This SEARCHABLE section of was created for all of you who would like to see their favorite artists in action. In order to respect and not violate copyright protection, clips are relatively short, but long enough to get an idea. Also for speed reason all clips are presented in REAL VIDEO format. Please do not ask for any other fomat. It will not be implemented at this time.
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Presented samplers are for promotional and demonstrational purpose only. All rights of the manufacturers and the owners are reserved !
1810 clips are available

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I would like to thank:

  • BLISS Corporation, Italy for clips of their artists
  • Norbert Reichart for clips of IMPERIO and DJ VISAGE (groups he produced)
  • Andy Matern, previous producer of BAD BOYS BLUE for some video clips
  • Previous Ice MC Producer for the "Music For Money" clip of this artist
  • Mike Mareen for his video clip of "Love Spy (Reloaded 2004)"
  • Troy Matthews for clips of Bad Boys Blue and Fancy
  • Cocco Bill being devoted at that time to tape the clips as they come
  • BixMix for getting me some "lost Eurodance Classic" treasure videos
  • Jason Davis for getting me some classic EURO and older dance videos
  • Ali Tabibzadeh for providing me with many videos on this site
  • Luis Montoya (Muerte) who kept me up-to-date
  • DJ EUROTRAXX for some rare classic EURODANCE vids
  • Rodrigo Pinto Möller for some videos
  • Crib, a visitor in our Chatboard for some hot clips
  • Chris Pereira for sone videos of such projects groups as MILK INC. and MASTERBOY
  • DJ Frost from (when it was running) for making his clips available to public

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