 (4)
6. Doin' It Again (Extended Instrumental Mix) - 5:46

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: You're Breaking My Heart reviewed on 04/07/01
Label: 2001 Shift Music / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: SFT 0190-8

MAGIC VISION feat. LINDA - You're Breaking My Heart Another EURODANCE gem, devoted fans of this style shouldn't miss. It's also has been released few weeks ago, but again I just received this CD so couldn't review it earlier. I am not really familiar with this project so I cannot give you any details but after all who cares? The music speaks of itself. Well written and produce EURO and hard to get by these days. As a matter of fact SHIFT MUSIC had a project under the name MAGIC VISION that releases back in 1995 such tunes as "Stay Another Day" or "Here Comes The Hotstepper". Is this the same project brought back to life I do not know, but hopefully they will keep releasing such a hot stuff as this "You're Breaking My Heart" tune is. The single sports four version. It starts with Radio Version, a full blown EURO with exciting music line and interesting female vocal provided by LINDA. Second is Maxi Version, a sparkling and passionate NRG/EURO tune at it's best. The Alternative Radio Version bridges the wonderfully crafted EURO with some dark, mysteriously hypnotic pieces of TRANCE style. Exstatic! The last one is Club Version. This one also brings some more synths making this one an ultimate EURO/TECHNO(TRANCE) wonder. Very up-tempo production with spectacular instrumental arrangements gorgeous synth line to move you! No doubt, if you are into EURODANCE this one is a must. No doubt about it! Sound sampler features 3 versions of this tune. Enjoy!

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1. You're Breaking My Heart (Radio Version) - 3:31 (1)
2. You're Breaking My Heart (Maxi Version) - 4:51
3. You're Breaking My Heart (Alternative Radio Version) - 3:32 (2)
4. You're Breaking My Heart (Club Version) - 5:32 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Es Ist Nie Vorbei reviewed on 04/07/01
Label: 2000 PSP Production / Edel (Germany)
Style: Euro/Pop
Index #: 0121606ERE

BLUMCHEN vs. E-TYPE - Es Ist Nie Vorbei Even if it is so late, I have decided to present you this tune. After all beloved BLÜMCHEN is no longer in dance business, since she decided to get more education. It only shows that this girl has not only a voice but is smart to look for her future. This particular single was recorded with Swedish EURO star E-TYPE and is probably your last chance to see her material before she left the industry. Also E-TYPE didn't come recently with a new material either. However here you have a payoff. Familar voices of both artists and music line we know both of them from. This is indeed a great dancable single featuring combination od powerful EURO/POP and EURODANCE. It's a pity that only two versions were featured: short Radio Edit and longer Extended Mix. Enjoy the sound and we will miss you BLÜMCHEN! The Sound sampler features only Extended Mix.

1. Es Ist Nie Vorbei (Radio Edit) - 3:08
2. Es Ist Nie Vorbei (Extended Mix) - 4:58 (1)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Ride Like The Wind reviewed on 03/25/01
Label: 2001 Zeitgeist/Polydor/Universal (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: 587 649-2

MASTERBOY - Ride Like The Wind Let me start this batch of reviews with new offering from classic EURODANCE group MASTERBOY. I am sure that devoted fans of this group are aware of the fact, that group is not as "productive" as they were before, and morever when they recorded this singe, they didn't have a lead female vocalist, since ANNABELLE KAY left the group several months ago to pursue her own career. If you are expecting EURODANCE, you might be dissapointed, but if you like simply good DANCE this tune might actually work for you. It's a cover recorded in semi-EIFFEL 65 style. I am not necessary thrilled with this release but since group announced to have their album released around April/May I hope some original sound of MASTERBOY we will hear again. They definately need a female vocalist though. No doubt! Three versions are featured here and they are really all alike. That's sad! Group could go further to give some more dramatic versions, after all they do not release new single every month. Oh well... Judge yourself! In sound sampler I mixed Extended Version with Radio club Cut. Let me know what you think!

For more information about MASTERBOY visit our page about this group clicking here

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1. Ride Like The Wind (Radio Cut) - 3:45
2. Ride Like The Wind (Radio Club Cut) - 4:22 (2)
3. Ride Like The Wind (Extended Version) - 6:18 (1)
4. Alright (bonus track) - 4:57

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Win The Racereviewed on 03/25/01
Label: 2001 BMG Berlin (Germany)
Style: Euro Energy/Dance
Index #: 74321 84311 2
Review: MODERN TALKING - Win The Race After extensive tours and speninding significant amount of time in studio MODERN TALKING is back with a new single taken from their new album "America" to be soon reviewed. THOMAS ANDERS and DIETER BOHLEN extended the team of producers. This single is produced by DIETER and AXEL BREITUNG. The title song "Win The Race" is presented in three versions. First one Radio Edit and it's instrumental counterpart featured as a second track represents truly dynamic sound we all know from MODERN TALKING. This is soaring NRG tune with scintillating bass line and as usually great vocals delivered by both guys. You might find interesting the third tune. It's SCOOTER Remix. Don't panic! It is not TECHNO version, but rather synth enhanced one. Two remaining tunes are two version of a BALLAD tune called "Cinderella Girl". It probably means that album itself has not only truly dancable tunes, but also some contemporary POP sound as well. If you want to see group performance in "Win The Race" , visit our VIDEO Section for the video clip made to this title track. In sound sampler I featured Radio Edit and Scooter Remix of the title song.
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01. Win The Race (Radio Edit) - 3:35 (1)
02. Win The Race (Instrumental Version) - 3:39
03. Win The Race (Scooter Remix) - 4:43 (2)
04. Cinderella Girl - 3:34
05. Cinderella Girl (Instrumental Version) - 3:34

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
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Title: Trouble (Club Mixes)reviewed on 03/25/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy/Dance
Index #: CDKLONE 78
Review: DEZIRE feat. Jo Frances - Trouble Last year this tune done by COLDPLAY emerged as a one of the top hits and was fiercely played by UK Radio stations, not to mention being featured on numerous documentaries and sporting themes. When you will listen to this tune, the haunting piano chords will make you recognize this tune even if the title is not familiar to you. JO FRANCES delivered a vocal in style of ABIGAIL or DEVORAH that makes this offering a stunning dance track of an emotional and beatiful song. You will find three mixes on this CD. First is Radio Cut with DREAM feeling in it. Very stylish, contemporary dance and the featured piano section make this one an irresistible listening pleasure. The second one is MR B's Club Mix, while retaining same key points as the Radio Edit, this version fits more for club crowd. Stunning combination of NRG/DREAM and HOUSE in one set. The third and last featured version is Ross Alexander's Remix. Another tantalizing DANCE version also to fit the dance floor. The release date for this tune is March 26. In sound sampler I featured Mr. B's Club Mix and Ross Alexander's Remix. Enjoy!.

01. Trouble (Radio Edit)
02. Trouble (Mr B's Club Mix) (1)
03. Trouble (Ross Alexander's Remix) (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
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Title: Overload (NRG Dance Mix)reviewed on 03/25/01
Artist: SUSHI
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: NRG/Dance
Index #: CDKLONE 79
Review: SUSHI - Overload Yet another stunning release from KLONE. Some of you familiar with UK NRG scene might rememebr SUGARBABES emerged with their debut hit "Overload". That song, however lacked an uptempo mix, that now is being delivered by SUSHI with aid of producer JOHN SPRINGATE. Some of you who remember their previous collaborations in "Japanese Boy", "Dance Yourself Dizzy", "Let It Swing" or "Love In The First Degree" know that this is the gem to have. Single features three tunes. First and second are remixes of the title song, the third track is another tune entitled "Don't Walk Away". Radio Edit starts as full blast HIGH-ENERGY tune. It has vocals, it has uplifting rhythm and great music line. The second version is a Club Mix. It's done in NRG climate as well, but with far more advanced instrumentations and hooks scattered all over the place. Tune is very dynamic. Pure dance. The last tune featured is "Don't Walk Away". Nicely done POP/NRG tune that can easily pass in TOP 40 DANCE. Together very well rounded single. It will hit UK streets on April 02, 2001. In sound sampler I featured Club Mix of title song and "Don't Walk Away". Enjoy!.

01. Overload (Radio Edit)
02. Overload (Club Mix) (1)
03. Don't Walk Away (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Whole Again reviewed on 03/25/01
Label: 2001 Almighty Records (UK)
Style: Dance/Euro Trance
Index #: CDALMY 164

NATALIE BROWN - Whole Again Let me finish UK-releases reviews with this outstanding DANCE tune from Almighty Records. Single features four tracks. First two are mixes of "Whole Again" title tune. Definately the track to look after. The Radio Edit delivers not only good NRG but also crosses with some EURO-TRANCE as well as some of EIFFEL 65-like sound. Definitive Mix is also a full-blast NRG tune loaded with some synths buttom to die for. Very passionate dance floor blast with screaming breaks and spectacular NATALIE's vocal abilities. Two remaining tunes are two mixes of instrumental "Jagged Ice". Mix 1 is combination of NRG and EURO HOUSE/TRANCE. Cleverly done to intimidate dance floor. You will love synth strings that are haunting this tune. This almost 9 minutes long mix deliver powerhouse tune for club scene. Melodic line is very lush and sensual with bits and pieces that are as seductive as they come. Incoroporated sound of nature is just a killer. Truly beatiful tune. The Mix 2 is even more TECHNO oriented. Dynamic synthesizers and irresistibly energetic dance beats dominate in this fierceless tune! You gotta get this one. You will thank me for the tip! In sound sampler you will find mix of three tunes. Enjoy and remmber you heard it first here in!

01. Whole Again (Radio Edit)
02. Whole Again (Definitive Mix) (1)
03. Jagged Ice (Mix 1) (2)
04. Jagged Ice (Mix 2) (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Voyage reviewed on 03/25/01
Label: 2001 Playground Music / Black Hole Recordings (The Netherlands)
Style: Trance
Index #: ITWT 320-2 CD-m

YAHEL & EYAL BARKAN - Voyage Sound of TRANCE dominates in Holland, Belgium, Germany and ... ISRAEL. You might have heard the name YAHEL. His track "Devotion" was featured in most noticable TRANCE compilations as well as is being played by many DJs naming just DJ TIËSTO and remixed by other (Armin Van Buuren for instance). YAHEL SHERMAN comes from Israel. The music he writes is beatifully crafted TRANCE with dramatic intros and outros and magnificent core. Featured title "Voyage" has been released back in 20000, however this CD was released in 2001 for Scandinavian market as a way to introduce this very taleneted writer and producer. This single features only two versions of the title song (Radio Edit and 12" Version), since originally they apepared only on vinyls. What makes this offering even more unique are two other songs he co-written with EYAL BARKAN, OREN BARKAN and others. These are "Liquid Paradise" and "I Believe". Both tunes balances between TRANCE and TECHNO and both are truly marvellous. If you are serious about these geres you should get this CD. Three original tunes from YAHEL in one set are hard to get by. This might be your only chance. Get it while it is around. Sound sampler includes "Yahel" (12" Version), "Liquid Paradise" and "I Believe". Enjoy!

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01. Voyage (Radio Edit)
02. Voyage (12" Version) (1)
03. Liquid Paradise (2)
04. I Believe (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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Title: Rhythm And Sex reviewed on 03/25/01
Label: 2001 Gang Go Music / Edel (Germany)
Style: Techno
Index #: 0125025GAG

AXEL KONRAD - R.U.F.F. Cuts / Concentrate PAFFENDORF is back with yet another full blast PROGRESSIVE TECHNO tune. Very intense, a rousing, pumped-up PROGRESSIVE synth stomper to be frantic about. PAFFENDORF delivers blasting TECHNO and this one is no different. It builds and builds like their others. Cavalcade of instruments gives this tune a dramatic and passionate feel. For additional twist female FRENCH vocal is added. Quite seducing indeed. You should also check video to this track that was posted in our VIDEO section. Single features SEVEN !!! mixes to choose from! Video Mix, Radio Mix, Club Mix and Extended Mix do sound similar with the latter one built especially for clubs. There are also difference in punch lines. For instance Club Mix leans toward TECHNO while Extended Mix toward PROGRESSIVE HOUSE. Bahama Kitchen Remix starts with French vocals that remains throughout the track and uplifts into high tempo TECHNO HOUSE with some groovy smokin' lines. DJ Merlyn Remix gives you more AMBIENT HOUSE feeling with steady rhythm to put your dance floor to exctasy. The last featured Sunchild Remix introduces some LATINO lines. Very cute! In Sound sampler I included four versions (Club Mix, Extended Mix, Bahama Kitchen Remix and DJ Merlyn Remix).

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01. Rhythm & Sex (Video Mix) - 03:45
Rhythm & Sex (Radio Mix) - 03:09
03. Rhythm & Sex (Club Mix) - 06:14 (1)
04. Rhythm & Sex (Extended Mix) - 06:21 (2)
05. Rhythm & Sex (Bahama Kitchen Remix) - 06:14 (3)
06. Rhythm & Sex (DJ Marlyn Remix) - 06:33 (4)
07. Rhythm & Sex (Sunchild Remix) - 05:01

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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Title: Born To Bouncereviewed on 03/25/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music / Dance Division (Germany)
Style: Techno/Progressive House
Index #: DAD 670925-2

BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Born To Bounce OK! Here is new single from BROOKLYN BOUNCE. If you liked their big-room floor-packer "Bass, Beats & Melody", you will have a copycat here. I mean very similar melodic line and punch lines including seducive female vocals. Take your time and visit VIDEO section to watch the seducive video clips to this one. CD features three version of "Born To Bounce" and "filler" "Bass Beats & Melody" in it's Short Edit (beats me why they put that one up, but probably group was short with other remixes and it's a pity, because I would be glad to hear some other interpretations of this very dynamic tune). Video Mix is recorded in HARD TECHNO. Deep bass and drums taking over the fare. The melody is soaring. This is incredible track, absolutely essential for all PROGRESSIVE big room/Circuit Party spinners. Club Version goes even further in keeping drums on the top. This is almost too much to handle, yet you feel you didn't have enough. Oxymoronic, isn't it? Warp Brothers Remix is a twisted TECHNO-HOUSE with sparkling buttom. Deep and moody. In sound sampler I gave you Club Mix and Warp Brothers Remix. Enjoy!

For more information about BROOKLYN BOUNCE visit their website at

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01. Born To Bounce (Video Edit) - 03:43
02. Born To Bounce (Clubmix) - 06:18 (1)
03. Born To Bounce (Warp Brothers Remix) - 07:15 (2)
04. Bass, Beats & Melody (Short Edit) - 03:40

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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Title: Kickin' Hard (2001 Remixes)reviewed on 03/25/01
Label: 2001 ZYX / House Nation (Dance Street) (Germany)
Style: Techno House
Index #: DST 70833-8

KLUBBHEADS - Kickin' Hard (Remixes 2001) If you were hanging in TECHNO club back in 1998 this track should be familiar. "Kickin' Hard" was a must! If you want to the original one visit VIDEO section and watch video clip. Now we are being offered 2001 remixes. Trust me they differ. 5 mixes to choose from. The first one is Sascha Van Holt Radio Mix. This is high flying mix. Hard beat with mainstream TECHNO-HOUSE that fit a mess of rabble-rousing party people. Next is Central Seven Remix. This mix features a dynamic PROGRESSIVE HOUSE version creating an uplifting club stunner. With ultimate combination of drums ans synth bassline you can't go wrong with this version. For more DRUM'N'BASS oriented versions turn to Base 1 Remix. Sascha Van Holt Club Mix is not far from the Radio Edit, however the synth work here is more extensive compare with it's Radio verion. This one has driving beats and epic. The last featured mix is Klubbheads Euro Mix, probably the one that most closely resembles the original. It's a rousing, pumped-up TECHNO-HOUSE. So taken together this is nice comeback of this tune with refreshing feeling. In sound sampler I featured Central Seven Remix, Base 1 Remix and Sascha Van Holt Club Remix). Enjoy!

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01. Kickin' Hard (Sascha Van Holt Radio Edit) - 03:19
02. Kickin' Hard (Central Seven Remix) - 7:48 (1)
03. Kickin' Hard (Base 1 Remix) - 5:22 (2)
04. Kickin' Hard (Sascha Van Holt Club Remix)
- 5:04 (3)
05. Kickin' Hard (Klubbheads Euro Mix) - 7:13

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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Title: R.U.F.F. Cuts / Concentrate reviewed on 03/13/01
Label: 2001 Unsubmissive Records / Edel (Germany)
Style: Techno
Index #: 0124645UNS

AXEL KONRAD - R.U.F.F. Cuts / Concentrate New from AXEL KONRAD vel. DJ VALIUM. Another big-room floor-packer! Four versions to choose from: The CD starts with "R.U.F.F. Cuts" - Radio Mix. This one is hard charged TECHNO with galloping synths and male vocal all reminding me a little bit "Kernkraft 400" by ZOMBIE NATION. Quite short version but very good, with beat and style. Second version featured on this CD is Extended. This one is another pure TECHNO sound with styled synth lines underscoring this fare. Track itself keeps same beat throughout without any slows and ups making the crowd to stay on their dancing pace. Third featured version is Club Mix starts as a "monotonous" tune, but not for long. This TECHNO-HOUSE offering progresses into full blown club monster. Very masculine. The last track featured is "Concentrate". This one should appeal to clubbers as well. Pumped-up with drums and bass-lines this one is a kick-your-ass fare to dance to. Be aware it might cause you a headache! Sound sampler includes two versions of the title song (Extended and Club Mix) and "Concentrate".

For more information about AXEL KONRAD visit his website at

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01. R.U.F.F. Cuts (Radio Mix) - 03:16
02. R.U.F.F. Cuts (Extended) - 06:14 (1)
03. R.U.F.F. Cuts (Club Mix) - 06:06 (2)
04. Concentrate - 06:32 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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Title: The Free Fall reviewed on 03/13/01
Artist: BEAM & YANOU
Label: 2001 ePark (Germany)
Style: EuroTrance
Index #: 367.2017.3

BEAM & YANOU - The Free Fall Newest single for duo BEAM & YANOU brings an ultmate EUROTRANCE to a new height. What makes this song beautiful is it's gorgeous melody with shouting female vocal that glides over leyers of mesmerizing, dark synthesizers lifiting you higher to state of unconsciousness. Truly a TRANCE dazzling production. The single features four mixes. The first one: Video Mix is a short mostly vocal version reminding a bit DELERIUM sound. This on is produced more in TRANCE/IBIZA-HOUSE style. It has it's drama and female vocal dominates in this one. This is truly a timeless dance music to die for. Three remaining versions are very long. The Opus lasts almost 11 minutes. This one is like a music story. Starts with intro that is taken from the sunrise climate, building up to more dramatic and powerful main course. And drama there is. It unveils into full house TRANCE blaster. Amazing feeling! The end of this song is a thrilling experience with full synth orchestration. Unreal! The third mix: The Exposition is speeding right from the beginning. This particular version is very rich in moods it delivers. With signs of silence to drmatic blow up in the middle enriched with hauntig female vocal. Another beauty! Last featured version is a Remix dbe by CYRUS SADEGHI-WAFA. This is mostly pounding TECHNO-HOUSE. Absolutely stunning single! In sound sampler I featured three verions: The Opus, The Exposition and Cyrus Remix! Enjoy!

For more information about BEAM & YANOU visit their website at

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01. The Free Fall (Video Mix) - 03:54
02. The Free Fall (The Opus) - 10:44 (1)
03. The Free Fall (The Exposition) - 07:54 (2)
04. The Free Fall (Cyrus Remix) - 06:57 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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Title: Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) reviewed on 03/13/01
Label: 2000 Universal Music (Denmark)
Style: Techno
Index #: 750 542-2

SAFRI DUO - Played-A-Live This Danish project caused an interesting stir in club floors with the novel quite unique sound. The track reached highest position in UK, Italian, Australian, German and other international charts. Track is also played in Canada and recently in several US clubs. Morever, this tune brought for the group the title CLUB HIT OF THE YEAR in Danish Music Award 2001. Not bad, not bad for "newcomers" to the dance industry. The group actually was formed back in 1988 by two guys playing percussion: UFFE SAVERI and MORTEN FRIIS. The name came from fusing parts of their last name: SAveri and FRIis. Both guys know each other from the early childhood when they started playing together, going to the same school, even competing together the same music conservatory in 1992. That's what called a TRUE friendship! What they have done in the past was playing mostly CLASSICAL MUSIC, This single was their attempt to fuse CLASSIC perscussion with TECHNO oriented synthlines. Seems that TECHNO and TRANCE got stagnated a bit, so the new approaches to make the sound even more interesting are being taken. With OPERA TRANCE and now utilizing another CLASSIC venue might be the future. No wonder why this duo got such an applause right from the start. Single is loaded with mixes. As a matter of fact there are 6 of them and as a bonus you are getting video clip as well (check our VIDEO section to see fragment of it). Radio Cut is similar to what we see in video so is Original Club but enhance for club crowds. All remaining are quite eclectic in style. DJ Tandu in his mix delivers powerful TECHNO/DANCE version, Spanish Fly caters to some "flamenco" theme, Nick Sentience is fast speed TECHNO HOUSE with PROGRESSIVE baseline, while the Serious mix is almost INDUSTRIAL. So you have plenty to choose from. Sound sampler features four versions: Original Club Version, DJ Tandu Mix, Nick Sentience Mix and Serious Mix. Enjoy!

For more information about SAFRI DUO visit their website at

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01. Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Radio Cut)
02. Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Original Club Version) (1)
03. Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (DJ Tandu Mix) (2)
04. Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Spanish Fly Remix)
05. Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Nick Sentience Mix) (3)
06. Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Serious Mix) (4)
07. Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Music Video - CD-ROM track)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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Title: Touch Me reviewed on 03/13/01
Label: 2000 Kismet Recordings/BMG (UK)
Style: House
Index #: 74321 823992

RUI DA SILVA feat. CASSANDRA - Touch Me If you are a serious clubber and you went to a good one, I am sure you heard this track. This caused another stir but in more HOUSE-IBIZA type clubs. Don't get scared by the description: HOUSE It's not a pure HOUSE but rather it's has more eclectic and meaningful sides. Unfortunately only three versions are featured on the single and obviously it is material for more. As I said, it's really a club track and two versions address that. Original 12" is after hour HOUSE tune with nice bongo bassline and interesting instrumental arrangements accompanied with some guitar strings. Definately a storming HOUSE blockbuster! The third version Double 99 12" Club Mix has also that IBIZA feel, the sound of sea waves and you can almost feel the breeze coming on you. If you like FRAGMA sound than you will love the sound of this single. Both are quite close in style. If you want to the video clip to this tune, it is available in VIDEO section. Sound sampler features Original 12" and Double 99 12" Club Mix. Enjoy!

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01. Touch Me (Radio Edit)
02. Touch Me (Original 12") (1)
03. Touch Me (Double 99 12" Club Mix) (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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Title: Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) reviewed on 03/13/01
Artist: TABU feat. MITZIB
Label: 2000 Almighty Records (UK)
Style: Dance & Disco
Index #: CDALMY 159

TABU feat. MITZIB - Ain't No Love Last but no least is the single from legendary UK NRG label: Almighty. If you like crossover between HIGH-ENERGY and FUNKY style this might be it. This is combination is very distinct in first mix: Radio Edit. You actually have 6 various mixes to play with. Almighty Go Disco Mix is another unique combination. This time DISCO beat has been fused with some TECHNO strings here and there. Truly a rumbling cover of this classic tune from Williams and Goodwin vault. Also Fired Up Mix is unique in a sense. As a requisite DANCE tune this highlights NRG and contemporary TECHNO. Incredibly friendly for almost any dance floor that need some power and fun! Single also features two Love To Infinity mixes. The first one: Master Mix is like 70's meets peacefully 00's. It's DISCO, it's HIGH-ENERGY, it's IBIZA-HOUSE all in one pot to please most of you. The Full Funk mix starts like hard HOUSE/DISCO tune but evolves into contemporary FUNK/FREESTYLE tune. The last mix on the CD called Phatkatz Mix is rather crazy sort of FREESTYLE on the beach. Taken together an interesting club oriented offering from Almighty. Sound sampler features Almighty Go Disco Mix, Fired Up Mix and Love To Infinity Master Mix). Enjoy!

01. Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) (Radio Edit)
02. Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) (Almighty Go Disco Mix) (1)
03. Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) (Fired Up Mix) (2)
04. Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) (Love To Infinity Master Mix) (3)
05. Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) (Love To Infinity Full Funk Mix)
06. Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) (Phatkatz Mix)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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