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Title: Outside reviewed on 08/29/01
Artist: KYAU vs. ALBERT
Label: 2001 Euphonic / WEA (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: 8573 89278-2

KYAU vs. ALBERT - Outside These days when you think TECHNO you probably have in mind Germany. Not too long ago the country was divided to West and East Germany. While the most current TECHNO DJs have been born and raised in West part of Germany not that many are known from the previously East part of the country that is actually also rich in electronic sound. Among producers that come from East Germany are RALPH KYAU and STEVEN MOEBIUS ALBERT that are now entertaining us with their newest CD single released in the beginning of August. RALPH has been part of East Germany UNDERGROUND scene since 1991 with his own single released back in 1993. He met STEVEN several years later and both guys started producing together around 1996 (their first joined production was "Let Me In") . Back in 1997 they established they very own label: EUPHONICS. Since than they released several singles and did remixes for such DJs and projects as: SONOROUS, ELECTROSTAR or KAY CEE to name the few. "Outside" is their contribution to POP/TRANCE. Even if the sound featured in this single is considered TRANCE it really shifts toward more melodic POP with some accents on the vocal performance (in Radio and Original versions) that usually TRANCE lacks since this genre in most cases is rather instrumental. Single features seven versions of the title tunes. Among them is Ronski Speed Radio sporting rather fast TRANCE underlined with good vocals. Floor mix is more dark TRANCE with distinct TECHNO beat perfectly embedded in the music line. If you really like TECHNO sound check the Voodoo & Serano Mix. For more UNDERGROUND feel check Sonorous Remix that brings some TECHNO-HOUSE feel. Indeed an interesting single. The sound sampler features 4 versions of this tune. Enjoy!

For more information about KYAU vs. ALBERT project visit their home page on

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01. Outside (Radio) - 3:48
02. Outside (Original) - 3:39 (1)
03. Outside (Ronski Speed Radio) - 3:29 (2)
04. Outside (Floor) - 5:58
05. Outside (Voodoo & Serano Remix) - 7:11 (3)
06. Outside (Sonorous Remix) - 9:11 (4)
07. Outside (Instrumental) - 5:42

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blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Slide To The Vibe / This Is Acid reviewed on 08/29/01
Label: 2001 Urban / Universal Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Acid Techno
Index #: 015218-2

VOODOO & SERANO - Slide To The Vibe/This Is Acid Speaking of TECHNO. New release from VOODOO & SERANO! You might remember a dark TECHNO "The Blood Is Pumpin'" fare released several weeks ago. Presented today a new single by them was co-written by C.J. STONE who also co-produced it. Some hard fans of good TECHNO/TRANCE sound should be familiar with C.J. STONE (Andreas Litterscheid). Well regarded DJ, producer and remixer. Presented single have two title songs: "Slide To The Vibe" and "This Is Acid". Both songs were done in two versions: Single Edit and Clubmix. Versions are considerably different. For instance Single Edit of "Slide To The Vibe" combines TECHNO bassline with some TRANCE oriented electronic instrumentations especially folding out at later time point. It's Clubmix sports more club oriented TECHNO with lotsa drums and repeated beats. Excellent for dance floor. "This Is Acid" falls in ACID TECHNO genre, however it has a strong influence of BREAK BEAT section as well as some TRANCE elements especially distinct in Single Edit. Clubmix starts off breezy before turning hard, dark and deliciously thunderous and progressive. I still consider their previous single "The Blood Is Pumpin'" more juicy, but I am sure many of you will find it interesting. For sound sampler I have chosen clubmixes. Enjoy!

For more information about:
DJ VOODOO please visit
TOMMI SERANO please visit
C.J. STONE please visit

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01. Slide To The Vibe (Single Edit) - 3:31
02. This Is Acid (Single Edit) - 3:32
03. Slide To The Vibe (Clubmix) - 7:25 (1)
04. This Is Acid (Clubmix) - 7:25 (2)

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blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Tides Of Time reviewed on 08/29/01
Artist: DJ SHAH feat. NO IRON
Label: 2001 WEA (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: 8573 88594-2

DJ SHAH - Tides Of Time I hope you have the debut album by DJ SHAH released last year. Today let me present you his new single "Tides Of Time" (already few months old, but better late than never). ROGER P. SHAH, a current resident DJ in X-Palace (Karlsruhe/Germany) started his DJ adventure back in 1992. From the very beginning he devoted himself to TRANCE. Since then, he released several singles, remixed many artists and became sought after DJ and producer. He is currently running his own label and co-operating with SESSION GROUP run by ENRICO ZABLER (MASTERBOY). "Tides Of Time" is a brilliant single. You have 5 mixes to choose from and most of the versions featured are irresistibly seductive. It's beatifully crafted TRANCE sound with male vocal parts scattered around. You should indeed be delighted by inredible hooks and passionate music lines. The Main Mix gives you the hybrid of big room TRANCE and PROGRESSIVE bottom with the exploding synth lines. Trance Mix starts more gracefully and progresses into a full blown floor-packer. Again, timeless hooks will stimulate each and every nerve of your body. Green Court provided more TECHNO oriented pounder that you can play easily in even most demanding club. Track itself also progresses into frenzy TRANCE with glorious high flying synth lines giving an unforgettable feeling. Very interesting single from this very talented man! Check the sound sampler featuring 3 versions from this CD single. Enjoy!

For more information about DJ SHAH please visit his page at

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01. Tides Of Time (Radio Mix) - 3:26
02. Tides Of Time (Main Mix) - 9:19 (1)
03. Tides Of Time (Trance Mix) - 8:45 (2)
04. Tides Of Time (Green Court Mix) - 8:45 (3)
05. Tides Of Time (No Iron Extended Mix) - 6:08

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Blind reviewed on 08/29/01
Label: 2001 A45 music / Edel (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: 0127855A45

MARIO LOPEZ - Blind Another already few months old single, but I simply couldn't pass by it. I liked the video and I liked the featured in several compilations CJ STONE meets MR PHILLIPS mixes of this tune. No wonder than why I really was looking into getting this single. After listening to MARIO's album released several months ago, he became one of my favorite music creators. MARIO LOPEZ (THOMAS SCHATZ) is a true passionate for the music he creates. Being 32 years old he already has an impressive portofolio. With his 1997 single "Fantasy" he started his stardom adventure. The true recognition gave him amazing tune "The Sound Of Nature" back in 1999. Last year he released his debut album "Mother Earth" and now he appeared again with "Blind" single. You will find here 6 versions. CJ STONE meets MR PHILLIPS Radio Cut and Club Mix as well as Radio Vocal versions represent a beatiful TRANCE experience. You will be taken by intoxicating female vocals and powerfully compelling melody as deliciously turbulent synth lines surge forward. Plug'N'Play Club mix went strictly TECHNO. While it is a good club track it compeletely stripped this fare of its beauty. Green Court also went TECHNO, but their version is far superior and powerful. As a matter of fact Green Court enriched it also with timeless TRANCE strings creating a powerful combination that will tear your mind apart. Great tune. The last version featured in this single: First Wave Club Remix went more TECHNO-HOUSE at least at the beginning of this track, so fans of this genre should check it out as well. TRANCE lovers should do to. The second part of this tune is an explosive tune with rich synth work. The sampler features four versions taken from this release. Enjoy!

For more information about MARIO LOPEZ please visit his page at

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01. Blind (CJ Stone Meets Mr. Phillips Radio Cut) - 2:53
02. Blind (Radio Vocal Version) - 3:44
03. Blind (CJ Stone Meets Mr. Phillips Club Remix) - 7:09 (1)
04. Blind (Plug'N'Play Club Remix) - 8:03 (4)
05. Blind (Green Court Club Remix) - 8:15 (2)
06. Blind (First Wave Club Remix) - 7:48 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Dance The Planet reviewed on 08/29/01
Label: 2001 EAMS (Germany)
Style: Techno
Index #: EAMS 2420-2

DJ TAYLOR & FLOW - Dance The Planet Here we are. New tune from DJ TAYLOR & FLOW released back in July 2001 from their brand new album to hit the street this month. Track itself became the motto of this year's LOVE PARADE in Berlin. If you are expecting dark PROGRESSIVE TECHNO you remember from their previous releases, you better be prepared for some changes in style. I liked their music because it had some very specific, mysterious and dark touch, but this single falls more into TECHNO ala SCOOTER. I am not sure if I like it, but music itself is actually good. I would never guessed that it is DJ TAYLOR & FLOW though. Single features four versions. Among them is Extended Mix that surely is taking club scene by storm. Highly charged TECHNO tune! Pure Mix is actually hard to define. It's sort of psychodelic TECHNO with lotsa DRUM and BASS here and there. Not for everyone, but fans of this sound should enjoy it. Original Mix placed at the end of this CD is actually highly charged and quite speedy. Melody is kinda intact and got a TECHNO HOUSE bottom with some etheral synth lines floating around. It's quite heavy I might say. I will be looking forward to listen to the new album. Let me see what it will bring. For now enjoy the sound sampler featuring three versions of this tune. Enjoy!

For more information about DJ TAYLOR & FLOW please visit their page at

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01. Dance The Planet (Radio Mix) - 3:31
02. Dance The Planet (Extended Mix) - 7:25 (1)
03. Dance The Planet (Pure Mix) - 6:22 (2)
04. Dance The Planet (Original Mix) - 6:21 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Aiii Shot The DJ reviewed on 08/29/01
Label: 2001 Sheffield Tunes / Edel (Germany)
Style: Techno
Index #: 0110595STU

SCOOTER - Aiii Shot The DJ Fans of German super TECHNO group SCOOTER probably did enjoy their most recent album "We Bring The Noise". "Aiii Shot The DJ" is the second single after "Posse (I Need You On The Dance Floor" taken from this album. Single features three new versions of this tune and bonus: Video Clip to this tune. While the Radio Version is getting close to the Original Mix that appeared on the album, Extended Mix is far more adventurous! Another high flying tune with H.P. Baxxter giving everything out of his larynx! Magnificent TECHNO blaster as you can expect from the SCOOTER. One of the most predictible TECHNO group with solid releases. Well... if you are into even more dark and more PROGRESSIVE oriented style check Bite The Bullet Mix. Plain hot, throbbing electronica essential for deep HOUSE/PROGRESSIVE circuits. Sound sampler features two versions from this single. Enjoy!

For more information about SCOOTER please visit their page at

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01. Aiii Shot The DJ (Radio Version) - 3:30
02. Aiii Shot The DJ (Extended Version) - 4:52 (1)
03. Aiii Shot The DJ (Bite The Bullet Mix) - 6:38 (2)
04. Aiii Shot The DJ (The Video feat. special guest star HELGE SCHNEIDER) - 3:30

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Show Me Heaven reviewed on 08/29/01
Label: 2001 Rotor Records / BMG-Ariola (Germany)
Style: Techno
Index #: 74321 84826 2

DJ HITCH HIKER - Show Me Heaven DJ HITCH HIKER is back with his brand new single "Show Me Heaven". Single features five versions of this tune written by DJ HITCH HIKER and JACQUES DUMONDT. Dark, sophisticated TECHNO with sexually explicit lyrics. Single starts with Dan Dillon Radio version constructed as a chilling darkroom experience. Synth lines are crafted amazingly. Strong and beatiful with compelling rhythm. Dan Dillon Club Mix falls into the same category, but track is twice long of Radio Version and uses even more hard-charging TECHNO angle infused with the same original sound topped by the wicked drum lines and more. Exciting indeed! Another interesting interpretation was delivered by Abel & Kane Remix. This is truly TECHNO-HOUSE tune for purists highlighted by hooks and breaks. Storming experience! Zombie Nation gave their touch as well. If you like "Kernkraft" by this formation you already know the style and the mix mirrors it. The last tune was provided by Mellow Trax. This is hot and pounding mix. Rumbling powerhouse in every details. The dark feeling has been underlined in this one. Probably one of the best versions featured on this CD. A true highlight. In sound sampler I featured 3 versions. Good TECHNO release not to be missed. Enjoy!

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01. Show Me Heaven (Dan Dillon Radio Version) - 3:27
02. Show Me Heaven (Dan Dillon Club Mix) - 7:44 (1)
03. Show Me Heaven (Abel & Kain Remix) - 6:23 (3)
04. Show Me Heaven (Zombie Nation Remix) - 5:00
05. Show Me Heaven (Mellow Trax Remix) - 6:30 (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Always On My Mind reviewed on 08/29/01
Artist: SUREAL
Label: 2001 AM:PM (UK)
Style: EuroTrance/EuroHouse
Index #: CDAMPM 146 / 588 661-2

SuReal - Always On My Mind No, it is not a remake of PET SHOP BOYS tune, yet it's coming from rich UNDERGROUND UK scene. Newest from SUREAL. After the undisputed success of "You Take My Breath Away" SUREAL delivers another full of glory big room TRANCE beauty with exquisite female vocals. You will find here four versions. Among of them is Mario Piu Remix. He transposed this beauty to more energetic TECHNO/TRANCE tune that is nothing short of masterpiece. The female vocals is composed with the tune deliciously and synths are plain angelic. What can I say? Very infectious! Jan Driver Remix went more PROGRESSIVE with tantalizing bassline. The single closes Lange 12" Vocal Mix. Another example where hard charging bottom meets dramatic synth lines building into a hot club monster. Once again female vocals is spectacular. You really should try it if you liked previous track by this project or massive tunes by such productions as KATANA or DELERIUM. In sound sampler I featured 3 versions. Enjoy!

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01. Always On My Mind (Radio Edit)
02. Always On My Mind (Mario Piu Remix) (2)
03. Always On My Mind (Jan Driver Remix) (3)
04. Always On My Mind (Lange 12" Vocal Mix) (1)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Such Is Life reviewed on 08/29/01
Artist: RANK 1 feat. SHANOKEE
Label: 2001 ID&T (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: 7004188

RANK 1 feat. SHANOKEE - Such Is Life Now lets shift gears and let's see what's happening on Dutch TRANCE scene. You probably do not need intoduction for RANK-1 a join project of BENNO DE GOEIJ and PIET BERVOETS. Their "Airwave" became an TRANCE anthem worldwide. Does "Such Is Life" has a chance to become one as well? Not exactly. The music is written by these two guys with lyrics and vocals provided by PENNY McLEARY. Single features 6 versions and they are quite different. First is Radio Edit. A combination of exquisite TRANCE with some after hours feel and IBIZA style. Sunday Afternoon Rework departures from TRANCE style to more slow POP feel. Extended Version (lasting almost 10 minutes!) is well done tune to fit any demanding dance floor. Sweeping synth that slowly pick up a hypnotic TRANCE melodic line. Don't get mislead though the HOUSE feel is in there. Since it is club tune you gotta be patient when this track unfolds. It takes time to reach the pick, but your patience will be rewarded. Single also features Marco V (Verkuijlen) Remix. Marco V is currently one of most demanded Dutch DJs. His version oscillates within PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE soaring over a magnificently compelling bottom. Check it out! The sound sampler provides you with fragments of 3 versions.

For more information about RANK 1 please visit their page at

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01. Such Is Life (Radio Edit)
02. Such Is Life (Sunday Afternoon Rework)
03. Such Is Life (Extended Version) (1)
04. Such Is Life (Original Version) (2)
05. Such Is Life (Deep Dub)
06. Such Is Life (Marco V Remix) (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Insanity reviewed on 08/29/01
Label: 2001 Abfahrt Records / EastWest (Germany)
Style: Dance/Techno
Index #: 8573 89266-2

CULTURE BEAT - Insanity I saved this single as the last one to review in this batch. The legendary CULTURE BEAT (an original project of Torsten Fenslau who tragically died several years ago) is back. Or is it not? Well... it is not the group we remember. JACKY SANGSTER replaced KIM SANDERS. While she does very good job, KIM will be missed. The sound of CULTURE BEAT changed as well. If you are looking for the old one, you will not get it, however the single is not dissapointing. Culture Beat Club Remix delivers powerful TECHNO sound but it also has a good DANCE touch. You have to listen to this track in full length to truly enjoy the sound. Among other remixes are TECHNO-HOUSE oriented Kay Cee Remix and Der Poet Remix, that I enjoyed the most. First it is a good DANCE tune! Secondly the electronic instruments used in this composition are very original and sound is quite different. You really gotta listen to this one to understand how magnificient it really is. Probably the closest one to the original sound of CULTURE BEAT. Tom Novy Remix is pure HOUSE. Taken together, I am not sure what directions this group will take, but based on this single, I can say they are looking. For time being listen to a sound sampler featuring 3 cuts from this offering. Enjoy!

For more information about CULTURE BEAT please visit their page at

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01. Insanity (Radio Edit) - 3:26
02. Insanity (Culture Beat Club Remix) - 8:44 (1)
03. Insanity (Kay Cee Remix) - 7:28 (2)
04. Insanity (Tom Novy Remix) - 8:10
05. Insanity (Der Poet Remix) - 9:26 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Running On Empty reviewed on 07/09/01
Label: 2001 Dance Street / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: DST-70808-8
Review: DIANA FOX - Running On Empty Time for some NRG oriented music in this section. Seems to me, you folks would like to listen to some more of this kind of music. You well know, it is hard to get them these days. So, this batch will have several, however some of them might be already known to some of you. This is probably the case with "Running On Empty" by DIANA FOX released back on January 26, 2001. First of all, you should be familiar with DIANA since she is a leading vocalis for JUMP & JOY that is "responsible" for such hits as "Let's Roll" or "Vamoz Everybody". While the group remains intact, the desire to go solo resulted with this DIANA's own single. The tune became an instant hit, remixed or "remade" by several DJs (DJ SHAH or CENTRAL SEVEN just to name the few). Single reached high positions in most European countires. DIANA is also releasing her new single "Sail Away" this month and her debut album is scheduled for Autumn. Presented single has four mixes. The Radio Mix is probably the most known version so far. Done in happy NRG style with appearance of somr synth string making this version on the edge of EURO-TRANCE. Well... TRANCE or rather TECHNO is second mix done by CENTRAL SEVEN. MARC FOX Club Mix is again more NRG oriented with uplifting beat and uplifting synths. If you didn't hear this single, you should! In sound sampler I featured 3 versions. Enjoy!

For more information about DIANA FOX please visit her page at
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01. Running On Empty (Radio Mix) - 2:52 (1)
02. Running On Empty (Central Seven Mix) - 6:11 (2)
03. Running On Empty (Marc Fox Club Mix) - 6:46 (3)
04. Running On Empty (On The Beach) - 5:26

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: To Be You reviewed on 07/09/01
Label: 2001 DB One Music (Italy) / Zomba Records
Style: Dance
Index #: 9252202
Review: KIM LUCAS - To Be You KIM LUKAS (Kim Joanna Woodcock Lukas) is 22 years old English girl currently living in Italy. Her single "To Be You" is example of current trend in Italian Dance music. You will hear reminiscences of Gigi D'Agostino, Eiffel 65, Bambie B. and others in this tune. "To Be You" is her third single after "Let It Be The Night" and very popular "All I Really Want" released in 2000 (remixed by SHAFT and EIFFEL 65). "To Be You" contains 4 mixes. First is Cut Remix. This is a dazzling mix (too bad it's only merely 4 mins long). A combination of Gigi D'Agostino and Eiffel 65 sound with cute KIM vocals topped with pure NRG feel. Original Cut is another DANCE marvel. This mix is more EURODANCE oriented. Version is powerful and passionate. Extended Remix is bending toward club scene. It takes elements from both previously mentioned mixes. The last one is Original Mix. It starts with electronic carillons and growing to a sparkling EURO tune. A solid, cutting-edge Italian dance. Delicious. If you didn't get, you should. Especially if you like good dance tune. The sound sampler features three mixes. Enjoy!
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01. To Be You (Cut Remix) - 3:42 (1)
02. To Be You (Original Cut) - 4:04 (2)
03. To Be You (Extended Remix) - 5:09
04. To Be You (Original Mix) - 5:11 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Daddy Dj reviewed on 07/09/01
Artist: DADDY DJ
Label: 2001 R.K.G. Records (France)
Style: Dance
Index #: DAN 671021 2

DADDY DJ - Daddy DJ What can I say? France went balistic over this single that became a massive hit in that country. I have to admit, not that much DANCE music coming out of France, at least I do not know about it. DJ DADDY is a project of three guys: DAVID , JEAN CHRISTOPHE and CHARLY. Actually JEAN CHRISTOPHE was DAVID's teacher and that's how they met. The third member: CHARLY joined them later. Each of them have very specific taste in music. For instance DAVID is interested in R&B, CHARLY was always around HOUSE, HARDHOUSE and TECHNO while JEAN CHRISTOPHE follows more DANCE music. This debut single is the combination of their musical interest. It features three mixes. It starts with Original Radio Edit. This is very cool DANCE version with some POP influence. Solidly formulated and catchy fare. It's so catchy, you will find singing it when doing some homework. Chico & Tonio Radio Edit is more aggressive, strictly club oriented version. It has more synths built in and yet is poised to explode in dance floor! The last version J&B Trance Club Mix, is not exactly TRANCE as the name might indicate but rather TECHNO/TRANCE hybrid. Carillons are again featured in the beginning of this one (what's going on? seems everyone falled in love with carillons). Single contains also VIDEO to this tune. It's a cartoon! In sound sampler I featured all 3 versions since they differ somehow. Good dance release. Enjoy!

For more information about DADDY DJ please visit his page at

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01. Daddy DJ (Original Radio Edit) - 3:41 (1)
02. Daddy DJ (Chico & Tonio Radio Edit) - 3:36 (2)
03. Daddy DJ (J&B Trance Club Mix) - 5:56 (3)
04. Daddy DJ - Video Clip

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Sing (Dance Mixes) reviewed on 07/09/01
Artist: JACKIE 'O'
Label: 2001 Euphoric / Almighty Records (UK)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDUPH 023

JACKIE 'O' - Sing Long awaited single from NRG-diva JACKIE 'O' hit the UK street on July 02, 2001. She is back BIG WAY with her interpretation of new TRAVIS's smash hit "Sing". This high flying new dance cover is gonna knock you right out of your boots. This knockout should quicky follow JACKIE's previous EURO/NRG hits right to the top of the world's NRG club charts. Excellent release. You will find on this CD three tracks. Two of them are the title song both in Radio Edit and Club Mix. My favorite of course is Club Mix. This version is excellent in every way imaginable. This one gives you NRG backbone with EURO melodic line. Very intense. You will love playing it. JACKIE's voice remains strong and track itself is a high octan blaster. The third tune is "Love Found Me". It's fast NRG tune in it's best. Well... Listen to a sound sampler featuring Club Mix of the title song as well as "Love Found Me". Enjoy!

01. Sing (Radio Edit)
02. Sing (Club Mix) (1)
03. Love Found Me (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: What Took You So Long b/w Dancing In The Cityreviewed on 07/09/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: NRG/Dance
Index #: CDKLONE 86
Review: TERESA MARIE - What Took You so Long Let me finish this batch of reviews with another stunning release from KLONE. It's TERESA MARIE! in BABY SPICE's "What Took You So Long". I simply love her powerful yet very friendly voice. TERESA MARIE is "doomed" to dominate the NRG and POP-oriented dancefloor everywhere with her storming club-aimed take on this release. Single is produced by BOYZ WITH TOYZ and is incredible. They have delivered a hard-hitting but melodic base for TERESA's powerful vocals. The title song "What Took You So Long?" is being presented in two editions: as 7" and 12" While the melodic line is similar (EURO combined with NRG) 12" is more massive and targeted to club scene. This particular version utilizes more synths and has much more powerful feeling. Single contains also "Dancing In The City" (golden oldie from MARSHALL HAIN repertoire) done in two versions as well and is perfect for the summer dancefloor too. I especially like Mr B's Club Mix. Even if it is NRG track it has very updated big room sound with heavy usage of synths making this tune close to EURO/TRANCE genre. I always admire Mr B's mixes. You gotta listen to this one! Enjoy the sound samplers featured one version from each track!

01. What Took You so Long (Pop One! 7") (1)
02. What Took You so Long (Pop One! 12")
03. Dancing In The City (Ross Alexander's Remix)
04. Dancing In The City (Mr B's Club Mix) (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Living On Video reviewed on 07/05/01
Label: 2001 Balloon Records (Austria)
Index #: BR 011569
Review: DJ PICCOLO vs. DJ E-MAXX - Living On Video Do you remember classic tune "Living On Video" by TRANS-X back from 1986? This composition by PASCAL LANGUIRAND was a milestone in DANCE music. The track itself was a masterpiece in which HIGH ENERGY met electronic sound in one monolithic tune. No wonder why the tune itself is being viewed as the beginning of true EURO sound. Several groups have done "remakes" or used the melodic line (e.g. 2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR - "Living In Cyberspace"). This time DJ PICCOLO and DJ E-MAXX decided to use this track as well and "updated" it's sound. The melodic line remains the same as original, however more electronic instruments were used. The single contains 7 versions plus bonus tune "Take Me Higher". Three mixes are done be DJ E-MaxX (Radio Cut, Club Mix and Dub Mix), three others by JÜRGEN DEE vs. AXEL S. (Airplay Cut, Dub Mix, Vocal Mix). All versions done by DJ E-MaxX are similar the only difference between them is the length of track and usage of vocals. Club Mix fits well for dance clubs with some whistles here and there. Dramatic TRANCE/DREAM melodic line with some background of stadium crowd topped with vocals provided by CHIARA and TEHMINA (sang both in French and English) makes this tune a very cool one. If you would like to hear even more rich instrumental section and even more dramatic TRANCE influence, you should check JÜRGEN DEE vs. AXEL S. mixes. In particular their Vocal Mix is one to check. Bonus tune "Take Me Higher" is a slamming EURO-TRANCE tune, itself worth of remixes. Taken together an excellent single for everyone who like DISCO, TRANCE and TECHNO all in one pot! In sound sampler I featured two versions of the title tune and fragment of a bonus track.
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01. Living On Video (DJ E-MaxX Radio Cut) - 3:36 (1)
02. Living On Video (Jürgen Dee vs. Axel S. Airplay Cut) - 3:51
03. Living On Video (DJ E-MaxX Club Mix) - 7:18
04. Living On Video (Jürgen Dee vs. Axel S. Dub Mix) - 4:27
05. Living On Video (Original Video Edit) - 4:14
06. Living On Video (Jürgen Dee vs. Axel S. Vocal Mix) - 5:33 (2)
07. Living On Video (DJ E-MaxX Dub Mix) - 7:18
08. Take Me Higher - 4:09 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Take (My Breath Away) [REMIXES] reviewed on 07/05/01
Label: 2001 WEA Records / Drizzly Music (Germany)
Style: Trance/Progressive
Index #: 857388332-2
Review: GREEN COURT feat. DE/VISION - Take (My Breath Away) [Remixes] Remixed single by GREEN COURT feat. DE/VISION of "Take (My Breath Away)" delivers what was missing in the original one. With five mixes presented here done in various moods the single will give you a true listening pleasure. What makes this team a unique one is the way they combine POP/PROGRESSIVE and TRANCE style with electronic club-oriented sound. This is the second single of both project's teaming together. You might remember the previous "Shining" (remake of the "Sun Rising" by The Beloved back from 1990) reviewed here before. "Take (My Breath Away)" is the original song with lyrics written by DE/VISION. The vocal is provided by STEFFEN. The track itself is rather a melancholic one, but do not get mislead. Between five featured versions you will find one for yourself! First two are done by CJ STONE. I am a fond of CJ STONE's mixes style whenever he makes one. These are not an exempt. Both Remix-Edit and Remix are cutting-edge TRANCE versions. With dark-sound and driven synths these brilliant versions will blast your mind of. MARC DAWN's Original Mix is more PROGRESSIVE-HOUSE oriented. It is also a blissful production with wonderful hooks and again very melancholic male vocals dipped into hard pounding rhythm. Spectacular effect and tune itself. Chrome's Romance In NY Remix is also more HARD-HOUSE oriented if you will. It does however is heavily influenced by IBIZA on vaction in NY style. Corvin Dalek's Wet & Hard Remix is almost a FREESTYLE tune (at least the way it starts). Later it develops into HOUSE-influenced AFTER-HOUR tune. Sound sampler features three versions from this single. Enjoy!

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01. Take (My Breath Away) (CJ Stone Remix - Edit) - 3:40
02. Take (My Breath Away) (CJ Stone Remix) - 7:27 (1)
03. Take (My Breath Away) (Marc Dawn's Original Mix) - 7:48 (2)
04. Take (My Breath Away) (Chrome's Romance In NY Remix) - 8:52 (3)
05. Take (My Breath Away) (Corvin Dalek's Wet & Hard Remix) - 7:58

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Title: Never Look Back reviewed on 07/05/01
Label: 2001 Superstar Recordings (Germany)
Style: Trance/Progressive
Index #: DMD S2016 CD
Review: DUMONDE - Never Look Back Team of JamX (Jürgen Mutschall) and DeLeon (Dominik de Leon) are back in this new DUMONDE single. You should be already familiar with this tune if you bought some recent compilations like "TECHNO CLUB - Volume 13" or "KONTOR - Volume 11" for instance. If you like the short versions featured in them you have to get the single featuring five versions. First track: Dumonde Radio Edit was remixed by DJ Tiësto. Gorgeous sound with majestic female vocal (ala MISSING HEART) rising gloriously as the incredibly beatiful synths begin flying around like dazzling rays of light. A killer TRANCE from any angle if you wish! DJ Tiësto has also his very own Full On Vocal Mix (5th on this single). This mix is actually more PROGRESSIVE and bass oriented I would say. You will love lush strings and electronic fireworks that flourish around this masterpiece. An incredible offering for club floor. You will appreciate it magnitude when you will listen to it. Truly a cutting-edge from Tiësto creative mind. If you like MARIO LOPEZ, you should check his Just Talking Mix as well. His mix is done in TECHNO-HOUSE. That actually came to my surprise because I envision Mario more a TRANCE guru, but it doesn't matter. The mix is tainted and will draw dancefloor to exctatic mood anyway. Great single indeed! In sound sampler I featured four versions of this tune. Enjoy!

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01. Never Look Back (Dumonde Radio Edit) - 3:09
02. Never Look Back (Dumonde Full On Vocal) - 9:20 (1)
03. Never Look Back (Mario Lopez Just Talking) - 6:47 (2)
04. Never Look Back (Dumonde Just Talking) - 9:20 (3)
05. Never Look Back (Tiësto Full On Vocal) - 8:29 (4)

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Title: The Sun reviewed on 07/05/01
Label: 2001 BMG / Tansmusic / Trigger Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance/Progressive
Index #: 74321 86318 2
Review: MARC AUREL - The Sun The name MARC AUREL might not ring the bell, however he is not really a newcomer to a TECHNO German scene. Marc has already collaborated with such projects as Tommy Serano, Kaylab, Miss Distess X or DJs Unlimited to name the few and gained respect for his talent. "The Sun" is his first single with which he successfully entered the club scene. Single itself contains 7 mixes including JamX & De Leon's DUMONDE Remix. The first mix is MARC AUREL's own Radio Edit. TECHNO tune with looped diva vocals and uplifting synth lines. Very melodic fare with soaring NRG flavor mixed with some TRANCE elements. Delicious! Dominator Radio Edit is much darker yet the strings are brilliant. Very driving, synth-powered punch on this one with some dreamy toppings. TRANCE approach was taken in Silent Giants Radio Remix. DUMONDE remix as you might expect is a big room TRANCE fare with clear PROGRESSIVE bass line. It's simply colossal! Rich array of instruments and tantalizing female vocal interwoven with pounding, powerful synths makes this fare extraordinary. Keep watching what MARC is going to bring in the future. His sound is mainstream TECHNO yet it carries it's own feeling. Great debut single indeed! In sound sampler mix I featured three versions of this tune. Enjoy!
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01. The Sun (Marc Aurel Radio Edit) - 3:43
02. The Sun (Dominator Radio Edit) - 3:36
03. The Sun (Silent Giants Radio Edit) - 3:44 (1)
04. The Sun (Marc Aurel Original Mix) - 6:23 (2)
05. The Sun (Dominator Remix) - 6:48
06. The Sun (JamX and De Leon's DuMonde Remix) - 7:49 (3)
07. The Sun (Tom Trip Remix) - 6:33

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Title: Tears In May reviewed on 07/05/01
Label: 2001 Sony Music / Dreamdance /Berlin Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Eurodance
Index #: BLN 671087 2
Review: MARC ET CLAUDE - Loving You If you are truly a EURODANCE fan, I do not need to introduce this group at all. MISSING HEART is a German project from BROS team (David Brandes, Felix J. Gauder, Gary Jones and others). The project was on and off since 1994, with female vocalist changed at least twice. Recently MISSING HEART released an album in Japan "Mystery". Presented single "Tears In May" is the first single from the MISSING HEART debut album. While the album was EURODANCE oriented, the single received "more acceptable treatment for European Dance Floor". I will not go over it again and again, but we all know that true EURODANCE sound is not well received in European dance scene (in spite of the fact that demand is still high). That was the reason why more TECHNO-oriented sound is featured in single. No wonder why TALLA2XLC was invited to make a remixes, after all his TECHNO icon status is well recognized. The single starts with Club Radio Mix. MISS MANU voice (the current vocalist for MISSING HEART) is there and provides a unique sound to otherwise TECHNO tune. This mix was prepared by Felix J. Gauder. It looks like he can easily work with both EURO and TECHNO genres. Next come TALLA2XLC mix. He actually prepared two of them: Short and Maxi Remix. Surprisingly the Short Mix has rather clear EURO sound than TECHNO. Not to worry, the TECHNO in it's full glory is featured in his Maxi Remix. Also Club Mix (again mixed by Felix Gauder) is done in TECHNO. Plastic Age Mix is quite Psychedelic in it's sound. It is also quite "flat" and monotonous at least at the beginning. It grows though, you just have to be patient. The last version is Original Mix. At least something for EURO fan at the end. Taken together, this is good single, but you are warned! It's more TECHNO than anything else! In sound I featured three different mixes! Enjoy!

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01. Tears In May (Club Radio Mix) - 3:22
02. Tears In May (Talla 2XLC Short Remix) - 3:42
03. Tears In May (Club Mix) - 5:32 (1)
04. Tears In May (Talla 2XLC Maxi Remix) - 7:34 (2)
05. Tears In May (Plastic Age Mix) - 6:25 (3)
06. Tears In May (Original Mix) - 4:12

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Title: O-Overdrive reviewed on 07/05/01
Label: 2001 Overdose Production / EMI Electrola (Germany)
Style: Underground Trance
Index #: 7243-8 79455-2-4
Review: DJ SCOT PROJECT - O-Overdose DJ SCOT PROJECT debuted back in 1995 with single "X" followed by an international hit "U (I Got The Feeling)" that propelled him into international recognition. He says about himself: "I like a combination of hard percussive elements mixed with melodic trance melodies coming in the break - the perfect combination of sugar and spice! As a DJ I normally play the sound I use in my productions, but in case the crowd is prepared for a little harder stuff, I will definitely kick some asses." That what he does quite well. Presented single "O-Overdrive" backed with "F-Future Is now" is an excellent example of it. He is heavily using drums and violent staccato melodies. Single features 6 mixes (3 from each title). The single starts with intoxicating Airplay Mix of "O - Overdrive". Brilliantly structured fare with TRANCE backbone and HARD TECHNO collaterals. You should appreciate dynamic synths and irresistible beat with computerized male vocal this tune deliver. The Original Mix of this tune is much more DRUM'N'BASS oriented if you prefer that sound more. Almost 10 minute in length, this version is perfect for spinning TECHNO DJs. Last mix of this title is Arome Mix. Another TECHNO-oriented version. It has though more UNDERGROUND feeling in it. The second title featured in this single "F-Future Is Now" also have three mixes. Video Mix starts as TECHNO tune but it grows into beatiful BIG ROOM TRANCE beauty with hard-charging synths. Again DJ SCOT finds an excellent use of drums here and there. And now sound sampler with three mixes from this single. Enjoy!
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01. O - Overdrive (Airplay Mix) - 3:22 (1)
02. F - Future Is Now! (Video Mix) - 3:02
03. O - Overdrive (Original Mix) - 9:39
04. F - Future Is Now! (Original Mix) - 10:11 (2)
05. O - Overdrive (Arome Mix) - 6:12
06. F - Future Is Now! (Hardriff Remix) - 8:08 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

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Title: Moonlight Affair 2001 reviewed on 07/05/01
Label: 2001 Dance Street / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Eurodance/Disco
Index #: DST-70892-8
Review: SILENT CIRCLE - Moonlight Affair 2001 SILENT CIRCLE, one of the leading SLEAZE-NRG German group is back with remake of their own hit "Moonlight Affair 2001". SILENT CIRCLE (Axel Breitung - keyboard/guitar, Martin Tychsen - vocals, CC Behrens - drums) gave us many unforgettable tunes. Axel Breitung remains a productive writer of hits for several projects including DJ BOBO. "Moonlight Affair 2001" was originally released by S.A.I.F.A.M. several months ago as vinyl. If you didn't get it then, you have now the opprtunity to have it on CD. The single features three versions of the title song (Italo Radio Mix, Italo-Long Mix and Maryland Mix they were names in Italian release as Factory Team Italo Remix, Radio Edit and Maryland Mix respectively). Additionally you have "Silent Groove" that is actually an instrumental/dub variation of the the title song. Since two first tunes were co-produced by MAURO FARINA and Factory Team, you can expect a powerful EURO sound with all whistles you can imagine. Dramatic synth line artwork they can only deliver wnd beatifully crafted melodic line. It's quite different from the original song, however the main theme is retained, however the new "touch" the tune received, is simply marvellous! Sound sampler features two mixes plus a fragment of "Silent Groove". Enjoy!
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01. Moonlight Affair 2001 (Italo-Radio Mix) - 3:24
02. Moonlight Affair 2001 (Italo-Long-Mix) - 6:06 (1)
03. Moonlight Affair 2001 (Maryland-Mix) - 3:49 (2)
04. Silent Groove - 5:26 (3)

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Title: Carillon reviewed on 07/05/01
Label: 2001 Rise / TIME Records (Italy)
Style: Euronrg/Dance
Index #: 23 201933
Review: MAGIC BOX - Carillon This batch of reviews closes "Carillon" by Italian project of Tristano De Bonis - MAGIC BOX. Not complicated, happy song with very catchy melody and simple vocals. This is pure DANCE tune to have fun with. When listening to computerized "carillon" used in this recording I have feeliong of being in Paris and visting the artist oriented Monmartre. Very cute song indeed. The single features 4 versions and all of them have carillons elements. There is not really too much differences between them though. Radio Mix is in the border of POP and DISCO with some interesting synth work and powerful male vocal. Club Mix get's some TECHNO treatment, Original Mix is happy DANCE tune and Original Radio Mic is short version of it. Taken together great DANCE release! In sound sampler I featured two versions from this CD.
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01. Carillon (Radio Mix) - 3:29
02. Carillon (Club Mix) - 5:32 (1)
03. Carillon (Original Mix) - 5:24 (2)
04. Carillon (Original Radio Mix) - 3:36

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